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Dear Reader, 

What would you do with a little extra cash each month? 

Not millions…not even $10,000. 

Maybe just an extra $1,135…$1,565…even $1,645 of extra cash per month. 

You could splurge more at your favorite dining spots. Become a regular guest and the waitstaff will know you by name and your drink of choice. 

Maybe you stash away that extra cash for a few months and jet set to Europe. You could be watching the sun set over the beautiful Mediterranean sea. 

All with the ‘Extra Cash’ I can show you how to earn today. 

These are the simple luxuries of life. 

I don’t know about you…but I’m not interested in a private jet or owning a yacht.

I’d like to wake up without stressing about my bank account…and when it comes time to enjoy life with my wife and kids, we’re not digging in the sofas or through old suit pockets for loose quarters.

Those days are over for us. 

And they can be over for you too.

My name is Jay Soloff. 

For over 20 years I’ve been mastering unique ways to generate ‘Extra Cash’

Some people might recommend getting a weekend job serving coffee at Starbucks to earn some spending money. 

That’s too much work for me. 

I’d rather focus my efforts where I can maximize my time and money. 

Call me lazy, but the wealthiest in the world leverage their resources so they earn more while doing less. 

You don’t see Bill Gates piecing together computers anymore. 

I’m no Bill Gates… but I’m not interested in driving Uber to earn any ‘Extra Cash’.

That’s why — for decades — I’ve scoured for ways to create more money with the least amount of risk. 

Not to take the place of a job…but to simply add a little bit of extra cash to my pockets each month. 

I love the feeling of creating my extra spending money. I don’t have to tap into my savings to treat myself and my family. 

After all, no matter what people say about the economy — whether good or bad — everyone can use more cash each month. 

It makes life easier, right? 

I’ve done this for years, and now I want to show you how to earn an extra $1,135 starting with $0. 

In fact, I have a special “extra cash” masterclass bundle I’d like to give you for free today. 

Inside this special bundle, you get two ‘Extra Cash’ blueprints:

First, an actionable guide called: 26 Places to Find Extra Cash in the next 30 days.

These are tips and tricks I’ve gathered through the years to find quick cash, including:

  • An online goldmine that generates $100…$200…even $500 bucks in a single weekend
  • How to make an extra $20-$50 per month just from watching TV
  • The $100’s of dollars stashed in your car (you just need to know where to look)
  • Items around your house that buyers fall over themselves to pay you for
  • A “cleansweep” trick that could uncover $60-$100 in one evening
  • The one call to your bank that could add a surprise $1,000 in your savings account this year

And that’s only five of them. I have 21 more inside this special briefing.

These tips could add hundreds of dollars to your bank account overnight. 

So, if you have zero dollars to spare…and even if you have zero hours to give up…

This special free report could nab you a few extra bucks this month.

The strategies you’re about to see are easy to execute. Some only take a few minutes. 

Best of all —> I’ll give you this report for FREE. 

You’ll see how in a minute. 

Because these 26 tips are only the beginning. 

I promised I’d show you how to turn $0 into cash every month. I’m thinking a few hundred bucks is the ideal start. 

That sounds good and dandy, but it’s not life changing. 

An extra $500 won’t affect your life too much. 

That’s why you’re about to discover a way to double, even triple the cash you make.

Call it ‘multiplying’ that extra cash. 

Multiplying meaning…turn $500 into thousands of dollars every single month. 

That’s where the second part of the “extra cash” masterclass comes into play.

It’s a special video I’ve created just for you.

Inside this masterclass, you discover: 

  • A 5-minute strategy from your computer that could double or triple up your extra cash
  • Why a specific financial market is your strongest bet to bag big bucks
  • How any beginner or advanced investor can have success

As you might guess…

This video touches on real strategies you can use to turn extra cash into more money this month. 

Even better…to save you time…I’m compiled some of my best tips into this video that runs less than 30 minutes long. 

Quick and simple for your busy schedule.

What’s the secret to ‘multiplying’ your cash?

The best way I’ve found to do this is through trading. 

Not flipping penny stocks or trading risky futures…

I mean simple, easy-to-understand trading that requires little to no capital to get started. 

My ‘extra cash’ video masterclass will show you everything you need to know. 

And you’ll be on your way to mastering it all starting in under 30 minutes. 

I myself have been involved in trading for over 20-years. 

I’ve successfully traded for over 21 Years.
And I’ll show you the main asset I trade right now.

Again, my name is Jay Soloff.

I don’t trade penny stocks, blue chips, forex, bitcoin or anything like that. 

For 21 years, I’ve traded options.

Yes, options. 

I know. There are a lot of stigmas out there about options.

I’m going to dispel all of them today.

Because many folks I talk to, especially those who have never traded a single options contract in their life, feel it’s complicated and risky. 

A multi-million dollar portfolio manager called me “Mr. Options.” He said I was the “expert” at trading them. 

The extremely popular MoneyShow held each year added me to their “All-Star of Options Trading” panel.

I tend to shy away from this kind of flattery. 

That’s why you won’t find me on the ‘network circuit’ spending my precious hours in front of a camera either at CNBC or Fox Business. 

I don’t trade options for fame or attention.

Although, once a year or so you’ll find me giving a talk about options.  And it’s not unusual for 500 people or more to attend.

But, most of the time, I keep to myself. 

I spend day and night in my Phoenix, Arizona home studying options. This is my view by my house. It’s as “off Wall Street” as it can get.

I spend time with my wife and 2 kids, I read fiction books, and browse Twitter. 

It’s through Twitter I keep in contact with my deepest connections in the industry. I’m talking hedge fund managers of $100 million dollar accounts. 

I’m talking pro option traders making a fortune from the market. 

I’m collaborating with them back and forth throughout the week. Twitter gives us the most up-to-date happenings in the market. It’s like my own ‘underground line’ to the trading floor.

Some of these connections are new contacts. 

Others I’ve known since my days on the floor of the CBOE. 

The CBOE is the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. 

It’s the largest and most famous options exchange in the entire world. Most options exchanges get swallowed up by them, that’s how dominant they are. 

Here’s me as a young trader cutting my teeth. 

Want to know the fastest way to learn about options? 

Not by reading books. 

How about running back and forth between traders filling orders and creating a market. 

Yes, creating a market. 

I was a Market Maker at the CBOE. 

I acted as the ‘‘invisible hand’ that provides liquidity to traders and priced options.

If you ever wondered if there was a man behind the curtain pulling the strings of the financial markets……that was me…

I could see who was buying…

Who was selling…

What stocks had huge momentum…

The whole house of cards sat right in front of me. I helped to build it every day. 

That means I had information every retail investor would kill to get their hands on. 

Because as a Market Maker, you know every little thing about the markets. You know what’s causing it to go up and what knocks it down. 

90% of options expire worthless. The 10% that don’t…someone knows something.

If you’ve lived behind the scenes as I have…you would’ve seen how the 10% are doing it.

Honestly, I could write an entire book about what Market Makers do and how you could profit from that knowledge. 

Because I believe unless you’ve actually seen in person how the options market works, you never get the full picture.

Meaning, if you’re a retail investor, you’re at a disadvantage. You’re trading options with ‘incomplete’ information.

That’s why I’ll set the record straight today. 

I believe options are the “fastest way to get rich” from the markets.


If you’re truly interested in generating an extra $1,135 per month in extra cash… you’ll want to see this. 

Even if you’re skeptical of options or you’ve tried them before, I promise you’ll see them in a whole different light.

…however, let me be straight with you. 

If you’ve already pledged never to touch options ever again…

You’ve believed what others have told you about options being a ‘scam’. 

That they’re the fastest way to lose money in the markets.

Well, I’m not here to give you a ‘come to Jesus’ moment. It’s okay.

You can continue doing what you’re doing and you’ll be the same as you were yesterday. 

I will say — you’ll never see the full potential of what your money could become.

Because — believe it or not — it only takes some earning a little extra cash to really see results.

$100…$500…we’re not talking about a lot of money.

My free book, 26 Places to Find Extra Cash, will put you on the right track.

From there, it’s possible to earn thousands of dollars each month.

Or more…

Take a look at some of my recent recommendations. 

These are picks from 2018 ALONE. When the markets were in turmoil. The S&P 500 lost 6%. 

I made these actual recommendations. And, no, these aren’t back-tested hypothetical returns. These are real.

I believe if an options trader can’t show you multiple triple baggers in one year, they aren’t worth their weight in salt. 

Let me show you where I come from. 

In 2018 alone, you could’ve captured gains of:

And that’s only naming a few. 

If you had followed my 26 tips and earned enough to dump $500 into each of these recommendations…

Rolling all your profits into the next trade…

Check out the pile of ‘Extra Cash’ that could’ve been yours
if you traded options with me in 2018

You had an opportunity to turn $500 into $678,906 in less than 10 months. That’s pretty incredible. 

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves. This scenario would take impeccable timing and luck. 

I’m not here to promise you $678,000 of profit in 10 months. We’ll have losing trades. Everyone does.

But I just want you to have a crystal clear picture at the full potential of what I’ll show you — the huge, massive runway that’s possible if you have $500 lying around. 

Because even if you only turned that $500 into $10,000…$25,000…$100,000, I’m sure you’d call that life-changing. 

Most folks work 2,000 hours per year to take home $40,000. That’s before taxes. 

Meanwhile, you’re about to get an inside look at an opportunity most will never see. 

That’s because rather than turn off this presentation after you heard ‘options’…

You’re still here because you recognize there are ways to earn extra cash in the markets without taking much risk…

And frankly… starting with almost $0.

My “Extra Cash” Masterclass will show you how to make these option trades right now.

A few clicks of your mouse and you’re done. 

After today, these simple option plays will be the trick up your sleeve. 

Maybe it’s your new hobby. Learning options requires new skills. We’re not trying to get rich here, per se. But others may notice a slight change in your lifestyle. 

Your friends and family will wonder what you did to ‘upgrade’ your life. 

“Did someone accidentally deposit a lot of money into your account?” 

You’ll probably feel like a genius after today. 

Because from the outside looking in…

You aren’t working any longer than you do now…

You didn’t win the Powerball…

You’re simply adding another money making skill to your toolbox.

It costs little to do. 

And it carries far less risk than you think. 

Here’s what I mean:

Don’t make any drastic changes to your portfolio. 

Don’t sell your stocks or liquidate your 401(k). 

Don’t touch any of your retirement savings.

Just follow my 26 tips for generating extra cash in the next 30 days, put this money into a separate account, strap in, and get ready to create an entirely new slush fund.

In fact, I’m so confident you can do this, that I’m willing to put it all on the line. 

So, today…

I’m willing to guarantee you’ll have the opportunity to 5X your investment else I’ll write you a check for $100.

This is a promise I stand behind. 

That means, what you’re about to see is even more a risk-free opportunity for you. 

If I’m right…you win (potentially thousands of dollars profiting as you saw.

If I’m wrong…you still win. I send you more cash to stuff your mattress with. 

This is a perfect complement to any investment strategy you use for your portfolio. 

Keep your broker. Keep your financial planner. Keep your stock portfolio exactly as it is. It doesn’t matter. 

I’m only talking about extra cash you have that’s doing nothing. $100…$500, whatever it is.

Like I said, no other asset class lets you start with a small stake…as little as the cash in your wallet…and turn it into thousands quickly. 

You can’t do that with stocks. 

You can’t do that with mutual funds. 

Not bonds. 

Even penny stocks can take “years” to master according to one of the top traders. 

Options are better because: 

  1. You make bigger profits 174X faster than popular stocks
  2. You spend 95% less than stocks
  3. You win if the market goes up, down or sideways

Take a look again at a few of my 2018 winners.


Tech giant, Microsoft’s stock is up 268% in over 11 years. 

Yet, in 13 days, you could’ve pocketed a 213%. 

Yes, it’s less. But you got your money 174X faster than waiting 11 years.

Would you rather make 213% in 13 days or 268% in 11 years? 

That choice is up to you. 


In the past 7 years, Apple stock is up a nice 100%. 

Would you rather be up 127% on GLD in 23 days or 100% in 7 years? 

Again, your choice.

We all want our profits faster. 

But I was serious when I said this is a ‘new skill’ for you.

Because none of this is ‘get rich quick’.

It takes timing, patience and following the right strategies.

But, if you’re new to the options or it’s been awhile, I want you to feel comfortable putting down a little pocket change. 

There’s no need to risk money you’ve saved for years. Use the money already around your house.

That’s because options are far-and-away cheaper
than any asset you’ll find on the planet.

It’s true. 

Options control 100 shares of stock. 

$160,000 (stock) vs. $8,000 (option)

100 shares of Amazon would cost around $160,000. I don’t have $160,000 in my mattress.

Meanwhile, a moderate-to-aggressive call option would only cost around $8,000.

That’s 95% LESS than buying the 100 shares outright. 

Much cheaper. 

Much less risk. 

Now, the options we’d pick up won’t cost $8,000 or even $800. Most will be around $80 – $200 each. 

A perfect range for that loose change, right? 

The 127% winner on GLD would’ve cost as little as $101 to execute.

The reason the rich get richer is they see their money as soldiers. 

They send them out into battle and hope they capture and recruit more soldiers to bring home. The more soldiers you have, the easier it is to grow faster.

It’s time to put those extra little soldiers to work. 

Look what you could’ve already captured during the turmoil of 2018.

While your 401(k) lost 10-20%, your ‘extra cash’ would’ve mitigated the damage. 

Again, don’t think I’m suggesting to abandon stock investing all together. 

Far from it. 

I invest in stocks too. 

But options are my life. 

They don’t have to be yours. Yet, why not profit from them a few times every 23 days or so. 

If you’re happy to let your money get dusty, feel free to let the cobwebs fester.

My goal today is to show you it’s possible to create a tidy profit with that extra cash lying around your house with options. 

Forget what the naysayers say.

Have you been duped by these two gurus before?

(most have…)

There are two types of gurus in options.

The first type says: “Options are too risky. Never trade them.” 

Then, the second type shouts back: “Options are great. But only SELL them, never buy.” 

Let’s unpack this quickly. 

The first group claims to never trade options ever. With that advice, you would’ve passed up the triple digit winners I already showed you.

With options, you’re controlling 100 shares of stock with one contract. If you buy 5 contracts, you control 500 shares and so on. 

In financial terms, they call this ‘leverage.’ 

Leverage can be risky if you don’t know how to handle it. 

Risk is all subjective. 

Maybe you saw this story on the news:

This is a prime story that the option-naysayers will parade around to warn you to ‘stay away.’ 

In this story, someone who had no idea how options work set up what he believed to be a “risk-free” options trade. 

Any time someone tells you a trade is “risk-free” that’s the first sign they have no idea what they’re doing.

With no money, he used ‘margin’ — aka a high interest loan — to purchase 2,000 contracts. That means he’s controlling 200,000 shares. In other words, a lot of money. 

Unbeknownst to him, there was a way for his trade to blow up, and it blew up alright. 

In 5 days, he had lost over 1,800% and over $57,000 dollars.

This is not trading. 

That’s gambling, and a pretty foolish gamble if I might add. 

I won’t go into the story’s gritty details as it’s not important. The point is options are risky when you don’t know the rules. 

I have THREE RULES I’ll share with you in a minute so you can begin profiting. 

One of those rules, as a teaser, is managing your risk. It’s the cornerstone of trading.

With options trading, you will have losing trades. Even 40-year pros still have losing trades.

However, if you practice risk management, you’re able to limit those losses. 

Here are a few of my recent losing trades. Notice how small the losses are: 

  • -10% loss on Goldman Sachs
  • -5% loss on Lam Research
  • -14% loss on Nvidia
  • -7% loss on FireEye
  • -7% loss on XLF, even a 
  • -0.2% loss on Wynn Resorts

Compare these tiny losses to the 229%…213%…127% gains I showed you already. 

Practicing this rule allows you to both keep your money…

And have enough to turn any extra cash you have into a first class vacation to Europe. Take that Mediterranean cruise I mentioned.

Risk management hands you the ability to hold onto your cash.

That’s what I can show you.

Before we do that, let me dispel one more guru lie. 

The second type of gurus will try and smooth talk you saying “The pros only sell options. That’s the only thing you should do.” 

Now, I admit. I sell options. A lot of them in fact. They’re a great way to make high percentage, low-profit income. 

In one of my services, I have a 100% win percentage selling options.

Unfortunately, a few hundred bucks isn’t enough to use this strategy. 

If you’re trading that extra $500 you scrounge up, it’s not worth scrapping off 5-10% each month. 

Sure, you’re winning up to more then 90% of your trades, but if you want to turn a tiny sum into thousands, it’s near impossible to do it selling options.

10% of $500 is just $50. That’ll buy you a two entrees for a night out but hold the wine. 

You need a larger portfolio and usually approval to trade on margin. Selling options is a strategy I recommend and teach my readers. I’m not saying don’t do it. 

But buying options the right way gives you an opportunity to pocket triple digit profits in a short amount of time, with little money, and no margin approval required.

You can’t get the huge gains selling.

Let’s took a closer look. 

I showed you how following my trades and having impeccable timing, it would’ve been possible to turn $500 into over $678,906 in under 10 months. 

But, like I said, nothing is ‘get rich quick.’ We’ll always have losing trades. 

Even if you only trade a few of my recommendations, I’m going to bet you’d still be happy with the results.

Like when I recommended a GLD option. In a mere 23 days, it shot up 127%. 

Let’s say you had $500 spread out among your stashed cash and some loose change in the kitchen drawer. 

In less than a month, you’d walk away with $1,135. 

Amount of time to do this…10 minutes maybe. And that’s pushing it. 

Let’s say you took that $1,135 and put it into another easy option play I recommended to readers. 

Square. The growing payment processor disrupting credit card companies. 

In just 28 days, you could’ve turned your new ‘extra cash’ balance into $2,814. 

And we’re only getting started. 

TLT — a bond ETF — pays a small 2.5% dividend. If you started with $500, in 10 years, you’d capture $125 in dividends. 

Inflation would eat you alive. 

Instead, if you traded the option play I recommended, you could’ve pocketed 213% in 30 days. 

Instead of $125 in 10 years, how about $1,065 profits in 30 days. 

That’s a big difference. 

See, you don’t need much to start. 

You don’t need to risk your life savings or sell off your 401(k). 

Buying options lets you start small.

Start with the cash you earn
from my FREE “Extra Cash” Masterclass

I’ve designed this entire “Extra Cash” Masterclass, so you can start with as little as $0 and earn potentially $1,135 (or more) every month.

Simply, follow my free book, 26 Places to Find Extra Cash, to earn your first few hundred bucks. 

Then, pull out my short video masterclass on trading options.

I’m even GUARANTEEING you will 5X your investment today or I pay you. That’s how confident I am that anyone can do this. 

I’ll show you how to claim your free masterclass in just a moment. But perhaps even more important than the strategies are the RULES to follow. 

These RULES keep us focused and prevent you from trading with your emotions. 

Making emotional trades is the single easiest way to lose money in the markets. 

And with options, it’s easy to let your emotions get in the way. That’s why many gurus out there recommend to stay away. 

I believe you can safely chuck that advice in the trash. 

You can guarantee your emotions will never get in the way if you follow a strict options trading formula based on these THREE RULES.

However, I must add this disclaimer: trade options at your own risk if you ignore these RULES. 

OPTIONS RULE #1: Manage Your Risk

I briefly touched on this earlier. 

When stocks go up 7%, your options can go up 127%. That’s what happened with my GLD recommendation. 

As you can imagine, the flip side is true as well. 

That’s why you must…without exception…limit your downside.

Managing your risk means keeping a tight lid on a trade when it doesn’t go your way. 

That’s the rule I followed when I bailed on these recent losing trades: 

  • -10% loss on Goldman Sachs
  • -5% loss on Lam Research
  • -14% loss on Nvidia
  • -7% loss on FireEye
  • -7% loss on XLF, even a 
  • -0.2% loss on Wynn Resorts

Pretty small losses compared to the upside.  

One winning trade for 127% in 23 days not only makes you money, but even if you trade all six of the losing trades I just showed you, it still makes money. 

You don’t even need 50% of your trades to be successful!

Buying options gives you limited downside, with an unlimited upside. 

Preserving capital is how you get to fight another day. I’ll teach you how to hold on tight to your capital while also allowing enough breathing room for your option to soar in price. 

OPTIONS RULE #2 : Trade Your Style

If this is your first time digging into options, it may take a while to find your style. 

What I mean is that you may find you do better trading one strategy or another. Or, you’re better off trading ETFs than individual stocks. 

That comes with time. 

Some experts unfortunately hammer into you “there’s only one way to trade…and it’s my way.” 

Again, push *ignore* on that advice. 

I believe there is no one perfect strategy with options. Options are flexible. There are so many things you can do with them. 

I have four strategies to show you inside the free “Extra Cash” Masterclass and that’s just for buying options. 

There are a ton of strategies for selling, for hedging your portfolio, creating income, the list goes on. 

Options excite me because there’s so much to do with them. I hear about new strategies all the time and I’ve been doing this since the 90’s! 

You won’t ever hear a lecture from me about ‘my way or the highway.’ If you find a way to trade that makes you money, do it. 

However, I may break that rule just a touch with this last rule. 

OPTIONS RULE #3: Trade like the Institutions

As a Market Maker on the floor of the CBOE, I had a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the options market. 

Think of it like you’re at the doctor’s office. 

He puts that massive eye mask on you and flashes some letters and numbers on the wall. 

Sometimes, the images are fuzzy but you can still make it out. 

Others are as clear as daylight.

That’s how it is when you trade on the floor. Other traders outside the CBOE can see a little, but they don’t get the full picture. 

Here’s the secret to how institutions trade options. 

…and this is where most gurus get it wrong…

Those outside of Wall Street use fundamental and technical analysis to find opportunities and then look at the options last. 

Institutions do the exact opposite!

They look at what options are ‘on sale’ and then look at the fundamental and technical analysis last.

Compare it to how one might go about investing in art pieces. 

Odd example, but let me explain. 

Most gurus would approach art buying by first looking at what’s hot now, finding those art pieces, then determining if the price is worth it. They hope to catch the price at the right moment where it still goes up and they profit. 

If they’re wrong, they could lose a ton of money if the piece goes out of style and plummets in value. 

That’s how most gurus approach buying options. Look at a hot option then determine if the price is right.

Here’s how I do it…

And how the large institutions do it too…

Back to the art example:

Rather than look at ‘what’s hot’ on the art scene, we do the opposite. We look at a piece that has proven valuable before and is now ‘on sale.’ 

Only after finding those art pieces do we look at the broad market to see if this piece will ever become valuable again. 

We buy it. 

If we are wrong… we bought the art on sale and don’t lose much. 

If we are right… we could reap double, triple-digit maybe higher profits when the piece becomes valuable again. 

See the difference? 

We’re trying to ‘buy low and sell high’, while most option buyers are trying to ‘time the market.’. 

It’s your choice what you’d rather do. 

If you’re interested, I’ll show you how to find these ‘mispriced options’ right now. 

I can show you how to get around this right now.

Moment of Truth:
Get access to my FREE “Extra Cash” Masterclass Right Now

This video walks you step-by-step how to begin trading options. If you’ve traded options before, I bet you will still find something new to learn. 

Inside, you’ll discover:

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  • The #1 option trade to protect your portfolio if the market tanks tomorrow 
  • How to buy a call and a put in 5 minutes
  • The ‘crystal ball’ indicator to signal the chances you make money or not
  • My LIVE trade of Apple stock right in front of you

And that’s just the beginning. 

I’ll also walk you through my top four buying options strategies. 

These are strategies I’ve traded for years, and by following them, you’ll be an expert at making money when: 

  • Stocks go up
  • Stocks go down
  • Or, when we don’t know which way stocks will go

You’ll get all this inside the “Extra Cash” Masterclass.

This class alone could retail for $199. 

As a bonus add-on, I want to also include my special report, 7 Reasons Options Traders Fail (and 11 Ways to Help).

This is a perfect complement to the masterclass to help you get off the line faster than most beginners. 

Inside, you’ll discover: 

  • How to lose before you’ve made a single trade
  • Why sometimes it’s better to overpay for an option
  • Why you should never ‘leg in’ to a trade
  • The one person NOT to listen to about options

And much more. 

In total, both the masterclass and your special report would go for $249. 

However, since you’re starting with just a little cash for the trades we will make, I don’t want to charge you a penny for this series. 

And you’re getting this information from someone who knows the inner workers of the options market. 

Again, my name is Jay Soloff. “Mr. Options” as one fund manager called me. 

You’re not only getting 21 years of options experience packed into this brand new masterclass….

You’re also receiving my insider knowledge from my time spent as a Market Maker on the floor of the CBOE…

Plus, all the tips and strategies I pick up from hedge fund managers, professional traders, and my entire network. 

Of course, that’s not all.

Go from $0 to $500 with
26 Places to Locate “Extra Cash” in the Next 30 Days.

These are tips and tricks I’ve gathered through the years to find quick cash.

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Lawrence McMillan’s options books is hailed as “the top options book for 2018” by Benzinga. 

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