How to collect 1 dividend check
every day for LIFE starting
with as little as $605

Daily Dividends = up to $2,970/month in
cash to pay the bills everyday


  • Buy, hold, collect & retire well. No day trading or ‘timing the market.’ 
  • Out of 4,174 dividend stocks, there are only 33 you need to buy to collect

Tim Plaehn talking about how many dividends he collects per quarter.

What if this Monday you received a check for $225.63.

Image showing collecting $225 in dividends on a single day.

What would you do with that money? 

Maybe it covers your grocery bill for you and your spouse for the week? 

What if the very next day you got a check for $86.64.

Image showing $86 in dividends the following day.

What would you do with that? 

Maybe it’s your date night for the week. You take your spouse to that new restaurant you heard about.

How about the following day, you collect a check for $189.20.

Image showing $189 in dividends on the 3rd day.

Perhaps that covers your electric bill. 

Imagine this going on every single day… every month… all year for life.

It’s cash you receive daily to cover your bills.. 

The day after, maybe you bank a check for $206.03.

Image showing $206 in dividends on Thursday.

That’s covering the gas to fill up my Tacoma truck for the month. 

$126.49 the following day… pays the insurance on my darn truck for the month!

Image showing $126 in dividends on Friday.

And this continues on and on. 

Think about the security you feel. Every day you wake up… there will be more money in your account from yesterday. 

It’s non-stop.

Day after day. No work required. No trading. No getting up and clocking into work.

You simply buy shares in dividend stocks and collect.

Sounds far-fetched, but this is actually possible. 

These numbers aren’t made up either.

If you had bought the right dividend stocks in January that I showed my readers, these checks would be hitting your account day in and day out. 

You don’t need millions to see
these Daily Dividend checks.

You can start with as little as $605. 

Yes, a few hundred bucks and a basket of dividend stocks. 

In this example, I used a normal $250k account as that is what most retirees have. 

But you can have any size account. 

Every single day, dividends are deposited in accounts across the globe.

For the 22 stocks I recommended this specific month, it’s $1.16 trillion in dividends going out this month… and you can claim your slice of it.

That’s the power of earning one dividend per day.

Daily Dividend Stock tip.

“Daily Dividends” as I like to call them. 

Because you can literally cash a check every day the stock market is open.

The money is yours every single morning.

Maybe it’s to spend on the day-to-day expenses.

Or, like many of my 100,000+ readers, you take a $198.03 potential dividend check and buy more shares of your favorite company.

That’s the power of dividends… and power of consistent income. You have flexibility, peace of mind, and stability no matter what the markets or the economy is doing.

Read this page from top to bottom. It will only take a few minutes… but it might be the most important income opportunity of your life.

Because today I’m going to show you for free how to collect 1 dividend check daily.

What if every day you opened up your bank account, there was more money in it than the day before?

The best part of having a job is 24-26 times per year, money is deposited directly into your account.

Money that is yours to spend, invest, and live.

Imagine every single day the stock market is open… you’re collecting a dividend check.

Much like a paycheck… except with no work involved.

While others only collect money 26x per year…

You could collect up to 252x per year…

That’s nearly 10x more checks than the average person sees.

Graph comparing dividend income to normal income.

In January, inside a $250k portfolio, you could’ve collected up to
$2,970. In one month! 

Over the entire year, that’s $35,670 in income. An over 14% return. 

At that pace, you’re doubling your
money every 5 years. 

Over 20 years, your account would be worth over $1 million dollars. And even more if you reinvested into these monthly dividend payers. 

Take $35,670 and add in your Social Security benefits…

(The average is $18,504/year)

Daily Dividend tip.

You’re living off around $44,174 in income just from dividends and Social Security. 

That’s not going to make you rich. 

But it’s a great way to pay the bills. 

And that’s simply if you wanted to collect income today to live on. 

You reinvest your daily dividends… there’s no telling how much you can collect. 

After 36 months of reinvesting, there’s no reason you couldn’t be cashing $60,000+ per year after Social Security and dividend growth. 

That’s all with just a $250,000 portfolio. 

You have more than that… you’re on your way to bigger and faster dividend checks starting today. 

OMF Financial is one great example: 

OMF is a financial credit company. 

They pay out quarterly dividends… but also have added bonus payments in there starting in 2019. 

Their dividends have soared. 

Graph showing increasing dividend growth.

If you had started in 2019… you’d be collecting $269.50/month on a mere $25,000 investment. 

After just two years…

Your monthly check would go up to $1,203.44! That’s a 3.5X increase in just two years. 

And that’s just ONE check you’d receive in the month. 

Imagine then receiving another 21-25 checks on top of your $1,203.44 dividend check!

It’s possible. 

I still recommend OMF as one stock to add to your ‘Daily Dividend’ portfolio. 

It could be the first of many to get you to 1 dividend check per day.

I’ll show you how.

My name is Tim Plaehn. 

I collect, on average, 70 checks every single quarter. That’s about 280 dividend checks per year. 

Every single day (on average) there is money pouring into my account. 

And I’m not worth millions, mind you. 

You don’t need millions to enjoy receiving these types of checks. You simply need to know the right dividend stocks to buy. 

Because all dividend stocks aren’t equal. 

There’s over 4,174 dividend stocks trading on just the US exchanges right now. 

But it’s impossible to invest in thousands of stocks. 

I’ve figured, if you invest in around 33 dividend stocks… you can get paid a check every single day for life.

Daily Dividend Stock tip.

33 isn’t that much. 

You can start with buying one share of each and grow from there. 

In fact, to collect one per day, in January 2022 (for example), you only needed around $605 to collect one dividend (on average) per day. 

So, if you have at least $605, you can start collecting a check. 

Obviously, as you add more money to your portfolio, that account balance grows, and you collect more dividends.

One subscriber, R.C., saw her portfolio jump 71% in under 2 years investing in the dividend stocks I recommend.

Screenshot of a brokerage account showing a 71% increase in two years.

But, more importantly, she’s collecting huge dividends. 

One day… $165.07

Another day… $175.07. 

A third day…. $155.06. 

She’s doing this again and again. 

She claims: I’ve never trusted someone in finance more than Tim. Now, I buy his recommendations right away…“

Group of older people drinking wine together.

“Put your money into these, they don’t fluctuate a ton and your dividends are growing. Your effective yield will be much higher.” – R.C., subscriber

The big key — she felt she could do it all on her own. 

“We hired 5 different money managers. We received mediocre results and high fees. I realized I needed to manage my own money, but didn’t have time.” 

Now, 5 years later, she’s still collecting checks. 

Even better, all of her money isn’t in collecting these daily dividends. 

She has money not in dividends… collecting $155.06 one day and $175.07 the next is just one part of her strategy. 

Which is an approach I recommend. 

Another reader, Don, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and forced to live off disability at 61.

His disability was set to run out by 67… but, fortunately, he found my dividend strategies and he’s now “more confident than ever” he’ll be able to retire comfortably. “I won’t have to worry anymore”, he claims.

Elderly couple riding a bicycle together.

“More confident than ever” he can retire comfortably. – Don, subscriber
(compensated for testimonial sharing his story)

Another reader, Charles, is planning on retiring in a few years… but still paying for his son’s college. 

He found me while looking for a way to generate income after his job was over. He found me while Googling online.

Charles and his wife plan to retire to Europe… and now he can:

Older couple walking through a field.

“Tim’s dividend stocks provide enough income to give us flexibility on when we can retire.”
Charles, subscriber (compensated for sharing his story)

Charles is reinvesting…

Another reader, Ray, uses his dividends to cover everyday expenses: We had our furnace break recently… cost $12,000 to repair. Having regular dividend income helped take a load off our shoulders. Thank you Tim!

I love stories like that.

Dividends making ends meet. 

These are just a couple of dozens and dozens of readers who are collecting dividends almost daily. 

I can’t share with you the exact number they’ve told me (my lawyers won’t let me)… but let’s just say, there are many happy retirements in place due to receiving regular dividend checks. 

With these daily dividends, you can collect money across multiple industries: 


  • $435.25 from a large retail REIT paying out $200.1 million quarterly
  • $201.12 from a hotel investment paying $40.1 million quarterly
  • $189.20 from a blue chip fund holding Coca-Cola and Exxon paying $123.8 million monthly
  • $126.49 from a fund that simply collects covered call income paying $21.1 million monthly
  • $127.89 from a company lending to small businesses paying $15.6 million monthly

You’re well diversified… 

You’re also protected from any single stock that could take a mean hit. 

Collecting and reinvesting these dividends would double the returns of the S&P 500 over the past 32 years

Graph showing S&P 500 returns with vs. without dividends.

Your total returns with dividends reinvested would outstrip what most financial advisors tell their clients. 

You’d be up double what your friends investing in indexes are doing and not taking advantage of their dividends. 

You aren’t trading or timing the market. 

Simply get Daily Dividends pouring into your account. 

I’ll show you what dividends to buy so you too can beat the market. Most hedge fund managers can’t even beat the market, yet investing in dividends can double their returns. 

I’m here to push back against all the “get rich quick” gruff you hear out there. 

I only share and recommend what’s working for me in my own account

There are a lot of ‘get rich quick’ gurus out there who try to sell you the ‘next hot stock’ for a subscription fee. 

That’s not me. 

When cryptocurrency was hot… I stayed the course with dividends. 

When pot stocks soared in 2018… I didn’t even dip a toe in. 

When everyone was piling into tech stocks in 2020… I was telling investors to buy oil stocks (which boomed in 2022 while tech cratered). 

I’m not here to promise Daily Dividend checks will make you rich. That’s not the point. 

Instead, it’s to generate consistent income you can rely on. 

Too many retirees focus on capital gains and try to live off capital gains for life. 

I’ll show you trying to live off capital gains is a BIG MISTAKE. 

I know as I’ve made the mistake before. 

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. It’s how I learned how to collect Daily Dividends.

It took me 18 years to figure out
how to collect Daily Dividends

In fact, I had to go broke
overseas first to learn

Here’s the story:

Again, my name is Tim Plaehn.

I spend a lot of my time in my RV traveling the country while researching dividend stocks

I’m a retired Air Force captain. I’ve also been a Certified Financial Planner and a stockbroker. 

I learned about finances with these gigs…

But nothing taught me the greatest lesson than when I went broke overseas. 

This was almost 20 years ago. 

I was ready to break free, retire early, work for myself and live abroad. A dream retirement you could say. 

My roadmap? 

A one-way ticket to Uruguay

I’d open a small business, live off the cashflow, and eventually retire. 

That was my first mistake. 

See… it’s very hard to retire if you haven’t built a solid nest egg to draw income from.

Most build up savings in their 401k, then sell to pay their bills. 

Not a great idea. 

Here’s why: 

I like to think of your retirement nest egg as an orchard of trees. 

Cashing out your capital gains is like chopping down the most bountiful apple tree in your orchard because you need firewood to stay warm.

Rather than letting it continue to grow and bear more apples, you’re pulling the roots out of the ground. By pulling out the roots, it will produce zero apples in the future.

You’ll enjoy the hundreds of apples it grew over the years — but at some point, those apples will be gone…

The next apple tree you plant may not grow as well as the first one or it may even die due to disease or pests…

Then, you’re in big trouble.

Compare that to the orchard which has an assortment of fruit trees.

If one tree ever starts withering, you’d rip it out and plant a new one… all while still having other fertile trees bearing fruit.

This short parable illustrates the difference between investing in capital gains and for income.

It’s the same when you have a job you rely on for income. 

What happens when you’re ready to leave your job? 

Your income disappears. 

My idea was I’d work, collect my proceeds, invest them, and then sell off my assets one by one. 

However — If you think of your 401(k) like your house, it’s like selling off a room one-by-one. Soon, you have nothing left. 

After a while, I realized I wasn’t building anything. 

My business wasn’t an asset I could sell. I had to be working to make money. If I wasn’t working, I wasn’t generating income. 

I was trapped and losing money fast. 

While living among the locals, I met others living the life I wanted. 

They were rich. 

Owned houses on the beach they paid for in cash. Bought whatever they wanted, went everywhere. 

We’d sit around sipping whiskey, chatting about life.

One night a rich friend shared the ultimate secret…

“Cash is King.” 

The way to generate cash for life was to build up enough cash to buy assets that pay YOU income without you working. 

That’s when the light bulb moment about the power of dividends hit me – years later than I wish. 

Whether you’re near retirement..

Or already retired…

Here’s the facts — eventually, you will need to figure out how to generate income from your assets. 

Majority of people sell their stock to live…

Or they give their nest egg to a financial advisor in hopes the advisor knows how to squeeze income out of your cash. 

I’m not here to disparage financial advisors…

Moreso, to show you it’s possible to generate income every single day from your investments. 

It’s not complicated. 

You can start doing it today. 

Imagine a calendar marked just like this on your fridge…

Calendar showing daily dividend calendar.

If you set up your portfolio like I show you, it’s 100% possible to
collect 1 dividend per day on average
(I do it. And you could’ve started with as little as $605)

Everyday, on average,  you’re collecting cold hard cash. 

Pay your bills with them…

Reinvest in stocks to generate even more income…

Invest in your children, invest in yourself…

Income creates options. 

Imagine these checks hitting your account again and again. 

Of course, this is a bit dramatized. Likely, you’ll collect a batch of checks on one day… but, on average, we’re shooting for a dividend check every day of the month. 

Potentially hundreds of dollars waiting for you on each day, on average. 

I’ll show you a simple calendar like this… but it’ll be filled out with all the dates and ticker symbols you need to start collecting. 

Collect checks daily…

Collect from multiple industries to keep you diversified.

You’re diversified to protect against the
#1 fear in retirement: 

Bloomberg reports, “The middle class is essentially being squeezed out of this economy…”

The Wall Street Journal believes, “This Could Be a Lost Decade for Stocks…”

And CNBC says this is “…. a rare (and worrisome) combination for new retirees.”

With all this uncertainty…

Running out of money is America’s #1 retirement fear… 

And some even fear it more than death!

Fox Business headline talking about how older Americans are more afraid of running out of money than death.

That’s why I created this all-weather income plan… 

You see, most Americans just want to buy and hold their way to retirement… in other words, they want to live off capital gains…

Which is a disaster waiting to happen…(as I showed you with my orchard example)

If you have $250,000 now, at 5% growth, but withdrawing your $2,500 per month to use for bills… 

You’re out of money in 10 years.

Graph showing how quick savings dwindle.

Have $150,000? 

Out of money in 5 years.

Showing how quickly $150,000 in savings will run out.


Broke in the middle of Year 3:

If you want to live your golden years free from this worry…

You need to generate MORE income.

And now may be the best time
in the last 22 years to do so. 

Dividends are the go-to
investment right now.

A study by Fidelity shows “Dividends allowed investors to beat inflation in the 60s and 80s.” 

Dividends have accounted for 40% of stock market returns since 1930 and 54% during decades when inflation has been high.”

Graph showing S&P 500 returns with vs. without dividends.

While the markets are shaky…

Schwab calls dividends, “The port in the storm.”

Headline saying "Dividend Investing: a proven strategy for all seasons"

Fortune recommends… “The best investing strategy — don’t buy the dip, buy dividends!”

Daily Dividend Tips.

In a rough market, Bloomberg reports 3 out of 4 financial advisors recommend income investments. 

And that’s because they hold up during volatile markets. 

CNBC says dividends, “reduce volatility” in your portfolio. When markets drop, dividends fall 50% less than the broad market (as seen in 2022). 

It’s no wonder dividends are seeing huge inflows right now.

Headline about how US Dividends receive an inflow as bond yields drop.

Rising interest rates will only make dividend stocks more attractive as sectors like tech see their valuations slashed.

With a wobbly stock market… high inflation… rising rates…

Dividends are the go-to investment right now.

CNN article about buying dividend stocks.

Instead of collecting dividends a few times per year…

Let me show you how to bank dividends every single day (on average) 

In fact, by next week, you could start collecting dividends. 

I’ve made a career in just one field —> INCOME

And made some of the biggest calls of my career recently

As I mentioned, I was a Captain in the Air Force. 

After that, I was a Certified Financial Planner doing what I can to help others retire well. 

However, I was handcuffed on what I could say and what I could recommend. 

That’s when I teamed up with Investors Alley.

My publisher, Investors Alley, was founded in 1998, before many mainstream publications including the Motley Fool and MarketWatch. 

But rather than focus on the next ‘big thing’ in tech or cryptocurrency or the ‘news of the day’…

We focus on one single area.

An area that makes us far less money than other big-name publications… but it’s the most important.

We’ve become the leading resource for how to generate retirement income for the average American. 

We send out over 5 million emails every month. 

100,000s+ retirees just like you have read my retirement income ideas and many have followed along to set themselves up to retire for good. 

99% when they first join me are skeptical because I do not recommend washed-out, ragged advice you see everywhere. 

They say, “Tim, my financial advisor doesn’t understand why you recommend this.” 

When income assets crashed in March 2020, I quickly triggered a recommendation into a private, little known income class… and one reader said it nearly saved his retirement. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been recommending energy assets for the past 5 years. 

Long before we hit historic oil prices.

Everyone scoffed in 2018. 

Until a new skeptical reader said he had a chance at 150% gains on a little-known midstream company you’ve never heard of, Antero Midstream.

AM stock chart.

Recommended oil at bottom of Covid crash… up 150% in a year!

Talking heads always only recommend ‘what’s hot.’

I ignore that gruff. 

I didn’t stop there.

When oil was trading for negative $30, I was still recommending to buy. 

I called it a trade that would ‘set you up for life.’

Article by Tim Plaehn titled: What you do during this crisis could set you up for life"

I recommended a little-known oil stock with the symbol, OKE. 

Someone who bought OKE starting with $25k would’ve 4X’d their account in 3 years.

Graph showing trade that could have 4Xed your money.

Great dividend stocks can move both your income and your portfolio

OKE is also at multi-year highs.

All the gurus recommend the riskiest tech stocks… until stocks like Peloton and Zoom collapse 80% in 6 months. 

Instead, in September 2020… months after the “Covid stock bump”, I wrote about potential 100% gains in two stocks… Ralph Lauren and Tanger Outlet. 

Boring to most.

Article by Tim Plaehn titled "Producing 100% total returns from busted dividend stocks"

“Retail is dead… people will only buy online!” everyone claimed.

Turns out that was a bigger lie than ‘inflation is transitory.’. 

Ralph Lauren ended up close to 100% gains… hit 88% in 7 months at its peak with a 3% dividend kicker.

Stock graph of Ralph Lauren which was up 88% after Tim recommended.

Big call I made to STAY in retail stocks despite Covid

But Tanger did even better…

SKT stock that show up 264% after Tim's recommendation.

I knew retail would stay hot… and it had one of its hottest years

264% gains in 8 months… and a 5% dividend income stream to boot!

My call was at the very bottom. 

Both have stayed in the green while the overpriced tech names are still floundering and the stock market’s down double digits.

In fact, 86% of my main recommendations have beaten the market in a crashing 2022 market.

Now, I’m doubling down on my mantra = CASH IS KING. 

More than ever before… you need to generate income to live. Capital gains won’t cut it. 

That’s why I want to share with you how you can collect Daily Dividends. 

What’s the secret to collecting 1 dividend check per day?

There’s no special secret. 

No fancy trading software…

No proprietary algorithm…

No technical analysis or indicators…

It all comes down to a simple sheet of paper. 

It looks like this.

Blurred image of the monthly dividend paycheck calendar.

You’re collecting ON AVERAGE 1 dividend per day. (some days you collect 3, other days none.) On average, it’s 1 dividend per day.

Nearly everyday, there’s a reminder about one of your stocks. 

I call this my “Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar” as it’s the key to unlocking Daily Dividends. 

There’s 3 things this calendar will tell you: 

  1. The Ex-Dividend Date
  2. The Dividend Payment Date
  3. Which stock you need to own for each


This is the date by which you must own the stock if you are going to collect a dividend. 

For example: 

When I’m collecting my $225.63 check here…

Image showing collecting $225 in dividends on a single day.

I can’t buy the dividend stock the day of to collect. 

The ex-dividend date was 2-3 weeks prior to this date. 

That’s why if you start collecting Daily Dividends, you’ll need to purchase the dividend stocks right away. 

That’s so you can start collecting Daily Dividends in as little as 14 days from now. 

It may be longer than 14 days…

But even if it takes 20 days… 

Within the next few weeks, you could have your entire portfolio set up to collect dividend checks every single day. 

However — you must buy the stocks on the Ex-Dividend date. 

This calendar highlights exactly when to buy:

Blurred image of the monthly dividend paycheck calendar.

Most days have a reminder about when to buy the stock
(many stocks you can simply hold for months… even years… and just collect)


On this Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar, I also share when the dividend cash will hit your bank account. 

No need to create a schedule yourself…

No need to guess.

I have every single payment date mapped out. 

You can look up the ex-dividend date and payment date yourself… but the dates can fluctuate, so you have to check weekly. 

NASDAQ shows an example with the stock I mentioned, OMF. 

Chart showing the upcoming ex-div dates of a specific stock.

This data will be at your fingertips on my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar

Here, you must own the stock by the “EX/EFF DATE”. 

Then, you get paid on the “PAYMENT DATE.” (Declaration date is simply when the company announces the dividend and Record date is when they finalize who receives the dividend).

Side note talking about OMF's dividend increase.



Every ex-dividend date and payment date has the ticker symbol for the stock you need to own. 

Only my very best stocks go on this calendar. 

I’m not mapping out Disney or Exxon here. 

These are only top-notch dividend stocks that are set to return high dividends for awhile. 

Here’s OMF Financial again. 

A stock that saw fast dividend pops where you could’ve tripled your income in just a couple years.

Graph showing increasing dividend growth.

But this is just 1 of about 33 stocks you need to own to collect Daily Dividends. 

You can start with just $605 in one month. 

However, the more you invest, the more dividends you collect. 

In one month, with a mere $250,000 portfolio, I calculated you could’ve collected $2,970.73. 

Over 12 months, that’s over $35,648… a 14% return on your portfolio. 

Meaning, you could double your portfolio in a mere 5 years. 

(Most investors double their account only every 9-10 years). 

Plus, you’re collecting money every single day, on average, to be able to pay your bills for life. 

Every single day you could see a check deposit:

Image showing $126 in dividends on Friday.

Hundreds of dollars potentially to cover food, groceries, gas, insurance, electricity, you name it. 

You’re covered. 

The way to do it is simple. 

Buy and hold the stocks I put on this sheet of paper this month.

Blurred image of the monthly dividend paycheck calendar.

And I don’t just stop there. 

Let me show you the NEXT 12 MONTHS
of Daily Dividends you’ll get.

From January to December…

It doesn’t matter when you start. 

If you open this calendar in June… you’ll see June – May. 

Open it in November… you’ll see November – October. 

Get 12 months of Daily Dividends deposited in your account: 

Remember, on average, it’s 1 dividend collected per day. Some days you may collect 0 and the next day you collect 2. It’s on average.

Blurred image of first 3 months of dividend calendar. Part 1

Blurred image of first 3 months of dividend calendar. Part 1

Blurred image of first 3 months of dividend calendar. Part 3

Blurred image of first 3 months of dividend calendar. Part 3

Stock Dividend Tip about an oil and gas play.

This is an entire year of Daily Dividends planned out in advance for you. 

Again, it doesn’t matter what month you get this calendar, it will be updated for the next 12 months. 

You’ll know exactly: 

1. WHICH stock to buy
2. WHEN to buy it and
3. WHAT day to expect your Daily Dividend to hit your account

This calendar is updated automatically for you with the very best stocks each month. 

Still — there’s no day trading or high-risk bets.

Many of the stocks PAY MONTHLY which means you will just hold them month after month and collect. 

A few even pay bonus dividends which could hand you TWO checks in one month. 

You need access to my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar to start collecting Daily Dividends. 

I update the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar for collecting Daily Dividends EVERY MONTH

I do it for a $0 extra charge

It’s simply a bonus I provide subscribers. 

In just a moment, I’ll send you a link to get this special report:

Cover of the Monthly Dividend Calendar.

It’ll be updated for TODAY… and be ready for the next 12 months. 

And yet, every month, I’ll still update it as needed. 

If a company changes their ex-dividend or payment date…

Or, I recommend a new stock to add. 

It’s all included in this Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar report. 

This is the ticket to collecting Daily Dividends. A check in your account, on average, every single day the market is open. 

This Calendar alone is worth $250/year. 

You get it at no extra charge with the offer I share today. 

And I’m not going to stop there. 

*BONUS* Here’s the #1 strategy to turn Daily Dividends into an Income Stream that grows every single month
($25,000 could create the income that pays the bills)

It’s great to collect dividends every day…

But what if you could turn a small account into a massive income stream? 

You need a strategy to do so. 

I’m giving you the Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar to highlight what stocks to buy and when…

However, there’s more you need to do to accelerate your income. 

That’s what I want to show you in this special report. 

A strategy that could take a small nest egg of just $25,000… and turn it into an income stream that pays your bills even faster. 

I shared with you numbers if you have $250,000. You could collect $2,970/month (it will be different each month). 

That’s if you simply buy a stock, collect the dividend in cash and you’re done. 

There’s even more you could do to start with only $25,000… and generate income that’s enough to pay your bills.

It’s all in my special report, The #1 Strategy to turn $25k into an Income for Life.

The #1 Income Strategy thats turns $25k into income for life

Inside, not only will you discover:

  • The #1 dividend opportunity that could create up to $20,284 in annual income starting with a mere $25k.

But, I’ll also provide a full, detailed write-up on the $25k strategy, including:

  • How to trade commission-free throughout the entire $25k strategy.
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  • I collected an 8.35% income return on AAL in just 23 days!
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Tiny returns like this mixed with inflation is a recipe for disaster for millions of retirees.

The Final Income Plan cover by Tim Plaehn.

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  • Items around your house that buyers fall over themselves to pay you for
  • A “cleansweep” trick that could bring $60-$100 to light in one evening
  • The one call to your bank that could add a surprise $1,000 in your savings account this year

Most importantly, I also include:

  • BONUS: 3 dividend stocks to buy and hold for lifetime income

This is a full-blown book. 

Table of Contents of the Final Income Plan.

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Other ‘editors’ close up their newsletter.

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  • How is my portfolio performing vs. XYZ sector?
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  • Help me plan a vacation.
  • What are the holdings inside the SPY index fund?

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How much do I need to start collecting Daily Dividends? 

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Am I really collecting a dividend each day? 

It’s an average of 1 per day. I collect an average of 1.1 per day as I collect 70+ per quarter. You receive a dividend only during business days (Monday – Friday, excluding holidays). You’ll never collect on a weekend. 

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Yes! A 365 day money back policy. And if you don’t like it, keep the special reports as a free gift. 

Does this work during a bear market? 

Yes! As long as businesses are paying dividends, you can do this. The key is knowing which companies are still growing, which are slowly dying. If they’re dying, you need to get out before they cut their dividend. That’s what I research every single day so you don’t have to. 

I can do this myself. I’ll just find the top yielding dividend stocks that pay monthly!

First, there are over 4,174 dividend stocks. Sure, you could screen by yield on a site like Finviz. However, just because a stock pays a high yield DOES NOT mean it’s a stable company. Some have a ‘dividend’ that’s simply a return of capital. (Those are bad). 

You need to study the Income and Cashflow statements to determine if the dividend is healthy. You also want to find that it’s growing. Those are great companies. You can do that yourself… but I do this for a living. It’s a full-time job. Instead of spending 100’s of hours per year, you could invest $79. Is your time worth more than $0.04/hour? Not to mention it takes years of practice…