How to Identify Opportunities in Community Banks

Banking Industry, Dividend Investing

Sitting down with Phil Timyan to talk about banks and bank stock is a rare treat. Phil Timyan has been on both sides of the table as a banker and investor. He has filed 13D on several banks and waged activist campaigns to improve bank operations and even the outright sale of under-performing banks.

Phil and I were both talking to bankers as the crisis unfolded in March; he far more than I, and neither of us found anyone who saw the type of deposit drains that the so-called experts were warning us about in the media.

We go into some detail about how big the opportunity for investors in small banks is now that the madness is in the rearview mirror. Small banks are as undervalued as they have been since the Great Financial Crisis, and this is not, nor has it been, a banking crisis.

The community bank sector is offering up one of the greatest opportunities you will see in your investing lifetimes. In this video, Phil and I outline how to identify and take advantage of this incredible wealth-building opportunity.