How to Never Run Out of Money in Retirement

“…my dividend flow from an average of $4,500 to $8,500 per month since I joined up with [you] 2 years ago! As to the goal of securing a reliable monthly income, I think your service is far superior to the expense heavy and tax burdensome alternative of annuities! Thank you!!!”

– John G.

By Tim Plaehn
Chief Retirement Strategist, Investors Alley

If you’re worried you don’t have enough income to retire, please pay close attention to this short message.

To retire safely, and sooner than you thought possible is actually quite easy, no matter your situation.

It won’t be instantaneous, but it will be quick. 

I’ve seen folks use the plan I’m about to show you add $75,000+ to their nest egg in mere months.

And this plan works whether the stock market is moving up, down, or sideways.

The best part — all it takes is just three simple steps.

Just Three Simple Steps

That’s all, just three steps. Anyone can do this.


In fact, I promise, if you follow this plan step-by-step:

  • You will never run out of income again
  • You will have income even during market crashes

And, arguably most important:

  • You will enjoy this stress-free income on autopilot

That means you’ll have time to do what you want.

Golf, vacations, you name it — you’ll be able to retire without cutting corners.

That’s what’s possible with this new, three-step retirement plan I’m about to show you.

But to understand why it works so well, first I need to do a little mythbusting.

See, when I became a licensed financial advisor back in the late 1990s —

I firmly believed that doing my job meant helping clients reach their financial goals for retirement.

Maybe you feel that way now about your current financial advisor.

But as I soon realized, nothing could have been further from the truth. 

My job was less about helping clients meet their financial goals and more about hitting the phones.

In other words, I was just another salesman. 

As you may have guessed, different investment products had different commission structures —

The broker I worked with who was the most successful pushed products whether or not they were right for the client. 

The conflicts of interest were everywhere, and were enough to make my head spin. 

Which is why I eventually walked away. 

I had realized… 

  • A financial advisor’s primary goal is to accumulate assets.
  • The financial industry as a whole would rather not lose money than make you a dime.
  • Industry-wide conflicts of interests are overwhelming. 

But with this three-step retirement plan, I’ve created the solution to all these inherent contradictions —

This plan puts you firmly back in the driver’s seat.

It’s unlike anything the financial industry is pushing to the masses and I believe that’s because it works for you, not them.

So if you’re ready, let’s start now with step #1.

Step #1: Stop Buying Stocks & Bonds

The simple truth is this — stocks and bonds won’t pay for your retirement. 

And that’s thanks to the biggest lie in the investment world today: Capital Gains. 

Remember, what I said earlier…

This retirement plan will work even during the worst stock market crashes. 

So while the 2010’s were a great time to increase your wealth and fund your retirement with capital gains —

After the corona crash, we should all know by now that the stock market doesn’t always rise. 

In fact, years can go by, known as “Lost Decades” —

This is where the stock market goes nowhere, devastating the savings of anyone counting on capital gains to fund their retirement. 

From 1969 to 1982, again, the market failed to deliver any capital gains:

Imagine retiring at the start of one of these “Lost Decades.”

Well, you might not even have to imagine, experts now say the 2020’s is shaping up to be just that. 

Ray Dalio, Founder, Co-Chief Investment Officer & Co-Chairman, Bridgewater Associates warns of below-average investment returns over the next 10 years.

Yet, knowing this —

Wall Street and the rest of the financial services industry would have retirees like you sell off their nest egg to pay for living expenses. 

Despite the fact that this would be devastating during anything but the best market environments —

I liken it to owning an apple orchard.

You’ve been planting trees your whole life… and now you’re going to chop them down for fireweed?

Would you cut down all the trees in your orchard to sell for firewood? 

You clear the orchard, plant seeds, make sure your trees have water and fertilizer to grow —

After years of hard work your trees finally begin to grow fruit.

You’re now ready to reap the benefits of all that time and effort. 

So you take out your axe and begin chopping down your trees!

The local hardware store said they would buy all of the firewood you could bring them. 

Wait, that’s not what’s supposed to happen!?

You spent all this time growing these apple trees only to cut them down and sell them as firewood? 

Instead of maintaining your orchard, harvesting apples every year, and using the seeds to grow more trees —

You’re now cutting down the trees to sell as firewood!?

You would never agree that is a good idea. 

Yet that’s exactly what retirees like you are told to do!

Even if you were desperate for firewood to heat your home, cutting down apple trees is an absolute last resort!

It’s like that with retirement.

We spend decades working and saving to grow our nest egg. 

Then, just as it grows big enough to produce enough fruit to live off of, we start cutting off branches until there’s nothing left. 

Wall Street would have us believe this insanity is acceptable.  

And millions of retirees have bought into the scam.

Sooner or later, they’re going to get a rude awakening. 

Another crash like we saw in March isn’t even needed to expose just how dangerous that sort of “plan” is. 

If stocks simply stay flat for the next decade, and you withdraw 4% of a $1 million nest egg every year —

You’d be down to $664,832.60 by the end of the 10th year. 

Not only that, but you’d be living off less and less money as time goes on. 

In year 1, your 4% would get you $40,000 to live on.

But by year 10, your 4% would only be $27,702 — not even close to being enough! 

Repeat that process again and you will have blown through almost $1,000,000 in just 20 years! 

Managing your retirement finances like that ensures that the day you retire also marks your “Peak Net Worth.” 

It’s the richest you’ll ever be. 

That’s why I decided to build a rock-solid system that provides you income that grows as you age. 

And you’re about to see how to use it starting today.

It’s a fully-fledged retirement plan wrapped inside my top investing service that everyone can use to generate a lifetime’s worth of income. 

Which leads me directly to step #2.

Step #2: Ditch Complex Strategies

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t work my entire life just to stress about what the market will do tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that. 

You see, to me retirement is meant to be just that: Retirement!

Yet most folks make trading their new “job”

They’ll spend hours mulling over what a talking head on CNBC said about the latest hot stock, or struggle to figure out how to trade a complex options strategy.

See the problem is, these folks miss the whole point. 

Any retirement plan that works is doable in thirty minutes a month — 

That way you have the time to do what you enjoy. 

So that instead of this:

You get this:

See, oftentimes people discover the truth behind the capital gains scam like I just showed you —

Only to conclude that the only way to generate the income they need is with a complex strategy. 

I’m referring to strategies like:

  • Asset blending.
  • Options trading.
  • Technical analysis.
  • Short term trading.  

There are numerous investment newsletters, gurus, and media talking heads telling Americans that complex strategies like these are the way to retire. 

Surprise, surprise — those risky strategies generate tons of commissions (why else would they push them).

But with this retirement plan, you’ll be earning the income you need in a way that’s dead-simple and safe.

Because I firmly believe that if you don’t understand something, it’s best not to do it. 

That’s why this plan:

  • Does not use “leverage.”

And, most importantly —

  • Avoids complex, risky strategies.

Simply put, I notify every one of my readers what’s happening with their retirement in plain English.

Which is the exact opposite of what the financial industry would prefer.

And this is where this plan really comes together.

See, when it comes to something as important as retirement, it’s crucial to have a plan that works

It’s a philosophy I’ve had ever since I was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. 

Back in those days, if you didn’t have a plan you could wind up dead in a matter of seconds. 

How did we deal with the risk while flying F-16 fighter jets at 1,500 mph?

These were the same jets I flew back in the 80s.

We planned for the worst. 

And it’s a good thing, too —

Especially on one day in particular.

The day my engine quit on me during a routine maneuver. 

Now the first thing you should know about the situation is that the F-16 Falcon is a one-engine plane. So losing that engine is a serious problem. 

The next time you fly commercial just ask yourself: What would the pilot do if all the engines went out? 

All pilots are trained for moments exactly like this. 

And that training is what I put to the test that day. 

I was 15,000 ft. — 3 miles — above the landing strip. 

As I was going through routine maneuvers I got the warning light.

Then, before I knew it, what the alert had told me was confirmed: My engine was dead

I immediately called the radio tower alerting them that my engine had quit. 

And believe it or not, I was put on hold while they scrambled with what to do. 

I realized that if I was going to make it out of this situation, I was going to have to do it myself…

But I wasn’t completely alone…I had trained for this dozens of times. 

So I did what any other well-trained pilot would do and put my plan into action… everything I did was automatic

First, I dipped my nose down by 25 degrees to maintain airspeed while I continued to communicate with the radio tower. 

Next, I went through the 10-step engine restart process while simultaneously maintaining airspeed…

Unfortunately, it failed to restart. 

I informed the tower that I was definitely coming down… 

But there was another problem: I was headed the wrong way.

Which meant that I had to pull off a 180 degree turn with no engine.

The ground was coming to meet me fast…

As I came out of the turn I could see the runway coming at me quickly. 

I dropped my landing gear and gripped the stick… carefully maneuvering the plane for a landing.

One mistake and I was a goner. 

Then, in the blink of an eye, I was on the ground and skidding to a stop. 

I had passed the “ultimate test” of my engine giving out mid-flight, 15,000 feet in the air with flying colors. 

To cap it all off, that night at the bar I learned that I had an audience as I put my training to good use: 80 aircraft had been delayed to clear the runway for my landing. 

All were impressed… and I’m proud to say I was bought more than a few rounds that night…

It was fun to hear what my landing looked like from the ground.

Best of all, I heard the words “Man, you sure sounded calm and cool without an engine…” more than once. 

It had been quite the day, but landing an F-16 Fighter without an engine wasn’t at all lucky…

I had trained for this. My action plan was automatic.

Were it not for that training and action plan, I would have been in big trouble… 

It’s the same with investing. 

When it comes to the markets, anything can happen. 

What you need is a plan.

And I’m proud to say this plan ticks all the boxes of what your retirement should be.

Like I mentioned earlier, following this action plan:


  • You will never run out of money again
  • Your new sources of income will act as a “parachute” during market crashes


And again, most importantly:


  • You will enjoy this stress-free income on autopilot


Because at this point, you know what not to do. 

You know that stocks, bonds, and complex strategies are bonafide retirement killers.

But now you’re about to hear what to do instead.

I can sum it up in just one word:


Cold hard cash income flowing into your account like clockwork. 

So instead of wondering which stocks to buy to get “rich and retire early” or whatever else is out there you need to do one thing and one thing only: 

Have an automatic plan to make income. 

I’m going to show you exactly how this is possible so long as you follow-through with step #3.

Step #3: Copy This Dividend Portfolio

“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.” 

The man behind this quote? John D. Rockefeller. 

Otherwise known as the richest man in history. 

Were he alive today, economists and historians estimate that he’d have a net worth of $400 billion.

Three times as much as the current richest man in the world, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos! 

Rockefeller knew a little something about making and keeping wealth…And that dividends are the best way to make his family rich for generations to come.

And it’s why I chose to make dividend investing the core of your new automatic retirement plan.

But a lot of people struggle to make dividend investing work — and that’s for one reason:

Success hinges on the stocks you buy first.

The dividend stocks you buy first quickly become the bedrock of your retirement income portfolio.

Which is why I created the “Start Out Portfolio” to make success all-but-guaranteed for you.

Now as I tell my readers, they’re going to eventually want a high-yield dividend income portfolio of 15 to 20 stocks.

This provides consistent income of thousands per month that can be relied on no matter what happens. 

Now obviously, when forming the bedrock of any income portfolio, you know the first picks are going to be good. 

The Start Out Portfolio features my best ideas.

Dividend stocks that…

  • Pay a high current yield.
  • Features payouts that are all-but-guaranteed to keep happening, no matter what.
  • Offer the potential for meaningful dividend growth in the years ahead. 

Right now the average yield of the Start Out Portfolio is a juicy 8.8%. 

As icing on the cake, because these are my best ideas, these stocks also offer the chance for capital gains.

Here’s just a taste of what’s inside:

  • The first two Starter Portfolio picks are my top two REIT plays — one of which currently yields a whopping 12.7%.
  • Next you’ll find two commercial mortgage lenders, with the highest yielding paying investors a juicy 9% per year.
  • No retirement income portfolio would be complete without an energy infrastructure play, with my top pick in the sector paying out an incredible 17.5% per year. 

Right out of the gate… you could be making 8% or more.

Which is incredible, if you consider the market’s average return for the past 100 years has been exactly 8%.

That means you’re going to be generating income no matter what the market does… year after year… quarter after quarter… month in and month out. 

But most importantly — you’ll be outrunning one of the biggest barriers to a safe retirement — inflation.

Thanks to the Federal Reserve’s money printing, a dollar today doesn’t go anywhere near as far as it did 20 years ago. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, what cost $50 back in 1999 now costs $77.50 today… A 55% increase!

Inflation eats away at hard-earned savings… making retirement all the more difficult. 

To keep up, your income and investments need to rise an average of 3% per year

And while the government reports that inflation is that low, we all know the truth.

While products like electronics continue to fall in price, the things that matter to retirees continue to jump:

  • Over the past 20 years the cost of medical care has more than doubled.
  • Food and beverages have surged 64%.
  • Even housing hasn’t become cheaper – increasing by 61%. 

Things like Social Security and pensions have failed to keep up with these kinds of increases. 

This past year, Social Security beneficiaries received a cost-of-living increase of just 2.8%.

Yet the cost of healthcare is expected to rise 6% over the next 12 months, according to Consulting and Research Firm Price Waterhouse Coopers. 

There’s only one solution.

By following this plan you ensure you’ll never run out of money by making more every year.

  • One of my picks now yields over 9% per year after it increased its payout by a whopping 29%.
  • Another pick just raised its dividend by more than 7%.
  • And one of my favorites just upped the ante by 7.9%.

Just imagine walking on the beach with your loved one worry-free, knowing you’re receiving passive income from your investments.

Where’s your beach?

You’d be able to enjoy the retirement of your dreams.

And that dream can be your reality, the moment you join my top investment service, The Dividend Hunter. 

Introducing The Dividend Hunter

At this point you know that generating income from your retirement portfolio is the only path to prosperity… 

And by focusing on high-yielding, sound investments you’re instantly on the path that checks off all the boxes…

  1. You won’t run out of money because you don’t sell assets to pay your bills.
  2. Dividend checks continue to roll in even during market crashes.
  3. A well-chosen portfolio can even be stress free and automatic and require only a little initial effort. 

There’s no denying the fact that for anyone that wants a true retirement, becoming a Dividend Hunter is the way to go. 

When you become a member, you’ll have every tool to master income investing and achieve your financial dreams. 

Your membership includes:

  • The Dividend Hunter’s Monthly Newsletter — Every month you get a review of the portfolio’s results, economic and market analysis.
  • Special Reports You Won’t Find Anywhere Else — I don’t only manage one of the top high-yield portfolios around, we also add extra value by giving members in-depth reports that will help supercharge their portfolios. Examples include: “How To Triple Your Income In Under 10 Minutes,” “The Small Business Boom Paying 14 Venture Royalty Checks a Year andThe #1 Strategy That Turns $25K Into Income For Life.”
  • The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar – This innovative product helps you track all your dividends and makes creating your own ‘Private Pension’ a breeze. 
  • Buy of the Week — Every Tuesday (except the first week of the month) I flag one stock from the dividend portfolio that represents a great buy right now.
  • The Dividend Hunter Portfolio — With an average yield of 8%, this is the meat of my income-generating service. Recommendations are broken down into three categories: Conservative Dividend Stocks, Aggressive High-Yield Stocks, and Fixed Income Investments. 
  • The Start Out Portfolio for new subscribers. 

In addition, there’s loads of bonus material. 

Including a video my team and I put together titled “How to Get the Most from Your Dividend Hunter Subscription.”

We’ve also just released another video this summer, titled “Five Year Anniversary Portfolio Review” where we look back on the incredible results we’ve produced in our first half-decade. 

Everything you need and more to achieve your financial goals.

Here’s what a few subscribers have to say:

“…My wife and I are living off of the dividend payments and have seen a total portfolio return of 23% over the past year.” -Tom and Gayle H.

“My portfolio is up $75K since Jan 2016 after instituting your investment philosophy.” –Thomas B.

“Thank you for the valuable service you provide… I’ve become convinced that the best investment approach for me is dividend income.” -Stan P. 

Now all of this begs the question: What’s all this information and investment research worth?

After all, Wall Street investment firms and high-ticket Financial Advisors can charge thousands per year…

Write down on a piece of paper the answer to this simple question: 

Would you become a Dividend Hunter today if a subscription was less than $500 per year? 


Now set that aside for now.

Because there’s one more thing I’d like to share with you today… 

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I have something very special to offer you today. 

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It’s a compilation of everything anyone with $100,000, $150,000, $200,000 or more needs to create a never-ending stream of income.

Endless Income Blueprint Component #1

To do anything well, you first need to understand it.

And if you want to claim the financial future of your dreams, you’ll need the Becoming a Dividend Hunter dossier.

It serves as a primer for what it means to be a Dividend Hunter.

After all, change doesn’t happen overnight.

I’ve already shown why you need to become a high-yield investor to enjoy a real retirement.

This dossier is the “how.”

I’ve seen it time and time again. Someone takes charge of their retirement only to stumble right out of the gate.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What they forget is that you have to walk before you can run.

Which is why I created Component #1.

Inside you’ll discover…

  • An in-depth overview of The Dividend Hunter Philosophy so you’ll know how to succeed.
  • A review of who can benefit the most from my approach to income investing.
  • Why The Dividend Hunter is unlike any other investment advisory publication and what it means for your wealth.
  • What you can expect once you’ve made the decision to invest for dividends instead of playing the “Capital Gain Game.”
  • The reasons why investing for income is the best way to set yourself up for a lifetime of wealth and security.

And best of all…

  • A step-by-step plan for building your own Endless Income Portfolio.

Even better, you’ll know how to create your own high-paying portfolio.

Endless Income Blueprint Component #2

Once you’ve read Component #1, this is where you go next…

I call it the “Building an Income Portfolio That Lasts a Lifetime”.

It contains all the practical how-to’s of actually setting up a portfolio to receive all the endless income I’ve described here today.

Every piece of this kit is a response to a REAL need that readers have expressed.

Retirement A means having income coming in every single month – and this guide shows you how.

As a bonus, it will show you how to…

  • Use the Dividend Hunter’s Payout Calendar to build a monthly income stream.
  • Dividend reinvestment strategies.
  • Buy and sell rules for long-term success.
  • How to put the Dividend Hunter to work for you.

For anyone starting out as a Dividend Hunter, this is a must-have.

One subscriber, Stan P., said it best…

“Thank you for the valuable service you provide… I’ve become convinced that the best investment approach for me is dividend income.”

It details the “nuts and bolts” of an Endless Income Portfolio.

While the next component helps you protect it…

Endless Income Blueprint Component #3

Something big is coming.

As I’ve already discussed, the market moves in waves.

And every so often, capital gains-focused investors can go years without seeing returns.

It’s why one of the biggest fears investors have is a bear market… a market swoon that wipes out their savings.

And if history is any guide, we could be coming up on one of these periods once again.

Which is precisely why this next blueprint component is so valuable.  

I call it…

“Sustaining Your Income During the Next Bear Market.”

What you do today very well could determine your financial fate for the rest of your life.

Just imagine, retiring at the start of the most recent “lost decade” – right at the peak of the dotcom bubble in 2000.

Each year you do just as your financial planner advised – selling 4% of your principal to pay living expenses.

And every year, you see your portfolio value shrink.

Down… And down… And down.

This is why I compiled this report.

As we enter our retirement years what we do with our savings becomes all the more critical.

Don’t be one of those investors chasing capital gains… hoping the stocks you own will go up…

That’s how you wind up worrying about your finances….Continuing to work just to make ends meet.

Inside this component you’ll find everything you need to tailor the Dividend Hunter philosophy to achieve the retirement of your dreams – no matter what the market does.

Every day I get an email from someone worried about what the future holds.

How will they retire if the market falls?

These individuals aren’t crazy.

They’re expressing fear about a very real possibility.

They don’t want to leave their retirement to chance …and neither should you.

“I am very glad I subscribed to The Dividend Hunter”

-Johann R.

Dividend Hunters leave nothing to chance.

True “Hunters” focus on how much cash they’re receiving from their investments.

“You have completely changed the way I think about my investments, and I am much more focused on watching my average monthly income go up than I am what the share prices are…” -Jerry M.

Once you become a Dividend Hunter you’ll find there’s nothing holding you back.

In fact, you’ll discover new ways of making money most investors have no idea exist.

Strategies like…

Endless Income Blueprint Component #4

This is my secret weapon.

Lots of “gurus” have secret weapons.

But believe me when I say, this one is in full alignment with the Dividend Hunter philosophy.

I call it…

The “Income Investor’s Secret Weapon”.

You see, Wall Street has lots of ways to make money off Main Street.

My secret weapon takes the fight to Wall Street…

And puts the power in your hands to make outsized profits.

Imagine… turning a dividend stock that yields 5%…6%… even 8% and then doubling that income?

Whenever I mention this secret weapon, and it’s potential to make anyone 10%, 12%, as much as 16% in a single year, peoples’ ears perk up.

That’s because this ‘Secret Weapon’ is the best way to live life to the fullest

And make sure Retirement A…

…is a reality for you and your loved ones this strategy is indispensable.

This strategy is how you go from guaranteeing endless income to becoming wealthy.

“I just want to say what a great system you have introduced me to…”

-Mark C.

“…I made 66% in 45 days’’ -Peg B.

With The Income Investor’s Secret Weapon you’ll be able to turn Wall Street on it’s head.

And start making real income in retirement.

Endless Income Blueprint Component #5

One should always know where they stand.

That’s particularly true when it comes to investing.

Every day I get an email from a subscriber asking me what they should do given their situation.

More often than not, they fall into one of three categories of investor.

What you do at each stage is crucial to your long term success.

Which is why I created…

“Your 3 Phases of Being An Investor and How to Profit” report. 

The end goal of this report is to show you what to do at each stage.

That way you’re on the path to enjoying the retirement of your dreams.

All these reports are worth more than $900.

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In fact, I’m about to tell you how I’m going to sweeten the pot.

We’ve talked a lot about having a ‘stress-free’ retirement today.

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And part of being stress-free is having someone in your corner helping you at all times.

An expert who can guide you through this transition.

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The Dividend Hunter is my private members-only community where I reveal how to both profit from top-paying dividend companies and see consistent “paychecks” monthly.

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To do that, you’ll need each component of the Blueprint:

  • Blueprint Component #1 – Becoming a Dividend Hunter. which will be your describes the philosophy behind my style of investing and the Dividend Hunter Worksheet that allows you to fully understand your finances. Value: $49.
  • Blueprint Component #2 – Building an Income Portfolio that Lasts a Lifetime that dives into the nuts of bolts of building a wealth-generating portfolio that lasts. Value: $99.
  • Blueprint Component #3 – Sustaining Your Income During the Next Bear Market contains everything you need to thrive no matter what the future holds. Value: $199.
  • Blueprint Component #4 – The Income Investors Secret Weapon is perhaps my most coveted profit-generating secret. Value: $499
  • Blueprint Component #5 – The 3 Investor Phases and How to Profit in Them teaches you what to do and when throughout your investing life. Value: $99.

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And this message from Vic B. in Colorado…

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I have tried several newsletters and yours is the only one I have stayed with.

-Vic B.

I am glad to have found The Dividend Hunter and all your weekly updates. The dividend calendar is excellent and I have been using it regularly.

I eagerly await all your updates and thank you for improving my income stream with all your great ideas.

– Jack G.

The Dividend Hunter will be your go-to resource for building a lifetime of Income.

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