The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar – Special for Miller on The Money Readers

A Special Offer For Miller on The Money Readers

I’m excited that Tim Plaehn has graciously extended a special offer to Miller on The Money Readers for his innovative dividend investing newsletter that delivers potentially thousands of extra dollars per month to your account. His system is simple to use but powerful for those of us looking for extra income. Below in his brief information kit he explains how easy it is to get started and even how much you could start pulling in as early as next month.

Best Personal Regards,


15by1-clearFormer Air Force Captain takes advantage of an investment loophole perfect for any investor that wants to turn their retirement savings into a consistent monthly income in 30 minutes flat – all without taking unnecessary risks or needing prior investing experience – guaranteed.15by1-clear


Here’s How You Could Collect
$ in Extra Income


Fellow Investor,

Starting today you can fundamentally transform your retirement savings from a string of near misses to a steady, reliable flow of income right to your bank account.

And, you can do this all without spending hours sitting at your desk or sofa researching stocks.

Taking endless notes but only ending up with more questions than answers.

No crazy risks with complicated trading strategies that require a degree in finance and hours spent watching the markets every day.

And, the best part is, you don’t even need any prior investing experience. This strategy is so simple, that you can employ it in under 30 minutes.

It all starts with a simple to use, yet powerful calendar, like the one below, only with more details. Kind of like the one you might have on your desk, only this one tells you when you’ll get paid and how much you’ll receive each and every month.

No more guesswork about if you purchased the right stock…

… no more confusion about when’s the best time to sell or the right time to buy…

AND no more worrying if you will outlive your retirement savings… just steady paychecks coming like clockwork, but only if you use my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar.

Let me explain.

With the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar, you’ll stop worrying about the market’s ups and downs because they won’t matter anymore.

Your payday is already on the calendar.

Stocks go up, stocks go down, but you keep receiving dividend checks every single month from the market’s most secure high-yield stocks.

In this urgent briefing, I’m going to share with you all of the details on how the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar works, how easy it is to use for investors of any level, and real life examples of the kinds of paychecks investors are getting right now.

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Tim Plaehn. I am a former United States Air Force Captain and served our great country for 10 years.

In the Air Force, I received advanced training in mathematics and even became a Flight Instructor, a duty only given to the best of the best in the Air Force.

I taught our brave soldiers how to fly the world’s most advanced fighter jets, but today I fight a different battle — helping investors earn a reliable monthly income that will last well into retirement.

My time in the Air Force taught me discipline, and after I left, I used my knowledge of mathematics to become a licensed financial advisor, helping folks like you retire comfortably.

But I soon became disillusioned, realizing that the methods we employed only served to enrich the company I worked for instead of helping our customers

That’s when I began figuring out how to continue serving the American people by giving them a retirement plan that actually works.


: The beginning of earning extra income forever

In order to receive your first paycheck, you must be a shareholder of record by the date above. That means you must own the stock before the date above.

This date is critical and clearly marked on the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar that you can receive today.

The way the calendar is structured ensures that you can expect between 6 and 14 paychecks every month. As of today, there are paychecks that can send you $ or more, but only if you sign up before .

If you start with the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar today, you will have the opportunity to earn a reliable cash income stream from the market’s safest high-yield dividend stocks.

Every month I will send you an updated calendar that is filled with all of the stocks you need to own and when you need to buy them by in order to start receiving monthly dividend checks.

I spend all of the hours doing the research (I am the trained mathematician and former financial advisor after all) and all you do is buy the stocks when I say, sit back, and watch the dividend checks get deposited into your accounts multiple times every month.

The peace of mind you’ll get from knowing that every month you’re going to get at least six paychecks is invaluable.

No more worrying about having enough money to last you through retirement and beyond.

No more keeping tabs on how much you’re spending and how much you’re taking in, pinching every penny along the way.

No more worrying if you will have to sell your stocks just so you can pay all of the bills.

Don’t take my word for it, see what one of my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar disciples thinks. Here’s what Mark C. sent to me the other day:

“I just want to say what a great system you have introduced me to. I like the approach you take. You keep it very simple and not time consuming… Your recommendations are concise, explained well, and thought through to the criteria that you set up the Dividend Hunter system from the start.

I am presently up 14.6% total year in my portfolio, but more important I have a 9.06% annual dividend yield across my portfolio. This is planned to be another Income Stream when I retire. I want to say thank you Tim, and keep up the good work.”

I get emails like the one from Mark all the time, and I never feel better than when I wake up to an email from one of my subscribers saying how their seeing so much success using my system.

The income you can derive from the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar can help you achieve a level of financial security that you might have never dreamed possible.

Whether you sock away that extra income for the future, re-invest it, or treat yourself to something nice, it’s your call. After all, it’s your money. And in this letter, I’ll tell you how to get it.


How you can collect extra income each and every month

To create the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar I first had to find the very best dividend investments for earning a sustained high-yield income.

Sure, some folks out there just chase down the highest yield, buy a bunch of shares, and expect money to just flow into their account. And for some, this works. At least for a while.

But the problem is that solely chasing down yield leaves you exposed. Sadly, there are many companies out there paying eye-popping yields that are just one bad management decision or one market pull-back away from bust. They cut their dividend and the results are calamitous for investors.

You see, the share price of stocks that cut their dividends always crashes. And hard.

For example, in February 2013 Cliff’s Natural Resources announced a 76% cut in its dividend. The share price fell 16% in one day and continued to lose half its value by April. That’s a 50% haircut in just two months on top of the lost income.

How would you feel if you woke up one day to see that one of your investments was cut in half overnight?

Or take Vale, the big Brazilian mining firm. Also in February 2013 they cut dividends like Cliff’s. This time it was a “modest” 25% cut. And the share price tumbled 31% over the course of the next four months.

And then there’s the lesser known but just as worrisome Boardwalk Pipeline Partners. In February 2014 the company announced an 80% cut in dividends. (What is it with February and dividend cuts?) The stock price tumbled 51% in one day.

Investors, many of them depending on that income for retirement money, watched helplessly as their income was cut by 80% and the principal by 50%.

They were counting on that money.

Imagine for a second how devastated they were. Could your portfolio stand that big of a hit? Could your lifestyle handle an 80% cut in income?

That’s why it’s important to me that I only select the right dividend stocks for the monthly dividend paycheck calendar. And for me the right dividend stocks are those with a history and commitment to increasing their dividend payments.

It’s not enough that a company is paying dividends. Why? Because a company without a history of increasing dividends is 9 times more likely to cut their dividends than a company that has a solid track record of raising dividends.

And you saw from just the few examples above the devastation that just one dividend cut can cause for your portfolio. Imagine a string of them in your portfolio.

Now, I spend the better part of 60 hours a week sorting through the data, the SEC filings, the analyst reports, the company releases and annual reports, listening in on company conferences calls and dialing up management on the phone when I need to… all in an effort to find that core group of consistent dividend raising companies.

Even then most won’t make the cut. But the few that do make it get consideration for the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar.

And then I make sure that these stocks pay their dividends in a range of different months. That makes sure that all of the paychecks aren’t lumped into a handful of months while the rest of the year has no cash coming in.

I don’t know about you but there’s something reassuring knowing that I’ll collect checks this month and next month and again the following month and so on.

Think about it: your bills come every month, right? The mortgage. The electricity bill. The gas bill. The cable bill. The phone bill. So why shouldn’t your dividend income be monthly, too?

Your household budget most likely operates monthly. You get each bill throughout the month and like most of us, pick one day a month to pay all the bills, whether online or via check.

And that’s how your dividend income could be too, but only if you join my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar before .

If you start today, you’ll be in a position to collect a wallet-stuffing payments by and continue collecting multiple paychecks every month indefinitely.


Earn $ in extra income per month throughout 2017

If you start with the Monthly Dividend Calendar before , you could earn upwards of $ by , but the true value of joining me in using this strategy is earning dividend paychecks every month.

If you owned 1,000 shares of each stock that I recommend, you would collect an average of $ for each month in 2017.

Add that up for 12 months and you are looking at $47,139.40 in extra income for the year. Imagine that for a second, that’s enough to pay for a new car, plan multiple vacations, finally pay off some bills, and still know there are more checks to come.

All of this extra income can be yours only if you start using the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar before .

Like I said, as long as you own these stocks you’ll have a steady and reliable income stream. And because of the way I’ve constructed the payout dates, you’ll receive at least six checks each month. And in some months, you’ll get 7 and other months up to 14 paychecks!


Here’s how it works.

If you join today, you will immediately receive access to our Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar system. It shows you exactly which stocks to buy and when they will pay you their dividends. It is the easiest and most effective way to start earning a reliable cash income stream every month.

After you join, you will look at the calendar and see which payments are coming up. Remember, there are to be earned by and then between 6 and 14 a month, forever!

Here is when you can earn all payments over the next month.


Add that up and you get more than some people make in an entire paycheck, and all you have to do to earn that money is own the stocks that we recommend.

If you join before you are looking at $ in extra cash that you didn’t have before deposited straight into your account. That’s extra money to pay the bills and have an extra income in retirement just by owning the stocks in the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar.

Each and every month you will have the opportunity to collect a cash income from dividend paychecks just like the ones I detailed above.

I do all of the heavy lifting and research, picking out for you the market’s most secure high-yield dividend stocks.

These are the highest paying dividend stocks that also have the highest security of their dividend payments. All meant to give you a reliable stream of extra cash payments with the least amount of risk to losing your savings.

This level of financial freedom is an opportunity that you should not pass up, but you must join before in order to reap all of the benefits that I have just mentioned.

My calendar tells you what to buy and when to expect your paycheck.

How much those paychecks are worth is entirely up to you.

The ability to tailor the calendar to your own particular needs is one of the best advantages my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar tool gives you.

You saw from the example above how owning just 1,000 shares in each of those stocks — earns you an extra $ over the next few weeks that you didn’t have before. It’s kind of like finding money.

Then the cycle starts all over again so you’re getting paychecks every month with this system.

Remember, you’ll see a total payout of $ by and then continue to earn an average of $3,928.28 for each month of 2017 if you let me send you my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar today.

You can use this money to pay your bills, build up your retirement savings, or begin to live a life stress-free from worries about your income.

That’s how powerful this simple yet highly effective Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar can be. That’s how wealth creation begins. And it’s so easy for you to get started. Regular investors are using these stocks all the time to create their own income streams specific to their own needs.

For example there’s Jonathan D., age 62. He’ll collect $1,020 this month. And he’ll collect another $1,020 in November and then in February every year unless he decides to add to his position, then he’ll bank even more money.

And Karen T., age 54, who gives much of her time to charitable organizations in New York, she just may be one of the luckiest of our investors. She was regularly collecting $1,682 with just one of her stocks when this all started. But the dividend has been raised several times and now she’s bringing home an amazing $4,423 like clockwork. And she’s getting a check for at least that much again in October. That’s the thing about many of the stocks that are part of this system: they regularly give you a raise, in addition to the consistent stream of passive income.

Then there’s Dominick B. of Houston, Texas owns 5,151 shares of one of our portfolio holdings that’s special to him. When the calendar was started he was collecting $850, but with a recent increase he’s collecting even more.

He collected $901 this past month. And he’ll collect the same amount every month afterward, at least until they raise dividends again and he makes even more money without lifting a finger.

And David M. added 976 shares of one of our newest portfolio holdings and started collecting an extra $322 just from that one holding alone.

These are real people earning real income from stocks in the monthly dividend paycheck calendar.

Each uses the stocks differently according to his or her own needs.

Some buy a little of every stock so they get paid several times every month. Others might buy only one or two, whatever works best for them.

The possibilities are truly endless and can be customized to your unique situation.


The easiest way to start earning a recurring monthly income

First, I want to put your concerns at rest that you do not need any specialized education or training to use the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar system.

You do not need to pay for and sit in on countless hours of seminars, webinars, conferences, home study courses or anything remotely like that.

You do not need the latest, greatest, fastest whiz-bang trading platform or software.

You do not need to already be wealthy to get started… quite the contrary actually since this is a wealth creation tool.

All you need is email and a brokerage account.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how much you can invest right now. Of course, the more you invest, the more you can make.

Your age or current income doesn’t matter either; young people just out of college and retirees in their 80s all use my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar with great success. It doesn’t matter, it works the same.

The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar is the featured tool which comes free with my dividend and income investment research advisory called The Dividend Hunter.

I started publishing knowing that frankly there are plenty of other dividend letters available to investors. I had one friend even tell me I was nuts for trying. I disagreed. We’re still friends.

But we launched this newsletter and our Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar income system because there are regular hardworking people looking for a steady income stream. Looking for something they can rely on. And we couldn’t have started too soon for some folks.

You see, contrary to what we’re told by the mainstream financial news, the government, and politicians, it has never been more difficult for regular investors to save and invest successfully for retirement.

You and I both know it. Otherwise, I don’t think you would be reading this letter.

Up until the financial crisis, the conventional wisdom for retirement money was to put the bulk of your money in bond funds and CDs and live off the interest. Made sense when CDs were paying 5, 6, even 7%. Nice way to fund your retirement.

But that’s not the world we live in today.

What About the Fed Raising Rates?

This is one of the most common question I get from dividend investors through email and at speaking engagements.

And if you’re worried about how rising interest rates will affect your portfolio, let me put those worries to rest.

I’ll explain.

Today you’d be lucky to get a 1% yield on a CD without having to tie up a tidy sum for a long time.

1%? Are they kidding us or just plain being rude? Take your pick but either way that’s not even enough to cover inflation (even as low as it’s been) let alone let you “live off the interest”.

And remember, that’s not going to change any time soon.

Last year we saw the Fed raise rates for the second time since 2006. For one thing, the world didn’t end. In fact, markets moved straight up.

But they could raise them at every meeting for the next year and it’s not going to make one bit of difference for people like you and me. At least not for those of us who want the kind of passive income like we used to expect from CDs and bonds.

So Fed Chair Janet Yellen gave the “all clear” and the Fed governors voted to raise rates. They say they want to raise them again this year. And there’s talk — always talk — about raising them again soon. And they always punt.

Of course what do you think they raised them to? Back to the 5.25% like in the years preceding the financial crisis? Dream on.

No, their first two rate hikes in 10 years were each one quarter of one percent. And now they’re playing the “wait and see” game. Maybe they’ll raise them another 0.25%.

Let me spell it out: that quarter of a percent is 0.0025. With such a small increase, what will your bank raise CD rates to? Back to the 5, 6, 7% we enjoyed a decade ago? The kind of return you could actually live off of.

No, the banks will raise them to 1.25% from 1.00%. And only begrudgingly. Can you live on 1.25%?

And this will go on for years.

Despite all the cheerleading, the economy is still too weak for them to do anything other than incremental rate increases of 0.0025… and with long pauses between each rate rise.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine a day when we ever get back to those decent yields on CDs that we could live off the interest.

We just have to face it: you’re never going to be able to go back to when you could park your money into CDs and live off the interest.

I know that’s not what some people want to hear.

Sorry, but it’s the truth and I’m not the kind of guy to sugarcoat the truth. And the sooner we face up the truth the sooner we can take action and do something about it… the sooner you can take control of your financial well-being.

And this is why the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar is more important than ever. This is why you’re going to want to get your copy today so you can be on the list by to collect your first paycheck.

And it all starts when you start a risk-free trial subscription to The Dividend Hunter.


What you can expect as a subscriber, your first day and every day

The Dividend Hunter is appropriate for nearly every type of investor, especially those looking for steady income. It doesn’t matter what your age is or how long you’ve been investing. It works for investors with all levels of investing experience, any portfolio size, and total net worth.

tdh-monthly-div-cal-cover-tiltedThe first thing you can expect is an easy to use strategy that’s explained in plain English.

If I don’t write in language that you can understand and use to make yourself wealthy then I have failed. And I really dislike failure. So we’re going to keep it simple.

Secondly, you’ll receive your own copy of the monthly dividend paycheck calendar.

You’ll get it as soon as you sign up so you can get started right away. I want you to get started right away. The sooner you start the sooner you collect income. It’s really that simple.

In the calendar you’ll get the exact dates for when you need to be an owner of the stocks in the calendar and when you should expect your paychecks. It’s pretty clear cut yet extremely powerful in helping you build wealth quickly.

You see, I’ve completely removed all the guesswork, all of the uncertainty, and all of the possible errors that could happen.

Then every month I will send to you via email the latest issue of The Dividend Hunter. In it you’ll find research on one or two new recommendations to consider for your portfolio. They’ll be added to the monthly dividend paycheck calendar along with the other stocks.

And every month you’ll get the latest update to the Monthly Dividend Calendar. I’ll tell you which stocks have been added, any that have been dropped, and any dates that have been updated. No more guessing, no more getting it wrong, no more hours upon hours hunting down information all over the Internet.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to add the new stocks or let your other holdings ride. I’ll tell you which stocks to own, when you need to be a shareholder, and when you should expect your paychecks. Everything else is up to you.

It’s completely flexible to meet your individual needs.

And you’ll receive access to the complete library of special reports and archived issues and all new ones that come out in the future.

Now before I tell you what else you get I want to answer that question that’s been in the back of your head: “how much is it?” Fair question, I’d ask it too.

Since you’re a new subscriber I’m offering our Charter Member rate of just $49 for the first year. That’s all. That gets you everything to get started.

When you sign up right now you’ll receive:

  • 12 monthly newsletter issues with updates on the portfolio holdings, new recommendations, and any strategy or position changes.
  • NEW! Weekly Buy recommendations. Every Tuesday I’ll send you an update on the current best buys in the portfolio. That way if you’re just starting out or looking to deploy some cash, you’ll have my very best current recommendations at your fingertips.
  • FREE Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar. Within seconds of signing up I’ll send you a special email. Hold onto it because while it looks like a typical “welcome” email it has a very special link to the monthly dividend paycheck calendar that’s only for subscribers of The Dividend Hunter. You can start poring through the calendar and setting up your own paycheck schedule right away.
  • Live customer service. Our customer service isn’t outsourced halfway around the world. We have live customer service right here in the United States during normal business hours to help you with any questions you might have about your subscription. And we’re available by toll-free phone and email.
  • My Personal Email Address for Any Question You Have. Unlike some of the other editors out there I don’t hide behind a staff of interns fielding questions from readers. If you have a question about any of our portfolio holdings, our strategy, or pretty much anything at all just send me an email and I’ll respond right away.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. I want you to be happy with my research and my investment recommendations. I want you to be making more money than you ever thought possible because of the monthly dividend paycheck calendar. But if you find that for whatever reason it’s not for you, that’s okay too. I understand. And that’s why we have our full 100% money back guarantee: just request a refund during the first 60 days of your subscription and get your money back, all of it.
  • NEW!: U.S. Dividend Stock Investing for Canadian Investors. I get a lot of questions from Canadian investors looking to put their money to work with U.S. based dividend stocks as low rates are hurting our friends north of the border. Along with one of Canada’s top CPAs I’ve compiled this guide to help Canadians get started right away.

Now don’t put this off any longer.

Don’t set it aside to come back later. No offense, but you won’t. We’re all like that. You’re busy, you’ve got other things going on and soon you’ll forget. And you’ll miss out on the next payouts.

Just go ahead and click that “Add to Cart” button below to get started and start getting your checks.


Good Investing,


tim-96x96Tim Plaehn
The Dividend Hunter



P.S. I hope I didn’t come off as pushy, but there’s really no time to procrastinate. Sure, you could set this aside to read it later. But we all know how human nature can be… it’s too easy to get busy with other important things in life and by the time you know it you’ll have missed the deadline. It really is just right around the corner.

So I urge you to give the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar a try today, right now. And with our 60 day full money back guarantee there is absolutely no risk in trying it. CLICK HERE to get started or use the “Add to Cart” button below.

thebelcherbuttongreenarrow-clear-bg-49P.P.S. Okay, so you now know how the calendar works, you know exactly what you’ll get with The Dividend Hunter, you know real life examples of the kinds of payouts real people are getting, and you know that you can start today with a 50% price break on the first year of your subscription: just $49.

What you don’t know is what people are saying about The Dividend Hunter, so I’ll share just a few of the emails I’ve received from thousands of readers.

My wife and I have been very pleased with your picks and they now make up a good portion of our assets.
— Jeff C., California

What a privilege to have access to your sage advice-I’m shaking my head in disbelief at how my dividend portfolio is performing. Thanks again.
— John O., New York

I’m very new to trading and appreciate your Dividend Hunter service. Being very nervous, and therefore using only a small investment, I’ve already profited, so thank you!
— Annette W., Tennessee

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful newsletter and dividend tips. I have subscribed to a lot of stock newsletters in the past and found them to be very hard to understand. Your information is easy to comprehend, short and to the point.
— Jerry C., Idaho

Thanks to your advice, we are now getting money that we were missing out on before. Our first month’s dividend checks will surpass $1,250! It would be a real understatement to say that my wife is now very excited about dividend investing. Thanks again for helping us to get better returns on our investments. You do a GREAT JOB!
— Pedro T.

And a recent comment that came in from one of my subscribers says it all to me:

I have tried several newsletters and yours is the only one I have stayed with.
— Vic B., Colorado

These are the kinds of notes I receive all the time and tell me that frankly, The Dividend Hunter is truly making a difference in the lives of real people… that we’re doing something good here.

Won’t you join Jeff, John, Annette, Jerry, Pedro, Vic, and thousands of others so you can start building long-lasting wealth from high-yield dividend stocks? Click here for more.


Your first year of The Dividend Hunter is only $49, a 50% discount off the normal rate. That’s our new subscriber introductory rate. Your subscription will renew in one year at the standard rate of only $99. I would expect that the dividends you’ve made over the course of the year would cover the subscription cost many, many times over. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with The Dividend Hunter just call or email within the first 60 days to receive a 100% refund of all your money. And you may cancel any time later and never be billed again. Now that you’ve taken time to read the fine print and see how good this truly is, let’s get started on your monthly dividend stream and build some wealth for you. Click here to start.

Won’t you join Jeff, John, Annette, Jerry, Pedro, Vic, and thousands of others so you can start building long-lasting wealth from high-yield dividend stocks? Click here for more.


Your first year of The Dividend Hunter is only $49, a 50% discount off the normal rate. That’s our new subscriber introductory rate. Your subscription will renew in one year at the standard rate of only $99. I would expect that the dividends you’ve made over the course of the year would cover the subscription cost many, many times over. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with The Dividend Hunter just call or email within the first 60 days to receive a 100% refund of all your money. And you may cancel any time later and never be billed again. Now that you’ve taken time to read the fine print and see how good this truly is, let’s get started on your monthly dividend stream and build some wealth for you. Click here to start.

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