Donald Trump’s $1 Trillion Plan to Rebuild America


Will Reap the Benefits of Trump’s
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Early investors could see gains up to 285%, but you must get in by June 15.


Dear Fellow Investor,

You may remember the tragic events on the evening of August 1, 2007, when a poorly maintained Minneapolis bridge collapsed during rush hour sending cars – and their drivers – plummeting into the Mississippi.

Thirteen people lost their lives that day.

This particular bridge carried nearly 140,000 cars and trucks daily.


twobytenpixelAnd the thing is, this wasn’t some old bridge from before the automobile age carrying traffic volumes and loads well beyond its capacity.

This bridge was completed in 1967. It was modern. It was dependable. It was safe.

Or so 13 people on August 1, 2007 thought.

You would think that such a tragedy would have triggered the government to start spending the money necessary to fix our failing infrastructure.

But sadly, the Washington Post reports that there are still “nearly 59,000 bridges [that] are officially classified as structurally deficient.”

Meaning that the bridges you and your family cross every day to go to work, school, doctor visits, and vacation could collapse without warning.

Like in 2015 when a Maryland woman named Katherine Dean drove under the Capital Belyway bridge. As the New York Times reported…

“a large chunk of concrete fell from the structure, crushing the hood of her car and smashing the windshield.”

Luckily she survived.

But, according to the New York Times,

“Every year, hundreds of deaths, illnesses and injuries can be attributed to the failure of bridges, dams, roads and other decaying structures.”

And up until now, political bickering between the two major parties has stalled any significant government plan to fix America’s failing infrastructure.

But that’s about to change.

You see, Donald Trump’s surprise win is expected to trigger a massive $1 trillion infrastructure boom.

franklin-rooseveltLike Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” of the 1930s, when $250 billion (in today’s dollars) was spent to upgrade America’s infrastructure, Trump plans to move forward in 2017 with a Second “New Deal.”

Spending $1 trillion to rebuild and replace our failing dams, bridges, roadways, airports, water treatment plants, and railways.

Many haven’t been upgraded since they were built shortly after World War II.

But today, with strong bipartisan support from elected officials from both parties and popular public support, Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan is set to get the funding necessary. And contracts could start getting signed as soon as June 15.

The Hill reports that Congress will focus on finding ways to pay for Trump’s infrastructure proposal in the first 100 days of his presidency, with a broader package likely to come together later in the spring.

Positioning yourself by June 15 is crucial.

Many companies – likely hundreds of all sizes – will compete for the contracts for the $1 trillion unleashed from the infrastructure package, but only a select few will ever win them.

And they’re not the most obvious ones either.

You just need to know where to look…

That’s where I come in.

bret-jensen-headshot-96dpi-288x288I’m Bret Jensen.

I have been investing for over three decades and have been obsessed with the markets and equities for as long as I can remember.

In the past decade, I have been a hedge fund manager, a trader and a professional financial journalist.

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Now, I’m not saying this to brag…

But to show you that I have a proven track record of success and decades of experience bringing my readers the best investment opportunities available worldwide.

ipad-image-gsa-192wToday I’m Editor and Chief Investment Advisor of Growth Stock Advisor, an exciting new monthly communiqué that brings you independent, detailed research on the kinds of stocks you’ll want to hold in your portfolio for a very long time.

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So when I get to cheer about a huge 225% gain – like I recently did on my stock pick Exelixis – so do you!

Take a Ride on the “House’s Money”…

Discovering opportunities like these doesn’t come easy.

My investment process includes a lot of research, where I go through the top-tier analysts’ reports,

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And then once I’ve winnowed down the stocks worth pursuing I shut off the distractions of the rest of the world and pour through the company’s latest conference call transcripts, press releases, financial data, and investor presentations to get familiar with the company’s businesses and strategies.

And I even dig deep into the financial data on that company’s competitors. Just to be sure.

This tells me whether I should pursue the stock further or toss it aside.

And only then does the deeper research start.

I look for two things when searching for a possible stock recommendation for my readers…

First, I determine if the value of the company’s businesses are undervalued significantly by the market, either through ignorance or because sentiment on the stock or sector has become too negative.

Often companies have assets I call “hidden gems” that most investors are not aware of.

One of the best indicators is net cash on the balance sheet which can be overly discounted even on the largest of companies.

Other hidden gems are not so obvious.

Sometimes they consist of unrecognized but lucrative patents, property acquired decades ago severely undervalued by book value, or upcoming litigation awards.

For example, a home builder I added to the portfolio in March of 2015 had been quietly scooping up valuable land in fast-growing Sunbelt states not too long after the financial crisis. They didn’t get the land for pennies on the dollar, but it was pretty close.

Then as we came out of the crisis the company started building on that land and growing profits significantly.

Had I not put in the extra effort to look back into the company’s activity in the years earlier I might have completely missed their wise investment in acreage and expansion into some of the fastest-growing states in the nation.

And it seems most of the market didn’t take the time to see this until it was too late… for them.

My Growth Stock Advisor readers bagged a 78% gain in a matter of 16 short months.

The second thing I look for are upcoming catalysts to unlock the true value of these hidden assets.

This can come in the form of new management or a different strategic direction at the company.

Often it is driven by an activist fund that comes on board and pushes hard to make moves that will increase shareholder value.

Although this seems a simple investment philosophy – it takes discipline, lots of research and years of experience to execute successfully over and over again.

Luckily the market has always been my passion and uncovering an overlooked equity that then provides outsized returns for you over time is a thrill that never gets old to me.

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If You Only Own One Stock This Year

After spending countless hours doing research and scanning the country to find the most promising infrastructure-related companies, I’ve uncovered the ONE infrastructure-related company that could add thousands of dollars – or more – this year to your pocket as America rebuilds…

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This infrastructure innovator is an experienced “one-stop-shop” for rebuilding America and is set to shoot upwards of 285% from the $1 trillion Trump bump in infrastructure spending.

Unlike some construction companies that either specialize in transportation or water infrastructure… this leading construction company does it all.

From transportation infrastructure like building and repairing highways, roads, bridges, ports and airfields…

To water infrastructure projects like building and repairing wastewater and storm drainage systems.

Exactly the type of repairs and reconstruction called for in Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

And with its 60-plus years of expertise in providing both water and transportation infrastructure improvements, this deeply capable construction company is a leading candidate to get a significant chunk of the infrastructure deals that emerge from this massive undertaking.

But there’s even more good news for this infrastructure powerhouse…

One trillion dollars is just the start of what is needed to be rebuild and replace America’s crumbling infrastructure… and it could mean 285% gains for one small company.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the total cost to restore all of the nation’s infrastructure is over $3.6 trillion by 2020.

So the gravy train for this fast-growing infrastructure company is just beginning…

That’s why I was eager to put together a timely new report giving you the full details on this blossoming company, which could bring you tremendous gains as Trump’s infrastructure plan moves forward…

Big money that could filter its way down into the pockets of the explosive infrastructure-related company that I’m going to share with you today.

And you can get the full details on this company in my timely new report, The One Stock You Want to Own to Cash in on Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Boom.

But before I tell you how to secure your copy of my new report, let’s talk a bit more about this relatively unknown infrastructure company that could give you enormous gains as Trump’s $1 trillion build-out gets underway…

“Our Country is Literally Falling Apart”
~ Time Magazine

Broadly speaking, infrastructure refers to all the physical facilities and systems that serve the public at large, like the highway and freeway systems you drive on…

Or the runway an airplane lands on…

Or the bridge you drive across to get to the grocery store…

Or the energy you use when switching on your lamp or computer or tablet…

All the important things that make our economy function, like: airports, seaports, electric grid, hospitals, and rail systems. The kinds of functions that well, make our modern lifestyle possible.

But the sad fact is we’ve been under spending on our infrastructure for years.

And now we’re paying the price…

From the crumbling bridges of California to the overflowing sewage drains of Houston and the rusting railroad tracks in the Northeast Corridor, decaying infrastructure is all around us.” ~ The New Yorker

The facts tell the story…

One-third of our roads are in poor condition…

One in every nine bridges is structurally deficient…

flint-waterAnd we just have to look at the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan, with potentially toxic levels of lead in the city’s water, to serve as a reminder that our aging water infrastructure is in desperate need of an overhaul.

The bottom line is this, many of our infrastructure projects were built over 50 years ago during post-World War II years and are in need of an immediate upgrade or even outright replacement.

It’s no wonder Kiplinger recently wrote, “America’s Failing Infrastructure: A Scary Picture.”

And the cost of poor infrastructure is enormous…

According to the American Society of Engineers, over the next nine years, our crumbling infrastructure will cost us…

  • $3.9 trillion in Gross Domestic Product
  • $7 billion in lost business sales
  • 5 million jobs
  • $3,400 per person in disposable income each year due to infrastructure deficiencies

It’s no wonder Trump and Congress are putting a high priority on implementing a massive infrastructure plan in the next few months.

For you, it’s a rare opportunity to get in early on the “one-stop-shop” infrastructure company that’s set to soar as America rebuilds…

And in just a moment, I’ll show you how you can score huge gains off this tiny company in my timely new report, The One Stock You Want to Own to Cash in on Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Boom.

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There’s a lot more to say about Growth Stock Advisor, but before I get into that, I want to tell you more about the one infrastructure-related stock you should own as America rebuilds.

The One-Stop Shop for Infrastructure Repairs

As I’ve said, if you own just one infrastructure-related stock during Trump’s coming $1 trillion building boom, this is it.

It’s a turnaround story on the verge of greatness, driven by new management and rising margins.

The new CEO has years of experience with a heavy infrastructure and construction giant and has implemented pricing discipline and operational processes.

These include collaboration across business units, including around the areas of procurement, equipment utilization, leveraging technical experts and sharing best practices.

And since the new management came on board in 2015, new business has boomed…

In fact, this company now has current signed contracts worth over $815 million, including a…

  • $60 million-plus airport project in Utah
  • $20 million-plus bridge project in Colorado
  • $21 million-plus wastewater project in California
  • $55 million-plus roadway project in Texas
  • $14 million-plus taxiway project in Arizona

Plus… there’s an additional $90 million worth of projects where the company appears to be the low bidder and the contract is just waiting to be signed.

Fact is, with new management, this burgeoning construction company is exploding in growth with over 140 projects currently underway throughout the United States.

Already, in geographic growth areas where infrastructure spending is on the rise – like Texas and California, this company has seen a huge 30%-plus increase in project activity.

No wonder its recent quarterly results show a powerful double-digit gain in revenue over the same period last year. .

Even management is showing a major vote of confidence in this fast-growing company, with the CEO buying $500,000 worth of new stock in 2016.

Add in the profit potential of becoming a major player in the $1 trillion infrastructure build-out proposed by Trump and you have a company that is set for explosive growth.

It’s no wonder that the number of prominent hedge fund managers who have purchased a stake in this company has more than doubled in the last year.


The smart money is betting on this stock… and so should you.

Even if you take off the enormous future profits that Trump’s infrastructure plan could bring to this company’s bottom line, you’re already looking at a booming construction firm that’s had an enormously successful turnaround in the last few years.

And right now, you have the perfect opportunity to get in early. And you should definitely be in before June 15th.

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bret-jensen-headshot-96dpi-288x288To your financial health,
Bret Jensen
Growth Stock Advisor



P.S. With Congress set to act on Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan in the next 100 days, now is the perfect time to get an early-in on a relatively unknown infrastructure-related company I uncovered that is set to boom with America’s new build-out. Click here to secure a copy of my FREE report, The One Stock You Want to Own to Cash in on Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Boom and learn how this explosive company could make you huge gains in coming months.