How To Generate A Higher Return From Small Cap Stocks

Dividend Investing

One of the most popular ETFs to trade is the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM).  The widely-used ETF tracks small cap stocks and is one of the most heavily traded index ETFs in the world.  Recently, a trader made a large covered call trade on IWM using at-the-money options.  The strategy, with options expiring next January, brought in $7.5 million in options premiums, which works out to a roughly 4.5% return in a little less than four months.  The strategist will also collect the December dividend from IWM.

This “Side Hobby” Could Generate Extra Income For You

There are thousands of people on my email list trading options as a ‘side hobby.’ Mark turned $311 into a tidy $3,157. Not life-changing, but it’s extra money he can spend. See how they're pulling it off.