Forbes Magazine and the World Economic Forum call it a…

“$100 TRILLION Business Revolution”

A “Digital Helix” is saving dying retail giants from collapse… transforming their DNAs… and handing early investors massive profits of 618%… 834%… up to 2,537%.

Make Your Move Before June 20th and it is YOUR Chance to Turn a $10,000 Investment into $263,700

Dear Reader,

As you know, we are in the middle of a retail apocalypse.

Toys “R” Us, Sears, Circuit City…

Brick and mortar retail chains are closing shop at an astonishing rate.

But here’s the retail story you haven’t heard…

While most retailers are getting crushed… going bankrupt… closing stores….

A small handful of them are hitting record sales and doing better than ever.

They are part of what Forbes Magazine calls a “Business Revolution”…

They are using a “Digital Helix” that, according to the World Economic Forum, could generate $100 TRILLION in value by 2025.

And their stocks are exploding…

Delivering some of the most jaw-dropping success stories of the last decade.

Stories like Best Buy… which was on the verge of collapse until they started using this Digital Helix in late 2012…

Since then their stock has soared 618%.

Or Home Depot.

After years of decline, their stock shot up 834% once they started putting the Digital Helix to work.

And look at Domino’s Pizza… their stock has skyrocketed over 2,500% since they embraced the Digital Helix in 2010.

If you listen to the mainstream media, the retail apocalypse should be annihilating these companies right now.

However, the fact is…

These “Dying” Companies Turned Out To Be Some of The Biggest Winners of the Last 10 Years

These companies should all be dead right now… at least according to financial analysts and Wall Street.

But instead, they have made their shareholders RICH.

Had you invested $10,000 into each of these companies when they started using the Digital Helix…

You would now be sitting on a small fortune of $428,900.

That’s right.

Just these three stocks would have turned a $30,000 investment into $428,900.

And keep in mind, we are not talking about options, penny stocks or other high-risk investments here…

These are simple, safe, “blue chip” stocks that made their investors a fortune.

In the next few minutes I will show you exactly how these companies used the Digital Helix to bring their investors windfall profits…

And how YOU can get in on the next company that is putting this Digital Helix to work right now.

I identified one company that I’m certain will dwarf the profits we have seen with Best Buy, Home Depot and Domino’s…

It is making all the right moves right now to duplicate – and surpass – those success stories…

And if you act before June 20th, you can set yourself up for a potential 2,537% windfall…

 Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into more than $250,000.

I believe this could be the biggest profit opportunity in all my years working in the financial markets.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

My name is Eddy…

I have 25 years’ experience in the investing industry starting in what one might compare to a “Wolf of Wall Street” experience to running my own micro-cap newsletter to helping legendary growth investor Louis Navellier grow his publishing audience…

Throughout all of this I’ve always paid close attention to future trends.

But nothing could prepare me for what is happening in the financial markets right now…

A $100 TRILLION Digital Transformation That Could Make You Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams…

There is a reason why a small handful of retailers are breaking sales records and seeing their stocks soar to all time highs…

While MOST traditional retailers are having trouble keeping the lights on.

The winners stumbled upon the key to unlock a $100 Trillion Digital Transformation that’s underway to explode their businesses.

Breakthrough technologies are emerging at breakneck speed…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning…

Automation technology, RFID sensors and robots…

Self-driving cars… Drones… Cloud computing…

The ways these high-tech innovations will transform our lives are endless.

And so is the profit potential this breakthrough technology will bring to businesses and investors.

According to the World Economic Forum, this digital transformation could create $100 TRILLION in value by 2025.


Just to put it into perspective…

That is FIVE TIMES more than the entire GDP of the United States.

This digital transformation could create an almost unimaginable amount of wealth….

And I want YOU to claim your piece of this $100 trillion pie today.

So, in a moment, I’m going to tell you about a single, safe, “blue chip” stock with the potential for a 2,537% windfall.

 That is enough to turn a $10,000 stake into $263,700.

 Enough to change your financial destiny… and set you up for a life free of ever having to worry about money again.

However, before we get to that, first it is crucial that you understand one thing…

You see, while the potential of this new technology is virtually limitless…

Most retailers have absolutely NO CLUE how to put it to use…

Staples has been closing stores left and right over the last years.

Barnes & Noble is currently on its last leg.

Sears was once one of the biggest department stores… and is now in its death throes.

These are all retailers that poured hundreds of millions into digital transformation…

And they all failed horribly at making their investments pay off or turning their businesses around.

But I’ve discovered that all the WINNERS of this $100 trillion digital transformation have one thing in common…

They Are All Using the Same Secret Weapon… The “Digital Helix”

All the winners I’ve told you about bet big on the “Digital Helix”.

Simply put, the Digital Helix is a proven blueprint that takes all these breakthrough technologies—the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, the mobile revolution—and use them to power 3 core “Profit Drivers.”

The Digital Helix goes much deeper than the “digital lipstick” failed retail companies tried to put on their business models…

My top stock has ‘cracked the code’ and transformed their Digital DNA. Setting you up for massive profits.

It transforms an organization’s DNA – and unlocks the potential for massive profit breakthroughs.

Let me tell you how it works.

If you look at a DNA molecule, it’s just two interconnected strands.

On their own, they don’t look like much.

But if you put them together, these strands are much bigger than the sum of their parts…

They form the basis for all life in the known universe.

And it’s the same with the Digital Helix.

It takes advantage of three “profit drivers” that, on their own, might seem simple…

But put together in the right way, they unlock huge breakthroughs in sales… profits… and ultimately stock prices.

These profit drivers are:

Profit Driver #1: Focus on DIGITAL sales to boost revenues.

Profit Driver #2: Give your customer experience a DIGITAL facelift.

Profit Driver #3: Use cutting-edge supply chain technology to deliver products FASTER and CHEAPER

Keep in mind…

The Digital Helix, the combination of these three profit drivers, has generated MASSIVE profits for the companies that used it…

It’s the driving force behind some of the biggest winners of the last decade…

Bringing jaw-dropping gains of 618%, 834%, even 2,500% to early investors…

It’s so powerful that is has saved a few dying retail companies from collapse.

Let me give you a real-life example of how it works…

Look at Best Buy.

Back in 2012 the electronics retailer was in terrible shape.

Sales were plummeting, and their stock was in free fall.

Shares had gone from an all-time high of $56.66 to a 14-year low of $11.85.

A catastrophic drop of almost 80%!

Wall Street analysts were predicting Best Buy would completely collapse.

Best Buy Lost 80% and Reached a 14-Year Low!

In 2012, Best Buys stock had fallen almost 80% from its all-time-high.

But instead, Best Buy used the Digital Helix to revolutionize their business.

How Best Buy Survived the Retail Apocalypse (And is now thriving!)

CEO, Hubert Joly, started his “Renew Blue” campaign, following the Digital Helix model to a “T”…

First, they started working on profit driver #1 – boosting digital sales.

Best Buy’s website looked like it had been stuck in a time warp… there were products promoted that weren’t even in stock… and sometimes it could take you 10 clicks to check out an order.

Before their “Renew Blue” campaign, only one out of one hundred website visitors bought something.

So Best Buy did a complete overhaul of their outdated website. If you look at today, it offers a sleek and modern shopping experience that makes it EASY for you to buy.

Look at how this profit driver has affected Best Buy’s bottom line…

Their online sales have grown double digits in each of the past five years…

And over 20% in the last two years.

In 2018 alone, Best Buy sold over $6 billion worth of products digitally.

So, the first profit driver was already a smashing success.

Onto the second profit driver of the Digital Helix…using cutting-edge technology to upgrade their customers’ experience.

Best Buy launched their “Blue Assist” feature on their mobile app.

Copyright Best Buy

No more running up and down the aisles to hunt down a sales person to answer your question!

Instead, you can now simply push a button on your phone and a sales rep will find YOU.

Tech support is only a few taps away with their “Geek squad” app that let’s you schedule an appointment.

And to compete with Amazon, Best Buy started rolling out same-day delivery of products right to your doorstep.

Which brings us right to the third profit driver of the Digital Helix…using the latest technology to reinvent their supply chain.

Before the start of their “Renew Blue” campaign, Best Buy had failed to keep up with Amazon on being able to deliver products quickly and efficiently.

Best Buy’s warehouses wouldn’t even fulfill orders on weekends and holidays.

Not even to mention that their distribution centers were running on 24-year old software… it might as well have been coded in the stone age!

This is now a thing of the past.

Best Buy invested in a massive digital upgrade of their warehouse technology…

Best Buy’s new modern fulfillment centers are state of the art.

Their distribution centers are now working 24 hours day, 365 days a year to fulfill your order.

State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence decides based on your ZIP Code and the weight of your package what store can get you the product the fastest…

Not only does this supply chain upgrade save them $400 million a year in logistics costs…

They can now offer same-day delivery in over 40 markets.

You could place an order online on Christmas Eve by noon and have the package delivered by 6 PM.

Best Buy followed the Digital Helix model perfectly…

And it sent their stock price through the roof!

Best Buy’s Stock Price Skyrockets After Implementing the Digital Helix

In December 2012 – when they started implementing the Digital Helix – their stock was at a 14-year low of $11.

Since then their stock has soared to a new all-time-high of over $79.

That’s a jaw-dropping 618% increase.

 Had you invested $10,000 back in 2012 before their digital transformation, you would be sitting on $71,800 right now.

 You could have more than DOUBLED your investment each and every year… for six years in a row!

 All with a single investment in a safe, stable, “blue chip” stock.

Forbes Magazine calls it an “amazing case study” of a successful digital transformation.

In a minute I will show you a new company that is following the Digital Helix right now…

That could be at least FOUR TIMES more profitable than Best Buy to you.

But first let’s look at Home Depot first… another company that has used the Digital Helix…

And has made its investors rich.

Ten years ago, the retailer was on the cusp of bankruptcy.

The US housing market had collapsed… consumer spending was in the gutter… and Amazon was stealing sales from their brick-and-mortar shops.

Home Depot’s stock took a beating. Their shares went from $69 to under $21 – a drop of almost 70%!

Home Depot Stock Price

In the wake of 2008’s financial crisis, Home Depot’s stock had tanked almost 70%

To put things into perspective… the average S&P 500 stock lost “only” 36% in value during the financial crisis in 2008.

So, Home Depot was hit almost twice as hard.

But what could have been the end of “Big Orange” turned into a jaw-dropping success story.

The Big Wigs at Home Depot realized they had to make drastic changes to their business model…

And they bet big on the Digital Helix.

In 2008 they started their “Tech 2.0” era and brought on the former eBay CTO Matt Carey.

He went right to work on the first profit driver… boosting Home Depot’s digital sales.

The company invested $4 billion in what their CEO Kevin Hofmann dubbed a “Clicks and Bricks” model…

If you shop online at Home Depot, you now have the option of picking up your products in the store or having them delivered to your home.

In other words, Home Depot’s existing stores now serve as fulfillment centers.

Not only could they radically slash their logistics costs…

For the past four years, Home Depot has increased their online sales by $1 BILLION – every single year!

Home Depot is now one of the largest ecommerce operations in the United States!

A stunning breakthrough.

And that was only the first profit driver of the Digital Helix…

Home Depot immediately moved on to the second profit driver… upgrading their customer experience.

One of their first moves was rolling out a smartphone app to help you navigate the notoriously overwhelming Home Depot stores.

No more roaming around the aisles, trying to find the product you’re looking for.

The app will give you a map off the store that makes it brain-dead simple to find what you need.

You can even use it to check if the product you’re looking for is in stock… so that you never waste a trip to the store.

But one of their coolest new features is using cutting-edge “Augmented Reality” technology.

It shows you what a new counter top would look like in your kitchen… or you can take pictures from your walls and then “virtually” test different colors before you decide on buying paint.

Customers LOVE it.

After introducing the new app and delivery options, the number of in-store visitors exploded to over 1.5 billion per year… a number of other retailers can only dream of.

So, after implementing the first two profit drivers of Digital Helix, Home Depot had already seen their digital sales soar AND boosted the number of visitors to their stores.

But they didn’t stop there.

They tackled the third profit driver of the Digital Helix…improving their supply chain to cut costs, increase efficiency and delivery products faster.

Home Depot invested $1.2 billion in a digital upgrade of their supply chain, nicknamed “Project Sync”.

State-of-the-art machine-learning software calculates the perfect layout for where products need to be in their warehouses…

Using RFID chips and mobile tracking devices, every warehouse worker now must walk 90 miles less PER WEEK….

That is a HUGE productivity (and profit) increase! 

Thanks to their massive supply chain investment, Home Depot can now offer same-day delivery in 35 major US metro areas.

Not to mention that it saves them a fortune in fulfilment costs.

So, Home Depot followed Digital Helix model to a “T”.

Let’s see how it affected their stock price…

In 2008 the Home Depot’s stock had tanked almost 70% and hit a 5-year low of $21.53.

After they started their “Tech 2.0 Era” in April 2008, Home Depot’s stock soared to a new all-time-high of $207.15…

The Digital Helix sent Home Depot’s stock soaring 834%!

Home Depot’s stock soared 834% after the company started its “Tech 2.0 era”

Had you invested $10,000 in Home Depot’s stock in 2008, before they started to follow the Breakthrough Blueprint…

You would now be sitting on $93,400.

That’s an $83,400 profit off a single investment in a safe, blue chip stock!

To put things into perspective… the same $10,000 investment into the S&P 500 at the same date would only be worth $20,800

In other words… an investment in Home Depot was more than EIGHT TIMES more lucrative than putting your money into the S&P 500…

And all this from a company that was “on the brink of collapse”.

Home Depot was smart enough to use the Digital Helix…

And in a moment I will show you a company that is putting the Digital Helix to use right now…

They have already laid a lot of the groundwork…

Their stock is a coiled spring right now…

And if you get in before June 20th you could see profits three times bigger than with Home Depot.

Before I give you all the details, I want to show you just one more company that has made its investors a FORTUNE by following the Breakthrough Blueprint.

It’s the biggest winner of all—delivering more than a 2,500% gain.

And I think the company is going to surprise you…

I’m talking about Domino’s Pizza.

Let’s take a step back into the year 2010.

Domino’s Pizza was effectively dying back then.

The company was reeling from a PR disaster–their customers thought the pizza tasted “like cardboard”…

And the stock had tanked from almost $30 to $11 per share, slashing almost two thirds of its value.

Domino’s CEO J. Patrick Doyle decided to take drastic measures in order to safe the company from bankruptcy.

In 2010 he went all in on the Digital Helix.

They got started on the first profit driver right away…

To boost their digital sales, Domino’s was one of the first in its industry to take orders through mobile phones.

Over HALF of Domino’s sales are now made digitally, and they sell three times more pizza online than any other restaurant business.

Those online sales are a boon for Domino’s bottom-line…

It turns out customers spend way more money when they order online than by phone, as they can easily add different items to their order.

For the second profit driver, Domino’s launched their digital order platform “AnyWare” that makes it as easy as humanly possible to order a pizza.

You can have the virtual assistant “Dom” guide you through the process.

You can order via Text Message, Twitter, through your Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa.

Domino’s even added 200,000 “hot spots” to their online ordering…so now you can have an oven-fresh pizza delivered to parks and beaches all over the United States.

And using GPS-tracking, you always know the exact location of your delivery driver.

For the third profit driver of the Digital Helix, the pizza chain invested $120 million into a complete overhaul of its supply chain.

The company launched a cloud-based e-commerce platform to quickly and easily deliver pizza materials and store equipment to its 4,700 franchise restaurants.

They bought an RFID-based warehouse management system called “StockTrack Plus” that drastically slashed their internal operation costs.

And they are even experimenting with delivery drones and self-driving pizza delivery vehicles.

Now let’s look how the Digital Helix has affected Domino’ stock price.

It will blow your mind when you see this…

Thanks to the Digital Helix, Domino’s Pizza has outperformed Netflix, Amazon, Apple and even Google’s parent company!

That’s right.

The Digital Helix has turned a PIZZA COMPANY into a more lucrative investment than Amazon!

When they started implementing the Digital Helix in 2010 the stock was at $11.30.

Since then it has soared/skyrocketed to a new all-time-high of $298.56.

That’s a 2,537% gain…

An astounding 253% increase PER YEAR!

Just imagine more than TRIPLING your money year after year… by putting it in a safe, rock-solid and simple investment like this.

Look, I really can’t overstate how important the Digital Helix was for Domino’s Pizza.

Had you invested a mere $10,000 in Domino’s Pizza back in 2010 when they started following the Digital Helix model…

You would now be sitting pretty on a hefty $253,700 profit.

That is over a quarter-million dollars in pure profit from a single investment.

Consider this… the average American has $84,821 saved up for retirement.

With one small $10,000 investment you could have more than TRIPLED the average American retirement account.

Just imagine the financial freedom such a huge windfall could bring to you…

Whether you want to set yourself up for retirement… put your children or grandchildren through college… or even splurge on luxury cruises and vacations…

ONE investment in a company that uses the Digital Helix could make all this possible for you…

And without the dangers that come with volatile penny stocks or other high-risk investments.

You wouldn’t expect such massive gains from established retail giants with real store locations, would you?

And yet most “experts” today don’t even realize that Domino’s Pizza has outperformed their beloved tech companies.

And the list doesn’t even stop here…

Walmart started using the Digital Helix back in 2011… their stock price has more than doubled since then.

Lowe’s stock has shot up 476% since they implemented the Digital Helix in 2011.

Walgreen’s stock price has almost tripled they started putting the Digital Helix to work in 2012.

The list goes on and on.

Now a word of warning…

Do NOT go out and buy any of these companies I just mentioned.

YES, these companies have done very well and there is a good chance their stocks might climb even higher.

But the fact is, these companies already have seen massive growth from following the Breakthrough Blueprint.

What you want is a company that is implementing the Digital Helix RIGHT NOW…

And that is about explode its profits and stock price.

Now the good news is that I have found the perfect candidate for you…

A company that is making all the right moves right now…

…And that is being completely ignored by the financial analysts.

Just like they ignored Best Buy, Home Depot and Domino’s Pizza.

Today, you have a chance to get in at the perfect moment in time…

This company has already finished a lot of the “heavy lifting”—pouring billions into their digital transformation. 

Their stock hasn’t made any big moves yet.

But once it gets going, it will move very, very fast.

And this breakout could come soon!

My research indicates you want to be on board before June 20th – more about that in a second.

Imagine you had invested a mere $10,000 in Best Buy back in 2012 when they announced their “Renew Blue” initiative…

 …$10,000 in Home Depot back in 2008 when they started their “Tech 2.0 Era”.

 …And another $10,000 in Domino’s Pizza back in 2010 when they launched their “Pizza Turnaround”.

Right now, you would be sitting on a whopping $398,900 in pure profit.

 You would have made a small fortune off just three simple investments.

The good news is that the company I identified could easily dwarf these gains.

It could be the most lucrative investment opportunity in my 35 years career as a financial analyst.

If you have followed me this far, I’m sure you understand why I’m so excited about this profit opportunity.

This ONE Company Could Make You More Money Than Home Depot, Best Buy and Domino’s Pizza Combined!

Best Buy, Home Depot and Domino’s Pizza brought their investors absolutely mind-boggling gains… and most “experts” didn’t see these stories coming from a mile away.

However, this is nothing compared to what I have in store for you today.

This ONE company I have identified it could make you more money than Home Depot, Best Buy and Domino’s Pizza combined.

It is currently the FIRST and ONLY company using the Digital helix in a $5.75 TRILLION market.

Just to put this into perspective…

Domino’s Pizza brought its investors a 2,500% windfall by using the Digital Helix in a $45 billion market.

But the company I’m sharing with you is operating in a market that is 100 times bigger.

Imagine the profit potential!

And even better… their competitors are completely missing the boat right now…

They are getting SLAUGHTERED in the retail apocalypse.

18 major companies in this market have gone under/closed their doors since 2014…

Meanwhile the company I’m about to share with you is already moving full speed ahead at implementing the Digital Helix.

They have successfully leveraged the first profit driver… boosting their digital sales.

And this transformation has put them light years ahead of their competitors.

While most of their competition is desperately clinging to an outdated, “offline-only” brick and mortar distribution model…

They have already rolled out a combined online/offline sales model.

Just like Best Buy and Home Depot, you can now order online and pick up your delivery at one of their store locations or have it delivered right to your home.

And the numbers are fantastic.

In 2017, their digital sales soared 90%.
And in 2018 they have already boosted their digital sales by another 66%.

Right now, they’re busy working on the second profit driver of the Digital Helix… upgrading their customer experience.

They’re rolling out an infrared-sensor monitoring system in their store locations that automatically sends staff to checkouts as necessary.

This way you never have to endure long lines at the cash register.

They are also testing a hi-tech shelf display technology that, according to Business Insider, could “change this industry as we know it”.

This cutting-edge shelf display technology allows them to instantly change prices, activate promotions and automatically undercut competitors sales.

It will even talk to your smartphone, guide you to the products you’re looking for and show you the best deals.

Imagine you’re looking for a certain item and your smartphone highlights it on the shelf for you…

And then guides you to related products that might be interesting to you, just like the online shopping experience.

This new breakthrough shelf display technology is already live in 200 stores… and they’re rapidly rolling it out in their other store locations.

But the real crown jewel of their tech expansion comes in the third profit driver of the Digital Helix model.

The upgrade of their supply chain.

Remember that automated warehouses were a key piece in all the success stories I showed you so far.

They radically slash logistics cost and speed up delivery times.

Well, the company I’m looking at right now is taking it one step further…

They spent a quarter-billion dollars to get EXCLUSIVE access to cutting-edge “smart warehouse” technology…

We are talking about stocking robots, machine learning technology… the whole enchilada.

According to the Financial Times this new technology could become the “killer app of the logistics industry”.

And it will cut delivery time to just ONE HOUR…

Think about it… you order a product online and have it delivered to your doorstep one hour later.

That’s something even Amazon can’t offer you right now.

This company is following the Digital Helix model to a “T”.

It’s making all the right moves to bring its investors breakout profits.

But what gets me even more excited are these numbers…

In this $5.75 Trillion market, currently only 2% of transactions are done online.

However, that’s rapidly changing.

According to Forbes Magazine, this number will increase to 20 percent within the next five years…

That’s a 10x increase…

And, again, this company is absolutely CRUSHING it in terms of online sales already.

Morgan Stanley rates it “the best positioned retail company for online sales” in this industry.

So, it’s in the perfect position to take full advantage of this explosive online sales growth.

What kind of profits can you expect from such a play?

Domino’s Pizza’s stock soared over 2,500%… from bringing the Digital Helix to a $45 billion market.

But the company I’m looking at is operating in a market that’s 100 times bigger…

It’s on track to grow its online sales alone to $50 billion over the next five years!

Now think about what that will do to their stock price…

The Next Digital Helix Windfall Could Hand You A 2,537% Gain… Enough to Turn a $10,000 Investment into $263,700.

Now look, of course nothing is ever a sure thing.

But if you look at the explosive growth that company’s like Home Depot, Best Buy and Domino’s Pizza saw after using the Digital Helix model…

And if you consider the massive scope of the market this company is operating in…

You are looking at a potential 2,537% gain – enough to turn $10,000 into over a quarter-million dollars.

And it could be even higher. 

So far, we are only talking about this business here in the States…

But the company has already set their sights on new markets.

They partnered up with China’s biggest ecommerce platform to bring the Digital Helix to the Chinese market…

An explosive $750 billion growth market that, according to Euromonitor, will grow “more than any other market on earth”.

In the long run this company could easily DOUBLE or TRIPLE the gains we saw with Domino’s Pizza.

Now the best thing is, this company has laid a lot of the groundwork…

They are brilliantly leveraging all three profit drivers of the Digital Helix.

That’s one reason the stock wasn’t touched during October’s market pullback. It was solid as a rock.

In fact, it’s up almost 20% since its low in October. 

And now I’m expecting this stock to make its move very, very soon… by June 20th in fact.

That’s when management will release their new earnings reports.

My research indicates that the Digital Helix will already show a HUGE effect on their bottom line once they reveal the new numbers.

And that is when I expect the feeding frenzy to begin…

You want to be on board BEFORE that happens.  So, you must move FAST… and get in before June 20th!

And remember…

Even if this firm is only HALF as successful as I expect it to be… folks who follow me will stand to make a fortune.

That’s why I’ve prepared a special report called “The Next Digital Helix Windfall” that has all the important information you need about this explosive growth stock.

This report contains the stock ticker, my in-depth analysis and the entry price you want to buy at.

Everything you need to get in right now… and set yourself up for massive profits.

Again, my estimate is a 2,537% gain… enough to triple the average American retirement account with a single investment!

In the long run, including the Chinese market, this number could easily double or triple.

The Next Digital Helix Windfall report has a $49 value.

And frankly, that’s a steal considering the profits I expect you to make from this company.

However, in a moment I will tell you how you can get it for FREE.

Just one more thing before we get to that…

I told you that we are dealing with a $100 trillion digital transformation here…

And there is another way to play this and see huge profits that I want to tell you about.

That’s why I have another gift for you today…

My GIFT to You: “Three Winners of the New Digital Economy”

I have prepared a special report that contains three companies that will profit from the Digital Helix…

And they will benefit from it without using it… or without even knowing that it exists!

How is that possible?


These three companies are providing the “backbone” for this $100 trillion digital transformation that’s unfolding right now.

They sell the technology that every company needs if they want to benefit from the Breakthrough Blueprint.

So, in other words…

These three picks are almost guaranteed to become big winners in the new digital transformation underway.

Winner #1 provides one of the key technologies for the Digital Helix – automation.

You know by now what a crucial role automation technology plays in the Breakthrough Blueprint. All the success stories I told you rely heavily on warehouse automation technology.

And this automation specialist provides the software, controls, consulting services and equipment they need.

Every time a company wants to follow the Breakthrough Blueprint, they must buy from this tech-expert.

And here’s the real beauty: This automation specialist isn’t only selling to retail companies. It’s also selling to industries like energy, mining, paper, chemicals, semiconductors and much, much more.

Winner #2 is a powerhouse in the semiconductor industry… providing a crucial backbone of the Digital Helix.

Robotics, AI, IoT, automation, smart warehouses… none of these technologies can operate without microchips and semiconductors.

I have found a behemoth of this industry that is still overlooked by Wall Street. It has a whopping 56% market share and is one of the biggest suppliers for Apple’s chip production.

Even better, its biggest rival just put its chip-production “on hold indefinitely” (they couldn’t swing the production costs) … making this semiconductor specialist the biggest player in its industry.

You won’t find a better way to profit off the microchips that are powering the $100 trillion digital transformation than this company!

Winner #3 covers Robotics & Artificial Intelligence… another must-have “ingredient” for the Digital Helix.

The success stories I’ve shown you are already taking advantage of AI and robotics technology. And this massive tech-trend is just getting started.

According to a study from Research and Markets, the industrial robot industry will grow by more than 40% PER YEAR over the next five years as this technology becomes cheaper for companies to buy.

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So far, we talked a lot about the $100 trillion digital transformation… and the amazing profit opportunities the Breakthrough Blueprint can deliver to you.

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Hot Tech Time Bombs: Avoid These 5 Story Stocks Analysts Love

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So far, we talked a lot about the $100 trillion digital transformation… and the amazing profit opportunities the Breakthrough Blueprint can deliver to you.

However, not every company in this field will be a winner.

As a matter of fact, a lot of them are outright LOSERS that drain your account and kill your profits.

That’s why I have compiled a “black list” of deadbeat stocks that you must avoid like the plague…

Hot Tech Time Bombs: Avoid These 5 Story Stocks Analysts Love

If you follow mainstream analysts and their stock recommendations, there is a good chance you have at least one of these time bombs in your portfolio.

A tech stock that was hailed as the “biggest success story” in its industry…

A blockchain-investment that was hyped as the “next big thing” after Bitcoin’s bull run last year…

But by far the biggest warning I have in this report is about a FAANG stock that could absolutely crush your portfolio

It’s bleeding customers and reeling from several legislation and PR-disasters.

Worst of all, analysts are still in love with it!

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