Author: Rick Rouse

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NGVT Stock Price Pushing 52-Week Highs

Ingevity (NGVT) has been on the verge of making fresh 52-week highs as shares flirt with key resistance at the $80 level and the stock’s early January peak at $79.68. The company, which produces a variety of carbon materials and specialty chemicals, was spun out of WestRock (WRK) in 2016 at $25 a share. NGVT […]

IGT Stock Price Poised for a Breakout

IGT Stock Price Poised for a Breakout

Gambling stocks struggled in 2020 as companies with large physical casinos experienced dramatic declines in revenue and earnings due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the sector has shown strength throughout 2021 so far, as a number of positive developments are coming into play. While the advancements in coronavirus vaccine development have been a welcome relief […]

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This Stock Is The Latest Short Squeeze From r/WallStreetBets

Shares of Rocket Companies (RKT) recently zoomed to a high of $43 without any apparent new news from the company. However, the stock currently has large short bets placed against it by hedge funds and appears to have garnered some bullish interest from day traders on Reddit’s infamous r/WallStreetBets forum. Roughly 45% of RKT’s available […]

FuelCell Energy Still Looks Overvalued

FuelCell Energy Still Looks Overvalued

Hydrogen pure-play stocks outperformed the overall market in 2020 and continue to do well in 2021. Hydrogen-related investments have attracted investor interest, as bullish sentiment believe the element — which emits no greenhouse gas when burned or used in fuel cells — may be a viable option to help the world meet its climate goals. […]

COLUMBIA, SC/USA - JUNE 4, 2018: Aflac Insurance corporate building and trademark logo. American Family Life Assurance Company is an American insurance company.

AFL Shares Setting Up for a Breakout

Insurance stocks like AFL can make a great addition to your stock portfolio as the business has the potential to produce excellent long-term returns. It is also a business that works in strong economies as well as during recessions, and anytime in between. Shares of Aflac (AFL) underperformed the overall stock market in 2020 and […]

PFE Stock Price Pullback Represents a Buying Opportunity

PFE Stock Price Pullback Represents a Buying Opportunity

Shares of Pfizer (PFE) are down 20% from their early December 52-week peak at $43.08 and have been hovering around their 200-day moving average for seven-straight sessions. There is still risk towards the $34.25 down to $34 area on continued weakness with the recent low tapping $34.27 earlier this month. There are a number of […]


Three Rules for Boosting Your Trading Profits Today

As an active trader I’m amazed more people don’t trade options. Options not only allow you to lower your risk but also allow you the opportunity to mimic a stock portfolio, but with a lot less money. Now, who wouldn’t want to make bigger profits and risk less of their money? I take pride in […]

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BAC Stock Price Reaching Oversold Territory

Shares of Bank of America (BAC) reached “oversold” levels after falling for eight-straight sessions. It held its 50-day moving average while recently announcing fourth-quarter earnings. The chart below shows the RSI (relative strength index) for the stock recently hitting 40, as well as levels from late October. You will also see RSI reached 30 in […]

ARCADIA, CA/USA - NOVEMBER 22, 2015: Western Union sign and logo. The Western Union Company is an American financial services and communications company.

Getting Paid Dividends While Trading Western Union Options

With stock market valuations sitting near 20-year highs, investors are hoping corporate results and profit outlooks will help determine to what degree the valuations are justified. The catalyst that will drive the market to higher highs over the near-term will be the current fourth-quarter earnings season that will carry over into mid-February and a month […]

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 9: Nasdaq Marketsite in 4 Times Square on September 9, 2016 in New York. This is the marketing presence of the Nasdaq stock market.

Five Key Indicators for Landing Top Profits

I make stock and options recommendations based on what the charts—not the talking heads and suit-and-ties on financial TV networks—tell me. I spend many hours every week analyzing stock charts, support and resistance levels, moving averages, and numerous other technical indicators of the major indices and stocks to ensure that I’m bringing you recommendations that […]