Trade of the Week: GOOS

Trade of the Week

Last week, in my 48-Hour Income service, we sold a cash-secured put on outerwear apparel company Canada Goose Holdings (GOOS). 

In 48-Hour Income, the goal of the service is to generate 1% to 3% returns per week by selling 2-day puts in certain stocks.

GOOS put premiums were elevated at the time due to upcoming earnings.

The share price held its ground after earnings and we were able to let our puts expire without any stress.

Those who sold the 11 puts made about 3% on the trade in just about two days.

Up to $300 per Week Using This 3-Step Income Checklist

As long as you follow this 3-step checklist, you can feel confident you’re executing this strategy correctly:

1. The stock is under $15 (no more than $1,500 in capital required).

2. Positions are never held longer than 2 trading days.

3. Minimum target of 2% cash return per weekly trade.

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