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“Finding Tomorrow’s Big Winners in the Market’s Most Lucrative Sector.”

bret-headshot-with-taglineThe biotech sector has consistently outperformed the overall stock market over the past half-decade. An increase in the amount of healthcare spending allocated to drugs, the new development of advanced treatments, and robust M&A activity levels have produced stellar performance from the biotech sector.

Biotech Gems offers compelling research for stock market investing in this lucrative sector that has beat and will beat investing in the sector ETFs over the long-term.

When it comes to investing in biotechs, I believe it is important to be diversified across this volatile and speculative area of the market. Taking small stakes in a variety of promising but speculative companies is a strategy which I have used for years and

Taking small stakes in a variety of promising but speculative companies is a strategy which I have used for years and has worked very well. I have a strict 6-point set of criteria that each investment must pass before I will ever invest my own money into it and recommend it to my subscribers.

“Strike-outs” are inevitable as drug discovery is a complex endeavor and most trials end in failure, however, just a couple of “grand slams” should lead to outstanding overall performance in your portfolio over time. And grand slams can only be earned by investing in the right companies and following a strict strategy.

bret-testimonial-clearA diversified biotech portfolio should be more heavily weighted to large-cap growth names with long-term earnings visibility selling at a reasonable valuation. Then the remaining 50-75% of the portfolio should be spread out between many developmental stage companies operating in a variety of different treatments/diseases.

This is where my specialty and hours of research pays off and can help you to successfully invest in this sector as well. Building a portfolio of 15 small to mid-cap stocks with the potential to return you double-digits, triple-digits, quadruple-digits and higher is what Biotech Gems is meant to do.

It is this well-thought-out investing strategy that I mentioned above that has guided me to the exceptional overall performance our portfolio has seen even when the entire sector has only just recovered from a brutal bear market.


bret-testimonial-2Biotech Gems provides investors with insight and research into my very profitable investment strategy in the biotech space. Maintaining a
portfolio of 15 attractive small cap biotech stocks and five more heavily weighted large cap stocks creates a balanced portfolio geared to provide outstanding performance over time. And in a very short time, Biotech Gems has delivered substantial outperformance compared to its benchmark and is highly reviewed by our subscribers.

A subscription to Biotech Gems investment service offers several benefits including:

New, fully researched and vetted investment recommendations every month. I take great pride in the articles I write on various websites, including Investors Alley, but frankly the format doesn’t allow me to perform truly deep dives on profitable investment recommendations like Biotech Gems does.

Weekly email updates on our portfolio holdings, changing market conditions, new catalysts for profits, and new investment ideas I’m looking at so you’re always on top of the sector, our portfolio holdings, and exciting new opportunities.

Full access to the website issue archives. You’ll get all the back issues, the current issue, future issues, the model portfolio, and all special reports – right at your fingertips anytime day or night.

Live customer service right here in the United States in case you ever have a question about your subscription.

My personal email address so you can ask me questions about biotech stocks you have found and about the markets too. Ask away! I love hearing from my subscribers.

money-back-guaranteeFull 100% Money Back Guarantee so if you’re not happy with Biotech Gems for any reason during your first 60 days you can get your money back… all of it.

So if you are looking to access 20 of the top biotech stocks for earning outsized gains that will trounce the market over the long-run, all you have to do is click the button below and take a risk-free 60-day test drive. I promise you, you will not be disappointed by the profits rolling into your brokerage account.