MSI Looks to Be Part of the Infrastructure Deal on Capitol Hill


As infrastructure spending comes back on the radar in a big way with the current negotiations on Capitol Hill, Motorola Solutions (MSI) has introduced an end-to-end communications solution for critical infrastructure needs.

Speaking on the need for protected, private broadband networks in critical infrastructure operations, Bobbi Harris, Head of Membership Engagement at the Utility Broadband Alliance (UBBA) said, “Secure, resilient and reliable private broadband is essential to the continued modernization, increased operational efficiency and safety of our nation’s critical infrastructure.”

As infrastructure revitalization and build expands, Harris noted, the need for secure broadband, “…underlies the sophisticated video, IoT, analytics and software our industry needs for enhanced situational awareness, advanced data capabilities and greater capacity for rapid response.”

MSI product suite includes a radio access network, or RAN, for “for critical wide area coverage and long-range data communications.” As well as a CBRS, or Citizens Broadband Radio System which provides “high-speed broadband for campus-size environments with indoor and outdoor access points.”

The final piece of the MSI proprietary system is a secure Internet of Things (IoT) gateway that can connect multiple devices to the secure network for remote monitoring.

Scott Schoepel, vice president of Global Enterprise at Motorola Solutions, described the total package. “Our new Private Broadband for Critical Infrastructure solution lays the groundwork for capturing, analyzing and sharing the actionable data needed to reach new levels of efficiency, reliability and safety.” 

The new system allows customers to integrate with current land mobile radios and carrier LTE networks, providing a robust solution without the need to completely overhaul critical communications infrastructure. This will bring the cost of implementing the new system down for large, disparate campuses. 

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Motorola Solutions says the system is designed “to provide utilities, oil, gas and other enterprises with the bandwidth, data speeds and technical flexibility they need across congested campuses or in remote areas.”

MSI stock topped out around $186 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but found support around $124, putting in a double bottom. Shares have recently pulled back from the $158 level to trade around $140. The passing of an infrastructure spending bill could easily give the stock a boost, as critical infrastructure communication systems are upgraded. 

In its most recent quarter Motorola Solutions reported revenue of $1.7 billion, flat year-over-year. Earnings came in at $1.12, up 30% from 2019’s Q1.

Steven Adams’s personal position in Motorola Solutions: none.

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