Talking Bank Sector Opportunities With Cheryl Pate of Angel Oak Financial Strategies

Banking Industry, Closed-End Funds

Cheryl Pate is one of the managers of the Angel Oak Financial Strategies Income Term Trust (FINS), one of the closed-end funds we own in my Underground Income Service. Normally we would not share this information with everyone, but after giving paid members a first look, we decided her message was too important not to share with everyone.

Given that all the negativity surrounding bank stocks right now is making it difficult for investors to make clear decisions, I thought it was important to see the industry through the eyes of someone who views the industry from a credit as well as an equity perspective.

Cheryl shares my view that most of what we saw in March was a couple of one-off events related to specific developments at Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Capital. These developments had very little to do with most community banks across the United States.

Cheryl also points out that there are many bullish events that come out of the volatility that should lead to accelerated M&A activity in the second half of 2023.

This video presents you with information that outlines two massive investment opportunities. One is from the community bank industry in general, and the other is in the fund Cheryl and her team manage. With a 15% discount to net asset value and a yield over 9%, the Angel Oak Financial Strategies Income Term Trust (FINS) offers an extraordinary opportunity for huge long-term total returns. Cheryl also talks about developments in the market for community bank debt that make this fund a must-own for most investors.

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