Motorola Solutions to Open Location in Florida Despite Ongoing Contract Dispute With that State


Motorola Solutions (MSI) is preparing for life post coronavirus, by opening a brand new customer Experience Center showcasing its latest technology. 

The company announced the new center will open in Florida, coinciding with an expansion of business in the state, and the opening of a new office in Fort Lauderdale.

Scott Adler, Motorola Solutions VP stated, “We are expanding our footprint in Florida. Plantation will continue to be home to one of our key research and development centers, housing some of our top innovators, designers and product developers.”

The Experience Center is a technology demonstration area commonly used by many high tech and consulting firms to both demonstrate new technology, and market to current and potential customers. Motorola believes demonstrating how technology can address client issues in a real-time hands on environment is a powerful marketing tool for its communications and data products. 

Mr. Adler, commenting further on the new center, emphasized the company’s history in Florida and the importance of the Florida market. Unfortunately, Motorola has been in an apparently bitter ongoing contract dispute with the state concerning the upgrading of the state’s first responder network. 

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Adler said, “Motorola Solutions has had a presence in Florida since 1969, when we began engineering and manufacturing communication products in the Fort Lauderdale area.” He continued, “Opening the Experience Center will provide us with the opportunity to not only highlight the innovative solutions we offer to our customers, but also how these can benefit the communities in which they serve.”

Visitors to the Experience Center will have the opportunity to see a variety of Motorola Solutions cutting-edge public safety solutions, including Motorola Solutions’ end-to-end public safety software suite, CommandCentral and the Avigilon Video and Security Analytics platform. 

The company is particularly promoting the ability of its CommandCentral system to integrate data and video feeds, not only from government sources, but from private enterprise as well. The system can integrate real-time intelligence remotely in the command center to assist officers in the field.

The Experience Center lets the company demonstrate the robustness of the system, which can for example, take the feed from a grocery store parking lot, as long as the owner of the system agrees, and relay that data to the appropriate authorities. The CommandCentral software can then transmit that data to both the control center and relevant field assets.

The Experience Center should be open for customers at the time coronavirus restrictions are lifted. 

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