The $3.35 Billion Opportunity

This could be our NEXT stock to turn $10,000 into $100,000 – or a whole lot more… it’s already turned every $10,000 into $41,626 for early investors…


WANTED: A Small Group of Investors to Profit from a Unique $3.35 Billion FDA Backdoor Opportunity


The FDA has just opened a backdoor for a fast growing company to bypass the standard drug approval process… putting this company in the fast lane for  2,715.13% growth!


URGENT: This story is developing faster than expected and the stock has already taken off over 316%… only underscoring my belief that even bigger gains are coming. Please see below for the full update.



Fellow Investor,

Bret Jensen Chief Investment Advisor Small Cap Gems
Bret Jensen
Chief Investment Advisor
Small Cap Gems

Hi. My name is Bret Jensen, chief small cap equities analyst here at Investors Alley.

I want to tell you about a tiny pharmaceutical company the FDA has recently given the green light to skip the standard drug approval process.

The result? Backdoor access to a $3.35 billion market opportunity.

And because of this unique FDA backdoor approval process we’re looking at one of those rare times when you’re able to say that 500% or 1,000% revenue increases are conservative targets.

In fact, my own math suggests growth of as much as 2,715.13% based on just the drugs on their way to the market right now.

This kind of revenue growth has delivered investors doubles, triples, even 10-baggers or better in the past. And it could book the same for you with the company I’m showing you today.

But there’s another reason why this FDA backdoor is so important…

It permits the company to take highly-profitable drugs to market in less than half the standard time — AND at a fraction of the usual cost.

This means today’s company is able to grow exponentially quicker than your usual drug maker — and gift investors incredible returns sooner.

Let me explain…

Creating a drug is usually a long and expensive process…

A typical drug company will have to spend up to 15 years moving their latest development through research and Phase I, II and III trials.

This costs an average of $1.3 billion — sometimes as high as $2 billon — and that’s if the drug passes each trial. It can be even more if they have to go back to the drawing board at any phase.

This is because of a regulatory process the FDA forces biopharmaceutical companies through.

It’s called the 505(b)(1) pathway.

It ensures drugs are effective and safe for human consumption, which is of course, a great thing.

And though there’s certainly money to be made with this route — and the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies like Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, and Pfizer have…

The company I’m going to tell you about today has discovered an FDA backdoor to legally skip this pathway and cut costs by 99.4%.

Not only that, but it provides much less risk to the company… and investors.

You’ve seen it before. In fact, it’s why some investors steer clear of biopharma and biotech altogether.A drug company’s trial results come back less than pristine (at any of the three phases) and the stock tanks.It costs the company a fortune in additional development costs — if they’re even able to bring the drug to market at all.

And for investors, you watch a huge percentage of your investment evaporate, often quite literally overnight.

But because of this FDA backdoor, you don’t have to worry about that with the company I’m going to share with you today.

You see, the backdoor they’ve been granted typically only requires one confirmation study for a drug to be approved.

We’re talking a cost of just $3-7 million, compared to the $1.3 billion usually required to develop a drug.

Now, I’ve been watching this company, waiting for the right time to invest.

The FDA has already given them the green light into one relatively tiny $99 million market — which means the stock is still cheap, even with the recent price surge.

But with their current pipeline, there’s $3.35 billion in total market opportunity just waiting for the final paperwork to come through.

So it’s vital that you read every word of this letter before it takes off. Now…

I’m Expecting A Huge Return, For Good Reason…

Over the past decade or so, early investments in healthcare stocks would have booked you mammoth — and almost unbelievable — returns like…

  • 5,753.03% on Medivation, a firm treating serious diseases with previously limited treatment options…
  • 3,632.65% on Illumina, a developer of genetic and biological analysis systems…
  • 1,517.38% on BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, a developer of drugs for serious diseases and medical conditions…

If these numbers seem exceptionally large, remember that early investors in Microsoft, Amazon and Pfizer have seen 9,630%, 4,509.33% and 1,697.75% returns. This is the kind of opportunity I want to present to you today.

Of course, the companies I’ve just shown you have been wildly successful. Our conservative estimates for this tiny pharmaceutical company that I’m telling you about is between 200% and 400%…from where it is now, even after running up.

Yet even more exciting is the case that can be made for growth as high as 2,715.13% in the next 5 to 10 years — if not sooner.

With its access to the FDA-approved backdoor, it can produce new drugs at a much faster rate than other biopharmaceutical companies. And this reveals…

The Case For 2,715.13% Growth
and Massive Returns for Investors

To book a 10-baggers or better in biotech and biopharma you generally need a tiny company with promising technology or drug pipeline.

Each of the 3 early investment returns I’ve already shown you were the result of hitting this criteria.

Take Medivation for example, early investors in this stock would have found the company with a market cap of just $34.77 million.

Fast forward 10 years and their flagship drug — Xtandi — has propelled them to a 5,753.03% return.

The same goes for Illumina and BioMarin Pharmaceuticals…

Just ten years ago their market cap sat at $169.84 million and $351.24 million, respectively.

Tiny in comparison to what they are today.

Yet these small plays booked early investors giant returns.

And I’m confident that our company today — with a market cap of just over $500 million — can do the same.

Here’s why…

The FDA Backdoor Is The Crux of The Potential 2,715.13% Growth

Now, you probably haven’t heard of this specific company before, and that’s understandable.

It’s not the kind of stock which gets onto CNBC or Fox Business, due to its size…

It also only went public last year, in the same quarter as 30+ other health care stocks — making it extremely hard for most analysts to keep track of.

However, I spotted this company early on.

I saw the value in its technology, its place in the sector and the huge market open to it.

So I dug deeper.

And I found that it was taking advantage of the FDA backdoor I mentioned.

I’ll explain…

Usually a drug is pushed through the 505(b)(1) pathway — where a lot of money is spent.

However, the company I’m introducing you to today, upgrades already approved drugs.

And because of an amendment made to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in 1984, our company is able to skip the 15 years it takes to get a new drug to market.

The amendment created a second pathway — albeit after 20 years of legal battles — the 505(b)(2).

This legal “backdoor” pathway allows drugs to skip years of testing, as long as the active ingredient has already been approved.

And our specific company already has 5 drugs in the “public” pipeline — 4 with an approved active ingredient.

We can expect to see all the drugs in the market by 2017.

But I’m expecting one of their most promising drugs to go live anytime between now and early 2016 — which is why I’ve prepared this short briefing as there really is no time to lose.

Now, to use the FDA backdoor, this company had to use a second advantage…

Innovative Technology, Capable Of Producing the Best Drugs Available

This advantage is what most drug companies are missing and why they can’t skip the 10+ years and billions of dollars needed to take a new drug to market.

You see, unlike most biopharma companies, this one puts drugs into market with “alternative drug delivery systems.”

Instead of spending years researching completely brand new cures, this company improves what’s already selling.

reformulation-of-medicationFor example, a lot of medicine is stored in powdered form. It needs to be reconstituted into an injectable, but this comes with a few problems…

Often it’s time consuming, can lead to dosing errors and has a shorter vial stability (leading to more waste as its shelf life is shorter)…

Our company would take this drug, improve the previous drawbacks and then place it into an “alternative drug delivery system”, which I’ll show you examples of shortly.

The drug then becomes superior to what’s on the market and the likely go-to choice for hospitals.

Let me just underscore that…

They start with a drug that works and is already selling well. They find a way to make it easier to use, or more effective, or both.

Now it’s better for the patient. Better for the hospital. Better for the doctors. Better for the company that made the drug in the first place.

And often, this new version of the same drug drives down costs, to boot.

This all but removes the selling cycle. This company’s new version of the drug can simply replace the old. And now they get a cut of an already-existent, ongoing revenue stream.

Now this example isn’t the only way they improve drugs, but just a demonstration of how this company puts drugs into market — often a ‘buyer-ready’ market.

Yet they’re not just improving generic drugs, which have the most competition.

Their specific business model allows them to produce improved version of drugs currently under patent protection. Drugs with no competition. This is important, more on it shortly.

Now, before I move on to the drugs in the pipeline, I want to show you…

Just How Profitable Alternative Drug Delivery Systems Are…

Here are two examples. You may or may not have heard of them before, it doesn’t matter. I just want to show you how profitable alternative drug delivery systems can be.

nl-box-needleThe first drug is Neulasta

It reduces the risk of infection for patients who are receiving chemotherapy — around 650,000 Americans every year.

In 2013 it was the 15th highest selling drug in the United States with $4.39 billion in sales.

Like a lot of other drugs, its injectable… what makes it exceptional is the Polymer Based Delivery system.

Instead of just injecting the drug into a body and letting it disperse, polymer based delivery carries the “dormant” drug until it reaches the infected cells — where it “activates”. This is a much more effective form of delivery and the numbers agree…

In 2003 — having been introduced just half a year earlier — revenues of this drug were $1.3 billion.

In 2004 they were up another $440 million.

In 2008 Neulasta revenues had shot up to $3.32 billion.

And again, in 2013 sales hit $4.39 billion.

That’s a $4.39 billion (and growing) revenue stream from ZERO just a decade earlier.

I show you these numbers so you can see just how profitable (and how quickly) alternative forms of drug delivery can be.

The second example is EpiPen.


It’s another injectable, except its self-administered using a spring mechanism.

It fights anaphylaxis — a deadly allergic reaction — with adrenaline.

You may have seen them used in movies or may even know someone who keeps one close to their body at all times.

But despite being a relatively ‘old’ alternative delivery system, EpiPen still has the potential for incredible growth…

In 2011 alone, EpiPen had sales of $500 million, which are expected to grow to $1.2 billion this year.

Again, this is an example of just how fast alternative drug delivery systems can grow.

But these are the numbers for just two drugs.

The company I will reveal to you today has 5 drugs, which I’ll tell you about shortly.

First, there’s one more important reason why this company is poised for 2,715.13% revenue growth… and why your money could triple in just a few years.

The Law Which Guarantees
7+ Years of Complete Market Exclusivity

The FDA-approved backdoor already lets this company take highly profitable drugs to market much faster and for pennies on the dollar…

Yet this company also has one more advantage up its sleeve.

You see in January 1983 Congress passed a law called the “Orphan Drug Act.”

The purpose of it was to take diseases that were previously small markets — of 200,000 or less people — and make them more attractive to niche companies.

So they introduced 50% R&D tax credits and grants into the millions of dollars to help with research costs…

But they also introduced an extra 7 years’ worth of market exclusivity — and that, on top of any patents a company already holds.

Today’s company is taking advantage of this.

And though 7+ years of exclusivity doesn’t guarantee success, consider the potential returns you could’ve made from Alexion Pharmaceuticals…

They received orphan status for their drug, Soliris, which treats paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a disease which causes part of a person’s own immune system to destroy its own red blood cells.

It was approved for marketing in March 2007 when Alexion shares sat at $10.04.

By the end of 2014, Alexion’s share price had jumped up to $198.61: a 1,878.19% gain.


That’s a 19.7X increase in stock price, from the only drug they sell.

Here’s another example from BioMarin Pharmaceuticals…

In 2009 they received orphan status for their drug Vimizim.

It treats people with Morquio A — a terrible disease which stops the break down of certain molecules which can lead to heart disease, vision loss and early death.

BioMarin’s stock jumped from $14.00… to $99.65 in less than 6 years.

That’s a 611.79% gain.


Both the returns I’ve shown you above are from companies who produce at least one Orphan Drug.

In the case of BioMarin, they produce regular drugs too.

Which is why it’s a great example for the company I’m telling you about today.

Because even though our company has three Orphan drugs either in, or coming, to market, they also produce regular drugs. Like…

The Drug Which Could Transform This Company Into A Billion Dollar Player… in Less than 24 Months!

This is the game changer drug.

It’s the number one reason why I believe this stock will take off imminently… and turn our play into a $1 Billion+ company.

We’ll call it “Drug C”.

It treats Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Every year there are around 86,520 combined new cases of the diseases in America alone — this represents a $709+ million opportunity.

This market has previously been served by a powdered, one-time-use drug.

Whereas Drug C comes ready-to-use, so less time is wasted with reconstitution. It’s also more stable than what’s already on the market, resulting in a longer shelf life.

Because of these two advantages, this company is moving fast.

In fact they’ve already received a patent for the compound.

So at this point, it’s only a matter of time before they get the backdoor paperwork from the FDA.

I expect this drug to enter the market between now and early 2016 — causing investors to take notice and start to moving this company, and your investment, higher.

But there’s another benefit to Drug A and it’s the reason why investors are going to buy in and stick around…

It has total exclusivity through 2031 and perhaps even beyond, despite not being an orphan drug.

We’re looking at 15+ years before any generic competition.

That’s potentially $10.64 billion in revenue.

Now, it’s important to remember this is just one drug in the $3.35 billion opportunity…

But it’s better than what’s currently available to the patient — the powdered form — which collected $694 million in the 12 months ending April 2014.

That’s why I’m confident that this company’s improved drug will replace the old and pick up the existent revenue stream.

And at their current sales of just $19.1 million, an extra $694 million in revenue should offer investors a double, triple, maybe even 10X their investment.

And that’s not a stretch — BioMarin’s Naglazyme first full-year sales were just $46.5  million. Yet it helped grow them into a $14.1 billion company and book investors more than a 10-bagger.

With this specific game changing drug being placed in an “alternative drug delivery system” it’s reasonable to assume that the market will jump on this improved drug.

In fact, I’m confident it has the potential to dominate the $709 million market.

I’m confident this drug will hit the market between now and early 2016, if not earlier!

And so is this company.

So much so that they’re already directing money into research for an improved version… of the already improved drug. This will be Drug B.

They’re shortening the time it takes to administer.

The reason? Because they want to extend their market exclusivity.

And the orphan status which comes with this latest version grants them 7 more years.

This signals that they’re expecting Drug C to be a cash cow over the long-term.

And it’s no surprise why…

Not only will it save the hospitals money due to a longer shelf life and less nursing time, but they’re also less exposed to lawsuits from dosing errors.

As I write this letter, the drug is moving through the FDA-approved backdoor so it won’t be long before it’s on the market.

Now, let’s talk about…

An Exceptional Drug With Monster Market Potential

The next drug in the pipeline — Drug C — is a superior anticoagulant which helps to stop the blood from clotting in specific operations.

Like all of the company’s new drugs, Drug C offers the patient a significantly enhanced product compared to the existing treatment.

This is a $550 million market opportunity, and thanks to the legal FDA backdoor we’re going to see this drug launch in 2016.

In fact, they’ve already collected 2 patents on this new compound, so it’s moving fast.

But again it’s just one single drug of the $3.35 billion opportunity, yet it alone could produce a 10-bagger or better on your investment.

Let’s compare the $550 million market potential of this drug to the highest selling drugs of a goliath in health care — Novartis.

They enjoy a stock price of $102.46 and market cap of $245.76 billion.

Drug C would rank at 15th in their highest selling drugs of 2014.

Let me highlight that… This tiny company would be selling a drug worthy of the second largest biopharmaceutical producer in the world.

Now let’s move on to another drug in their pipeline currently being ushered through the FDA-approved backdoor…

An Untapped Market with No Known Cure… Yet

This company currently sells a drug in a relatively small market of just $20 million. However, they’re about to multiply this market into a $150 million opportunity.

You see this drug could be the solution to a problem which impacts 20,000 – 40,000 people every year… Heatstroke.

A terrible condition primarily affecting young athletes and those who serve our country in the US military.

Thankfully, today’s company is developing a cure for it — and has already been granted orphan status. We’ll call it Drug D.

Due to having no known cure, Drug D will dominate the $150 million market. And because of this huge increase in revenue, I’m confident it alone could book your next 3-bagger (or even your next 10-bagger).

Here’s another drug currently in development…

A $1.2 Billion Market For This “Sticky” Drug

The next drug — “Drug E” — will be the final engine to produce potential gains of up to 2,715.13%.

It treats advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer and mesothelioma… a $1.2 billion market.

Once again, this will be an improved drug placed in an alternative drug delivery system.

Let’s say this new and improved drug only taps into 10% of the market. That’s $120 million in yearly revenue.

Up their market share to 50%, and that’s $600 million per year.

Of course, no one can predict how well a drug will do… But based on this company’s current record of improving drugs and taking a good share of the market, I’m expecting this to significantly contribute to the $3.35 billion opportunity.

Now, there’s one last thing to consider with Drug E.

It’s last in the “public” pipeline and it’s also got the largest market.

For these two reasons I’m expecting the stock price of this company to take off much quicker than your typical small cap play.

You see, once the first drug I showed you — Drug A — comes to market, Investors are going to jump aboard and send this play north.

Yet I’m also expecting many investors to stick around— and perhaps add more of this stock to their portfolio — once they see the $1.2 billion opportunity from Drug E.

This is why I predict that you’ll be able to book additional returns of 200% to 400% — and even ride this play further to our “blue skies” goal of 2,715.13%.


Just One Successful Drug
Could Double Your Money

As you’ve just seen, there are plenty of reasons why I believe this play could take off.

All it takes is one successful drug launch and the company could hit our conservative revenue growth target of 1,000% and multiply our money by up to 400% from the gains we’ve already made. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the company surpasses this due to its promising pipeline.

In fact my most important criterion for biopharma investments is what I like to call “shots on goal.”

I borrowed this phrase from hockey and soccer where shots on goal are a vital statistic of how well a team is playing.

With biopharmaceuticals I use this phrase to talk about revenue streams — how many have they got? And are they significant?

If the answer is a lot and yes — like today’s company — then they’re often worth investing in.

Even at the conservative figures I’ve given you today, I’d expect this play to triple your money over the next few years — even take off higher.

This may seem like a short timeframe… but remember, this company has been green-lit specifically by the FDA to shirk the standard approval process. It is not required to spend the 15+ years in development a normal pharmaceutical company is.


A Triple Return… In Less Than 5 Months!

Throughout my research I’ve been reminded of a stock I recently recommended to my Small Cap Gems subscribers, to the point of feeling “déjà vu.”

Only a few months ago I invested in a company with many similarities to the one I’m telling you about today…

  • It already had an established product on the market, allowing them to explore new opportunities in sales and drug development…
  • It had several new products coming to market (A.K.A. shots on goal), meaning it had a higher chance of scoring…
  • It was a small cap stock, rarely covered by analysts…
  • And by looking at the drug pipeline, I knew this company was going to have more in annual drug sales than its then market cap.

It was Avanir Pharmaceuticals.


And as I predicted, this stock grew from $5.39 to $16.96 in less than 5 months.

A 214.7% return. Good enough to turn $10,000 into $31,470.

This is just another reason why I’m so confident in this play potentially doubling our money (again!) within 12 months.

But there’s one other reason why I believe this play will take off…

Money Is Pouring Into Biopharma and Biotech — But You Have to Be Careful

In recent months we’ve seen two large “crashes”.

The most obvious is the energy sector.

Since the middle of 2014, we’ve seen the price of oil nosedive from above $120 to below $45 and back to around $50 or so.

We’ve seen the American shale industry boom and watch as it’s now shackled down by debt and falling share prices. Did you know that half of the oil rigs have already been taken offline?

It’s no wonder many investors have fled the sector and are looking for safer places to invest their money.

The same goes for anyone invested in the European markets. At the start of this year, Europe entered deflation, Greece elected an anti-austerity party and the Euro was tumbling.

As a result, a lot of investors have found their way to the biopharma and biotech sectors.

But they haven’t just picked it out of a hat. No, you see there’s a lot of talk about the biotech sector being frothy… being in a bubble… ready to pop. And you know what, for some stocks in the sector, that’s exactly right.

During a conference call with our team I dropped that bomb during a conversation about our next moves. After seeing the tremendous success I’d had with that sector you realize how everyone was shocked when I said that biotech is in a bubble, and we’re buying more.

Now, let me clarify. We’re not buying just any biotech. In fact, now is when I’m pickier with this sector than ever before.

You see for the many big names that are in bubble territory, there a some that still have much more to give us. And those are the ones — like my $3.35 billion opportunity — that we’re making money from. Right now, as you read this.

And that’s why we’re making picky selections in biotech and biopharma.

These two sectors are strong and unconnected from both energy and the Euro.

And because of that, they’ve both grown to their highest levels since the 2008 crisis:



I hope you can see that this $3.35 billion opportunity is likely to double, triple or quadruple your money and carry on rising after that.

Now I realize that this is a lot of information to take in — and there’s more I want to give you — so I’ve compiled a free report, which I’ll show you how to access soon.

But first I want to talk about the…

Two Ways Your Investment Could Make Money

Again, my name is Bret Jensen.

I’m a full-time investor and my recommendations have ranked me in the top 1% of 7,256 leading investment analysts by an independent audit. That’s against analysts from prestigious investment houses like Piper Jaffray, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan.

I also invest alongside my readers in my recommendations. You’ll rarely be investing alone.

I tell you this so you take my next words with serious consideration…

I’ve seen this same scenario play out over and over.

When a biopharmaceutical company has a lot of “shots on goal,” a solid flagship product and interesting technology… chances are it’s going to take off into a double or triple (or even higher).

I see two options for profit from today’s specific company…

Option 1…

We buy in now and ride the stock until it becomes well over a $1 billion company… and beyond.

And because of their quick approval process, I predict this happening a whole lot sooner than many investors expect: at the rate it’s growing it could be a matter of weeks or months, not years.

I estimate this could easily double our investment.

But to protect our money, I will recommend we take half our cash off the table once this play has doubled.

From there on we’ll profit from the “house money.”

And if the play still looks promising, I’ll recommend we hold on for maximum profitability.

Option 2…

My Small Cap Gems subscribers and I made our money on Avanir when it was bought out by a Japanese pharmaceutical giant.

And the same could be on for this play too.

There are a couple of reasons for this…

Firstly, larger drug makers are seeing slower growth rates, so they have been ramping up acquisitions to add new products into their sales channels.

In fact, 2014 had the most buyouts since 2007, and this trend seems likely to extend through 2015.

Another reason is because this company is already in the sights of larger drug makers.

Remember how I mentioned that they could produce drugs still under patent protection? It’s because they’re partnering up with the larger companies who already own the patents.

This benefits us, as our $800 million company now has access to the sales channels of the larger pharmaceutical companies. Now consider the fact that if larger drug makers — with all their money — are already partnering with a tiny company…

How long before they hand over the cash to buy it outright and secure all the profit for themselves?

I’d estimate it to be soon.

And this is good news for an investor who already has shares.

When a company wishes to acquire another, it usually makes an offer at slightly higher than the current share price.

And this is exactly what happened with our investment in Avanir…

On December 2nd, Otsuka — a giant Japanese pharmaceutical firm — announced they would be acquiring them in a deal that valued Avanir at $17 a share.

This made their stock price jump almost 13% in 24 hours. (Of course it was a 215% jump for my subscribers who took positions when I recommended it only 5 months earlier.)



This type of instant jump is enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $11,300 overnight.

But of course, we’re not looking to just make 13% on this play.

Instead I’m expecting to grow our investment by 200% to 400%, and that’s before a possible buyout.

And the final jump — like 13% with Avanir — will be the icing on the cake.

You’ll Discover Everything You Need To Know About This Play In My New Report:
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I’ll lay out the exact buy under, target and sell prices. I’ll even monitor the markets on your behalf and contact you directly when it’s time to sell. You’ll always know what to do to make maximum profit.

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Great calls. I love biotech and tech sectors and I like that you always try to include small cap biotech with good potential upside. Thank you. – A. Patel


I bought at $1.30 when you first wrote about it. Bought more when it dropped to 50 cents a month ago. Then went overweight and bought more on your last recommendation. I doubled the amount I invested in any one biotech on this one. – Mick B.


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Now, let me just clear something up…

While this letter may have been dominated by biopharma and biotech stocks, my Small Cap Gems newsletter covers many different sectors.

As an important investing rule, I always make sure to keep a diversified portfolio to avoid excessive exposure to any one sector.

The purpose of the Small Cap Gems newsletter is to give investors, like you, large profits while mitigating risk. This means that our 20 stock portfolio is spread out across promising companies and diversified across a range of sectors.

When you claim your own copy of Biotech Revolution: Extreme Profits from the Hottest Stock in the Hottest Sector, you’ll also receive access to…

red-hand-three-quarter-inchIn-Depth Analysis and Recommendations… Every month I’ll deliver 1 or more new recommendations to you, each one tipped to be a double or triple returning stock. You’ll know exactly why each recommendation has the potential to multiply your money and what catalyst will be driving the growth.

red-hand-three-quarter-inchYour Personal “Market Patrol”… Every so often there will be an event in the markets which we need to keep an eye on. For example, as the dollar began to strengthen this past September, I alerted my subscribers to be “considerably underweight miners and other commodity producers.”

red-hand-three-quarter-inchExclusive Access to the Archives… Once an issue of Small Cap Gems or a special report has been available for more than a month it enters the archive. Small Cap Gems can move fast, but often you may want to refer back to my in-depth analysis on a specific play. These archived reports are never available to the public, so you can keep the “edge.”

red-hand-three-quarter-inchSame-Day Email Alerts… I’ll always email you the same-day as any important market news affects our plays. This means if we hit our target price, I’ll deliver instructions for how best to maximize your profit. Likewise, if a stock is going the other way, you’ll find instructions on how to minimize the risk to your money.

red-hand-three-quarter-inchUnlimited Personal Correspondence… You’ll have my personal email here at Investors Alley. You can contact me if you ever have a question about a stock, an issue or just want to hear my opinion on a play I’m investing alongside you on. I make every effort to reply to every single email.

Now, I’m expecting this stock to multiply our money by at least to 400% (my readers have already enjoyed a 316% run-up in only a few months!) in the near future as it begins to tap into the $3.35 billion opportunity over the next couple of years.

Just $5,000 invested in this company could produce returns of $15,000, even $25,000. Even more if the company achieves above my conservative estimates or gets bought out, like what happened with Avanir.

So today you can access Small Cap Gems for $99.

That will get you an entire year’s worth of access to Biotech Revolution: Extreme Profits from the Hottest Stock in the Hottest Sector, and everything I’ve just spoken about.

But that’s not all…

You’ll Also Get 3 More Opportunities To Profit

I’ve compiled two more reports for you to read and profit from…

Bonus Report #1: 2 Biotech Stocks to Light Up 2015

report-cover-scg-2-biotech-stocks-to-light-up-2015-shadow-twist-288Both of these plays are hopeful doubles — but I wouldn’t be surprised if they grew into a triple, especially for current readers of Small Cap Gems.

The first bonus play acts a vital cog to larger pharmaceutical companies.

You see, the nature of their business means they work in very close proximity with larger players, despite only having a market cap of $304.02 million.

This is an immediate sign that they’re worth looking into.

But what prompted me to invest is the “shots on goal” I spoke about earlier.

This bonus play has three very promising shots, one of which could potentially save the lives of over 250,000 people every year worldwide.

At time of writing, this play has already taken off 69.9%.

If my estimations are correct, I’m expecting a potential final gain of 148.83%.

Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $24,883.

The second bonus play is a buyout candidate.

They’re currently developing a drug in partnership with a larger player. It’s expected to book $1 billion in annual sales.

Considering this bonus play will receive 15% to 19% of overall revenues from this drug, I’m expecting it to be acquired if the drug comes to market.


Because the larger player will then claim 100% of sales generated, and any other drugs in the bonus play’s pipeline.

But the most important tell is that big holders and insiders own a significant amount of shares — some even increasing their stake.

They clearly expect the price to rise… and it already has.

This specific play has recently booked 23%. I can see this play moving up a further 134.11% to turn a $10,000 investment into $23,411.

Bonus Report #2: The Biopharma Payday Stock

report-cover-scg-biopharma-payday-stock-shadow-twist-288The biotech and biopharma sectors are riding at all-time highs right now and have delivered a lot of money to investors.

And in my opinion there’s never been a better time to profit from them.

In March 2014, there was a six week sell-off that swept across both of these sectors.

And while large cap firms snapped back to recover quickly and went to all-time highs in summer (for example, Gilead Science bounced back from $65.48 to $116.83 per share)…

Small Caps were slower to take off.

This divergence has left plenty of opportunity to pick up undervalued stocks with powerful catalysts ready to take off.

This report covers every reason why I believe healthcare — especially biotech and biopharma — stocks are ripe for the diligent investor.

You’ll also receive one of the most promising biopharma plays.

This specific play has agreements and partnerships with multiple Big Pharma companies, like Pfizer and Roche.

Considering that Big Pharma companies partner only with promising small cap companies, you can take it as their “vouch” for this particular company.

But even more exciting is a potential home-run drug currently under study.

It’s a drug which treats a disease affecting thousands of people every year —with new cases of the disease expected to hit 48,960 in 2015.

Just recently this promising biopharma play was boosted by 24.4% on positive results from Phase II interim data.

The final results are expected at the end of this year, or in early 2016. Should they be positive, I’m expecting another jump you can profit from.

Combine this jump, with the royalties expected from Big Pharma companies, and you could see another double return.

To instantly access your 2 bonus reports, along with my Biotech Revolution: Extreme Profits from the Hottest Stock in the Hottest Sector report, all you need to do is click the button below. You’ll have access to all the reports, and an annual subscription to Small Cap Gems…

Without Risking A Penny!

Again, I invest alongside my subscribers… it’s never just you with skin in the game. My money is on the line, too.

But I’d also like to make it as easy and risk-free to sign up with Small Cap Gems today.

You see, I’m not offering a subscription to my newsletter to get rich… That’s what my investments are for.

I’m offering this service as a way for investors like you to start profiting from the markets and securing your financial future.

So here’s how I’m going to make this decision as easy and risk-free to you as possible…

When you sign up today to receive your Biotech Revolution: Extreme Profits from the Hottest Stock in the Hottest Sector, two bonus reports and access to Small Cap Gems you’ll have 60 days to test-drive my service.

If, by the end of those 60 days, you’re not fully convinced that Small Cap Gems will make you the kind of money to be financially secure then I want you to cancel. Call our toll-free number or email even on your very last day to request a refund. I’ll give you a prompt and gracious full refund of your entire $99.

As long as you have claimed your bonus reports you’ll still have access to them after we cancel your subscription. You’ll still be able to monitor each play and watch them for as long as you like.

But now I must urge you to sign up, because…

You Can’t Wait Until Next Month,
Or Even Next Week…
This Stock is On the Move

As I’ve already said, despite the value in this play I can’t say exactly when the next leg up with be. We’ve already amassed a 316% return in 5 months. The next leg up could be next week, next month, or some time in between.

When it does, I’m expecting the stock to jump. Maybe into a double or more from where we are now.

At this point, we may already be close to taking our own money off the table and just play with the house money.

But it’s essential you catch it before it moves up to maximize your profit.

There’s no time to waste. Simply click here, or the button below, to sign up to Small Cap Gems risk-free.


URGENT UPDATE: The stock has taken off over 316% from my initial recommendation, based on developments on the next drug in the pipeline.

This only underscores my belief in the profit potential here, strongly reinforcing our investment case. I’m confident there are even higher returns to come.

DO NOT wait to move on this, or it will be another case of “the one that got away.” Click here for access NOW.


I’ll see you on the inside,

Bret Jensen
Small Cap Gems

P.S. This company has 5 drugs, which I expect to launch in the next 2-3 years. Each drug has the potential to turn this $800 million market cap company into a $2 billion company fast. If you want to ride the wave of profit on the way up, you need to jump in now. Click here to start.

P.P.S. To state it one last time… I can’t say when this play will take off. It all depends on when the first “game changer” drug comes to market. It could be next week, next month or a couple months from now, but it’s going to happen. There’s no time to waste, click here to sign up to Small Cap Gems and receive your free Biotech Revolution: Extreme Profits from the Hottest Stock in the Hottest Sector.

Your Exclusive, 60-Day Money-Back Membership Guarantee:

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You will be 100% satisfied with the results we achieve together. If you have any doubt whatsoever, you can cancel your membership within 60 days for a refund of every penny you paid for your subscription… and you can keep your free gift with my compliments.

See what I mean? You have absolutely nothing to lose.


twobytenpixelYour first year of Small Cap Gems is only $99, a 50% discount off the normal rate. That’s our new subscriber introductory rate. Your subscription will renew in one year at the standard rate of only $199. I would expect that the returns you’ve made over the course of the year would more than cover the subscription cost. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with Small Cap Gems at any time during your first 60 days just call or email to request a 100% refund of all your money. And you may cancel any time later and never be billed again. Now that you’ve taken time to read the fine print and see how good this truly is, let’s get started with amazing stock research and build some wealth for you. Click here to start.





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