Author: Investors Alley Staff

Senior couple with sad emotions during the meeting with financial consultant, signing some agreement in the office

The Working Class Challenge

Shortly after publishing our article, “What Happens When All Our Wealth Is Gone?” I received a heartfelt letter from subscriber Bill C. He speaks for many concerned, hard-working people: “First, I want to THANK YOU for writing a top notch and informative newsletter. It is one of the few emails that I get that I read immediately […]

How Often Are Dividends Paid To Investors?

How Often Are Dividends Paid To Investors?

Imagine you own 100 shares in America’s best energy company. You bought the stock 20 years ago, knowing that retirement is approaching. It is a good company and has made money each year. Every quarter, the company sends you a check in the mail. At first, it was $7 per check. Then, it gradually rose […]