Author: Tony Daltorio

London, United Kingdom - October 05, 2018: Screenshot of Robinhood Markets, Inc.'s mobile app Robinhood - Investing, No Fees.

What Revealing the ‘Nasdaq Whale’ Says About Crowded Trades

I’ve always been a great fan of mysteries. But who needs Agatha Christie to weave a story when we have the U.S. stock market? Everyone has been wondering what’s sent technology stocks (mainly in the Nasdaq) on a parabolic journey. A major institutional buyer, mysteriously nicknamed the “Nasdaq whale” by traders, dominated the never-before-seen massive […]

KONSKIE, POLAND - August 18, 2019: WeChat logo displayed on mobile phone

AAPL is Being Replaced With This Company in China

After crippling Huawei and throwing cold water on ByteDance’s global business, the Trump Administration has turned its sights on a third Chinese technology giant, Tencent (TCEHY). Tencent was the only Chinese company to feature in the world’s ten largest providers of both apps and games by download volumes last year, according to the mobile platform […]

Sell These 3 Stocks Now Before They Crash

Sell These 3 Stocks Now Before They Crash

Sound the alarm on these three stocks because one more bad piece of news could send their shares tumbling. Even in this bull market not every stock will continue to go up. Sell these three stocks now before they fall.  No matter what’s occurring today, whether it’s turmoil in local politics, geopolitics or even terrorist […]