Three Bank Stocks to Buy Immediately

Banking Industry

As bank stocks fall around us, it is important to remember that the perception of the market is often not reality.

In this presentation from my recent MoneyShow appearance, I cover why the banking ‘crisis” is a buying opportunity of historic proportions. We are seeing high-quality banks with plenty of capital, strong balance sheets, and pristine loan portfolios trade at valuations similar to 2008.

While the internet pundits proclaim doom and gloom, experienced analysts and bankers are quick to point out that while deposit competition has stiffened, most banks are not seeing catastrophic deposit runs.

It may be volatile, but the returns from quality bank stocks should be enormous from current levels. Patient-aggressive investors in banks should see massive total returns.

This dividend stock beat the market by 2,325% in the past 22 years!

It’s not REITs or blue chips like Disney. A small, little-talked about area of the dividend stock market is pumping out market-beating returns like no tomorrow. Over 22 years, they’ve handily beat the market… and I have the #1 stock of these to give you now.