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Your Must-Have Options Trading Checklist
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Inside this guide you’ll see:

  • The exact steps I follow before placing ANY trade (step three)
  • How I find options contracts and tickers to trade with confidence (step seven)
  • A 5-second tip which saves money on every options contract (step nine)
  • Plus…7 other necessary steps to take before placing any options trade…

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Jay Soloff is a 21-year options trader. He cut his teeth on the floor of the CBOE (the biggest options exchange in the world). There, he was both a trader and a market maker.

Jay understands how the options are priced, the volatility, and what’s trading better than anyone else. Today, he’s the editor of Options Floor Trader PRO (one of the fastest-growing publications in the industry).

After trading on the floor of the largest option exchange in the world, I’ve spent over a decade helping both beginners and advanced traders become successful at options.

The problem I see again and again…most traders make options too complicated. They get frustrated, make more mistakes, trade emotionally and ultimately lose money!

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