“Like an ATM Built Right into Your Brokerage Account…”

This page reveals the 3-minute portfolio trick that removes any financial worries… 

By generating up to $3,663 instant income every month with stocks you already own!

This is by far the fastest way to add extra cash to your bank account…

So far, this has been successful over 92% of the time (I’ll show you the proof).

This is the message every investor needs to see right now…

Dear Reader,

You’re about to discover how to generate an extra $916 in cash from your portfolio every week going forward. 

Imagine this amount of money in your hands every single week.

Do that four times and you net $3,663 per month…

This cash I’m holding could be pouring into your account faster than dividend stocks…

And the cash is yours to spend.

John Alford, a college professor, says he’s generated “annualized yields of 60-80%.” He loves it because he can “generate a 2-3X higher yield on dividend-paying stocks.”

And John only invests in his spare time.

Then there’s Paul Price.

He’s a writer and speaker from Philadelphia.

He created this chart showing me how he’s profited $300,000 cash inside his IRA.

He jokes “Strangers put over $300,000 into my IRA since 2011.”

I’ll tell you what he means in a minute. 

And you’ll see how what John is doing is a fast way to get cold hard cash into your bank account every single week. 

The richest are getting billions from using this strategy…over $13 billion…

John Alford pocketed $300k without selling a single share…

And you’re getting the opportunity to generate up to $916 or more a week using the same method.

It’s like an armored truck installing an ATM right inside your house. 

Every week, just a few clicks of your mouse and you get cash on demand.

That’s cash you can use on groceries, bills, even your mortgage. 

That’s cash to help others and splurge without guilt. 

Most important, you have the capital on hand to take advantage of any stocks or assets on sale right now. 

Here’s my point…

Your portfolio should feel more like an ATM…and not a savings account. 

Actually, let me be blunt. 

You are not earning as much cash as you can from your portfolio…I’m betting you didn’t know it was possible or even allowed to earn this much cash from stocks you own. 

That’s why this is the #1 income strategy I’m telling everyone I know about.

It’s simple. It takes 3 minutes to execute. 

And it can generate instant income every week. 

This is money ON TOP of your dividend payments.

Here’s the proof:

Just in 2020, even during the crash in February and March… My readers and I have been able to earn between 3-4% cash returns from our stocks ten times already. 

That’s the equivalent of earning ten annual dividend payments in just a matter of months! 

Now you can see why this is my #1 income strategy. 

You’ll build your cash balance cash faster than any dividend payment… and you’ll do it without taking on a lot of risk.

Our win-rate for this strategy is 92% since 2018. 

And our goal is to help you earn 3.6% cash returns every time you execute this strategy.

Investing $25,000 into four trades could create $3,633 in instant income for you each month when placing just one trade a week.

If you can do that every month… That’s an extra $43,596 of cold hard cash for you to spend as you please. 

You can use it to fund your income stock purchases. 

You can pay down your mortgage. 

Or you could build a large cash cushion to ride out uncertain times. 

The opportunity is huge for you if you decide to take action today. 

Over three years…you could double your initial $100k with your income payouts.

Here’s perhaps the best part…

You can generate this instant income with whatever you have in your 401k or IRA right now!

You don’t need to invest another penny into your account if you don’t want to.

If you’re already buying and holding stocks…

And you’re waiting patiently for your dividends every quarter…

What you’re about to see allows you to earn extra cash from these stocks while you wait for your dividend checks. 

It’s money sitting on the table for you to collect… 

But most aren’t taking advantage of this special 3-minute trick and never will. 

It’s not that it’s difficult to do. 

Like I said it just takes three minutes once you’re set up. 

It’s that you haven’t been shown the way. 

Let this video be your introduction to upgrading your income-generating strategies. 

Whether you have $10,000…$100,000…or $1,000,000…you can begin generating instant income…that extra 3.6% that you didn’t know was there for you starting today.

And you can earn this extra income up to four times a month. That’s like earning an entire annual dividend payment in one week! 

You’ll do it using a special 3-minute trick copied from the banks.

This trick has been used as far back as 1686. It’s how the banks got rich…and it’s now your secret weapon to generating extra cash.

So much cash that you could have all your bills paid… All your expenses covered. 

Take a look. 

Say starting with $100,000…every week you put $25,000 into the weekly instant income opportunity.

That’s $100,000 at work total for the month…$25,000 per week.

Look at the amount of cash you’d earn:

Week 1: $980

Week 2: $1,145

Week 3: $795

Week 4: $1,070

Week 5: $715

Week 6: $770

Week 7: $873

Week 8: $918

In total…that’s $7,266 over eight weeks.

An average of $3,633 per month…or a 3.6% return on your money in four weeks. 

The amount of time it took to generate this cash? 

3 minutes each week. That’s it.

Nothing can beat this kind of speed. 

And we can do this every month, 12 months a year! 

This instant income strategy is:

Faster than receiving dividends…

Faster than a bi-weekly paycheck…

And so simple to learn. 

I do it myself and my colleagues do too. 

And many others are already making this kind of money for themselves. 

  • Leo M. says “I’ve been able to withdraw an average of $5,500 per month.” 

That’s an average of $132,000 in 24 months. 

  • Lori B. says “[Tim’s] recommendations have taken my portfolio from $20,000 in annual payouts to about $50,000.” 

That’s $100,000 on the nose in 24 months. 

  • Jack G. says “I have increased my…income 100%…from $23,000 to $49,000.” 

This couldn’t come at a better time. 

Because this is a message every American needs to hear
right now. We live in one of the most uncertain economic times in our history.

“How are we going to pay our mortgage next month?” 

“Do we have enough for groceries?” 

“Are we going to be okay financially?” 

Have you had to reconsider your financial plan in the last two months?

These conversations are happening across millions of kitchen tables in our country.

Entrepreneurs are watching the business they’ve invested every dime into collapse…

Retirees are flipping through ‘help wanted’ ads for jobs at the grocery store.

The real question at the heart of all these worries is the same…

“Do I have enough cash for whatever happens tomorrow?” 

Look… it’s as simple as this.

Cash is king. 

Knowing how to generate more cash quickly is…
— by far —
The #1 skill you need to master…

If you can generate cash with the click of your mouse, you’ll feel happier and less stressed… you’ll be more prepared to benefit from market disruptions. 

Cash is king. The more cash you have on hand the better investor you can be. 

And all you need to do is make better use of the stocks you own. 

This is possible for you. 

All you need is your 401k, IRA or brokerage account and whatever cash and stocks you have in it. 

It works no matter what your balance says. If it’s $10,000 or $10 million.

Like I said, this is the #1 best paying investment skill to master… a 3-minute trick inside your portfolio to generate extra cash from stocks you own.

And I’m going to show it to you in just a few minutes.

This is Tim Plaehn speaking.

You know me as the editor of my popular newsletter, The Dividend Hunter

As a Dividend Hunter, I look for high-yield dividend opportunities to help you pay your bills each month. 

Unfortunately, the entire financial market for income investors has capsized.Dividends are getting slashed across the board.

Cash is being pulled from the system. 

The bonds you own pay nothing. 

Some dividend stocks went from paying a lot to paying very little. 

Many jobs are gone for good and pay cuts are happening all around. 

The ability to get more cash is shrinking as we speak.

Dividend cuts are a part of life. 

That’s why I’m sharing this message right now. 

We all need extra cash… so where can you get it?  

Why not start with the stocks in your portfolio? 

You need a consistent way to earn more cash today.

ABC News is alerting readers to “build up some cash. Cash remains one of your best investments.” 

Sergio Paz, who oversees a $1.6 billion dollar fund for Blackrock, told Bloomberg he sees “high” probability of a recession. 

He warns investors to get cash now.

And Barron’s agrees saying:

“Cash is king — Never more so than now” 

Cash is the key to your family’s future and your family’s wealth. 

Everything you need to feel safe is tied to having more cash. 

Right or wrong, that’s just the truth. 

So come with me and I’ll show you how to generate extra cash from stocks you own. 

Then you can punch your ticket to freedom.. 

There are trillions of dollars waiting to be collected on the stocks you have sitting in your account. For the most part, only Wall Street elite and savvy traders have known how to earn it. 

Not anymore.

Because you’re going to copy the same technique used by the biggest, wealthiest banks.

It’s a technique that allows your money to work for you again and again, 24/7. 

It’s called the money multiplier formula. 

It’s been used by banks since the 17th century.

It’s how bankers got rich…

And it’s how you’re going to earn extra cash multiple times a month. 

Let me give you an example. 

Say I gave you $1,000 and you put it into your bank. 

Does the bank sit on that money and wait for you to return? 

Absolutely not. Banks are built to make money. 

They take your $1,000 and put 10% in “Reserves”.  

Then they lend out the other $900 to other customers. 

Banks do this with all the money that’s deposited with them. 

They’re earning interest multiple times on the same $1,000.

They do this again and again…millions upon millions of times every year. 

It’s how the bankers get rich.

Here’s how you can do the same. 

You can be the bank.

You can use the money multiplier to accelerate the income you earn from your portfolio. 

Say again you have your $100,000 sitting in your accounts. 

You’ll do ok collecting dividends and watching the prices appreciate over the next few years. 

But, $100,000 isn’t enough to retire on. 

At an 8% annual yield that’s only $8,000 a year in income. 

You need a way to accelerate the income growth from your portfolio. 

Here’s how you do it. 

While your stocks sit in the account, you can take your same $100,000 in shares, and collect 3%, 5%, even 7% cash returns again and again…every month…every year. 

Just like a bank does. You can do it every week 52 weeks a year. 

Year in, year out. 

It’s the fastest way to multiply your income. 

And you can earn an entire year’s worth of dividend payments in just one month. 

You too can ‘lend’ your stocks to generate extra cash.

You can get paid extra income much like a bank gets paid for holding your deposits. 

Now, this might sound risky and complicated. It’s really not. We’ve had up to a 92% success rate so far. 

If you watch this video to the end, you’ll have a front-row seat to watch me earn an instant income payment myself.

I’ve never done this before and may never do it again.

I’m going to let you look over my shoulder and watch in my own brokerage account how I create money basically out of thin air…safely and securely.

That way you can see the proof yourself. 

I’ve been doing it for years with my portfolio…and showing others how to as well. 

In 2019, we banked extra cash using this strategy twenty times in a row. 

Look at some of the instant income opportunities you missed out on: 

  • 12.8%
  • 9.44%
  • 8.96%
  • 7.98%
  • 6.18%

Those are huge annual dividends earned in a matter of weeks. 

Plus, the best part is you still get to earn dividends too! 

These opportunities pay out 3X to 96X higher cash returns than dividends.

I recommended KMI as a great dividend stock to hold. At the time, you could sit and collect your 4.3%. 

But using the instant income strategy you could earn ten times as much cash versus just collecting the dividend. 

Same with Verizon.

You could’ve made almost 3X  the stock’s dividend.

Macerich…3X more.

American Airlines…46X more annualized income…

And even from GDX…96X more annualized income.

Don’t stop collecting your dividends…

But also don’t leave this money sitting on the table. 

You can generate extra cash on top of your dividends. 

Again, generating extra cash is the best skill you can have today. 

Most Americans will never see what you’re seeing in this video. 

This information is out of reach to 99% of Americans. 

Which is why I stress that you do not dismiss what I’m sharing.

If you do you’ll be missing out on a simple, consistent way to generate extra cash right now from stocks sitting in your portfolio. 

It’s quick, easy, and can be done successfully up to 92% of the time. 

But here’s the million-dollar question…

Why am I telling you this now?

I told you having cash on hand is important for you and your family right now. 

The risks of recession are rising fast…

Millions have lost jobs…

And we’re seeing companies cut and reduce dividends to conserve cash. 

Your portfolio right now has probably seen a big reduction in income.

So I ask you:

If you knew with 92% certainty that you could generate an extra $3,622 every month on average from a $100,000 account…

Would you do it? 

What if I told you it only took 3 minutes for you to accelerate your money up to 100X faster than what you can earn from dividends…

Would you do it? 

If the answer is no…then you’re not going to get anything more from this presentation. 

You can exit out of this page right now.

Just be warned. 

This message is most important if you have lost your income or own any stocks that have cut their dividends.

Doing nothing today means you’re accepting a lower income and less cash.

If you do nothing today, there are only two ways for you to earn cash from your stocks. 

Waiting for your dividends or selling shares. 

You can’t pay for groceries with your stocks…

You can’t invest in a great dividend opportunity by trading your car in at the dealership.

You need cash. 

And I’m here about to show you an incredible 3-minute strategy at creating instant income from stocks you own…

Again, this is Tim Plaehn. 

You’re watching this first because you’re an exclusive member of one of our services here at Investors Alley. 

Like I said, I’m an income investor. 

For over a decade I’ve helped retirees and those building their nest egg generate solid income from investments. 

I’m here to help you earn more income, plain and simple. 

And the results have worked out for my readers: 

  • Kevin G. wrote me: “ My income is now well in excess of $50,000 per year, and to date I have not had to touch any of it for living expenses.”
  • Jim M. told me: “You have provided me with a new sense of confidence. I have invested just under $100k and my return percentage is higher than my financial agent can manage.”
  • Matt S. emailed: “I have received enough income so that my wife was able to quit her job and stay home with our son. Without the income over the last couple years this would not have been possible.”

Helping others earn more investment income isn’t just a hobby for me. 

It’s a mission. 

It started over 12 years ago…a time we had hoped to leave behind for good.  

Unfortunately, I’m seeing ghosts of 2008 right now.

During the Great Recession there were few safe places to put cash. 

The stock market was in ruins. Bonds were dead. Real estate was crashing…everywhere you looked was a minefield. 

I watched as friends…even folks in my own family…lost their nest eggs overnight.

However, I’m seeing the clouds of 2008 swell again…

Sky-high unemployment…

Stock market volatility… 

Bottom-of-the-barrel interest rates…

Dividend cuts…

There’s no doubt that cash will rule the day. 

And all my income investing research over the past 30 years…all of it has brought me to this point.

Because stopping at high-yield dividend opportunities would be doing you a disservice. 

Not after I’ve seen how powerful this 3-minute instant income trick is.

Because with my strategy…

Kiplinger says by not doing this you’re “leaving money on the table.”

The Street said this strategy is “very helpful in maximizing the returns on your investment.” 

Marketwatch claims it’s the perfect solution to “boost retirement income.” 

And I agree. 

With just a few minutes per week

A few clicks of your mouse…

This instant income strategy can add an avalanche of extra cash to your checking account in record time.

I told you about Paul who joked about strangers putting over $300,000 into his IRA.

This chart dates January 2018, so in 7 years, he averaged about $87,200 every 24 months with 2017 being the highest.

Meaning, his money AND income were rapidly growing.

Paul is doing the same thing I’ll show you how to do…

Taking stocks you own…

And using those stocks like an ATM to collect extra income on top of any gains and dividends. 

How he ‘gets it from strangers’, you’ll see in a minute.

Jaime Darcey, a 48-year old investor who owns a Little Caesars pizzeria, says “I call it creating it my own dividend.” I shoot to make 1.5% per month.”

That’s the same as earning an extra 18% cash payment on top of her regular dividends.

She’s taking home 2-3X more annualized return than many high-yield stocks with her approach.

Take a look at the following charts. 

During and after a major stock market event…

The instant income strategy you’ll see today OUTPERFORMED the S&P 500 on two different occasions. 

Take a look. 

The S&P 500 is the grey line

Our extra income strategy is the orange line. 

Only owning the S&P 500 was a better move during the 2001 tech bubble. 

Look what happens though. 

Once the tech bubble pops and stocks crater into 2002…our strategy takes the lead running up to the Great Recession. 

Even then, during the Great Recession, our strategy beat the S&P 500 by about 20%. 

In fact, according to an Asset Consulting Group study…

My instant income strategy outperforms the S&P 500 over every single time frame.





Even 20-year timeframes. 

The reason is we’re simply copying what the rich bankers do.

Instead of just earning four dividend payments a year… you could be earning a new cash payment every month! 

And you can still collect your dividends. 

This trick allows your money to work for you multiple times over. 

That’s what a bank does when it lends the same $1,000 again and again.

When you buy a stock for $10…that money is parked away. 

But if you could buy a stock for $10 and generate $4 per year in cash…over 10 years, you would have a negative cost basis! 

Your choice is… sit on that $10 stock and do nothing…

Or follow me and start earning extra cash each week from stocks just sitting in your brokerage account. 

If you have a 401k, an IRA, or a portfolio, you have more than enough assets to begin utilizing your investments to create extra cash.

After reading this… if you end up in a cash-strapped position you’ll have no excuses.

Up to now, very few Americans have been taught how to leverage their assets into more cash like only the wealthiest do. 

That’s no longer an excuse for you. 

This instant income strategy generates cash in addition to your dividends

You can use this instant income strategy on most stocks in your portfolio. 

Maybe you own Amazon or Apple. You can generate instant income using those stocks too. 

Maybe you own some REITs or MLPs. You can generate instant income with those as well. 

There are millions of opportunities out there.  

You’ll get more examples plus the exact steps to follow…all inside a powerful bonus you’ll get in just a minute. 

It’s free if you stick around with me until the end. 

In fact, you’ll have the opportunity to look over my shoulder and watch me place one of our instant income trades.

I’ll show you how to earn extra cash from your stocks and ETFs so you’re winning over 92% of the time…

And how to place the trades in your brokerage account.

It’s the same process throughout, but you need to understand the steps. And you’ll see how fast it’ll take me. 3 minutes…if not less. 

That’s all going to be available in a special bonus you’ll get access to at the end of this presentation. 

You’ll want to see it as it’ll give you the step-by-step process to earn extra cash from your stocks. 

That step-by-step starts with our secret ingredient…

It’s our way to ‘lend’ our shares and become the bank.

We’re generating instant income like the banks do using options.

Trading options is one of the most misunderstood tools in all of investing. 

Most people use them to gamble. 

We’re not gambling. We’re accelerating our income and building wealth. 

Much like a bank lends their money out over and over again to earn interest…

You can let other investors ‘borrow’ your stocks..

Every time they do…you earn instant income. 

Here’s why this is the most powerful strategy for buy and hold investors…

When you lend out your shares you’re letting the people who gamble using options put money directly in your pocket! 

Let’s look at our $100,000 portfolio again. Say you invested it all into Caterpillar stock at $100. That’s 1,000 shares.

For this example you’re generating 5% in dividends on this investment.

That equals $5,000 per year in dividend income.

Collecting that annual dividend you’ll pay off your $100,000 investment in 20 years…

20 years is a long time to earn just $5,000 a year. 

What else can you do to earn extra income? 

You sell options.

Here’s what I mean…

Another investor also wants to invest in Caterpillar and thinks the stock could go to $140.

So, he proposes to me: “Tim, I’ll pay you $3,633 today for the option to buy your Caterpillar shares for $140 any time over the next 45 days.”

This is the same agreement we make when we sell options on the stocks we already own. 

Here’s each possible outcome for the agreement:

In all three scenarios, you keep the $3,633 payment the buyer deposits. 

  • Scenario 1 — Caterpillar stays at $100 or $120. You pocket instant income of  $3,633 and keep all of your shares. (our goal with our options). You continue to collect your $5,000 annual dividend.
  • In Scenario 2 — Caterpillar goes to $140 and beyond in 45 days. You now sell your shares and make a $40,000 profit AND keep the $3,633 option payment.
  • In Scenario 3 — Caterpillar drops below $100. You lose value on your stock, but you still collect the $3,633 premium plus your $5,000 annual dividend. 

Think about the stocks you own. Their prices move up and down with the market. 

But they don’t usually move 40% in a matter of a month. 

Only someone gambling with options would make that bet. 

So why not let them pay you some extra cash while they’re gambling?

Most folks gambling on options will win 10-30% of the time. 

But, it’s possible for you to win 92% doing the opposite of most options gamblers.

In fact, the Nasdaq said it best in a recent statement:

Selling options is a “low-risk income strategy, and one of the lowest risk strategies an investor can use.”

That’s why this options strategy is recommended by Ally Bank, Vanguard and Charles Schwab.

Warren Buffett made an estimated $37.1 billion from this same strategy.

Carl Icahn has done the same for his $13 billion dollar firm.

Forbes even says this strategy is the path to “getting rich off options.”

Bloomberg gives you the perfect reason why to start using this strategy right now. 

They wrote this strategy does best “in an environment characterized by low interest rates.” 

That’s the world we’re living in now…low interest rates and dividend cuts on top of that.

Banks are tightening up their lending…

Jobs are being slashed…

That’s why I started this presentation claiming generating extra cash is the #1 skill to have right now. 

If you’re sitting on any amount of cash or money in a retirement or brokerage account…you’re losing money not utilizing this now. 

As you’re about to see, it’s easy to do…and it’s quite safe. 

In 2018, we had two losing recommendations. 

A 94% success rate. 

In 2019, we had an 87% win rate. 

That adds up to an average of 92% of our trades being winners. 

So far in 2020, I’ve only recommended one losing trade. 

Stop leaving extra income on the table. Come join me and watch over my shoulder as I generate instant income. 

Three reasons why it’s urgent to have extra cash right now

#1. Dividend cuts are happening at a record pace. 

According to CNBC…


The “pain has just begun” for dividend investors. 

You know me as a dividend investor. So I’ve seen my dividends get cut too.

But, I’m still receiving extra cash from the stocks in my account using this instant income strategy. 

That’s why I recorded this urgent video for you. I don’t want you to not know about this extra cash opportunity.  

In 2008, more than 80 companies in the S&P 500 slashed their dividends. 

We’re seeing that happen again in airlines, oil, retail, hotels, you name it. 

Having another source of extra cash is critical right now if you rely on dividends for your retirement income.

Goldman Sachs estimates a 25% decline in dividends over the next year. 

That doesn’t mean you should get out of all your dividend stocks. Not at all. I’m telling you there’s more than just one way to earn income from the stocks you own.

#2. Volatility  likely to continue the rest of the year

There’s no telling what could happen in the stock market this year. 

It could shoot back up to record highs or test the lowest lows.

In 2008, we saw major drops and major rallies for the entire year.

In 2018, we saw the market crash in February and then again in December.

There is a lot of economic uncertainty ahead. That’s why I keep going back to you, me, everyone needing extra cash.

Imagine if you had the cash to buy extra real estate of cheap stocks in 2008?

You’d be well into your retirement by now. 

#3; Generating extra cash will make you a lot of money in the next 2-3 years.

After the market dropped over 30% in March…it snapped back almost in the following weeks.

Did you have extra cash to invest and take advantage of those swings? 

Do you have extra cash available right now to invest in the dividend stocks trading at rock bottom prices? 

Many stocks still trade at heavy discounts. 

These types of discounts only come around every 10 years or so. 

Imagine what your portfolio could look like when the stock market returns.

This is the time to have cash for those opportunities. 

Generating extra cash means two things: One, you have a cash cushion to live on. 

And two: have extra cash to take advantage of great investment opportunities when they come.

Nothing is worse as an investor than to be caught watching an opportunity slip through your fingers because you don’t have the cash on hand to take advantage.

Do you kick yourself for not buying up stocks like Amazon and Netflix in 2009?

If you had the cash, you would’ve been investing with both hands.

You’ll have the cash this time. 

Because you’re going to join me to discover the secret to generating instant income from your portfolio. 

You’ll have the extra cash on hand to buy stocks when they go on sale…

You’ll have the extra cash needed to survive and thrive in case of a major recession…

But don’t hesitate because… 

Only a special group will be let in

To get in you must be a member of my new service called Weekly Income Accelerator

Weekly Income Accelerator members have one mission: generate 3-7% cash returns every single week from stocks we already own in as little as 3 minutes.

It’s that simple. 

Weekly Income Accelerator upgrades the traditional buy and hold dividend strategy you might be following. 

Rather than waiting a month, a quarter or even a year to collect your dividend…

You can generate extra cash every single week. Sometimes as much cash as an entire year’s worth of dividend payments. 

This is the next step in your investing journey if you’re already a member of my Dividend Hunter newsletter. 

I pushed the launch of this product up to today because this is the most uncertain economic time we’ve had since the Great Recession. You need more cash in your hands right now. That is most important. 

Weekly Income Accelerator is all about you getting extra cash from stocks you own every single week. 

Here’s how:

First: You’ll get three to four instant income opportunities sent to your inbox every month. These recommendations will generate instant income sent to your account right when you place them.

Second: Inside the alerts you get detailed instructions and our explanations for what we are doing.

Third: You can take that extra income and do with it as you please. Save it for a rainy day. Add more shares to your favorite stock. This extra cash is yours to keep.

The trades are only the beginning.

You also get a ton of lessons, coaching, and education. 

We want to teach you how to fish AND send you fish to eat.

Fourth: Every month, you’ll get the Weekly Income Accelerator Monthly Newsletter. Each issue is filled with updates on the trades, what’s working, what’s not, and analysis on the market.

After 12 months of these issues, you’ll be an expert at earning extra income using options. 

Fifth: Every month, we hold a LIVE Strategy Session. I’ll hop on a call with all my subscribers and go through our trades, do some teaching, and plan for the month ahead.

We discuss our trades and we answer your questions. The Q&A sessions sometimes go 30-45 minutes alone. 

I’m an open book, so feel free to ask away. 

And I won’t be alone on these strategy sessions. 

Because we’re selling options to earn extra income… it only makes sense to have an options expert be on the team.

That’s why I’ve invited our in-house options professional, Jay Soloff, to join me as a partner for Weekly Income Accelerator. 

Jay’s traded options for over 21 years. He traded on the floor of the largest Option Exchange in the world — the CBOE.

Take a look at some of his trades from 2019 and 2020 (even during the crash):

  • VXZ = 367% gain. 
  • XLY = 170% in just a few days. 
  • WMT = a 178% score. 
  • DISH = 109% without breaking a sweat.
  • FAST  = 233% as the market fell. 
  • GLD = 156% in the bag. 
  • XLB = a 222% profit. 
  • ARNC = a fast 70%.   

And…1,421% home run on ETFC.

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He’s recommended trades on Box Inc. five times.

Box doesn’t pay dividends…but Jay showed his readers how to earn extra income from the shares like it did. 

Here are just four of the instant cash yields our readers made on Jay’s Box, Inc. trades:

  • 3.69%
  • 3.30%
  • 3.10%
  • 4.00%
  • 3.38%

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$25,000 invested into each of these trades would’ve paid you cold hard cash of $4,367! 

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Plus In 2018,  Jay had a 100% success rate on his Weekly Income Accelerator trades even when the market crashed twice. 

Box wasn’t his only prize recommendation.

He recommended Netflix for instant cash returns of 3.2% and 2.78%.

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Sean Schneider told Jay: “I’ve won about 85% of the trades, and minimized losses. So your service has been a great learning tool for me and my trading. I try to do about $1,400 -$1,500 each week in revenue. “

$1,500 per week comes out to $156,000 after 24 months. Amazing.

Harry Stein wrote Jay: “I read your email a little too late yesterday, but just closed out the NFLX butterfly for 5.10, an over 260% gain! Thanks for a great trade!!”

Hunter Stallman said: “Thank you for the advice…[my trade] with QQQ and [another] with VIX, I profited about $2,000.”


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