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"Jay, just wanted to thank you... Learned so much from your trades, the perfect explanations, and examples. I have executed some of your trades and also developed the tools and skills to make my own... Your educational system for learning about options is excellent

Rick T., Tacoma, WA

I have used several options services, but I have found Jay’s approach to be the best one I’ve discovered. He applies sound logic, explains why he recommends each trade and, better yet, he has compiled an excellent track record!

Sara M., Greenwhich, CT

I’ve made a LOT of money with Jay. He gives you simple, easy, no-brainer trades and I recommend anyone to follow him.

Paul B., Arlington, VA

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More About "Mr Options"
Jay Soloff

Jay Soloff is the Lead Options Analyst at Investors Alley, where he publishes Options Floor Trader Pro, Options Insider newsletters and an Options Trading Mastery course.

Prior to joining Investors Alley, Jay was a Hedge Fund Analyst and a Market Maker. He was dubbed “Mr. Options” by a multi-million dollar portfolio manager, and selected as an “All Star of Options Trading” panel member at the popular Money Show.

At the CBOE, Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Jay worked as a Market Maker for the biggest options exchange in the world. He was the “invisible hand” behind the curtain, pulling the strings of the market.
No one knows options like the person creating the market, seeing who was buying and who was selling in real time.


Jay has worked in the financial markets since 1998 and has found his second passion in life: teaching others how to trade options using all the secrets he learned during his years as a professional trader.

As you’ll discover in Jay’s free report, his unusual background of being a Market Maker, a Floor Trader, a Hedge Fund analyst, and an options teacher have all come together in a good way. They’ve helped Jay create a very special, very successful way of trading options that allows small investments to amass thousands in gains, in as little as 23 days on average.

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