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Options Profit Engine

Options Profit Engine is a new kind of options advisory service delivering bring professional level research and trading strategies to individual investors. This is the brainchild of expert options trader Jay Soloff who previously was market maker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange for some of the biggest companies listed.

Now Jay’s making his trading secrets – the ones that made him a highly sought after trader – available to you with Options Profit Engine.

With Options Profit Engine you’ll get weekly options trade set-ups for any market condition using Jay’s proprietary trading strategies. You’ll also benefit from his Options Volatility Analyzer, Call / Spread Trader, Iron Condor Weekly Alerts, and much, much more.

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Automatic Income Machine

The Automatic Income Machine is a new kind of disciplined, step by step wealth-building system designed for serious investors.

The objective is to provide you with a realistic, proven way to grow a small amount of money into a decent-sized portfolio that can support you and those you love for the rest of your life.

This is not an investing course, software system, or tip sheet.

Instead, think of it as a coaching program for creating wealth with some pretty unique features, including:




green-checkmark-no-box-15-pxLive Monthly Strategy Sessions for investors to review in detail the investing strategy over the next 30 days live with Tim and other subscribers. Get actionable recommendations and ask questions and get real time answers.

green-checkmark-no-box-15-pxAnalysis of Upcoming IPOs of Dividend Stocks for investors who want in on the ground floor with high yield dividend payers.

green-checkmark-no-box-15-pxIRA and retirement account friendly recommendations for those looking for tax advantaged returns without all of the IRS paperwork.

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The Dividend Hunter

ipad-image-TDH-288wA new income and dividend service dedicated to bringing you the very best dividend income opportunities available. With each issue editor Tim Plaehn uses his unique cash flow analyzer system to bring you in-depth research on dividend investments for not only high yield but dividend growth as well. Anyone can find high yield stocks, but Tim goes the extra mile to find those that can sustain their dividend payments and have a management team with a commitment to increasing dividend payouts. These are the kinds of investments you can rely on for steady income month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year.

Tim’s developed a new monthly dividend system called The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar. It’s specifically tailored to investors looking for steady monthly income from stable dividend stocks.

The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar is set up to make sure you’re getting 6, 7, even 8 dividend paychecks per month from stable, reliable stocks with high yields.

And it ensures that your dividend stock income stream will be more stable and predictable as you’re getting payments every month, not just once a quarter like some investors do.

The Calendar tells you when you need to own the stock, when to expect your next payout, and how much you could make from stable, low risk stocks paying upwards of 8%, 10%, even 17% in the case of one of them. Tim’s done all the research and hard work; you just have to pick the stocks and how much you want to get paid.

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30 Day Dividends

ipad-image-30DD-288wAs a new and innovative approach to profits from dividend investments, 30 Day Dividends seeks to reward investors with steady income and quick share price appreciation in certain classes of income producing stocks. This new service from Tim Plaehn, known for his work with The Dividend Hunter, employs a strategy of event based investing and accurate prediction of market sentiment toward a clearly defined set of stocks. The objective is to deliver quick gains from larger than usual dividends, special dividend payouts, capital appreciation, and time sensitive opportunities with income investments.

Tim calls these opportunities “Disruptive Dividends” and has recently released a short briefing on how to get started.

Click here for more on how to use “Disruptive Dividends” to boost your dividend income.

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Biotech Gems

ipad-image-BTG-288wBiotech Gems is the service you want if you’re looking for breakout returns from the exciting biotech sector. Each issue focuses on actionable investment recommendations in the biotech and biopharma sectors.

Bret guides you through one of the trickiest yet most profitable market sectors and use his trademark risk mitigation strategy to ensure you have exposure to a diverse grouping of low volatility and high growth biotech stocks.

Gains from Bret’s biotech recommendations have been massive and any investor who is serious about capturing truly wealth-building and life-changing returns needs to consider adding some biotech to his or her portfolio…and that starts with quality independent research from biotech expert Bret Jensen.

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Growth Stock Advisor

The Growth Stock Advisor is a balanced portfolio approach to high and medium growth stock investing. The core portfolio consists of 20 positions spread between core large cap stocks for steady growth, dividends, and protection from market downturns and a group of small and medium cap stocks to take advantage of sector moves and secular tailwinds. This balanced approach lets you ride the smaller stocks to double and triple digits gains while the larger stocks ground the portfolio for long term growth.

Each issue of Growth Stock Advisor brings you independent, detailed research on the kinds of stocks you’ll want to hold in your portfolio for a very long time.

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Growth Stock Confidential

Tony Daltorio’s Growth Stock Confidential starts with the stocks and trends he finds in his research for Growth Stock Advisor and then goes deeper and further upstream if you will, to find the stocks and companies that are the next level up from growth stocks.

While many newsletters claim to bring you unique investing ideas you won’t hear from in the mainstream financial press, Tony actually delivers. For example there’s the publicly traded company that has cornered the market on cobalt – a key ingredient where high-temperature strength is important, like electric vehicles – and yet is not a miner or supplier. Or the company run by a man referred to as Canada’s Warren Buffett.

Each month you’ll receive a new and exciting investment recommendation that could quite literally be life-changing in an easy to read, commonsense approach from Tony. And he’ll also provides you with a mid-month update on portfolio stocks on the move so you don’t miss any of the action.

Growth Stock Confidential will soon re-open to new members. Watch this page for updates.

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Growth Stock Options

Tony Daltorio and Jay Soloff team up to bring you easy to execute trade ideas that will accelerate your returns on Growth Stock Advisor recommendations. With Growth Stock Options you’ll tap into Jay’s 20 years of options trading experience and his 80% current win-rate to boost the performance of Tony’s Growth Stock Advisor recommendations with easy to trade options.

You’ll get 4 to 5 actionable high conviction options recommendations each month from Jay using clear, understandable language for executing trades.

In fact, ALL of Jay’s trade recommendations will be delivered to you as videos of him actually making each trade.

You’ll see on screen exactly how to set up each trade in your account. Just follow along. No guesswork, no screw-ups, just profitable trading.

Growth Stock Options will soon re-open to new members. Watch this page for updates.

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The Dividend Hunter Insiders

The INSIDERS add-on to the Dividend Hunter service provides a behind the scenes look at what I do to find, research and track stocks that I do and do not make Dividend Hunter recommendations. As an INSIDER you’ll receive one of a kind benefits like:

  • Free admittance to private conference calls. No other service comes to mind that puts you in direct contact with management at companies in the portfolio: the INSIDERS group does.
  • Free admittance to private live online training sessions that can help make you a more successful income investor.
  • Real-time messaging service that will keep you updated on events and news affecting our portfolio stocks. Called the Daily Ticker, the service updates you several times a day – or more often – if there’s a lot going on.
  • Optional text alerts for every time the Daily Ticker is updated. No more missing an important update or alert just because you’re away from your computer. Text alerts will come right to your phone.
  • Advanced copies of The Dividend Hunter. You’ll receive each monthly issue a day or two earlier than everyone else giving you a leg up on other investors.
  • Advanced notice of the Stock of the Week recommendations that I issue to readers of The Dividend Hunter on Tuesdays.
  • Private online video channel where each week I’ll cover a wide range of topics important to us. These can include updates on portfolio stocks, in-depth analysis of new or older portfolio holdings, income investing tips and tricks, even the occasional reader mail bag where I answer your questions.

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  • All-access, free pass to my premium live training sessions each year, including surprise guest presenters. This is a $174 value just by itself. (Q&A included).
  • “Backstage” access to many of the executives in our portfolio companies via our private conference calls… much like the one we just recently hosted with AMZA (Q&A included).
  • Admittance to my private real-time messaging service – called the Daily Ticker – with only Dividend Hunter INSIDERS allowed in. I’ll be active in it frequently.
  • Optional text alerts on breaking news on our portfolio stocks
  • Advanced copies of the monthly issue of The Dividend Hunter before everyone else.
  • Advanced notice on stocks I’m looking at for the Buy of the Week email
  • 30% off the Dividend Tracker Tool that will be launched very soon. That’s a discount worth $59 by itself
  • Access to a private online video channel with exclusive stock and market analysis, investing tips, and training… even INSIDERS Q&A
  • My new in-depth report on Business Development Companies, like the very popular Main Street Capital
  • My 60 day full money back guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with the Insiders program that you’ll get all of your money refunded














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