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Thanks for your service. I am on a limited budget and your service has really changed my standard of living.   – Hyam K. 

All I can say: absolutely the best service – it’s really well suited for people like myself who knew a little about the stock market but without your strong guidance, I would have never dared to use options! Even an options newbie can follow: first, you get an alert on your cell phone, then I can barely wait until the e-mail arrives with your explicit easy instructions.     – Karin V.

About the Author of  “2 Stocks Paying Dividends Every Week”

Tim Plaehn is a 30+ year income investor and founder of The Dividend Hunter service. This service has helped over 22,000 people manage their own money and generate enough dividend income to live comfortably. 

Tim discovered the power of receiving regular income each month after leaving the Air Force during his college days. He moved abroad to Uruguay and realized he couldn’t support a retirement overseas unless he was working all the time. Facing failure, he returned to the US and began learning everything he could to generate income like clockwork. 

Many years later, Tim regularly travels the country with just his dog to camp out in the woods. Or, to visit his readers around the country. His goal is to help anyone wishing to retire comfortably but want help self-managing their portfolio. 

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