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Who is Your Challenge Leader, Tim Plaehn?

Hi, I’m Tim Plaehn. I’ll lead you through the entire Challenge.

I’ve dedicated the last 30 years of my life to helping regular people like you and me invest better. 

Early on as a financial advisor and stockbroker, I worked with families 1-on-1.

Today, I help tens of thousands of people generate the most income from the stock market through my popular newsletter, The Dividend Hunter

You won’t find me on the news going on about the ‘next Google.’ 

Instead, I’m speaking at small, close-knit financial conferences where I can sit down with you. Talk with you. And help you with your income on a personal level. 

I’m in the trenches with you building income that you need now. 

This is money you can use to grow your account size, reinvest in your favorite stocks or pay your bills.

Following my own advice allows me to live my dream life. 

At a moment’s notice I can drop everything and hit the open road in my camper heading to a new national park. No boss to answer to.

My goal is to get you to the same place. Click the button below and enter your details. Reserve your seat and join me in the 5 Days to $500 Challenge!


What is the daily schedule for the Challenge? 

Just one hour per day minimum is necessary. Every single day of the 5 day Challenge, I’ll hold a LIVE video going over the action steps for that day, the strategy, answering questions and much more. 

January 17th – 1 hour live session

January 18th – 1 hour live session

January 19th – 1 hour live session

January 20th – 1 hour live session

January 21th – 1 hour live session

All times for sessions — 1:00pm est

What do I need to successfully complete the Challenge? 

You’ll need: 

  • A brokerage account open
  • You can start with as little as $7,000 but I recommend $25,000 to see the highest benefits
  • Willing to take action. No passive listening. 

Are there any refunds allowed? 

I’m giving away too much for there to be any refunds. Only 500 seats available and can’t afford to give up a precious few to non-serious people who can’t afford $79. 

How do I access the Challenge? 

On the next page, after you secure your spot, you’ll receive an email with your login credentials. You won’t need to bookmark the page, as everyday I’ll send you an email to a link to the next session and any additional resource materials. 

How do I guarantee MY questions will be answered?

After you grab a spot, you’ll have the one-time opportunity to join the VIP Challenge group. Joining the VIP group will have your questions and trades get priority review, and you’ll also gain access to a special ‘private’ session not offered to basic members. 

Will there be any recordings? 

No recordings will be available after the challenge has ended. You’ll have a short amount of time to watch the recording, but once the challenge is done the content will be taken down.

How often can I collect $500? 

You can honestly do it everyday if your account allows. For most folks, you can do it 1x per week to as little as 1x per month if you’re more conservative.


This challenge is all about taking action. We’re not busting our butts to put this together so that our members don’t see results. The only way to see results is to take action.

When you take action during the Challenge, those who follow the briefing the best and submit the best work will become eligible to receive one of these prizes below. 

The criteria is simple and I’ll explain what it is on Day 1. 

This is not a lottery with random drawing. Only the very best Challenge Members are eligible. And the best will be chosen.

Place all of your new $500 opportunities on a brand-new iPad!

The first prizes will be awarded on DAY 3 for the best $500 opportunity submitted to me.

First place will receive…

A brand-new Space Grey Apple iPad Mini!

Then the runner-up opportunities sent to me for review will receive $25 Visa gift cards.

We know your lives are busy, so we want to make sure that we reward the Challenge members who do the best work.

On Day 4, we’ll give out our second “First Prize” for the best $500 opportunity sent in for review…

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This Challenge is going to be exciting, fun, different, and, best of all, the most profitable event you’ll attend in 2021!

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Value $2,000

Make this year the best year yet for your income with an opportunity to create cash on demand! I challenge you to give me 5 days to show you how.

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