Wake up. You’re Being too Complacent with your Money.

Dividend Investing

Serge Berger here with a little bit of straight talk from me. I’ve been in the markets for a few decades now… yes, even through the 2008 crash (where I traded with a big bank).

I’m talking with private clients and there’s still way too much complacency with equities.

And I understand why.

We’ve lived through one of the greatest bull markets this country has ever seen in its 250 year history.

It’s easy to think it will never end.

Now, I’m not a doom-and-gloom guy. Far from it. I’m simply someone who follows the normal cycles of a market.

Today, I want to show you the 4 cycles equities typically go through and which one we’re in right now. These cycles will tell you when and where you should start buying with both hands.

I release these types of insider tips for free every Thursday.

Normally, my videos are around 2 minutes… but this is an important message so it’s 4 minutes today!

Click here to see the 4 cycles and what I’m seeing in the market right now.

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