How to avoid big drawdowns in your portfolio in 2023

Dividend Investing

Last year, if you held your stocks…

You’re likely sitting on double-digit losses over a 12-month timeframe. 

Drawdowns in your portfolio can be crippling to your future wealth and income. 

If you lose 50% of your portfolio… it requires a 100% return to get back to even. 

As you can imagine, losing 50% is much easier than making 100%. 

I talk a little about this phenomenon today in my free weekly video. 

It’s only 3 minutes long, but I discuss this topic…

But, as a bonus, I share what investment YOU MUST buy in this market that’s almost risk-free. (that bonus is at the end). 

Hint — it’s NOT a stock.

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A new way to add $5,900/month to your retirement

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I’m not referring to some new dividend strategy…

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