ZIXI Beats Q2 Earnings Estimates


With many people now working from home, the potential for cyberattacks has only increased. 

That’s where Zix Corporation (ZIXI) has come into play. 

Most recently, the company announced the release of its Advanced E-Mail Threat Protection program for the U.K. market.  Using machine learning capabilities, the tool offers multi-layered filtering that safeguards corporate inboxes against malicious threats; including phishing, impersonation, malware, ransomware and spam-type messages.

“In recent months, there has been no evading the constant stream of reports indicating a sharp spike in cyberattacks as bad actors look to take advantage of the commotion surrounding the coronavirus pandemic,” said Paul Balkwell, VP. 

“What’s more, according to the 2020 Verizon DBIR, 90% of these threats start with an email. With Zix’s latest offering, organisations can increase their defences against this major business vulnerability. Crucially, it also works seamlessly with their other security, compliance and productivity services.”

Zix Corporation Reported 16% Revenue Growth

Revenue increased 16% to $53.3 million.

Annual recurring revenue (ARR) increased 11% to $215.9 million.

“The dramatic shift to remote work in the second quarter allowed us to support our customers and partners more assertively than ever before,” said David Wagner, Zix’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Even under that strain, we again delivered profitable growth with 16% revenue growth and 18% adjusted EBITDA growth, further demonstrating the resiliency of our operating model and the importance of secure remote work to our partners and customers. We are benefitting from this positioning as we empower our partners and customers with the technology, tools, and service to drive cloud adoption and digital transformation.”

“Our partners are the digital-first responders in the face of a tsunami of demands placed on them to support remote work. In today’s uncertain and constantly evolving environment, we exceeded all of our financial objectives and we remain confident in our ability to deliver on our vision of becoming the leading provider of cloud email productivity, security, and compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes.”

Ian Cooper’s Personal Position in ZIXI: None

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