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Buy This Hated Monthly Dividend Investment Paying 9.5%

Buy This Hated Monthly Dividend Investment Paying 9.5%

Last week, Seeking Alpha put out a list of low-valuation ETFs with strong performance year-to-date for 2021. The short discussion pointed out how investors may benefit from a shift away from high-valuation growth investments, to those with lower valuations that are also out of favor with the “hot stocks” crowd. The low-valuation list sports some […]

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Finding Stable Investments in an Unstable Market

I find it a bit strange to say this, considering everything that happened last year, but we are in a period of unprecedented uncertainty as far as investing goes. I regularly read and hear commentary covering both sides of where the stock market will go for the rest of 2021. As I went through my […]

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Are Stock Buybacks Good For Dividend Investors?

As I review 2021’s first-quarter earnings results, I have been struck by how company after company announced new or increased share buyback programs. Companies describe buybacks as “returning cash to shareholders.” I think that is a load of crap, and I have several thoughts on why widespread stock buybacks are a terrible idea. Alphabet Inc. […]