Options Trading Services Overview

A common question about the various options services from Investors Alley is how they are different from one another. Below are concise descriptions of each service to help guide you on which may be right for you.

Investors Alley currently offers several options trading and education services, including:

  • Options Floor Trader
  • Options Insiders
  • Weekly Income Accelerator
  • 11-Day Trader
  • 30-Day Double Up
  • Profit Wheel 360
  • Options Trading Mastery

Options Floor Trader Pro

As an entry level options trading service from Jay Soloff, Options Floor Trader seeks winning trades using low cost options. Investors can start with as little as $500 in their trading account. This allows you to make three to five trades at once assuming 1 contract trades. Because the services uses only calls and puts it requires level 1 authorization – the most basic level – from most brokerages though you should check with your broker to confirm.

Options Floor Trader is published every other Tuesday with at least one new trade recommendation and updates on open trades. Subscribers also receive a “Weekly Mailbag” video in which Jay responds to subscriber questions.

Options Insiders

Options Insiders is an upgraded version of Options Floor Trader Pro for those traders who want more trade ideas, more commentary, and faster delivery of trade recommendations via text alerts. Options Insiders additionally comes with a weekly video recap of all open trades and a monthly live strategy session. Insider trades tend to be more advanced spread trades (but debit trades only, no margin account necessary).

Because Options Insiders comes with everything that a subscription to Options Floor Trade Pro does, in addition to it’s own features, a subscription to Options Floor Trader Pro is required for Options Insiders membership.

Weekly Income Accelerator

This is a covered call trading service jointly run by Tim Plaehn and Jay Soloff. Weekly Income Accelerator is published monthly and includes periodic – about once a week, give or take – trades.

These are delivered via text message and email. The service also comes with exclusive training videos, special research reports, and monthly live strategy sessions with Tim and Jay.

11-Day Trader

11-Day Trader is a trading service from Serge Berger with the stated objective of delivering winning trades that are open for approximately 11 days – sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.

Serge sends subscribers between four and eight trades per month depending on prevailing market conditions. Trades are sent by email and by text alert directly to your phone. The service comes with training videos to help you get started. Additionally there are weekly video updates and a monthly live Questions & Answers call with Serge.

Level 3 authorization is required to make Serge’s trades in your own account; check with your broker for details.

30-Day Double Up

30-Day Double Up is an options trading service from veteran trader Rick Rouse. The objective of 30-Day Double Up is to bring you at least one 100%+ winning trade every 30 days – about once per month. Rick’s 13-year track record shows just about 20% of his trades have been 100%+ winners with the average win across all winners being 82%… all using trades that are generally no more than two to three weeks in duration.

The service includes daily updates, text alerts for new trades and any trade adjustments, live monthly strategy sessions, and a 4-part Masterclass.

Trading Rick’s recommendations requires Level 2 authorization from your broker.

Profit Wheel 360

Profit Wheel 360 iPad image

The Wheel is a trading method where the trader writes puts on a stock regularly (e.g. monthly) until the stock price falls and the shares are assigned. Then, covered calls are written on the stock until it gets called away. At that point you can restart the cycle. 

The premise of Profit Wheel 360 is making active use of the wheel strategy. The goal is collect as much premium as possible from puts and calls without taking a significant amount of directional risk in the stock.

Options Trading Mastery

This is a complete options training course from Jay Soloff based on his years working in the “pit” at the Cboe.

This 11-part training course will take you from the beginning of just learning to trade options to more advanced topics like vertical spreads, calendar spreads, options butterflies, and trading condors.