How to Take Advantage of What Bloomberg Calls “[a] Supercharged Boom”

“The Supercycle Income Secret”

Create Your Own Personal Bull Market in the Next 36 Months — Even As Inflation Soars and Stocks Tank

“The Opportunity of a Lifetime” — Yahoo Finance

Dear Reader,

It’s been a painful road in recent months for anyone with money in the markets.

The situation on Wall Street… and in the world for that matter… seems to be getting worse by the day…

Sky-high inflation… outrageous gas prices… and a looming recession are all hanging over us like a dark cloud.

Headline talking about how inflation is making retirees nervous.

Wall Street Journal headline about recession fears.

Graph showing a downturn in the stock indexes.

Do you hold your breath when you fill up the tank?  Think twice before buying the pre-cut cantaloupe? Or wonder how long your nest egg will last?

Well, you’re certainly not alone.

People are scared… even terrified… of what could possibly happen next.

That’s OK. It’s perfectly normal to be concerned. Even the most confident investors lose sleep over today’s market mayhem….

But what’s NOT OK is allowing that fear to paralyze you.

The worst mistake you could make right now is having “a deer in the headlights” moment.

Because as dire as the current situation might be… there IS a clear-eyed, simple, and potentially lucrative plan for what to do now…

The Flow of Money Never Stops

Having been through all kinds of economies in my 68 years, I can tell you one thing…

There’s money to be made in every market.

Because whatever happens with the economy: The flow of money never stops. It’s as simple as that.

Think about it…

Every single one of us is spending cash—day in, day out.

No matter what kind of calamity strikes… we don’t stop needing food. We don’t stop needing power.

People are still going to want the lights to turn on, require housing, and have to fill up their cars.

Shopping bag full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

And if you know how to tap into this never-ending flow of money, you can continue to increase your wealth even during the most chaotic of times…

I know it sounds crazy, but right now might even be the best time to get started.

Because at this very moment, a new bonanza is unfolding.

And it gives everyday investors the chance to tap into what I call…

“The Supercycle Income Secret”

This supercycle has the power to fund your retirement.

Bloomberg calls it a “Supercharged Boom…”

Yahoo Finance says it’s “The Opportunity of a Lifetime…

And The Telegraph reports it’s “set to make a generation of investors rich.

Today I want to show you how you can use this market force to your advantage.

I’m talking about a system that lets you set up a passive income stream to pay your bills for life.

Your groceries, prescriptions, electric bills… anything you need.

Plus, have some left over to treat yourself guilt-free with eating out, entertainment and travel.

I’ve been using this system to pay my bills for 30 years now.

And I’m not the only one who’s doing great because of it. Thousands of readers follow my unique approach.

Just take Jeff C. who said about it:

My wife and I have been very pleased with your picks andthey now make up a good portion of our assets.

Or John O. who wrote:

What a privilege to have access to your sage advice-I’m shaking my head in disbelief at how my portfolio is performing. Thanks again.

Then there’s Jack S. who told me:

I really love your program. I am going to talk to all my friends and family – first time I have seen a program really work!

But as successful as we were in the past… this was only the beginning…

More Than 20,000 Readers Follow My Strategy

Thanks to this historic supercycle unfolding right now, I believe my system just got a massive boost.

Now, before you start guessing…

We do NOT try to time the market… use anything complicated like bonds… or burn our fingers on short selling or put options.

Our approach is simple and takes mere minutes to set up.

And as you’ll see, it has NOTHING to do with reckless speculation.

Instead, we tap into predictable, reliable payouts.

If history is any guide, these payouts are destined to go straight UP in the months to come.

And if you know how to position yourself, this cash could hit your bank account as soon as next month .

When you have a system like this, you’re taken care of week-in and week-out.

No more avoiding the mailbox because of the “mystery” bills stacked on the ad pages.

It’s what I call “complete and absolute freedom.” 

It may sound unbelievable… but I’ll prove to you it’s possible in a moment.

Before I get to this, you need to understand that this is an urgent situation.

Because the supercycle that’s set to pour kerosene into my system just got started…

This Pattern Has Returned Outsized Gains For 227 Years Running

The market forces behind this supercycle have made investors more money than any other asset class in history.

More than gold. More than real estate. More than tech stocks.

Legendary investors John Paulson worth $4 billion … Paul Tudor Jones sitting on over $7 billion … and George Soros worth nearly $9 billion … all owe their fortunes to this type of investment.

The best thing about it? The biggest gains come in predictable waves.

There’s a pattern to it that’s been running for 227 years.

Take a look at this chart.

Graph showing the historical supercycles.

As you can see, this pattern has repeated throughout history since 1795, each time creating higher returns …

And right now we’re just coming off of another bottom in this historic cycle.

It’s why the sector behind this supercycle saw dramatic price spikes just recently… making some traders a TON of money.

I’m talking about commodities.

Take oil. It topped $128 a barrel within mere days… a 14-year high…

Graph showing the price of crude oil.

Gold crossed a historic $2,000 mark…

Graph showing the rise in price of Gold.

And Chicago wheat futures went absolutely parabolic. They surged above $12 per bushel, a level not seen since March 2008.

Graph showing the price of Wheat.

Most investors think these sudden peaks were only the result of Russia’s Ukraine war. After all, that’s what the mainstream financial news made it all about…

Headline talking about Russia invading Ukraine affecting commodities.

Barron's Headline talking about how Russian Invasion is affecting stocks.

Headline saying "War in Ukraine Sparks a Commodity Crisis"

But don’t let these headlines fool you…

The Best Setup of The Last 20 Years

These spikes are merely a symptom of a much BIGGER trend. One you still have the chance to get in on.

This trend that has been kicked off long before… and it will stay on course long after this crisis has subsided.

I’m talking about the first commodity supercycle in over 20 years.

The truth is, prices already shot up before Russia invaded Ukraine.

In the wake of the heart-breaking crisis in Ukraine, most people forgot about it… but these price hikes kicked-off much earlier.

Take a look…

Crude oil soared 157% within 16 months before the war…

Graph showing crude oil prices.

Natural gas saw a 243% hike in less than 13 months…

Graph showing price of natural gas.

And steel futures went up 331% in a little more than 12 months.

Graph showing steel futures.

And that’s not all. Prices for lumber… cotton… fertilizer… and shipping — to name just a few examples — were all on a massive upward trend already.

It’s easy to understand why this happened…

Commodities haven’t been this cheap in 20 years. This chart shows you the ratio between the S&P GSCI Commodity Index versus stocks since 1972.

Graph showing how commodities are undervalued.

Until recently commodities were the cheapest they’ve been relative to stocks since the lows of the dot-com bubble in the late ‘90s. That was more than 20 years ago.

And with the economy opening up after Covid-19, pent-up demand has been unleashed. That’s why I believe commodities have only way to go: straight up.

I expect this a massive trend to stay with us for years to come.

And I’m not the only one to say so…

“[This] Supercycle is Set to Make Generations of Investors Rich”

Gary Schlossberg, global strategist at Wells Fargo, confirms, “we’re at the beginning of a supercycle…

Headline saying "Commodities at Beginning of Super Cycle"

Jeffrey Currie, economist at Goldman Sachs, predicts we’re ”merely at the first innings of a decade-long commodity supercycle…

Headline saying "Goldman Sachs Calls 10-Year Commodity Supercycle"

And David Burrows, president at Barometer Capital Management told Bloomberg, We are in a long-term bull market for commodities.

Headline talking about a commodity bull market.

We have every reason to assume this supercycle is set to deliver a tidal wave of cash.

And my system is the easiest and I believe the safest way to take advantage of this incredible force.

Just consider that many of my readers achieved great results well before this supercycle kicked in.

Take a look at what Ronald P. wrote…

“I am glad to have found [you]. I eagerly await all your updates and thank you for improving my income stream with all your great ideas.”

Steven D. said:

I never believed in my life I would be able to have this much in my portfolio in what I would consider a very short time.”

And Gary F. told me:

My return percentage is higher than my financial agent can manage. Go figure.”

As impressive as these wins are…

Now that this massive supercycle is unfolding, I expect the profits you can achieve to be nothing short of spectacular.

Like I said, my approach is designed to create enough cash you’re not forced to make any concessions to your lifestyle…

No matter if an inflated gas bill hits you in the winter or if you need to weather unexpected medical bills.

This could be your ticket to get rid of all your money worries in your golden years.

But this trend is not waiting for anyone… and you’ll kick yourself six months from now if you’re not taking action today…

We’ve Seen This Play Out Many Times Before

These recent oil, steel, and wheat price hikes show you just the beginning of what’s possible… what’s virtually certain to happen much more widely.

And investors who position themselves today stand to reap the rewards for years to come…

Without stressing about a stock market crash or running out of money.

Because the elements that fuel a long-lasting supercycle are perfectly aligned right now.

You see, history has shown us that there are two forces behind every commodity boom…

First, the economy is just getting out of a low point. And second, a fundamental transformation is kicking in, driving prices to new heights as a result.

This pattern has played out over and over in history…

Take the Long Depression in the late 19th century. The American economy was down to its knees.

But the introduction of electric power in manufacturing transformed the U.S. from an agricultural to an industrial economy. And commodities went on a 20-year bull run.

People working on a factory assembly line.

Then there’s Europe after WWII.

The continent was in ruins. But the U.S. Marshall Plan triggered Europe’s massive economic recovery, igniting a commodities supercycle that lasted for decades.

Or take China. About 600 million Chinese were living in extreme poverty in the 1980s.

But the Soviet Union’s disintegration was a turning point for the country.

China’s communist leaders saw the writing on the wall and embraced global trade.

With China becoming “the world’s factory,” another massive commodity supercycle was unleashed in the 2000s.

Woman working in a factory in China.

And today the same pattern is playing out again.

The world is coming out of the Covid-19 slump… and a BIG transformation is unfolding.

So what’s the catalyst triggering this next supercycle?

It’s a tectonic shift occurring in the energy markets as we speak…

As Much as $2 TRILLION Are Behind This Supercycle

As research firm Wood Mackenzie puts it, “[the] next commodities supercycle will be driven by global energy transition…

The Financial Times titles “clean energy is driving a commodities supercycle…

And J.P.Morgan analysts confirm, “the clean technology transition is igniting a new supercycle.

The amount of cash at stake is breathtaking…

Goldman Sachs predicts the energy transition to create as much as $2 trillion in infrastructure investments over the next decade.

Base metals like copper, nickel, and zinc are front and center in this transition.

As Société Générale’s head of commodity research Michael Haigh explains, “the amount of base metals required… is ginormous.”

Solar panels with power lines behind them.

Now, make no mistake. I’m NOT suggesting you should go and gamble your hard earned cash on risky nickel or copper miners.

The safer and potentially more profitable opportunity lies somewhere else.

You see, a TON of energy is required to produce these metals.

The metal business is the second most energy intensive industry on the planet. It’s exceeded only by the chemical sector.

And with green energy accounting for only 20% of electricity generation in the U.S., fossil fuels are here to stay for a long time.

In other words…

If you want to go green, you have to burn ungodly amounts of oil, gas, and coal first.

Add to this huge demand the energy crunch caused by Western sanctions against Russia…

Headline talking about the effect the Russian war will cause to food supplies.

Headline talking about the Western Sanctions on Russia.

Headline talking about the sanction on Russian oil.

 And you’re looking at the perfect storm.

“Investors will look back and wonder how they missed these signs…”

This supercycle is making the energy sector rage already …

The S&P 500 Capped Energy Index shot up almost 70% in the first half of 2022…

This incredible boost occurred while the broader market was taking a nose dive.

The S&P 500 lost more than 20% in the first half of 2022… the worst first annual half since 1970.

Chart showing S&P 500 and the S&P Energy Index.

This proves one thing…

This new commodity boom is unstoppable and the smartest investors are all in.

Fund manager James Luke at investment firm Schroders calls this, “the early stages of a multi-year cycle…”

Jeff Currie from Goldman Sachs says “this is the biggest upheaval for commodity markets since 1973…

Robert Howell, strategist at Gresham Investment Management predicts, “a great many investors will look back… and wonder how they missed these signs of a new commodity bull market…”

If you want to retire without having to worry where the money is coming from that keeps putting food on the table, medicine in the cabinet, and a roof over your head…

And if you want to be able to enjoy the things that make life truly pleasurable…

Like getting together for dinner with friends, knowing that you will NOT dread the bill…

Then THIS is the sector you want to be in.

Inflation Has Historically Benefited This Sector

Think about it… energy costs are driving up the prices of everything…

They determine what you pay at the gas pump, how high your heating bill is, and the amount of cash you have to shell out for food.

Everything requires energy to be produced and transported.

The money will keep flowing to the players in the energy market… no matter how grim the economic outlook.

This is true now and it will be true a hundred years from now.

As MSCI confirms, “rising inflation has historically benefitted commodity producers.

Now, most investors will just go and buy shares of Chevron, Exxon, or Phillips 66 to try and cash out on them when they peak.

But that’s not what I’m suggesting.

Sure, I fully expect stocks like this to go up further…

But relying on capital gains—on buying low and selling high—is almost guaranteed to spell disaster for your retirement.

Let show you what I mean…

The Killer Mistake Of Living Off Capital Gains

Capital gains don’t pay the bills. It’s not “real” money until it’s in your checking account.

You see, the only way to capture those gains is by doing something crippling…

You have to sell your stocks to receive the gains. 

Say you invested in Google in 2010. Through 2017, you would’ve seen a nice 264% winner after 7 years.

You made a great pick. So, you cash out your triple-bagger and enjoy the spoils. However, at some point, you’ll likely need more income.

So, you look for another stock. Suddenly, you’re paralyzed: “What if the next stock doesn’t deliver ‘Google-sized’ gains?”

Will your retirement survive?

Plus, can you wait another 7 years for you next windfall?

It’s impossible to know what will happen in the market.

Capital gains are not predictable and not reliable. It’s why it’s a dangerous game to lean on them for retirement.

Let me put it this way…

Cashing out your capital gains is like chopping down the most bountiful apple tree in your orchard because you need firewood to stay warm.

So even if you make a six-figure nest egg during this commodity supercycle by correctly picking the stocks that will jump 100%… 500%… or even 1,000%…

You’ll go broke after a few years in all likelihood…

Even a Market Upturn Wouldn’t Save You

Let’s assume the stock market will return 5% a year during your retirement.

If you have $250,000, at 5% growth, but withdrawing your $2,500 per month to use for bills…

You’re out of money in 10 years.

Graph showing savings balance by years.

Have $150,000?

Out of money in 5 years.

Graph showing depleting savings after 5 years with a


Broke in the middle of Year 3:

Clearly, this isn’t a viable strategy.

And that’s not the only problem…

Can You Delay Your Retirement by 20 Years?

The markets are totally unpredictable right now.

No one knows if we’ve already hit the bottom… if we’re in a prolonged bear market… or “only” in a sideways market.

We might have to go through a decade-long hangover.

Every uptick might be short-lived. The party could be over within just a couple of weeks.

Just consider the 1973 stock market crash.

It would take until 1992 — 20 YEARS LATER — until the S&P 500 reached a level that, after adjusting for inflation, exceeded its high from 1972.

Graph showing it took 20 years for stocks to recover.

If this chart tells you one thing, it’s this: Relying on capital gains for retirement is outright crazy in times like these…

That is, if you don’t want to work until you’re in your 80s.

Again, I’m confident energy companies will continue to flourish in the years to come.

This supercycle is just too powerful. It has repeated for 227 years running and it’s already on a powerful money-making trajectory again.

However, I don’t have a crystal ball and I hate to gamble.

As we all know, it’s impossible to time the market. So even if a stock does great…

It can always take a dip just the exact moment you need to cash out.

That’s why I use an approach that’s entirely different from relying on capital gains.

I call my system the “36 Month Accelerated Income Plan.”

I’m so confident in it, I have my parents doing it.

My folks retired at age 62. They ran the numbers with their advisor expecting to live to age 74. Well, today, they are 86. Their entire financial plan their advisor put together was shot to hell.

Now, they are set up with reliable income each month and living comfortably.

I told them specifically, “You mustn’t live and die based on where the stock market goes.”

In fact, you can almost entirely ignore stock prices in retirement. I know it sounds crazy. Here’s what I mean…

Warren Buffett Makes $6,731 Per Minute Using This Strategy

My 36 Month Income Plan is a predictable method where you could start with as little as $25,000 in your 401(k) or IRA and still generate a comfortable living.

Warren Buffett makes $6,731 per minute using the exact same income method to pay bills at his company.

This method is almost exclusively targeted at generating income. Our focus isn’t rising share prices.

Let me give you some examples…

One of my favorite plays, following the plan, could’ve generated for you an amazing $2,766 per month like clockwork. As a bonus, your portfolio would have soared 111%.

If everything stayed the same, over 10 years you’d have generated $331,920 in income alone.

Another of my go-to plays, after following the plan, would’ve handed you an incredible $1,922 per month going forward. Plus, your portfolio would’ve seen an 88% increase.

Over 10 years, that’s $230,640 in cash to your bank account.

These are actual, real opportunities inside my own portfolio. No cherry-picking.

And as impressive these numbers sound… I expect them to pale in comparison to the results we could see in the wake of the commodity supercycle.

Remember, the energy sector soared 70% while the broader market tanked.

And with the clean technology transition unlocking as much as $2 trillion in the next years…

There’s a TON of cash flowing into this sector.

So how does my system work?

These Kinds of Stocks Can Pay Out 1,000% More Income Than Apple and Microsoft

As you might’ve guessed, the secret behind my “freedom from monthly bills” approach are dividend stocks.

Ever dependable and predictable dividends.

Owning dividend-paying stocks is the single greatest way to retire free from financial worries.

Full stop.

When I’m investing my own money, I want to know that I have the HIGHEST chance of getting something back.

And as long as a company doesn’t cut a dividend, you’re guaranteed cash.

Dividend stocks…

  • Deliver real returns that end up in your pocket. They won’t disappear when a share price goes down…
  • Are the only way to rake in 8%… 12%… 20% this dependable and with a much lower risk than anything else…
  • And are more predictable than capital gains…

But I’m not just buying any dividend stocks. I’m focused solely on high-yield dividend stocks.

These are companies that pay above average dividends each quarter (some every month). It’s not unusual to see 7.9%… 11.6%… even 21.2% yields.

On top of it all, these kinds of stocks let you amplify the exponential power of compounding by reinvesting your dividends

That’s how you can make multiple times your original investment paid directly to you.

Benjamin Franklin said about compounding it’s when “money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money.”

That’s how overdue bills will literally vanish from your mailbox forever…

How to Build a $4,804 Monthly Income Stream

These high-yields are at the heart of our 36-month plan. Because starting with as little as $25,000, you’ll have the opportunity to build up a $4,804 monthly income stream.

If you’re disciplined enough to stick through the plan, this could be a reality for you.

And like I said, with this commodity supercycle raging right now, there might’ve never been a better time to get started than today.

It’s the reason many dividend stocks we invest in are expected to increase their pay-outs each year from today.

That’s right: You’re set to receive larger checks each month. No matter the economic conditions… no matter if share prices dip a bit.

Now, that is not to say these are 100% without risk. If you ever hear that something’s risk-free, it’s usually a lie! All investing carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee for the future.

But with my high-yield dividend stocks, you’re not buying some new tech stock that may or may not pay out.

You own a piece of a profitable business that’s paying you cold hard cash, no matter what the stock is doing.

I’ll tell you what I believe are the best dividend stocks to get in on this historically powerful supercycle in a moment.

But first, please let me introduce myself.

I Created A Lifetime Income Stream Already Using This Strategy

My name is Tim Plaehn. I’m the lead analyst here at Investors Alley…

You may be familiar with my work if you read USA Today, The Motley Fool, or my articles on Seeking Alpha.

But I’m no media junky, far from it…

I started my career off serving as a F-16 fighter pilot in the United States Air Force while studying mathematics.

Picture of Tim Plaehn next to his F16.

I went on to become an instructor, a position reserved for the highest-achieving pilots.

After serving, I spent 8 years as a stockbroker and was also licensed as a financial advisor.

I honestly struggled for years to make money for both myself and my clients. None of the “complicated” trading methods being touted seemed to work or make any sense. Those who taught them seemed only interested in making themselves rich, not my clients.

It wasn’t until I discovered the math behind this 36-month plan that everything clicked. Rather than searching for ‘hot stocks’, I now invest already knowing how much income I’ll generate.

That’s the beauty of this accelerated income plan.

You’ll know exactly how much you’ll receive each month to pay your bills. Plus, you’ll have some leftover to spend guilt-free.

It’s my personal mission to show retirement investors how to do this.

I myself am near the retirement age of most Americans… though I have no plans to slow down anytime soon. I see what’s going on with pensions drying up and Social Security checks not keeping up with inflation.

I didn’t grow up wealthy nor did I have a massive account to start investing. I started off like most Americans… I had a small account. Sometimes, even went broke.

Yet, I’ve already created a secure income stream for myself using the exact strategies I’m showing you.

Let me repeat myself so it’s clear –

I use these strategies every day. I’m not dreading unforeseen emergency bills because my monthly income stream could easily cover them.

With so many Americans struggling right now, I decided to make my system public. That’s why I became the senior income analyst here at Investors Alley.

Today, I have over 20,000 happy premium readers.

Like Alan F. who wrote:

“I cannot remember just how I became acquainted with [you], but I am truly thankful. The dividend payouts are like clockwork. Set and forget… Consider me hooked!”

And here’s another one from Gerald C.:

I have been a satisfied customer since joining [you]. Your frequent inputs to your followers are just fine for my needs. I would highly recommend your service. It is honest and clear. Keep up the good work in helping people.

As the writer and editor of my own publication service, I believe my biggest duty is to help you navigate the choppy waters of any correction, crash, or bear market.

Because even these situations can be lucrative opportunities. Here’s what I mean…

THIS is How You Can Use a Bear Market to Your Advantage

Many of the plays in my dividend portfolio have been compounding income for years. I only sell if the stock is over inflated or the dividend will be cut.

One of our plays could’ve made you a steady $2,015 each month on a modest six-figure portfolio.

Over 10 years, that’s $241,800 in income alone.

That’s the kind of income dividend stocks pay you consistently…

No matter whether we’re invested in a raging bull market or a bleeding bear one.

So when the share price of one of my plays cut in half, we didn’t panic…

Because this company kept paying their $0.52 dividend per share like clockwork.

Instead, we used that price drop to our advantage by doubling down on this position.

We were able to pick up shares for a discount and now earn over a 20% yield on our investment today.

That’s the power of dividend paying stocks: They keep paying you no matter what the ticker does.

But of course, you can’t just load up on any dividend paying stock…

You Won’t Hear About These Stocks in the Mainstream Media

Normally, companies paying out large sums are not “household names.” These blue chips typically pay 1-3% yields. That’s not enough to retire on.

We have to dig deeper to find income-producing stocks.

To be successful, you only need two criteria:

1) The company is growing in the next 3-5 years. If a company isn’t growing, it’s declining.

2) The dividends have a track record of increasing or staying steady.

I find these gems by spending much of my day in the trenches – talking with executives and making decisions based on deep research into the inner workings of a company.

You get a more complete company picture actually chatting with management than you will from a financial statement.

On top of that legwork, I’m attending company presentations and investor conferences looking for opportunities.

Again, these companies aren’t on the front page of Forbes. So, I must dig them up and sort winners from losers.

Like this one, strong REIT I found handing out 15.7% yields every single year. That’s a 15.7% cash deposit hitting your account like clockwork for as long as the dividend continues.

Had you followed my 36-month accelerated income plan, you could be collecting a $2,819.12 monthly paycheck on a modest 6-figure portfolio today.

Over 10 years, that’s $338,294.40 of income. Not stock gains… INCOME.

Imagine that like clockwork forever.

And the best stocks I discovered to benefit from the raging commodity supercycle have an even bigger profit potential…

Let Me Give You The Ultimate Dividend Package… For FREE

One of these firms is THE go-to company in the natural gas industry, yet 99% of investors have never heard its name

It owns one of the nation’s premier natural gas liquid systems. I’m talking about a 40,000-mile network of pipelines on top of processing plants and storage facilities.

Image of a large oil refinery.

In other words, as long as people turn up the thermostat, you get paid.

Another one has an even more exciting business model. They hold royalty rights across four of the most highly economic oil basins in the U.S.

You see, a “royalty” is a payment you receive over and over again from a single asset. And thanks to the royalty rights this firm owns…

It gets a percentage from oil and gas production in these basins WITHOUT having to pump a single drop oil out of the ground themselves.

Drilling and developing wells is a risky business. A lot of stuff can go wrong. But if you own the royalty rights, you can outsource that risk and simply cash in on the upside.

They recently increased their dividend by a whopping 33%.

The U.S. will keep consuming oil for a long time to come—that’s why we can expect the paychecks to keep coming.

I’ll show you everything you need to know about these two companies and a third lucrative energy stock in my brand new report “The Supercycle Income Secret: How to Retire on The Energy Boom.

Inside you’ll get the full details on how to start collecting your slice of this trillion dollar opportunity as the energy markets go into hyperdrive.

Everything’s laid out in plain English. There are no complicated steps. And you can set yourself up for these payouts in five minutes.

This kind of research is the reason I regularly receive notes from my subscribers like Philip H. who says:

I want to thank you for all your hard work. I have never really known what I was going to do in retirement for income. Then your program came along and was the answer to my dreams.

You stand to collect as much as 5-figures with the information inside this report.

Naturally, you might expect to pay at least $1,000 for this kind of research. There’s no doubt in my mind that it would be money well spent for any American.

In fact, on its own, we’d charge $199 for access to the report.

But instead you can grab it for FREE. I’ll tell you how in a moment.

Because this report is just the start…

The 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan cover 3D

I believe you should have all the tools you need to retire free from financial worry. That’s why I’m throwing in my 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan as well.

This is an entire 36-month roadmap for you. Step-by-step, easy to follow. And absolutely FREE.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to setup your 401(k), IRA, or brokerage account for the planwithin minutes so the income continues to flow into your account
  • The #1 rule that will double your moneyregardless of stock price
  • A killer strategy to add potentially 245% portfolio increases (it takes just a few clicks to set this up)
  • Step-by-step directions on how to execute the 36-month accelerated plan to perfection
  • When to buy & sell your stocks without losing your shirt

However, I don’t want to leave it at that.

You see, my two reports “The Supercycle Income Secret: How to Retire on The Energy Boom” and “The 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan” are excellent resources to get you started…

But I feel that’s not enough in these troubling times. I want to guide you through every step of the way for the next 12 months.

That’s why I’ll send you your free reports the moment you start a risk-free trial of my flagship service, The Dividend Hunter.

Become an Income Investor For Life…

The Dividend Hunter is my private group where I publish my latest research on incredibly lucrative opportunities that are usually only ever seen by those in the know and the well-connected.

It’s the place where I help you make the most out of my 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan… no matter what happens in the markets next week or in the coming years.

And it’s where I give you ALL my best secrets on how you can collect big extra income.

With all the turmoil around us, The Dividend Hunter is THE go-to for everyone who’s struggling to get their finances back on track… anyone looking to have a better retirement… anyone looking for more income.

I ignore household-name blue chips and focus on two criteria: The company is growing AND has a proven track record of steadily paying or even increasing dividends.

These stocks are cash-generating machines. They mail you ever-growing payouts for the rest of your life. You can hold onto these stocks for decades…

Because my research is designed to keep your income rising so you can start living the life you deserve instead of worrying about the future.

Whether the markets go up or down, I always aspire to show my readers how to best position themselves in any situation…

Take the Covid-19 crash…

While other so-called “experts” were in a panic, I told my readers how to scoop up shares on the cheap during the sell-off. In early April 2020, I wrote:

The stock market crash provides us with an opportunity to pick up preferred shares at steep discounts to their normal values.

It didn’t take long for this recommendation to yield incredible results.

While other stocks slashed dividends by as much as 50%, the preferred shares I recommended held a steady high yield. That’s how my readers maintained their income even during the panic.

Writing in shortly after retiring this year, Mark T. said…

I love Tim’s conservative approach to the market… In 2020, after the crash, I would never have found preferred share investing without Tim. And those did quite well on the rebound. Thanks, Tim. Keep up the good work!

Here’s what Don H. Wrote…

Tim is the best investment advisor I’ve seen for the novice investor. He always has good advice and really bailed us out during the COVID crash.

Or take Mel G…

“We are life members of The Dividend Hunter. Since joining you in late 2016, we have done well with your recommendations. With this much extra income, life is good. (We are leaving on a 10-day Caribbean cruise today!)”

Now, of course these are just some extraordinary examples. But raking in extra cash for a 10-day Caribbean cruise sounds like a nice payday, right?

So here’s what you get as a subscriber…

  • 12 comprehensive issues of The Dividend Hunter: Receive new market updates, my latest takes on the economy, what’s happening inside our portfolio, and new opportunities to keep a watchful eye for.
  • 1-2 new monthly stock recommendations: You’ll get a deep dive on at least one brand-new income opportunity every month. It could be new opportunities riding the commodity supercycle or a regular dividend paying company. But as long as it can give you a reliable, consistent, and lucrative income stream, you’ll hear about it. These are opportunities most investors will never see — sent straight to your inbox!
  • Access to the high yield portfolio: Find over 20 companies vetted by me and my system to supercharge your income stream.
  • Portfolio stock of the week: Every Tuesday I highlight a stock in our portfolio that deserves a second look. One recent write-up alerted subscribers of a sweet discount and a special year-long dividend.
  • Weekly question & answer videos: Send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer it on camera every week. I love hearing from my subscribers and every session makes for an exciting and potentially very lucrative time spent together.
  • World-class member support: Reach out for support anytime regarding your subscription and you’ll receive prompt, hassle-free help.

And, of course, FREE access to your TWO special reports:

  • The first, “The Supercycle Income Secret: How to Retire on The Energy Boom” features three of the best high-yield dividend stocks to help you boost your income in the wake of the commodity boom. These handpicked energy companies are set up for incredible growth and are still extraordinarily cheap to get in. (Value: $199)
  • Your second free report is “The 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan.” Inside you’ll discover how to execute my “pay your bills for life” system to perfection. This easy-to-use roadmap shows you how to lock in your dividend income stream in mere minutes—and cash out for years to come. (Value: $199)

That’s $398 in free research. It’s a full package. This kind of research is the reason I receive exceptional thank-you notes from my subscribers all the time, like…

“I am a satisfied customer of yours, having finally found an advisor who reflects my view on investing for income. I’m 66 so income is my primary goal but I want stable vehicles as well. Thank you!”

— Wade J.

“I have been a subscriber of Dividend Hunter for quite a while now and I must say the issues keep getting better and better. It is my all-time favorite financial newsletter…”

— Larry S.

“A sincere ‘thank you’ for your service. The income that I’ve received from dividends has more than paid for my lifetime subscription to The Dividend Hunter and Dividend Hunter Insiders. I never hesitate to tell others about the value of your knowledge and services”

— Sarah B.

“Thanks for all your hard work researching… I am finding that if I stick to following the Dividend Hunter recommended stocks, I have much more success with my investments.”

— Kris B.

I want to thank you for all your hard work. I have never really known what I was going to do in retirement for income. Then your program came along and was the answer to my dreams. Now I don’t have to worry about the stock prices falling.

— Philip H.

Now, this is your moment of truth. What you do next could determine your financial destiny for the rest of your life.

Remember, the first commodity supercycle in over 20 years just got started.

This pattern has been repeating over and over for the past 227 years… each time creating higher returns.

Graph showing the historical supercycles.

This is a trend that’s going to be with us for years to come. And the earlier you position yourself, the more income you stand to collect.

As Robert Howell, strategist at Gresham Investment Management puts it, “a great many investors will look back… and wonder how they missed these signs of a new commodity bull market…”

You’ll kick yourself six months from now if you’re not taking action today.

By now you’re probably wondering how much The Dividend Hunter costs.

That’s the best part…

Normally, The Dividend Hunter retails for $99 for a 12-month membership. That’s a bargain considering the gains I’ve been churning out for my members.

But I don’t want money to be the reason you’re missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That’s why I decided to lower the price. This situation is so urgent that today you can join for just $49.

And because I want to make this a no-brainer for you, I’ll even go a step further to ensure you’re absolutely comfortable with trying The Dividend Hunter.

Try Me out for A Full Year — No Pressure

Once you’ve taken out your test drive today, you’ll have a full year to use The Dividend Hunter.

You can start collecting reliable, consistent income from the commodity supercycle and ride this trend with me together for the next 12 months.

If The Dividend Hunter doesn’t blow you away with the dividends and gains you make, just let me know…

You can ask for a full refund of what you’ll pay today—no questions asked!

My team will promptly return every cent. And we’ll even let you keep every issue and special report that you’ve downloaded during the trial.

It’s that simple!

You’ll either be 100% thrilled with your annual subscription to The Dividend Hunter, or we’ll quickly refund your money.

You have nothing to risk when you try The Dividend Hunter and open your commodity supercycle income stream.

The “Supercycle Income Secret” Has The Power to Pay Your Bills For Life—You Still Can Get in at a Discount

In investing… time is money. Every day you wait to start, is another day lost in dividend income.

You’ve seen calculated examples proving the 36-month plan works.

One example, you could start with as little as $25,000 and generate a $4,804 income stream. Not to mention, triple your account balance in the process.

If you have over 6-figures to invest, you’ll be amazed at how fast the dividend income will stack up.

And I want to be clear…

This may be the most powerful opportunity for income investors I’ve ever seen in my entire career.

While most investors are still shocked from the stock plunge…

They miss out on this historic commodity supercycle that just broke out

Experts are certain: A TON of money WILL pour into this sector. We’ve seen this pattern repeat over and over during the last 227 years.

This is the kind of trend that produces reliable, consistent, and lucrative income—no matter what happens in the broader market.

My team will send you all the materials to get you started directly to your inbox as soon as you start your risk-free trial run of The Dividend Hunter for only $49.

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Now you have an important choice to make…

You could either try to time the market, pick the most promising energy stocks yourself, and hope for exceptional price hikes.

But as you’ve seen, even if you’re lucky and rake in six figures, these capital gains will not carry you through retirement.

Or you could give The Dividend Hunter a try, and take advantage of this supercycle by cashing in dependable, ever increasing income for years to come.

If you’re ever short on cash for your retirement, to take a vacation, to enjoy your life…

You’ll think back to this moment and kick yourself if you choose the first option.

So, I’m urging you…

Start your risk-free test drive of The Dividend Hunter and stake your claim in this historic supercycle.

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