What the Fed Just Discovered About the Banking “Crisis”

Banking Industry

I headed up to Tampa this week to spend some time at the Bank Director FinXTech conference. The conference brought together bankers and technology companies to talk about the future of banking.

I also wanted to talk to bankers and get their take on the current situation in the industry and how they saw the “crisis” playing out over the next several months.

The day I made the drive, two very critical reports were released by the Federal Reserve.

In today’s video, I discuss what the Fed found and what it means for us as investors.

The first Fed report is the Financial Stability report. The Fed examines things like the valuation of stocks and bonds, household and corporate debt levels, market liquidity, and conditions in the Real estate markets.

The Fed also released the Senior Loan Officer survey. This report talks with bank lending officers to get their take on loan demand and bank credit standards for both consumer and commercial loans. The credit standards set by bankers can have a massive influence on what happens in financial markets.

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