My March Outlook on Stocks (Called the Bear Market at The Top)

Bear Market, Dividend Investing

There’s an interesting phenomenon that when bear markets rally, they only rally a certain %. 

It’s almost exactly that % number. 

Today, I want to share with you that % number, why it works out like that, and what you can expect for March in the stock market. 

My name is Serge Berger, I’ve traded for decades. I called the top of the market in late 2021 and have warned we’re in a bear market for all of 2022 (even during the sharp rallies). 

Let me share with you what I’m seeing happening in the markets and what March may hold. 

I share tips like this every Thursday for free. 

Today, I have a quick 2 minute video showing you my outlook and more. 

Click here if you have 2 minutes to see my March stock outlook, 

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