You’ve been lied to about how to retire wealthy. And today, you’ll see how it’s possible to retire with $1,000,000 and an $80,000/year income

Your [PLAN]…is allowing me to achieve an income that permits a continuation of the lifestyle I’ve established.”  – David

You’re about to hear about one of the biggest betrayals of my life.

It’s a lie told to me that would probably get many outraged.

“Triggered” I think is the word used nowadays.

It’s about a time I’m not entirely proud of…

A chapter of my story where I hit rock-bottom with little money and everything I thought to be true turned out false.

Honestly, it’s tough to share this story as no one ever wants to admit being led astray for decades of their life.

But it happened to me.

And it’s important because it’s happening to you right now.

You’ve been led astray for years if not decades.

The old adage of “work, save in a 401(k), and live off savings and Social Security” is a path to nowhere.
I learned about it many years ago when I ended up near bankruptcy while living in my dream location overseas.

As much as it’s uncomfortable to tell my story, I will.

Because, without this humbling experience, I wouldn’t be showing you what I’m calling…

“The $1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan”

It’s a PLAN created for you that can grow your portfolio into $1,000,000 no matter how much you’ve saved.

This PLAN works in addition to your Social Security check and allows you to create an $80,000/year income.  

There are no risky stocks. No options. No penny stocks.

It’s an opportunity for you to finally have a PLAN that will take the worry out of retirement.

Donate to charities you believe in…

You’ll have no excuse to say “no” to your grandkids anymore…

Imagine touring countless vacation condos looking for a second home…

If you already have $1,000,000, this PLAN can still work, and you’ll see how.

I personally believe this PLAN will beat all others you’ll get from expensive financial advisors.

And I’m not exaggerating… I used to be a financial advisor… a Certified Financial Planner in fact, so I know.

Looking back, it’s not a stretch to say the “$1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan” or the “$1M PLAN” saved my career and set me up for a lifestyle most retirees dream of.

Today, I travel with my wife anywhere we want on short notice… we frequent our favorite dining spots in town where they know us well… we enjoy our life.

It’s relaxed but adventurous. Not to mention, we only… and I mean only… do what we want to do. That’s exactly what I want for you.

Here’s a photo from a recent camping trip I went on with my wife and our dogs.

It was great to unplug. We enjoyed the peace and quiet of the wilderness. 

We can do this because we have a rock-solid financial footing. 

I know that if I take off for a few days or even weeks, I don’t have to worry.

Sure, I still “work” helping investors like yourself. This a treat for me.

And I can do this because I’m following the PLAN to grow my wealth every year like you will.

Others have already prospered:

Jack says:

Barry wrote:

Sharon says:

Milton told me:

Like them,

I do what I love now.

I wake up relaxed, not stressed.


…it wasn’t always like this…

After leaving the Air Force in the 80’s, I worked in the financial sector.

I did well for myself. I worked hard and made enough money to live on.

I reached a point where I felt comfortable enough to make a leap at what many dream of doing.

Living abroad.

My dream spot?


My “plan” was to live frugally, get a job to make ends meet, perhaps start a small business, and retire comfortably.

Again, that’s what you’re taught to do.

Work hard. Save. Retire comfortably. Live off what you saved.

I was a CFP, it’s what I recommended to clients for years. Maybe you have an advisor who sings the same tune.

And, in the beginning, everything was playing out exactly how I envisioned.

Well…this retirement dream…(the same one I taught my past clients)… turned out to be a huge lie.

It was worse than fake news. It was fake history.

I found the truth when I got to meet many wealthy folks in Uruguay.

They owned fancy cars and probably carried a 7-figure balance in their accounts.

We dined out together, swapped stories, I met some of their families.

These were successful people who always had money to spend. 

Here’s the even more interesting part…

They were 40, some 50-years old… all well below the normal retirement age. Yet, they were set for life.

They weren’t lucky.

Their secret to building wealth was what set them apart…

It was nothing I heard before as a financial planner. But it’s the key to the $1,000,000 PLAN I’ll show you.

I realized that, as a CFP, I taught clients how to not lose money.

Because CFPs aren’t there to really grow money, but rather help you hold on to what you got.

Their strategy?

Manage your assets to stay at or near the same value.

Then sell your assets every month to pay for your cost of living.

This strategy might work if you have $10,000,000 in the bank. 

Yet, for most people it’s a dangerous financial trap. 

It’s a trap because the only way to live is if the stock market keeps going up forever.

It’s why the New York Times reported many retirees went “back to work” after the Great Recession.

The stock market dropped. They had already sold assets to pay for their groceries.

Now, after the stock market fell, their bank accounts were worth almost nothing.

Meaning, they’d have to sell MORE shares to pay for the same groceries as last week.

Can you see the lie?

You’ve done a great job saving for decades.

Yet as soon as you retire, we’re told to sell our assets every month to pay the bills.

Your money tree can’t grow anymore because you’re chopping off the branches one by one to stay warm at night. 

Soon enough, you’ll have nothing left.

It wasn’t until I started listening to these wealthy folks in Uruguay that it all made sense…

The incredible secret of these wealthy Uruguayans was simple.


And I don’t mean stashing cash under the mattress.


Get cash…

Keep cash…

Generate cash without a job…

Cash on hand at all times does two things:

  1. Pays for a lavish lifestyle with no worries, and
  2. Allows you liquidity to get into cheap assets that can grow your wealth quickly


I’ve found a specific asset that follows this “CASH IS KING” philosophy.

It’s an endless cash machine, I’d say.

It’s an asset that delivers an increasing stream of income and profit every year.

And it’s better than your average dividend stock.

Forbes reports these assets “outperform” the market year-in and year-out.

When you have this asset in your portfolio, you’re getting the best of both worlds…

Cash coming in… that’s your income.

Plus, your portfolio balance is growing… that’s your wealth.

You’re not selling your assets for cash either.

Instead, you’ll be stockpiling your wealth to $1,000,000. Then, you will withdraw $80,000/year on top of your Social Security.

Let me show you what I mean.

Here’s one “Endless Cash Machine” opportunity that would’ve fit the $1M PLAN:

If you owned this stock in your portfolio, your balance would’ve gone up 399% in just a few years.

Meaning, a $250,000 investment would’ve jumped to over $1.2 million.

On top of that, you would’ve seen income increases — think a salary hike — of 50.5%, 30.3%, 24.7%, and 20.4%.

If you have an income stream of $25,000… it could go as high as $73,606. That’s almost tripling in a few short years.

That’s the power of the $1M PLAN.

A $1.2 million dollar portfolio and a tidy income stream to boot without selling your shares.

You’re getting both (income and growth) at the exact same time with this ONE simple asset I’ll show you.

Another “Endless Cash Machine” opportunity went up 362% in value and also delivered income raises of 40% and 33.3% in a few short years.

If you invested $250,000, your portfolio would have grown to $1,155,000.

That’s the kind of portfolio we are aiming for.

A third “Endless Cash Machine” opportunity jumped 231% in value and handed early investors 50%, 46.7%, and 21.2% income increases.

This “Endless Cash Machine” asset I’ll show you today does all of this for you.

Wall Street uses it.

Billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates take advantage too.

When I was a CFP, I didn’t know any of this.

We were never taught about an the “Endless Cash Machine” asset.

Before I met the wealthy ex-pats in Uruguay…

I was working for cash to stay afloat and pay my bills. One single accident could’ve taken me out of commission. An unexpected hospital bill…bankruptcy.

If you still work but got seriously hurt tomorrow, what would happen to your money?

If you’re retired, do you have your own plan if the market crashes?

As a former financial planner, I thought I had the answers to retirement.

Work hard. Save. Build up a portfolio you can draw from.

It’s bull.

Because when you sell your assets inside your 401(k) and IRA, you’re depleting your wealth.

Nothing to live on. Nothing to pass on to your family.

I should’ve known better. After learning this truth, I trekked back to the United States.

I was starting from square one. My old career was gone. Savings depleted.

But I had something big to build on. A knowledge of how the wealthy ACTUALLY became and stayed rich. 

The $1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan is Already Changing Lives.

This $1M PLAN dwarfs benefits received from Social Security and Medicare.

The average Social Security check is around $1,413 per month.

Average benefits from Medicare per person over 65 is around $1,271 per month.

With the $1M PLAN you could see an income of up to $80,000/year or around $6,667 per month.

That’s 371% more than your monthly Social Security check.

And 424% larger than your average monthly Medicare benefits.

Even better, Social Security only increased 2.9% the coming year. Under the $1M PLAN, you could be seeing double-digit income increases as many as twelve times per year!

Together with Social Security, the average retiree under the $1M PLAN could be enjoying around $9,351 per month in cash and medical benefits.

Over a 25 year retirement, under the $1M PLAN alone, you could see over $2,000,000 in CASH pass through your bank account.

You could retire anywhere.

Take all the cruises you want.

Pay off those last pesky debts.

This is a PLAN you can follow.

And it doesn’t matter how much you have to start.

It’s changed my life.

Today, I feel like I’m retired as I get to show you how to avoid my pitfalls and get a real retirement road-map into place.

I’ve already started showing others my PLAN and strategies, and the results have been incredible.

John says:

David wrote me an email claiming: 

Keeping that same lifestyle is important, as it keeps you comfortable and quite frankly…sane.

I asked Leo, a subscriber to my strategies, how he was doing, and he responded quite simply “Doing fine…77…retired and comfortable.”

His answer was short and sweet. I probably interrupted his time with the grandkids or he was watching the game.

I have countless testimonials from folks telling me something similar.

It’s extremely important you see everything there is to know about this $1M PLAN today. I’ll show you how it works for free plus the steps to get started.

First, it’s important you understand:


According to NASDAQ, individual investors have only returned 3.98% annually from 1997 – 2016.

That’s pretty bad.

Say you had $500,000 to retire on… much higher than the average Baby Boomer savings of around $200,000… and wanted to withdraw a mere $30,000/year.

That’s pretty frugal living, but let’s say you decide that’s what you’ll do.

Watch what happens to your portfolio if you make what the average investor did (4%)…

Your portfolio drops, a LOT. You’ll be down to $324 in 28 years.

Look closer.

With average returns of 4% every year you would NEVER see one year with a positive gain. 

Imagine a year like 2008 where the market drops 41%…

To get the same $30,000 income you would have to sell MORE shares. 

There’s the trap.

You can never have financial freedom if you’re selling your assets to pay the bills. 

That’s why Marketwatch reports “more than 40% of Americans are at risk of going broke in retirement.”

And CBS News calls bankruptcy a “coming storm” about to hit you.

According to the Motley Fool, “Money troubles worry seniors more than death.”

Business Insider reports that 1 in 5 people over 65 are working due to financial insecurity.

I did a survey recently of my paid readers.

Check out some of the common worries they have:

“[I’m worried about] Running out of money during retirement”

“Not losing my nest egg”

“Will I have enough money to retire?”

“I need an organized plan…to refer and follow”

“My husband and I have not planned well for retirement”

“Planning for retirement” is the #1 problem

“The next step needs to be a plan for withdrawing [our retirement savings]”

“I did not plan well” and worried about “having money last through retirement”

These worries are what drive me to release the $1M PLAN you’ll see today.

Because you deserve to have a comfortable $1,000,000 in your account.

From that, we can create a healthy $80,000/year income using the incredible asset I’ll show you today.


And with my “Endless Cash Machine” opportunities we will create more cash for you to live a great life.

Thousands have already been using my strategies in their own investing and it’s worked incredibly.

Susan told me “I feel much more secure, and appreciate being able to have you help me.”

Gerald is excited because his income “has reached $4,800 per month.” That’s over $57,000 per year in mostly passive income. He makes over $5,000 more than the average yearly salary in America just from dividend checks.

They’re making this income without dumping shares…meaning, they get their cash and keep their money tree growing.

It’s time for you to take steps now.


My name is Tim Plaehn if we haven’t met.

You know me as the editor of The Dividend Hunter. It’s my flagship product guiding readers to a regular cash flow through high-yield dividends.

Over 7,200 people are enrolled and that number is climbing daily.

The goal of The Dividend Hunter is to earn income TODAY, and it does an amazing job.

One of my readers wrote me about a cruise he went on and paid for with just his dividends from The Dividend Hunter.

But, according to my surveys and talking to readers, most people retiring today DO NOT have enough money stashed away to earn a relaxed retirement…

Let alone survive a stock market crash.

That’s why I’m releasing the $1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan today.

It’s the most reliable, best way I know to methodically increase your wealth and income every year.

In fact, I’ve proven the $1M PLAN to be extremely successful the past couple of years.

One night in Uruguay — and there were many nights like this — I’d meet up with some of my friends. Many were well off.

We’d talk about our prior jobs, I’d share stories of my young days in the Air Force.

As we sipped on whiskey — my favorite drink — I learned about how they got to be so successful.

None of these folks were tech billionaires or founders of large public companies.

Instead, they’d simply unlocked the key to a seemingly unlimited pot of cash.

They were “Kings of Cash”, like I told you.

They would buy $300,000 condos in big cities in straight cash without breaking a sweat. 

For them, they could spend and invest as they wanted. More cash was always coming.

I asked them “How? What are you doing other folks aren’t?”

That way their income is increasing at the same time as their wealth.

That’s why if you follow the secret I discovered —namely, CASH IS KING — you’ll be ready to follow the $1M PLAN.

This PLAN has the goal of getting you to a $1,000,000 portfolio and an $80,000/year income per year.

That’s in addition to your Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Even better, since we are investing assets with both increasing income and increasing value, we should only get richer as time goes on.

I’m going to show you exactly what kind of assets to invest in that brings us there. It’s pretty incredible to see.

These are my “Endless Cash Machine” opportunities.


The “Automatic Income” indicator is my term for a select group of stocks that are “Endless Cash Machines”.

If you want a growing portfolio and income stream at the same time, you want to be investing in stocks with rising dividends.

The Motley Fool calls following a PLAN like this: “…a crazy simple…strategy you should seriously consider.”

Kiplinger say rising dividends are “…a strategy [that has] stood the test of time.”

Seeking Alpha says the rising dividend stocks behind the $1M PLAN “have a long history of outperforming the market.”

Forbes agrees saying these stocks will also “outperform.”

In terms of income, Barron’s says you can expect “better payouts” than other stocks.

Here’s why this “Automatic Income” indicator is so powerful.

Check out these companies who have ramped up their dividends in the past decade.

See how much in profits they’ve returned for investors plus the income increases you would’ve received.

Notice that many of these stocks saw BIG moves in their dividends.

Boeing boosted their dividend by 50.5%…

Discover helped shareholders with a 66.7% bump…

Home Depot – 34.5%

Visa – 50%

The massive dividend hikes caused massive stock price increases.

Here’s what made this “Automatic Indicator” strategy even more compelling.

I saw Wall Street use it themselves.


A few years back, I attended an interesting event.

It was a contest pitting top Charles Schwab wealth managers against each other.

The goal was simple… design a strategy that would create the most wealth over the long-term.

Before I attended, I wondered what strategies would be attempted…options…value stocks…income-focused portfolios, momentum plays and others.

What I found out, over 67% of the Schwab managers used rising dividends (Endless Cash Machines) as their focal point for their strategies.

They believe investing in the best rising dividend stocks is the most profitable and conservative way to make money, keep your money, and grow your money in any market condition.

Watching them pick rising dividends stocks again and again solidified what I learned in Uruguay.


Invest in assets that grow your income so you can use that cash to grow your wealth even more.

Wall Street had tipped their hand to me…

I couldn’t believe I didn’t know the power of this strategy when I was a financial advisor. I felt I had been tricked this whole time.

Invest Like the Big-Name Billionaires Using the $1M PLAN too.

Look at Warren Buffett. Kiplinger says he’s smartly investing in dividend stocks “that should continue rising at a double-digit pace.”

One of his favorite new plays, Southwest Airlines, saw their 5-year dividend growth rate is up 69%.

Meanwhile, in under five years, Southwest has catapulted for 365% gains. Meaning, you wouldn’t have just doubled your money in five years, you would’ve quadrupled it.

That’s while other people double their money every 7-10 years.

He’s also invested in MasterCard and Visa. They have dividend growth rates of MasterCard 50% and 23% respectively.

Next, billionaire corporate raider, Carl Icahn, invests in these plays in order to “hedge against market disruptions.”

His own company’s stock, Icahn Enterprises, has shelled out 1,400% more income for investors in the past few years, plus the stocks has jumped 205% in 12 months.

Lastly, Bill Gates, has almost 6% of his foundation’s equity in Caterpillar.

That’s a stock that’s bumped its dividend 86%.

Since 2016, you could’ve reaped profits as high as 184% thus doubling your money in two quick years.

But, don’t invest in any of these dividend stocks.

I’ll tell you why in a minute, but the consequences could have you seeing red.


Yes, rising dividend stocks are the true secret to lasting wealth.

But that does not mean you should go out and buy the “Dividend Aristocrats” like Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble.

Perhaps the most telling example of the danger of dividend cuts is the famous General Electric.

Once a stable of the dividend aristocrats, it’s in shambles right now. Analysts on CNBC even whispered about “bankruptcy.” 

Still, recently the company cut its dividend from $0.12 to a measly $0.01 and that wasn’t the first cut.

From 2011 to 2015, the dividend actually grew a few pennies each year. From $0.15 up to $0.24. That 60% pay raise also handed investors 45% in capital gains.

Suddenly, in 2017, they chopped the dividend in half from $0.24 to $0.12. A 50% blow to income investors.

Almost immediately, the stock tanked.

It is down over 71% since then. There’s no telling how much lower it will go with its recent 92% cut.


I have not pored through their financials for signs of an impending dividend cut.

Instead, let me send you my brand new report “The Final Retirement Plan”

It houses the top 3 rising dividend stocks you should buy now.

  1. The first dividend growth company only recently IPO’d, but it’s already grown its dividend by 111% and I project 30% growth year-over-year. That means potential 30% gains annual as well if it plays out correctly.The company owns the general partner of a natural gas producer and spends over $1.3 billion for more wells and production. They’re estimated for 25% growth. The investing public will not understand this opportunity which makes it a great ‘under-the-radar’ play.
  2. The second dividend growth company is an MLP that provides services to a massive oil company. Their dividend has already jumped nearly 300% in the past four years from $0.27 to $0.75. Their pipelines are in the ‘heavy oil’ area of the United States including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota and Montana. In the last year alone, they raised their dividend 22% and I see more double-digit growth in the next few quarters. The time to invest is now.
  3. The third company is another oil transportation company that’s hiked its dividend 45% in the recent years. They own and operate more than 8,300 miles of natural gas lines and 820 miles of crude oil. They’re trailblazers as they transport from some of the most bountiful areas including the Rocky Mountains and Appalachian regions. An insider just bought 15,000 shares giving us reassurance that the dividend hikes should continue.

I want to send The Final Retirement Plan to you right now.

You can claim it immediately in the next few minutes.

However, these 3 stocks are only the foundation of the $1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan.

Our goal with the $1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan is to get your portfolio to one million and then withdraw $80,000/year on top of your Social Security and Medicare.

We will do that thanks to our “Automatic Income Indicator” or rising dividends.

Why do I call it that?


As dividends grow, so can the stock prices.

When a company raises its dividend, that means there is more “free money” out there for investors. If there’s anything I’ve learned in 30 years it’s that investors love surefire bets.

So, when that dividend hikes, demand for the stock increases. As the demand increases, naturally the stock price will increase too.

Supply vs. demand.

In fact, I’ve manufactured this equation which pairs with the “Automatic Income” indicator.

Annual Return = Current Yield + Average Annualized Dividend Growth Rate

If a stock grows their dividend by 25%…we expect the stock to return the yield plus the growth.

It doesn’t always work perfectly, but it’s just a guideline.

Let’s look at one of my favorite sectors for dividends….energy.

In 2016, TallGrass Energy (TGE) increased their dividend by 65.3% that year.

Guess how much the stock increased in price at the same time…?


Check out the banking sector, which has been beat down the last few years.

U.S. Bancorp decided to start hiking dividends in 2012. And it wasn’t a small hike.

They started with a boost of 56%. By 2013, the stock was up over 55%. Almost an exact match in dividend growth and appreciation in the stock.

They then have raised the dividend 17.9%, 23.3% and five other times. That’s amazing news for us.

The stock has climbed over 70% and is at its highest price ever in its history.


Check out this chart again with just the rising income.

Check out Boeing.

Let’s tally all these hikes together.

If you started with a modest $17,000 in income per year. That’s about the average retiree benefit from Social Security.

Imagine receiving income bumps of 10.2%, then 50.5%, 24.7%, 19.8%, 30.3%, and 20.4% every year.

At best, your income would jump from $17,000 to a nice $66,077 per year! An incredible 289% boost.

But that’s not all that’s possible.

With the $1M PLAN investing in growing dividend stocks, you’d also be going after


With dividend increases, these stocks saw their stock prices pop:

Check out Boeing again. 399% profits.

Imagine seeing $66,077 in yearly income per year after starting with just your Social Security.

Then, say you have a $250,000 portfolio at retirement.

In just about 6 years, your portfolio would’ve grown from $250,000 to an amazing $1,247,500!

With that size portfolio, you could draw an income stream even larger than $80,000/year if you wanted.

Not to mention, you can expect your $1,247,500 war chest to continue to climb on top of that.


Because if you continue to follow the $1M PLAN, you’ll continue investing in rising dividend stocks.

So, you’d still see both your income and balance rise annually. That’s our goal.

I haven’t found any other asset on the planet that hands you a growing income stream and a growing portfolio balance.

If you think real estate will give you that, let me tell you — the headaches with buying, renting, and selling houses is a pain.

With stocks, you don’t have mess with any wild tenants. You click a few buttons in your brokerage account and you’re done.

I’m going to show you how to get started with the $1M PLAN now.

But first you might be tempted to pick out these stocks I showed you and invest in them:


These plays have already happened.

I showed them to you to prove my point about the power of rising dividends. I also chose well-recognized names so it’s easier to follow.

The top 3 rising dividend stocks I’ll show you ARE NOT well-known. In fact, you may not have heard of any of them, however, my goal is for them to produce big gains and income for you in the coming years.


Instead, I will send you my brand new report “The Final Retirement Plan”. It houses the top 3 rising dividend stocks you should buy now.

  • One has already grown its dividend 111% and I expect a 30% growth year-over-year.
  • Another has increased its dividend 300%, but the stock is lagging and hasn’t caught up. It’s a perfect buying opportunity.
  • The last company gave shareholders a 45% raise, even some of the executives are buying this stock. I expect big things in the coming months.

These 3 stocks are the perfect foundation to the $1M PLAN.

They will get you on the way to $1,000,000 and then an $80,000/year income.

Here’s how it works:


THe $1M Plan is a specific strategy for finding where top rising dividends are, investing, then taking profits and finding the next best rising dividend play.

Watch how it would’ve worked with our stocks from before.

Let’s imagine you start with $150,000 in your retirement account.


In 2011, Home Depot (HD) was trading around $30. Their dividend was a healthy $0.25. At the end of 2011, they bumped their dividend by 16%.

Normally, with the $1M PLAN, we wouldn’t invest in just one stock, but for simplicity sake, let’s pretend we did.

You invest all of your $150,000 into Home Depot when the dividend goes up.

Now, it gets interesting…

In 2013, the dividend is hiked another 34.5%. You’re making 34% more income and check out your portfolio balance.

It’s up 114% in two years. You’re up to $321,000.

Let’s keep going.


You pull your money out of Home Depot and you see Tyson Foods (TSN) is about to announce a massive dividend hike. Plus, the stock trades around $30 while your old Home Depot stock sits near $80.

You jump into Tyson Foods. The hike comes in at 30%. That’s great, so you hold on for the ride.

Then, in 2015, they come out with a massive 128% hike.

Immediately the stock shoots up 161% in total through 2016.

The dividend was hiked a total of 158%, you got a stock return of 161% on top of that.


Your portfolio is now up to a whopping $837,810 in 5 years.


Visa (V) had rapidly been raising their dividend while you were invested in Home Depot and Tyson Foods.

So, you dive in at a pullback opportunity in 2016. You had sat on cash waiting for the right entry point.

That’s why we want cash on hand… for opportunities when stocks go on sale.


From the end of 2016 – 2018, Visa raises its dividend from $0.16 to $0.25, a nice 69% bump.

During that time frame, your stock goes up 81%.

Now, your portfolio sits at a whopping $1,516,436 in a mere seven years!

That’s pretty incredible to think about.

Now, a few disclaimers.

To get these exact numbers would take precise timing. However, if you had roughly followed when dividends were hiked from these companies, the results are entirely possible.

Second, these stocks are incredible examples of how dividend hikes can move up stock prices.

They aren’t the best yields on the market. They just rapidly grew their dividends. 

I’ve now given you the key strategy behind the $1M Final Retirement Plan…

Invest in stocks with rising dividends.

But here’s the tricky part. 

Which stocks with rising dividends are the best to buy today? 

There are plenty of stocks that have a rising dividend…

And I would recommend to avoid most of them. 

That’s because while most stocks give out a small increase here and there…

I’ve identified a small group of rising dividend stocks that stand high above the rest. 

These stocks pump out double-digit dividend increases like clockwork. 

I’ve already mentioned three stocks inside of my “Final Retirement Plan” report. 

And you can get that report today. 

Or you could decide to take on this strategy on your own.

Spending hours trying to uncover stocks with increasing dividends…

Comparing these stocks to find out which have the fastest increasing payments… (you have to do this by hand for every stock)…

And digging through SEC filings to forecast if the dividend will go up or down.

I work full-time at this, and it still takes me upwards of 20 hours a week to find an acceptable Rising Dividend investment.

To make the $1M PLAN work, you need a system in place.

A system that:

  1. Alerts you when to buy a dividend stock at a great price
  2. Calculates where to put your cash dividends to best increase your portfolio balance faster
  3. Blinks *red* when one of your stocks is about to chop their dividend and thus saving you from stock drops
  4. Signals all these steps automatically for you

You could spend the time building this system yourself.

However, I recommend if you wish to follow the $1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan and be successful in the least amount of time, you simply ‘plug in’ to the system I already built.

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The Automatic Income Machine was built to track stocks following our “Automatic Income” indicator aka stocks with rising dividends.

Automatic Income Machine IS The $1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan.

It’s a full-blown, robust system that is working 24/7 for you everyday.

I work behind-the-scenes sending you the absolute best “Endless Cash Machine” dividend stocks for your portfolio.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Log-in to Automatic Income Machine
  • Check out what stocks I recommend to buy and sell
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  • When we receive dividends, I’ll let you know the best place to reinvest them to continue growing our account balances

You could spend 60 hours per week studying the right opportunities yourself like I do. 

Or, you can let me do it for you. 

All it would take from you is 30 minutes per month making the trades.

All of the rest of your time you can spend doing activities you love.

You could join some of these other folks already taking advantage of the Automatic Income Machine and my strategies:

The success of my Automatic Income Machine and all my strategies is growing.

  • Thomas said: “My portfolio is up $75,000!”
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  • Jerry claims: “Your advice and information, along with some other research, have been a key source of help in this ongoing process [of building our system].”

When you join the Automatic Income Machine today, you’ll get an incredible 50% OFF discount.

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And to make it even easier to follow, I’ve created two more bonuses for you.



After you click to the next page, you need to go right to this report and open it up.

It’s the true first step to success to put the entire $1M PLAN into action which is what the Automatic Income Machine is programmed to do.

This report is a comprehensive guide to how Automatic Income Machine works for you.

Inside the Getting Started with Automatic Income Machine report, you’ll uncover:

  • The percentage of your portfolio to hold in cash so you’re able to dive into cheap dividend opportunities when they happen as soon as tomorrow. Remember, CASH IS KING.
  • Where to stash your dividends to cut down your time to $1,000,000 by 50%
  • The rapid exit strategy we take for every stock so you keep losses small, plus
  • Where you can find the next rising dividend superstar to add to your $1M PLAN.

You’ll want to read this report right away.

After that, I’ll show you what to follow my system.

You’ll find that in my new video series:

Setting Up Your Accounts For the $1M PLAN

Have you ever bought a stock and later on immediately regret your choice?

It happens to the best of us.

I want to take all doubt out of your head where you should put your portfolio money.

That’s why I created this new video series: How to Set Up Your Accounts for the Automatic Income Machine.

There are four parts to this series, but you only need one at this time.

Why? Because each video is tailored to a specific starting account balance.

  • Video #1: If you have less than $100,000…
  • Video #2: If you have between $100,000 – $250,000…
  • Video #3: If you have between $250,000 – $500,000…
  • Video #4: If you have between $500,000 – $1,000,000+…

Each video is not the same. I offer specific tips and advice based on your account size. The goal is to grow each account to $1,000,000 in the most conservative but fastest way.

As a disclaimer, I am not a financial advisor anymore, so I cannot give personalized investment advice.

These videos are meant only as guidelines for what you can do. In no way is it required nor a personalized recommendation for your situation.

This video series would normally be $97, but I will bundle it in here for free as part of your subscription.

Finally, I have one more service for you to take advantage of.

You will also get access to a Private Members Monthly call.

Every month,  I hold a live call with all my Automatic Income Machine subscribers.

On these calls, I walk through the current economic climate, our portfolio positions, and then I answer questions.

Sometimes, 60 minutes of the call is just me answering questions. I really enjoy it.

If you’ve been looking for a place to ask your retirement questions, this is it.

I do these calls so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing the right thing for your retirement.

When the market drops, you don’t have to go through that alone.

Automatic Income Machine members get together and I help walk you through those rough patches.

Your family will appreciate how much dedication you’re putting in to get retirement right.

That way you won’t become one of the “40% of Americans at risk of going broke” as Marketwatch reports.

This is a free service for Automatic Income Machine members.

Plus, to get you started with Automatic Income Machine where you feel the most comfortable, I’ll also begin having New Member Orientation Calls.

I’ve never done this before.

After you join, I’ll have a special call for all new Automatic Income Machine members like yourself.

On this private webinar, I’ll walk thru how to set up your account, what to do, how to use the service plus open the floor for questions here as well.

You can attend this Orientation as many times as you want, but it’s an opportunity to see everything I’m giving you in a LIVE setting.

Rather than you having to figure out how to use the Automatic Income Machine system, I show you LIVE exactly what to do.

That way you’re 100% sure your investments are in the right stocks.

To get to $1,000,000 and an $80,000/year income, the fastest way to get there is following the Automatic Income Machine system perfectly.

I’m here to walk you through step-by-step.

I’ve never seen any other product provide ‘new members’ call.

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It’s all inclusive.

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Today, when you join Automatic Income Machine and begin using the system built to follow the $1,000,000 Final Retirement Plan, I’ll take 85% OFF right now.

The price to join the Automatic Income Machine is an absolute bargain! 

Advisors on Wall Street charge 1% plus 20% of your profits.

If you have a $250,000 portfolio, right off the bat you’re paying $2,500 each year and that’s just to retain their services.

On top of that, if you make 20% a year on your money as the Automatic Income Machine already has done, you’d pay them $10,000 on top of that.

That’s $12,500 a year and your fees only go up as your account goes up.

Worse, they’re taking their cut sometimes by selling shares in companies that could be producing income for you.

Instead, DO THIS!

Invest in growing assets and never sell shares for income.

With the Automatic Income Machine, you get two benefits:

  1. You only pay the same amount each year even when I raise the price in the future
  2. Your investment is much, much less than $12,500 per year.

The retail price for Automatic Income Machine is $1,997. That’s already 84% less than Wall Street charges.

Today, you can get started for just $297.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what Wall Street charges.

With the Automatic Income Machine, you could pay off your subscription fee on the first dividend payment.

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I’m so confident this can work for you, no matter the size of your portfolio, that I’m willing to give you a full 60-days to try out my machine.

That’s two months to get all my picks, up to two monthly calls, my bonus series, The Final Retirement Plan, plus multiple alerts to move your money.

If after those 60 days you aren’t fully satisfied and believe it’s for you, I’ll give you a full refund plus you can keep the bonus report and picks.

To protect my PLAN from ending up in the wrong hands, anyone who gets a full refund will be charged a fee of $79.

This is meant to protect you from investors who aren’t serious.

That opens me up for many to try and take advantage of this offer and see how everything works for virtually free.

However, let me assure you, this is a long-term solution for your retirement.

The Automatic Income Machine isn’t a static system. It’s dynamic and changes as we need it to best get to $1,000,000.

So, I promise you, if you think signing up then canceling will give you an edge in retirement, it will for 60 days.

But, God willing, retirement for you will last many more decades from now.

I’ve been in the market for over 30 years.

I tried to take shortcuts before and I ended up near bankrupt in Uruguay. It wasn’t until I put a long-term plan into place that I exponentially grew my wealth.

And if you take action now…

You get a one-time invitation to my private event during the next Money Show where I speak every year

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Let’s quickly go through everything you get today:

  1. The Final Retirement Plan ($97 value)
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  5. How to Set Up Your Retirement Account for the Automatic Income Machine video series ($97 value)
  6. LIVE New Subscriber Orientation webinar each month ($197 value)
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  8. 60-day money-back guarantee
  9. Plus, I have TWO MORE special bonuses on the next page for you

That’s $3,179 value for a relatively small investment of $297 today. That’s a 90% savings right away.

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As a bonus for starting today, I’ll include NINE more stocks that follow the $1M PLAN

That’s right.

Instead of just three to start your journey, how about 12?

I’ll include them at no extra charge inside your Final Retirement Plan report.

That’s nine more plays to diversify your portfolio, but also give you more income pipelines.

As famous investor, Sir John Templeton said: Diversify. There is safety in numbers.”

I agree. These 12 plays will make your retirement less stressful.

If you’re worried 12 stocks is too many to manage, remember, I’m telling you exactly when to buy and sell and reinvest.

Most Americans are returning on 3.98% in their account. I’ll show you how to potentially return 16-20% each year while banking 25% more income.

Financial planning for retirement doesn’t need to be complicated, difficult, or expensive. Many would make you think it is.

Don’t spend countless hours trying to figure this all yourself.

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