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Fellow Investor,

It’s hard not to be dazzled by the rise of Bitcoin.

Thousands of ordinary investors have become millionaires since its launch in 2009.

While it took the stock market almost 100 years to reach 5,000…

While Bitcoin exploded by 200,000% in just seven years.

Incredible! $2,000 in new wealth created for every $1 invested.

And it’s not just Bitcoin.

Maybe you know someone who hit it big buying one of the 1,565 other cryptocurrencies out there.

For example:

  • Etherium rose by 172,462% since its launch in 2014. You could have turned a small $500 investment into $862,500.
  • Neo jumped by 132,165% since launching in 2015. A $1,000 investment would have turned into $1.3 million.
  • Just a few months ago, upstart crypto-currency Cardano surged +4,538% in only 60 days. If you had invested $25,000, you’d have a mind boggling $1,134,500.

Imagine becoming a millionaire in just 60 days!

That’s the kind of thing that can happen in the crypto market.

Sure, the price of Bitcoin has fallen since January 1st.

It’s natural for something that has gone so HIGH, so FAST, to take a breather.

But as you’ll see in a moment, it’s only a temporary pullback.

In the meantime, I have something very special in store for you…

Today I’m going to share a “backdoor” way for everyday investors like you to tap into the NEW Crypto Gold Rush… getting in on the ground floor… and make money no matter which way Bitcoin prices go…

So you essentially get the best of both worlds:

  • You gain access to the BIGGEST, MOST PROFOUND, MOST EXPLOSIVE investment opportunity of the decade…
  • You get in at a TINY FRACTION of the risk versus the other guys who risk losing their shirts on a bad call or two.

Even Warren Buffett is a big fan of the overall strategy I’m revealing today.

Its ‘risk reduction’ promise is simply too appealing to ignore.

First, though, I need to issue a stark WARNING

Hi, Tony Daltorio here.

Anyone who knows me might think I’ve ‘lost my marbles’ for even mentioning cryptocurrencies.

Why? I’m about as far from a wheeling, dealing speculator as you can get.

I’m a computer geek with a degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Physics and Astronomy…

I’m also a former stock broker having worked for many years with one of the major brokerages

And I’m very much a stocks guy…

With a penchant for finding hidden opportunities to lock in a safe and dependable return.

I do NOT chase ‘hot tips’ … time the market … or try to call its highs and lows. I’ve been around long enough to know these are your best routes to getting burned – and doing permanent damage to your portfolio.

So you’ll be glad when I say…

This has NOTHING to do with all those cryptocurrency ads you see popping up all over the internet.

won’t be suggesting you:

  • Get into the latest ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
  • ‘Mine’ one block of Bitcoin
  • Throw a ton of money at one of the 1,500 cryptos out there.
  • Or fork out a small fortune for one of those crypto trading courses being hawked all over the internet.

Instead of buying Bitcoin and crossing your fingers…

I’ll show you how a secret ‘backdoor ploy’ has just opened up.

Giving you the chance to grow MUCH richer… MUCH faster… than by simply buying Bitcoin.

The best part of all?

You can earn thousands of dollars in ‘Bitcoin Dividends’… while exposing yourself to just 1/1000th the volatility.

Because strange as it sounds…

This simple strategy lets you capture all the upside…

With almost NONE of the downside.

Is NOW the time to boycott Bitcoin?

I don’t blame you for staying on the sidelines so far.

Despite all the newly-minted millionaires…

Despite the massive investments from “the smart money”…

CNBC reports only one in 12 Americans adults have invested in cryptocurrency.

Let’s face it. You need to be a bit of a gambler to buy Bitcoin.

Or at least a speculator – with a taste for blood.

Bitcoin was one of the hottest investment opportunities in the world just a year or two ago.

It was literally on fire.

You could have gotten in at $1,200… $1,900… all the way up to $4,000 or more…

And still have cashed out with a mammoth payday by the end of 2017…

When Bitcoin came within spitting distance of $20,000.

Then came January 1, 2018…

That’s the dividing line between boom and bust.

When Bitcoin fell back to Earth.

Fact is, timing is everything in the crypto world.

Anyone who was foolish enough to buy Bitcoin AFTER the high-water mark is now under water.

Big time.

Other major cryptos followed suit and that has a lot of people running for cover.

Some are saying that cryptocurrencies are done, kaput.

I can understand that fear.

Given all the ups and downs we’ve seen recently, it’s impossible to accurately predict what the price of Bitcoin will be even a few minutes from now when you finish reading this bulletin…

Much less months from now.

But here’s the crazy thing. IT DOESN’T MATTER.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how you can dip your toe in the explosive cryptocurrency market with complete peace of mind…

All without buying or mining even one Bitcoin.

I guarantee you’ll still be entitled to profit from explosive, powerful upside moves,

But you’ll also have ‘downside insurance’ in place.

The Overwhelming Case for ‘Bitcoin Dividends’

At this crazy moment in the world markets, I’m advising all my readers to avoid Bitcoin – and all the copycats out there – like the plague.

If you blindly buy any of these…

There’s a good chance you’ll lose all your money.

I estimate 95% of these digital currencies are worthless… and will eventually go to zero.

Some lack the technology needed to make them a viable form of digital money…

Others lack essential privacy features…

While others can be easily hacked by a bored high school senior…

Instead, allow me to show you a much easier, less stressful way to make your fortune.

The secret I’ll show you today has nothing to do with buying Bitcoin itself…
(There’s no question in my mind this backdoor secret is much, MUCH better…)



It has nothing to do with rich guys making crazy bets on cryptocurrencies…
(Even if you’re a pro, a volatile market makes it nearly impossible to experience gains like before…)



And you do not need a huge investment to get started…
(Starting with $500 is enough to get rich, as you’ll see in a moment.)

Plus, you don’t need to be a ‘quant’ or have a physics degree like me to make this trade.

(Although you will need a computer or cell phone with an internet connection.)

What it all boils down to is one simple, common sense idea.

First, you need to know a few things about how we got here.

What’s Powering the Bitcoin Surge?

Today, Bitcoin is widely accepted as the currency of the Internet: a worldwide form of digital money.

But barely ten years ago, no one had even heard of it.

Then, in 2008, a mysterious white paper appeared from out of nowhere…

The author was someone named Satoshi Nakamoto. He had the audacity to set out the rules and overall design of bitcoin.

Except Mr. Nakomoto wasn’t his real name. His true identity remains a mystery. But that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a legend… folk hero… and patron saint of all those pushing for an alternative to national currencies.


For the first time ever, we get access to a currency without the oversight of any central authority whatsoever.

No bank, no company, no government.

With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

How’s THAT for a revolutionary concept? No wonder a few titans of the tech world are singing its praises:

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, investor and philanthropist says,Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.


Eric Schmidt, former Executive Chairman of Google says,[Bitcoin] is a remarkable cryptographic achievement… The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value… Lots of people will build businesses on top of that.

But for the first year or two of its existence, Bitcoin stayed completely stayed under the radar. It wasn’t officially “on the market” – it had never been traded. So it was impossible to assign Bitcoin a monetary value.

It’s funny to think about what happened next…

In 2010, someone must have had the munchies really bad.

They swapped 10,000 worth of Bitcoins for two pepperoni pizzas.

Just imagine if the buyer had hung onto those Bitcoins…

At today’s prices they’d be worth more than $63 million.

Here’s my point. Once bitcoin had been used to make a purchase, the flood gates were officially open.

All of a sudden, the race was on to create more Bitcoin.

That’s done only one way – through a process called “mining”.

The Crypto Gold Rush is still in its infancy

Bitcoin mining is a cute name for adding more bitcoins to the digital currency ecosystem.

The name itself is slightly misleading. No one actually picks up a pick axe and goes out into the hot sun to dig for gold like they did in the great gold rush of 1849, for example.

Back then, a San Francisco store owner named Sam Brannan went up and down Market Street shouting, “Gold! Gold from the American River!”, while waving a bottle of gold dust.

Brannan had good reason for his one-man advertising campaign. You see he owned the general store that served miners at Sutter’s Mill, where gold was discovered. Before word got out, Brannan bought all the picks and shovels in the city.

Needless to say, Brannan became the Gold Rush’s first millionaire. And a timeless investing maxim was born, “when there’s a gold rush, sell shovels.”

This time, it’s not burly men in flannel shirts doing the heavy lifting…

It’s supercomputers.

I don’t want to get into too much boring detail here, but miners use special hardware and software to create one giant ‘spreadsheet’…

One that shows the complete transaction history and location of every bitcoin in the world. Every 10 minutes this spreadsheet is updated as one more “block” of new transactions is added to the spreadsheet.

In exchange for crunching the numbers to solve difficult equations, the miners receive a small amount of cryptocurrency as a reward.

And in a key twist that keeps inflation in check, the difficulty of the cryptographic math that leads to newly minted coins grows as more computers join the network.

That, in a nutshell, is how bitcoin operates.

Now, here’s what a Bitcoin mining rig looks like up close:

And this is just one. Now imagine thousands of these in warehouses and then thousands of warehouses across the world with these thousands of rigs. You get the picture.

A complete mining rig can cost between $2,400 and $5,000

Why is this specialized equipment needed?

Well, consider that Mr. Nakamoto set up the system to ensure that we ultimately reach a hard limit of 21 million bitcoins … no more.

Equipment like this accomplishes two important tasks:

  1. It creates and records all new digital currency.
  2. It confirms all new coins are created in a trustworthy and decentralized manner. No banks are needed to sign off on everything!

That’s why it used to be only computer geeks doing this mining.

But that’s changed as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surged in value…

Bringing in more and more fans all around the world.

The Blockchain Revolution is Here

This inbuilt system of checks and balances I just talked about is called ‘blockchain’…

I guarantee you’ve never seen a spreadsheet like it. It’s utterly revolutionary.

Bloomberg calls it “mind-boggling.”

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about how it’s all done. All you need to know is…

Blockchain is one of the greatest tech breakthroughs of all time for three reasons:

  1. It enables faster exchanges and trades with a lower cost than regular money.
  2. It’s designed NEVER to be counterfeited or hacked.
  3. No government can devalue it.

Everyone can have their own copy of the spreadsheet. But no one owns it. In other words, you get complete transparency.

Blockchain is fundamentally changing how businesses operate. . .

According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s even catching the eye of corporate and financial giants… beyond just Bitcoin.

  • Walmart is using blockchain to track some products back to their roots—literally. After scanning a mango, employees can see which farm the fruit came from and where it’s stored in the backroom.
  • Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, completed its first test of blockchain technology in March 2017. They teamed up with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to remotely access cargo data.
  • British Airways is using blockchain to create one unchangeable source of data… aiming to synch up conflicting flight information from gate monitors, flight apps, and the airline’s website.
  • FedEx launched a blockchain-powered pilot program to help solve customer disputes.
  • American Express is using blockchain to settle cross-border payments instantly, instead of having to wait days.

With moves from BIG firms like these, there’s no doubt Wall Street is going ‘all in’.

Funding into companies using blockchain technology hit $1 billion in 2017 (215 deals), according to data from the research firm CB Insights.

The combination of decentralization, cryptography and security means…

Blockchain is the least hackable, destroyable and duplicatable technology ever created…

And it’s not owned by any one person, government or company.

We’re in the midst of a very rare and valuable window right now…

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about crypto.. bitcoin… or blockchain technology.

Twenty-five years ago you couldn’t really define the internet either.

“Now you think you can because you can’t live your daily life without it,” says Matt Markiewicz, managing director of Innovation Shares in New York. “That’s going to be the same with blockchain technology.”

I’ll go even further…

I believe blockchain is the same kind of world-changing platform technology as pioneered by Microsoft Windows… Google… and Facebook…COMBINED.

And look what happened to their share prices.

The first thing I’m going to do for you today is let you have my brand new primer report – FREE of charge.

It’s called, How to Get Rich from the Blockchain Revolution.

It summarizes everything you need to know about this emerging technology… plus the most exciting cryptocurrencies out there today, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

I DON’T want it to pass you by.

If you do nothing else today, grab your FREE primer report while you can.

Now, here’s how to start collecting Bitcoin Dividends today

Here’s a question for you as an investor.

If you need a super computer to solve complex mathematical problems in order to mine Bitcoin…

If there’s no other way to get it…

Who do you think stands to benefit directly?

I hope you said the makers of computer processors and chips, because you’re EXACTLY RIGHT.

Solving complicated math problems requires brute power… and new, more powerful chips are the only way to get there. Only a select few semiconductor companies have what it takes to fill this demand.

While Apple’s iPhone has driven much of the demand for cutting edge technology in recent years…

Now some of the world’s biggest microchip makers see digital currencies like Bitcoin as even more important for their growth.

“The mining impact is now akin to that of a popular new iPhone,” said Mark Li, a Hong Kong-based analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.

This optimism is starting to hit shares of chip companies as a whole…

Semiconductor index since Bitcoin inception. Note the steep jump in price once Bitcoin mining went “mainstream.”

That’s why I say the biggest surprise for anyone considering buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies…

Is that the gold may NOT be in the coins themselves…

But in the shares of the companies that produce the computer processors and chips used to create the digital currencies.

I’m not the only one who’s spied this unusual phenomenon…

“Bitcoin Will Boost Semiconductors Through 2018” — Barrons

“Bitcoin Mining Could Power Growth For World’s Biggest Chip Makers” — Bloomberg

The opportunity I’m presenting today is so profound you don’t even have to own one Bitcoin to enjoy enormous profitability.

For the first time ever… you can bet on digital money as simply as you would buy a stock…

Using your regular brokerage account…

Without any special authorization or hoops to jump through.

There’s no high-risk currency conversions.

No “bitcoin wallets.” No security threats. And no complicated jargon to learn.

Frankly, I suggest you do exactly what wily Sam Brannan did during the Gold Rush of 1849…

You ‘sell shovels’ during the crypto-mining gold rush!

How do you do that?

By snapping up a piece of the one, two or three companies best positioned to produce the silicon and circuitry needed to power demand over the next five, ten, even 15 years…

Supplying the horse power for computers to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the other cryptocurrencies.

You won’t have to own the coins themselves. (That’s a relief.)

Instead, you’ll take the SAFER, MORE DEPENDABLE route to profits…

Through Bitcoin Dividends.

How to make a mint without owning one Bitcoin

Those cranks who say cryptocurrencies are going away, don’t believe them.

That’s like saying the internet is going away.

It’s not going to happen.

Because crypto is the natural evolution of money.

It is the perfect solution for the most fundamental problems that exist with our existing currencies:

Whether it’s speed of transactions… privacy concerns… human error… central bank collusion… or overall greed in the financial markets…

The answer to all of this lies in crypto.

As more and more people across the globe come to grips with the fact that crypto gives them the ability to take back control over their lives…

As more and more businesses realize how blockchain technology lets them run more efficiently…

And as more and more central banks and governments harness the power of blockchain to make their systems more secure from evil fraudsters and hackers…

This once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunity will only grow.

Right now, a huge window of opportunity is opening up to smart investors like you.

But you’ll only make money if you don’t get sucked into buying overpriced and overhyped cryptocurrencies.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Remember what happened during the 1990s tech boom?

A lot of people made a fortune during the boom.

But those buying toward the end – at hugely inflated prices – got badly burned.

Instead of falling for all the hokey ads out there and buying coins themselves,

I advise you play it safer by exploiting a HUGE trend out there.

Here’s how we’ll do it.

How to Exploit the Semiconductor Supercycle
for Enormous Profits

In addition to building chips to power the machines that mine Bitcoin…

The semiconductor industry is about to get a huge lift from every major tech trend out there.

With its chips powering everything from Tesla’s self-driving cars, to Amazon’s and Microsoft’s cloud services, to the machines that enable real-time virtual reality and gaming.

It’s called the Semiconductor Supercycle.

There are some analysts out there who say it’s too good to be true. That it’s smoke and mirrors.

Don’t believe them.

Think back to the commodity supercycle, which ran from 2000 to 2014. After the first few years, Wall Street analysts predicted the cycle was over and that resource and commodity stocks were due for a tumble.

But those analysts completely missed the fact that China was rapidly industrializing in a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Fast forward to today, and Wall Street analysts are only waking up to the powerful new Semiconductor Supercycle…

To the fact that “smart products” (those with chips in them) are becoming ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives:

  • Artificial intelligence / robotics => You may be familiar with Apple’s personal assistant, Siri. Or Amazon’s Alexa. Each is the friendly voice-activated helper we interact with on a daily basis. They helps us find information, gives us directions, add events to our calendars, help us send messages and so on. We’ll be seeing a lot more like them and clones like them… and soon.
  • Internet of Things => This means basically any device with an on and off switch connects to the Internet (and to each other). Including everything from cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.
  • Cloud computing => Social Media is one of the most overlooked examples of cloud computing. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social networking sites are designed so you can find people you already know or would like to know. These platforms store huge amounts of data in real-time – so you can find what you want.
  • Augmented reality => The United States Army is experimenting with augmented reality programs that would help soldiers in combat distinguish between enemies and friendly troops, as well as improve night vision.
  • Self-driving vehicles => Cars are rapidly turning into “data centers on wheels”. With Elon Musk and Tesla at the forefront of this push, it’s not a question of if, but when they’ll finally take over our roads and highways.

The list goes on and on. All these technologies – and crypto mining, too – will need lots of the latest generation of semiconductors.

I truly believe we are only in the second inning of a very long ballgame.

Huge Growth Ahead

All these factors are spurring the powerful new Superconductor Supercycle.

Think about it for a moment – the world in which we live, with ‘always on’ technology all around us, would not be possible without semiconductors.

For example, a typical vehicle contains 6,000 semiconductors. Each is basically a piece of silicon that plays host to billions of tiny transistors.

A report from IEEE Spectrum shows that there were eight trillion transistors being made every second. Quite a change from the computer for NASA’s Apollo moon missions that contained a mere 12,300 transistors, huh?

Semiconductor chip sales are growing rapidly with a huge tailwind behind them.

On November 27, 2017, World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) reported:

“This year the market will reach $408.6 billion in valuation, a rise of 20.6% from 2016.”

That estimate is $30 billion larger than WSTS’s just a few months earlier.

This would be the first year of double-digit growth since 2010 for the industry — and the first time ever sales exceeded $400 billion.

WSTS points to the spread of smartphones (and constant replacements or upgrades), the rise of video content, and the growth in number of Internet-of-Things devices – where devices and machines communicate with each other 24 hours a day.

Demand is expected to multiply exponentially to more than 1 trillion units over the next few years.

A very promising sign for the chipmaking sector.

But here’s the thing…

I have reason to believe many of the BIGGEST stock market winners will be those companies none of the talking heads on TV ever mention.

Instead of being enthralled with Bitcoin or another ‘hot’ new virtual currency, for example,

They should turn their attention to the very best chip companies… who make components and sensors that allow not only crypto mining – but easy communications between all the sophisticated devices finding their way into our homes and neighborhoods.

That’s the point I’m trying to make to you today.

When putting your hard-earned money to work in technology, the best investments are often not the flashy ones you see on CNBC every day.

Rather they are the under-the-radar ones that POWER the flashy companies.

That’s my investing philosophy when it comes to technology.

And that’s what allowed me to spot several companies primed to explode as the need for increased power and speed picks up steam.

-> Plus… Get Paid while you wait!

Mind you, I’ve been monitoring this space for more than a decade now…

Performing extensive analysis on the best chip makers out there.

In just a moment, I’m going to reveal my top 3 favorite investments for capitalizing on the great semiconductor supercycle of 2018.

Once I had my ‘short list’ of candidates ready, I ran them all through one final filter. This final steps adds CERTAINTY and SAFETY just in case you choose to add them to your portfolio.

What’s this final hurdle?

In addition to being primed to participate in the biggest semiconductor industry BOOM the world has ever seen…

Virtually guaranteed to see their share prices ‘pop’ thanks to huge momentum in the crypto, augmented reality, self-driving vehicle, cloud computing, robotics, and Internet of Things arenas…

I require all of these companies pay a dividend to ordinary investors.

So, it’s a way for you to literally get paid while you wait for the inevitable share price jump!

A few years ago, Berkshire Hathaway CEO and Chairman Warren Buffett spoke about one of his favorite companies, Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO).

He said after dividends, stock splits, and patient reinvestment, someone who bought just $40 worth of the company’s stock when it went public in 1919 would now have more than $5 million.

I know that $40 in 1919 is very different from $40 today. However, even after factoring for inflation, it turns out to be $542 in today’s dollars. Put differently, would you rather have an Apple Watch that retails for around that amount, or almost $11 million?

Even if you choose not to reinvest like Buffett did – if you want income right now, quarter after quarter or even month after month – dividends can be extremely powerful income-generators to secure your “second salary.”

And it’s not just the Oracle of Omaha who loves getting paid dividends…

So do these very famous individuals you may know:

“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.”
– John D. Rockefeller
“I believe non-dividend stocks aren’t much more than baseball cards. They are worth what you can convince someone to pay for it.”
– Mark Cuban
“Dividends may not be the only path for an individual investor’s success, but if there’s a better one, I have yet to find it.”
– Josh Peters


I’d love to add your name to the winners list… using one of the safest, most dependable strategies I know.

You’ll get a piece of today’s most explosive semiconductor companies…

And get PAID while you wait for the stock price to shoot to the moon!

And the Winners Are…

My overall favorites? Hmmm… not easy.

Twist my arm and I’ll give you a handful of companies who’ve made it through all my filters…

With flying colors.

Here’s the deal … I just put all the essential details on THREE of my favorite stocks in your free intelligence briefing,3 Breakout Stocks to Ride for the Crypto Gold Rush”

I recommend you dip into these stocks first (while there is still time):

Breakout Target No. 1: First up is a chip maker that missed the entire mobile revolution. Its strength, as always, has been in graphical processing units (GPUs). Gamers love its GPUs. And, of course, its GPUs have been in the news a lot lately because of their popularity with the miners of cryptocurrencies like BitCoin.

Its stock has been on a tear… up nearly 100% over the past 52 weeks. Great at fighting volatility, too. I expect even faster growth as its processors are crucial to artificial intelligence, deep learning and driverless cars.

As Goeff Blaber, an analyst at research firm CCS Insights said to the Financial Times, “[Breakout Target #1] is at the center of AI, machine learning and deep learning.”

Breakout Target No. 2: Here’s another AAA+ semiconductor standout. It makes chips for designers that don’t have their own “fabs,” or factories. Not many people know this, but the company also manufactures chips used in Apple Inc.’s iPads and iPhones… plus a range of Internet of Things devices. It also works with automotive vendors that increasingly require high-level chips to power self-driving vehicles.

Its stock is up 50% in the last 12 months, now it’s ready for a new jump.

Plus… it pays you a healthy dividend yield of 3%.

Breakout Target No. 3: My next recommended chip company is one of the best positioned companies in the entire industry. It’s one of the fastest-growing global providers of 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers. They’re essentially smaller computers that get embedded in other machinery – like cars, phones, appliances, and computer peripherals.

They made my list by offering security of design, consistent performance during tough market conditions (106 consecutive quarters of profitability!), and excellent global exposure.

Here’s a nice 30-day share price chart if I ever saw one:

Are you starting to feel my excitement?

This really is a super-special moment in your investing life… The stars have aligned and are creating a buying opportunity of a lifetime!

I’ll spill the beans on all THREE of my favorite Breakout Stocks in a Special Report I just compiled. It’s called 3 Breakout Stocks to Ride for the Crypto Gold Rush”

It would be a shame to miss out. Tell you what…

I’ll even throw in one BONUS recommendation into your report.

Breakout Target No. 4 is a bit different.

It’s not a chip company.

But I’m not boasting when I say the company’s products touch every chip manufactured in the world! Its reach extends way beyond cryptos and semiconductors…

It is a leading global provider of process control solutions for other industries including industrial technologies, life sciences and research. Plus among its core strengths are photonics, lasers and precision optics.

Suffice it to say photonics have taken its place as a critical and rapidly growing technology of the 21st century. The global photonics market is forecast to grow to $720 billion by 2020, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 35%.

Sound intriguing? I thought so.

I could go on and on about why you need to own a slice of this company.

But I’ll tell you what …

I’d rather send you my Special Intelligence Briefing I just prepared called 3 Breakout Stocks to Ride for the Crypto Gold Rush”.

Inside, in black and white, you’ll find my reasons why I’m so bullish on this under-the-radar superstar … plus three more Super Buys for 2018.

All it takes is 60 seconds to reserve your FREE copy right now…

This report is yours absolutely free just for trying a risk-free trial of my investing recommendations, insights and research inside Growth Stock Advisor

Why Keep Pace with the S&P 500 …
When You Can Trounce it Instead?

Before you jump in, please understand …

I need to be absolutely clear with you on this point.

Remember … I do NOT speculate. No matter how powerful a stock’s story, I never lose my discipline. And neither should you.

Conservative? Yes, maybe. But it’s an approach that’s worked for me for over 3 decades …

Instead I only get behind companies that either DOMINATE their industry – or will soon.

This is the key factor why my Growth Stock Advisor is exceeding my already high expectations.

My intuition rarely disappoints.

I’m well known for spotting trends ahead of Wall Street.

Each of my picks has a special edge — something I’ve spotted that puts it head and shoulders above the competition.

Nope, I’m not a stickler for a particular industry…

Pharma… hi-tech… retail… energy… manufacturing… financial… I cover them all.

Count on me to ID America’s ‘up and comers’ — young, innovative and aggressive companies that will lead our nation back to the top of the heap, where it belongs.

And guess what?

But please understand. I ONLY add a new name when they’re on the cusp of a major breakout. And it MUST have the potential to be a DOUBLE-BAGGER, preferably even a 10-BAGGER — within a very short time.

“A word of warning. PLEASE do NOT go it alone. The secret is getting in to each breakout stock at a ‘pivotal moment’. The same goes for getting out. Rely on my expertise for this all-important decision.”


Since its start in November 2016, Growth Stock Advisor has closed out some incredible gains. For example, we banked a 191% profit on a health insurance company and a 225% gain on a pharmaceutical company.

Had you invested $10,000 in each one of these stock picks, you could have walked away with $41,600 profits in your pocket…

But that’s just the beginning…

Here is a snapshot of more profits from our actual portfolio:

  • In under 4 months in 2017, subscribers had an opportunity at 59% gains on an innovative laser company.
  • On August 28th I closed out our position in Sterling Construction(STRL) for a tidy 160% gain.
  • Cara Therapeutics (CARA) was closed and subscribers booked 142% in only 10 months.
  • Even with the recent broader market turmoil my top recommendation in the industrial laser space has yielded 49% to readers in just six months.
  • Our top stock in the home builder space was just cashed in for a quick 36% gain.
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