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Your Dividend Life Raft For Unsettled Markets

Your Dividend Life Raft For Unsettled Markets

The first two months of 2021 were marked by heightened stock market volatility. I am sure you watched the GameStop stock price game, where billions were made and then lost. Shares of high-flying Tesla (TSLA) have lost 20% in a few short weeks. For investors who bought at $900, looking at a $700 share price […]

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Get a Reliable 21% Yield From the Unloved Energy Sector

For 2020, energy has been at the bottom of the list of S&P sectors. Year-to-date, energy as a market sector remains down by over 50%, and the investing public continues to avoid energy company stocks. However, the business of energy has held up well through the pandemic—especially the midstream energy companies. Energy midstream services connect […]