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Plan B Investing: Mark Zuckerberg’s
Secret Plan to Make 2,524%

It’s What Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban and Bill Gates Are Urging American Investors To Do Right Now


Because This New Asset is Poised to Soar 25x in 2018 Alone… and Much More After it.

What brings all these billionaires together in the same room? Well…

  • It’s not gold… as experts predict it’s worth a staggering 54.4x more in the next 12 months
  • It’s not oil.. as this asset is 19.3x more valuable than all of Saudi Arabia’s reserves
  • Billionaires like Mark Cuban, Michael Dell, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have secretly invested $124 billion just to get in early…

Today, American Investors can bank up to 2,524% over the next 12 months from this unique opportunity. All revealed below.


Fellow Investor,

It’s not a matter of if…

It’s now a matter of when

And experts agree – the time is now.

At this moment, there’s a vicious battle brewing for control of the world’s most valuable asset.

Already, a frenzy of multi-billionaires are secretly loading up…

Even Warren Buffett who avoided investing in assets like this for more than 44 years…

Has completely changed his mind.

Describing it as “sticky” and utterly dominant as an investment, he put $10 billion into it… breaking his long time financial strategy just to get a piece.

It’s so hot, Mark Cuban calls it “the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen.

And Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner says it “really powers everything that we do.

For now, the bottom line is this:

Backing this asset will create more millionaires than any investment opportunity we’ve ever seen.

this is where the next trillion dollars comes from
Michael Dell ($63 billion Cartel Backer)

Because for reasons I’ll reveal below – Wall Street, the financial news and most investors will miss out on a 25x windfall…

Leaving behind 3 monopoly companies forming a new American Cartel.

You see, what makes this so special, is that this Cartel is open to investors for an extremely short period of time.

Because The Guardian reports they control “nothing less than the lifeblood of global capitalism”…

And CNBC says they’re “just going to blow everything away“…

In 2018, it will create wealth letting early investors collect up to 2,524% from this opportunity in the next 12 months.

And you can do it all today, investing in a new American Cartel controlling the most valuable asset on earth.

The Next Frontier for Innovation, Wealth and 25x Inside Your Portfolio

You see, oil has been the most valuable asset for the past 159 years.

It has created more wealth than anything on earth – producing family dynasties, entire nations and monopoly companies.

But the real wealth from oil went straight into the hands of a small group of people.

Rockefeller… Cartels… The Rothschilds.

Investors like you couldn’t invest. Instead, we watched others get rich and control the world in the process.

Today is a different story. It’s a new era of wealth for American investors.

Because the new most valuable asset in the world is about to be controlled by 3 publicly-traded American companies…

The asset they control is about to surge more than 150 times in 2 years, and you can get in on it all before it happens.

This opportunity is like investing in oil back in the Rockefeller days…

… like John D. coming right to you – shaking your hand – and cutting you in before the wealth creation skyrockets to a million dollar fortune.

If control, monopoly profits and lasting gains sound like something you’re interested in… keep reading.

You’re about to blaze the trail towards your dream retirement… quitting work years earlier than your friends… and make up to 2,524% from this unique Cartel opportunity.

However first, allow me to introduce myself. You see, in my 37 years in financial markets, I’ve never been more excited about an investment opportunity than this…

The Best Investment of 2018: $11 Trillion in American Wealth Restored

My name is Tony Daltorio…

As a physicist, avid science fan and high level trading executive… I’ve always paid close attention to future trends.

The types of trends where innovation spreads like wildfire…

Like Microsoft in 1986 – before the explosion of computing…

Like Apple in 2006 – before the rise of the smartphone…

Like Facebook in 2012 – before social media produced $41 billion a year…

So regardless of what Wall Street says – the direction of markets – or some kid straight out of business school is hyping…

I’m driven to find stocks that control industries… and produce gains continuing for years on end.

While I focused on oil, gas and natural energy when they dominated the economy – joining Marita Noon on her radio and podcast show – America’s Voice for Energy

I’m writing to you today because I’ve discovered a legal Cartel monopoly on the world’s most valuable asset.

Truth be told… you won’t hear this anywhere else.

I’m an old guy… so I’ve lived and dealt with more markets than these guys screaming market directions on Twitter.

And while I’ve been in the thick of every bull and bear market you can remember, I assure you now…

I’ve never seen wealth creation as rampant as this for early investors.

I’ll show you how to play it all, today. In fact I’ll give you everything you need to know about the 3 companies.

And with them, you won’t need to watch your computer monitor like a hawk… you’ll enjoy set-and-forget it wealth.

And you won’t be taking on huge risk, “leverage” or backing overhyped stocks.

Because backing this Cartel means backing a new American OPEC.

It’s Always Been a Battle for Control…
This is how America Wins

When a country controls the most important strategic asset… it owns the world.

It’s power which makes individual investors a fortune, mints more millionaires and creates unprecedented wealth in a matter of months.

Remember how the OPEC Cartel controlled oil?

It gave them power over the world…

Lines around the block… ridiculous speed limits… and panic buying. Keep reading to find out how you can own the next OPEC…

So much power in fact, The Economist estimates their control over oil prices allowed OPEC to claim $7 trillion right from American pockets…

… and there was nothing we could do but sit there and pay.

Now, it’s your chance to sit and get rich.

Because just like OPEC controlled oil, these 3 Cartel Members control the new most valuable asset.

And unlike OPEC… these Cartel Members are publicly-traded American companies.

As they make their final moves for total control… you’re front and center of a 2,524% windfall in 2018.

Just imagine it…

Having the world at your beck and call… while collecting a million dollar retirement in the process.

And it’s all happening right this very moment.

This Asset is Set to Surge 150 Times
by 2020 and The World’s Richest Billionaires Are
Already Doubling-Down

Today it’s your turn.

You see, it’s not gas… nuclear or any unheard of natural resource.

And it’s definitely not some space investment reserved only for the elite.

Remember, 4 billionaires have already doubled down to $124 billion behind it…

And it’s involved in everything we do… minute by minute…

Meaning you get richer by the second.

You’ve probably heard it before, but never realized how lucrative it is for investors like you…… because I’m talking about data.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps you’ve seen The Economist, CNBC or the Financial Times say “data is the new oil.

It’s true. The investment opportunity behind data is unlike anything I’ve ever seen…

Even one Silicon Valley insider let slip “hiding within those mounds… is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the world.”

I’ll show you why this data opportunity is so important in a minute.

But first, you’ll discover exactly how it can produce as much as 2,524% in 2018.

The bottom line is… while you might have seen the news about data… everything you’ve heard about it is completely wrong.

Wall Street, Mainstream Media…
Even Private Investors
DON’T Know About The Cartel…

Only a few will get truly rich.

The mainstream news you hear about data is the way to make normal gains.

So sure, you could invest in Cisco and earn a little more than the S&P 500 makes this year.

But it’s sure not enough to get wealthy.

So when you’re ready to make serious gains, this is the real opportunity which does it.

It’s as if you could have invested in OPEC back in 1973…

Or Standard Oil in 1870.

Because this is about controlled wealth.

And it’s happening right now.

See, there’s now more money controlling the flow of information than there is controlling anything else on this planet.

And this information is growing at a rate the biggest players in the world…

Facebook, Amazon and Google…

… all the way to governments, organizations and entire economies…

Simply cannot process.

Just take a look at this.

The amount of data the cloud produced in 2015 was 3.9 zettabytes.

(That’s 3.9 trillion gigabytes.)

And by 2019… total data stored in the cloud could reach an eye watering 42.3 zettabytes… per month.

That’s 473,111,867,904,664 gigabytes… as early as next year.

And it’s only starting.

The bottom line is data is about to hit a massive inflection point… increasing 150 times as early as 2020 and much more after it.

But it’s not just the increase that’s important… it’s how it’s used that makes you so much money.

And without these 3 companies forming a monopoly Cartel on data… it’s all worthless.

You see, mainstream money isn’t talking about this Cartel… they’re not even aware of it!

And it’s why most of the gains will be off the table by the time they find out.

But the smartest guys in the room fully understand it.

Because these four are already playing real stakes…

Warren Buffett Just Placed $10 Billion
Mark Zuckerberg Recently Bet $19 Billion
Bill Gates Just Wagered Over $26 Billion
Michael Dell Recently Invested $67 Billion For Control

It all starts for you, today.

The widespread use of data in everything we do is happening right now…

And the Cartel is now at the point of being able to process this 150 times surge in global data to make you a 2,524% windfall.

You see…

  • Processors are so small and powerful they can fit anywhere.
  • Wireless networks are everywhere… beamed from lasers, satellites, even hot-air balloons.
  • Battery power and charging time is at a peak for energy consumption.

And as the data surge is just starting…

… each time it increases, the wealth from the Cartel goes straight to your pocket.

Because the Cartel Members are the only players who can process this influx of data… and use it to create real time immediate decisions.

It’s this combination which makes data – and the Cartel – so incredibly lucrative for you.

And the same reason all these billionaires are doubling down on their investments.

Speaking to insiders recently – Michael Dell (investing $67 billion) – knows the world cannot process this data without the Cartel.

So does Buffett… Cuban… Zuckerberg… and Bill gates.

And the opportunity is now.

Because this is the most strategic asset… today… and investing in it will bring life-changing for early investors like you.

So to make that a reality… I want you to give you the undiscovered players forming the Cartel, today.

Cartel Member #1

You see data is in cars, planes and entire cities…

It’s in every sector, economy and organization…

And we’ve only seen a fraction of its growth.

It’s the reason why cloud computing became so important a few years ago…

And why this company could make you a fortune today.

You see – analysts predict that by 2020 – 100% of large enterprises will need this unique processing connector called “Hadoop.”

This Cartel Member is one of the early adopters of this… meaning it can analyze mindblowing quantities of cloud data.

But here’s what makes this Cartel Member truly unique.

It’s combining Hadoop with “Creative Artificial Intelligence”…

So not only can it process this 150 times increase in data… and analyze it in real-time

It’s creating the next generation internet.

This is what makes data so valuable today.

And why The Guardian says the…

“flow of data now contributes more to world GDP than the flow of physical goods

Because for investors like you, it allows you to participate in one of the biggest growth opportunities ever to come along in technology.

That’s because…

The More The World Produces it…
The Richer You Get

Remember, there’s more money in routing data through the world than physical goods.

It’s like the social network effect of Facebook where one member is worth 10 members…

Except with data it’s about to increase 150 times… and add 2,524% to your portfolio over the next 12 months.

Because this company is leveraging it’s unique technology into the emerging industries of data…

Cars… smartphones… sensors.

And by my estimates, it’s a combined industry of $11 trillion by 2020.

You see Facebook, Google and Amazon live and die by what this unique company produces from data.

Governments need it for everything from agriculture to healthcare.

And it’s why Mark Cuban calls the Cartel “the next trillion dollar industry.”

This company is at the forefront of making it happen, today.

Financially, it means this company has access to 1,506 times it’s current yearly revenue.

… meaning it could dominate the sector and spark a trillion dollar revolution in data storage and processing.

Everything is in place today.

However, to enjoy this ride up – and profit behind this Cartel Member – you need to get in while this is still on the ground floor.

To give you a hand up I’ve put all the details on page 3 of my special briefing Data Cartel Investing: 3 Tech Stocks to Own for the Next Generation Internet.

It’s yours free, however, this is just your first chance to profit up to 2,524% today…

Let’s get to the next one!

Cartel Member #2

With the huge influx of data… we will see the increasing threat of cybercrime.

It’s estimated the U.S economy will lose $3 trillion from cyber attacks each year… that’s 16% of U.S. GDP as data surges.

It’s one of the reasons Warren Buffett invested $10 billion behind the Cartel.

During a Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting, he mentioned cyber attacks are a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear attacks.

The bottom line is that there’s a huge opportunity ahead.

And this Cartel Member has already created the solution.

Analysts estimate your next car could generate 100 gigabytes of data per second… that’s 100 hours of Netflix streaming in the blink of an eye.

A single airplane can produce as much as 844,000 gigabytes of data in a 12-hour flight…

And with as many as 3.3 billion sensors in our cities, it’s clear…

Data is so critical to fueling the world it’s nothing short of a gold rush to own it.

It’s exactly why this company is becoming a Cartel Member…

You see, it recently acquired software which fully incorporates big data into it’s cybersecurity solutions…

So not only could this save the U.S. economy $3 trillion in cyber attacks… and much more in the years after…

It’s also the company processing services for Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

And this could expand infinitely as huge companies worldwide need this service…

Don’t be surprised if IBM, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan come knocking soon.

And it all comes down to helping process the real-time flow of data by providing intelligence-led cybersecurity.

It’s unique solution integrates big data, cybersecurity and machine learning while applying it to emerging threats.

Threats which huge companies, institutions and governments will rely on with the coming data surge.

So while the cybersecurity market is set to increase to $175 billion in spending by 2020…

This company is carving an industry all to itself.

There’s really no telling how high this could go.

And it’s exactly why you need to get in today as the data surge reaches its inflection point.

All the details are inside Data Cartel Investing: 3 Tech Stocks to Own for the Next Generation Internet.

The Only People Who Control it are a Select Group of Billionaires… and You

The Cartel is about to open up opportunities previously unimaginable in business…

And a fortune inside your bank account in just 12 months.

In all my years of watching the energy and tech markets, I’ve never seen such wealth flowing into a small industry… even McKinsey estimates car data ALONE will be a $1.5 trillion industry by 2030.

… that’s from an industry currently worth $48 billion (31 times your money in one sector).

So, if you feel like you missed out on the booming market after 2011… it no longer matters. The wealth backing the Cartel is so strong, this will finally add zeros to your portfolio.

Or if you missed out on legendary tech winners throughout the years… you can pull a seat up to the table today for a 2,524% run behind the Cartel.

Even if you missed out on the cryptocurrency mania… keep reading.

You’re about to discover the best way to leverage its meteoric rise today… even if Bitcoin or any crypto plummets to zero.

Cartel Member #3

You’ve seen cryptocurrencies take off to the moon and back again.

It’s a wild ride but here’s how you actually make money…


There’s more than 1,384 cryptocurrencies out there and most have no application in the real world.

As bitcoin jumps up and down in price… Buffett, Gates and Cuban all realize the technology behind it is crucial.

The blockchain is here to stay.

It’s why the founder of this Cartel Member calls it, “the next big unlock.

And how this company is using it with data will rattle the technology industry.

You see blockchain decentralizes trade through a ledger system…

That means less fees, anonymous transactions and it’s all secured and guaranteed by a fully integrated network.

It’s like selling on eBay… without ever having to pay eBay fees.

And with the influx of data… transactions routed through this company will peak extremely soon.

This is the only way to process the huge amount of transactions – financial or not – as data jumps 150 times by 2020.

And it’s this Cartel Member that’s leveraging it all.

You see, it recently accepted bitcoin as a method of payment in more than 46 States in America…

Meaning you can pay, trade and swap currencies with a few taps on your phone…

And it will soon move into supporting entire blockchain transactions.

So the bottom line is… it doesn’t matter what cryptocurrency is going to “win”…

This is the best way to leverage its meteoric rise. And it doesn’t end here.

For investors searching for a long-term growth play…

This company believes it can solve a range of problems that go beyond payments, transactions… and processing.

It’s set up to become an early-mover at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, and we’re only seeing the start.

The implications of this technology are unbelievable:

… buying and selling your electricity with your neighbors

… swapping energy through a network of batteries

… even the right to vote in elections is registered on this network

Imagine being paid for your electricity all while riding a 2,524% windfall because you invested in the Cartel.

As some analysts predict blockchain will be worth $1 trillion by 2019… the writing is on the wall.

This company is at the forefront of this growth and it could be one of the best long-term plays I’ve ever seen.

Don’t wait for the the financial news to give you the announcement… because then it’s over.

The only time to invest in this Cartel Member is today.

NOW is the Opportunity to Get in on the Ground Floor

All the details are fully spelled out inside my report Data Cartel Investing: 3 Tech Stocks to Own for the Next Generation Internet.

It tells you everything you need to know about the 3 companies dominating the most valuable asset in the world…

And creating a new monopoly on data.

Make no mistake: The wealth creation is virtually unlimited for early investors.

And could be one of the strongest play I’ve seen for creating life-changing wealth…

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Remember… data is not a one-and-done opportunity.

The wealth coming from the Cartel is enough to create the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

But the gains will spill into multiple industries by 2020.

It’s why I want you to be able to…

Harness Big Data’s Multiple Industry Superstars

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You’ll find it all inside my new report 4 Tech Superstars Powering the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Remember that data will spread into multiple industries and I’ll give you the best way to play the biggest winners inside this report.

These 4 companies are industry dominators for how the internet and data works now and in the future.

So not only are these 4 stocks great long-term plays…

They’re also superchargers for the data influx about to happen in 2018.

The bottom line is… this is another ground floor opportunity for making serious gains this year.

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You see, the Cartel is just the beginning.

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While these breakthroughs are the digital future… especially with the 150 times surge about to hit…

Not every company will be an outright winner.

So to protect yourself and stay clear of the deadbeats, I’m giving you the black hole companies the mainstream will pump up…

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Hot Tech Time Bombs: Avoid These 5 Story Stocks Analysts Love

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Standard Oil launching the oil industry…

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Tony Daltorio

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P.S. – Remember the news your hear about data isn’t the same opportunity you see on this page. If you want S&P 500 gains, stick to CNBC.

However this is an exceptionally rare opportunity… the kind which comes around once every 20 years. All because a legal Cartel is about to control the world’s most valuable asset in the world and it’s American owned.

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