An Opportunity from President Trump




Your Deadline to Collect the Next Royalty Payment is May 18th.

I’m making more from this [sector]…than the stock market”

Kevin O’Leary, millionaire entrepreneur and investing star on ABC

This picture below could be the most unifying in all of America.

It has nothing to do with immigration, abortion, or The Wall…

What Trump has signed here is something as American as apple pie and the 4th of July.

Both sides will get behind it.

In fact, I’d argue it unifies both parties for perhaps the first time in a decade.

What Trump’s holding has ignited a $109 trillion dollar “off Wall Street” market.

Nobody — whether you’re Democrat or a Republican — can deny the impact of this $109 trillion dollar market.

Because it impacts 99.9% of the businesses in America.

And Trump has signed not one, not two, but 16 different executive orders in his first two years that are causing this $109 trillion dollar market to boom.

The reason I’m writing to you today is because for the first time ever, you can get access to this “off Wall Street” market.

Surprisingly, bi-partisan legislature has made it possible for you to claim your slice.

Starting today, you could collect a monthly royalty of up to $2,123.

I’ll show you it’s possible actually to collect 14 of these payouts in the next 12 months.

And how to collect your first royalty payment by May 19th.

  • Billionaire investor, Chris Sacca, is about to collect an estimated $4.8 billion dollars from this market.
  • Paypal co-founder, Peter Thiel, banked $640 million investing in this arena when you and I couldn’t.
  • Mark Cuban’s entire net worth could be traced to this $109 trillion dollar market.
  • Kevin O’Leary, from the hit ABC show, Shark Tank claims: “I’m making more from this [$109 trillion dollar sector] than the stock market”

And up until now, it’s been impossible for almost anyone to invest in this huge market.

You couldn’t do it unless you inherited a multi-million dollar fortune.

However, I wouldn’t be writing you this letter today if that was still the case. 

You see, Congress passed a little-known bill that gives us a ‘backdoor’ into this market.

And you can collect these payments month after month.

Year after year.

Not just 10, 20, 30 years from now…but generations to come.

I call this income stream “royalties” and you’ll see why later.

And this steady royalty stream is only half the equation…

If you had invested in one of these royalty opportunities when it first became available, you would’ve seen your principal jump as much as 169% in six years.

Meaning, if you started with a $50,000 stake and reinvested your royalties, your account would now be worth $202,979.

That’s not the best part, though.

The royalty payouts have grown incredibly fast.

Your royalties wouldn’t have just doubled…

Or, even tripled…

They would’ve quadrupled.

Quadrupled from $449 per month…

To $2,123 per month.

With 14 checks paid, that’s over $29,716 on top of your Social Security.

This is from a safe, simple investment anyone can take advantage of today.

All you need to do is just invest and watch the money pour into your account.

And that’s just one example. Another royalty opportunity would’ve increased your initial investment by 135% with reinvestments in the past five years.

But that’s not what caught my eye.

In that same time, they’ve quietly increased their royalty payments by 200%!

Meaning, if you were collecting $5,000 in royalties…you’d now collect $15,000…

If you were collecting $20,000…today it’s $60,000…

You could start collecting your own royalties every month with just a few simple steps.

That’s why I’m writing you today. In the next few minutes, I’ll show you exactly how to sign up for your first royalty today.

Simply, ‘enroll’ by May 19th and get paid up to $2,123 or more a month.

It’s no wonder Forbes calls these royalties the “king of yields.”

Any person, no matter their age, income, or state can participate.

Now that this $109 trillion dollar market is open to everyone…not just the wealthy…you can join other Americans already cashing in.

Bob Lane works at a heating and ventilation company, meanwhile he collects $2,442 every single month like clockwork.

Penn State graduate, Greg Link, from West Palm Beach, enjoys a tidy $3,748 every few months in royalties.
Brian Smith is an accountant in Houston, meanwhile, he enjoys monthly royalties of $9,586.

This is a bold new idea that can improve your stock market income forever.

It’s a whole new way to generate the income you need.
(up to $2,123 per payout)

Did you know the average millionaire has up to seven sources of income?

This is your chance to easily and quickly add a new, reliable source of income to your IRA, 401(k) and portfolio.

If you’re not comfortable looking beyond the usual income sources, beyond Wall Street’s clutches than this might not be for you. That’s okay. Everyone might not be comfortable with it.

However, it’s not complicated.

There’s no paperwork to fill out.

You simply need to visit a website, ‘enroll’ by May 19th, and you’ll start collecting from this incredible $109 trillion dollar pool.

A couple, Tom and Gayle, recently emailed me:

“…I have had great success investing my retirement nest egg… My wife and I are living off of the [income] payments….We have been so successful that we now have now have some “extra” money to put to work…”

Although relatively new, these royalties are simple to earn. They work just like dividend-paying stocks.

But I’ve only found one, home-run opportunity paying $2,123 up to 14 times per year.

It’s my #1 way to profit from this $109 trillion dollar playground for the wealthy.

And now I believe your royalty checks are about to double, even triple in the coming years.

Here’s why:

The $109 Trillion Dollar Machine is America’s “Record-Setting” Small Businesses

President Trump calls small businesses the “engine of our economy.”

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses employ 99.9% of the American population.

Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, you name it, just make up a tiny 0.1% of employment!

That means while other Americans are scrounging for income in a mere 0.1% slice of the pie…

You are collecting as much as $2,123 up to 14 times per year from the remaining 99.9% of untapped opportunity.

This income opportunity is growing quickly, too. 

Inc reports “small businesses are growing” while “big companies aren’t.”

The Daily Signal reports “small business confidence has reached its highest level on record.”

That’s one of the reasons why the biggest banks in the world — like Goldman Sachs and Blackrock — are deeply invested in collecting these royalties.

Goldman Sachs banks over $37 million per quarter.

Big investment bank, Blackrock, collects around $11.2 million each quarter in royalties.  

The small businesses you can earn income from range from the family-owned business down the street to household name startups featured on the news.

One royalty play sees checks roll in from bakeries and senior centers.

Another enjoys paying its investors royalties from restaurants, financial services companies, and even power generation businesses.

With ‘venture royalties’ you can start collecting income from the small businesses that make up the backbone of the American economy.

Then, you have another firm collecting checks from the likes of Pinterest, DocuSign, FanDuel and other tech juggernauts.

As these small businesses grow into middle-sized companies, your royalties could grow as well.

Much like when a large company raises their dividend a penny or two because of increased cash flow…

You’re entitled to 90% of the cashflow increases received from small businesses thanks to Congress HR 7554.

Compared to typical dividend investments, you can make as much as 3X, even 4X MORE income with small business royalties.As much as…

4X more income than Coca-Cola…

3X more income than Exxon…even,

5X more income than McDonalds.

And you won’t have to wait every quarter for a payout.

The #1 royalty doesn’t pay quarterly… it pays out every single month… and they even pay out TWO bonuses every June and December.

You can earn your first small business royalty payment if you enroll by May 18th.

You could’ve already turned a $449 monthly income into $2,123 if you had known where to invest.


That’s income you can use to pay your bills…


Pay off your debt. Spoil your grandkids.

We all invest to become financially free. To enjoy retirement or get you to retirement even faster.

I got an email from a reader of mine, Gary:

“I have been following your advice…I am seeing my [income] stream grow. I just might be able to retire before 65.”

I expect demand for these royalties to heat up quickly thanks to two recent events.

These two events are about to explode the growth of the $109 trillion dollar small business market:
  1. President Trump has signed 16 pieces of legislation that positively affect the landscape of this “off Wall Street” sector.
  2. This little-known document (seen below) quietly sent to Congress by the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives requested an expansion to the royalty payouts from this $109 trillion dollar small business market. I believe this could hand you even more royalties in the months to come.

You’ll likely never hear about these two events on CNBC or other mainstream financial news outlets.

I’ve not found anyone else talking about these events or the massive income you can collect if you join by May 18th.

That’s why over the next few minutes, I’ll show you:

  • These two catalysts will ignite larger and larger royalty checks from the #1 royalty opportunity in America.

This #1 opportunity could hand you your first royalty check worth up to $2,123 starting the 1st of the month.

And it’s from the company making it possible to access the small business market. Just in 2019, they paid out $141.8 million dollars in royalties to investors. And they’ll pay more this year.

You’ll be able to claim your share of this pie today.

Richard Vicks, from New York, recently started collecting his own royalties, and now enjoys a nice $5,186 each quarter for as long as he wants.


Meanwhile, financial advisor, Salvatore Francis, from Indiana collects a whopping $34,080 per month in royalties.

These investors already positioned themselves early.

You can too in a moment.

Remember, this is a BRAND-NEW opportunity in the small business market once locked away from you and millions of other Main Street Americans for decades.

I’ll explain everything in a minute plus reveal my #1 royalty opportunity available.

Before I go into all this…

It’s important I introduce myself and explain why these royalties could be one of the greatest income streams you’ll ever find.

Hello, my name is Tim Plaehn.

I am a nationally-recognized income expert with over 250,000 readers.

For 30 years I’ve been investing including work as a stockbroker and as a Certified Financial Planner.

As a CFP, it was my job to sit down with retirees — probably someone like you — and guide them through the markets and investments.

My approach as an investor didn’t come from this experience though.

It started when I became a Captain in the US Air Force. There I learned the value of hard work and discipline.

These were the same F-16 jets I flew during my time in the Air Force.

When you’re jetting through the sky in an F-16 at up to 1,300 MPH you must be fully focused on the tasks in front of you.

You learn to stick to your rules.

And not to panic… even when everything goes south.

I can count at least three instances where I was inches from death. Those stories are for another time, but I will say, during those moments you can’t afford to panic.

I still practice this discipline when it comes to my income recommendations.

In January 2016, the stock market sunk nearly 10%.

While others panicked, I was telling my readers to load up their portfolios with cheap income opportunities.

It was the same at the end of 2018. The market cratered nearly 20%.

Others panicked. I told my readers “Yields just spiked and you can pay 10-20% less today for the same business.. Buy!”

This disciplined and calm approach appears to be what the market wanted. Over the years, my readership has exploded with now hundreds of thousands getting my research every week.

I receive letters from my subscribers all the time telling me how much they’re making from my research:


Like James E. who wrote:

“I think this [stock] is the 3rd or 4th idea I have received from you where I quickly made more than $10,000.”

Mike wrote me.

“My wife was able to quit her job and stay home with our son. Without the income over the last couple years, this would not have been possible.”

Brad B. wrote in excited:

“Thanks for what you do, my account balance hasn’t looked this good ever, and I’ve only been on board [with you] a few months.”


But these great stories might pale in comparison to the income opportunity you’ll discover today.

See, no other income play out there taps into a brand new small business market outside of the stock market.

And, on top of the ability to collect up to 14 checks at $2,123 each.

But, even better than that.

This opportunity is supported by US Federal law.

That’s right.

Under Congressional Law —Title 1 of HR 7554 —
you’re entitled to 90% of the cash received from small businesses through a special royalty opportunity

Congress doesn’t get much right these days. And when they do, it usually flies way under the radar.

And that’s why you might never have heard of the law which allows us to collect royalties from small businesses.

Congressional Law – Title 1 of HR 7554 – built a special type of royalty company that collects the income from small businesses

When we invest IN these royalty companies, we get to collect the income they pay out…

The #1 royalty company I’ll show you paid out $141 million dollars in 2019 and set to pay even more in 2020…

Plus… they are expected to send you a royalty check 14 times this year.

Only 44 of these royalty companies exist.

And I’ve found the best one.

Under the law, 90% of the cash received from small businesses by these royalty companies must be shared among the investors.

That’s you.

You won’t get that from stocks, options or mutual funds.

But, let me be absolutely clear.

Without this law, there would be no way to gain access to small businesses unless you were among the wealthiest in the world.

That’s why I call it a ‘backdoor’ into this $109 trillion dollar market.

Thanks to Congressional backing, HR 7554 set up this royalty opportunity.

I call this Congress-created royalty opportunity “VENTURE ROYALTIES”.

Venture royalties are what I call assets that invest in small businesses.

It’s through these assets we have access to the $109 trillion dollar untapped small business market.

And that’s where we collect our monthly royalty checks.

You’ve Heard of Venture Capitalists…

But Venture Royalties?

If you’ve ever heard of ‘venture capitalists,’ you know they lend money to early-stage businesses in hopes of getting a large return down the line.

Venture capitalists take a lot of risk with their money.

According to the Wall Street Journal, as little as 10% of venture capital deals actually make money.

Worse than that, they have to lock of their money in a deal for years at a time before they get paid.

But, obviously the upside is HUGE. Chris Sacca could make $4.8 billion from his Uber stake if it goes public.

For most investors, that’s too much risk even if you could get in the deal.

I mean, could you afford to put hundreds of thousands of dollars away for years into a company with only a 10% chance it makes money?

No interest. No dividends. Nothing. You can’t touch it.

As a 62-year old, that’s too much risk for me to handle. 

But now, the little known HR 7554 law — officially named the “Investment Company Act”— was passed by Congress and forms “venture royalty” companies.

These companies work a bit differently than venture capital.

Venture royalties invest and lend money, but instead of you waiting around for years to get your returns, you get paid regular checks along the way.

It’s not a return of your capital, but an actual yield, much like a dividend.

And the payments can grow quickly.

In fact, if you had invested when my #1 venture royalty first became available in 2007, a $50,000 grubstake would’ve mushroomed to $202,979.


But, even better, with reinvestments, your monthly royalties would’ve quadrupled from $449 per month to $2,123.

That’s because venture royalty assets are required by the government to pay out 90% of the income they take in.  

Some pay out as much as 98% in order to avoid paying any tax.

Venture royalties allows you to invest where venture capitalists do but without risking it all or tying up your money.

Yet, it’s just as exciting.

Venture Royalties Allow You to “BE THE BANKER”
And Collect Monthly Checks from Pinterest, Evernote, FanDuel and Other Private Businesses

Investing in venture royalties allows you to collect royalties two different ways:

  1. Interest income from lending
  2. Profit sharing income from investing.

It’s exciting because you get to ‘be the banker’ collecting interest, but also act like a venture capitalist of sorts without waiting years for a return.

If you’ve ever watched Mark Cuban or Kevin O’Leary invest on TV during Shark Tank as venture capitalists, you could almost never get in on deals like theirs before.

Now, you can.

Small businesses and startups turn to venture royalty shareholders like you and I.

In fact, they need us more than ever.

The Wall Street Journal reported in November 2018 that venture capital is “going into fewer startup deals.”

That gives our royalty assets even more space to grow.

US News reports venture royalties will deliver “big time [payouts]”.

Entrepreneur, the leading publication for startups, saw this trend emerging and actually recommended an “alternative.”

Can you guess what that alternative was?

That’s right…

Venture royalty companies.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of the private companies that have turned to venture royalties:

  • Trulia
  • Reddy Ice
  • Box
  • Evernote
  • ReachLocal
  • FanDuel

Many of these companies have grown thanks to early venture royalty investments.

Yet, those who invested are still collecting checks.

With a small investment as little as $50, you could begin receiving monthly royalties from these private small businesses and millions more starting today.

They all make up a piece of the $109 trillion dollar market that’s untouched by Wall Street.

The income potential is massive.

Early investors are already pocketing cash:

Earl Jackson, 60, works at a natural gas equipment company and supplements his salary with a tidy $5,755 in royalties each month.

And he’s not alone…

Nick Serve, only 38, works in finance helping with loans and bonds, yet he also collects a monthly “paycheck” from his royalties of $10,475 thanks to this asset.

Yet, that doesn’t compare to Mike App, who works at one of the largest crane service providers in North America.

He’s only 51, but taking home $26,384 in monthly royalties without lifting a finger.

Unfortunately, most Americans will never hear about venture royalties and how Congress created them.

That’s why I wrote this piece today.

Because 90% of your royalty payouts are virtually guaranteed by them.

Here’s the icing on the cake.

In 2017, inside the IRS tax code 851 backed by President Trump, 20% of the royalties you collect are tax free.

Dividends you receive from companies like Coke and Verizon are taxed 100%

Not you and the wealthy.

Only 80% of your royalties has a tax bill attached. That’s potentially thousands saved in taxes.

And these tax savings couldn’t come at a better time, because small businesses are exploding

Two specific events have skyrocketed the growth of small businesses.

One of them has to do with President Trump.

Another has to do with how small businesses finance their growth.

As I just showed you, venture royalty companies live and die by the success of small businesses.

And we’re seeing record growth right now which could immediately grow your royalty checks.


Whether you love or hate him, during President Trump’s first two years in office, he has been helping America’s 30.2 million small businesses.

That includes signing 16 pieces of legislation…Executive Orders… to strip regulations, financial burdens, and remove anything that “stifles small business.”

To put that into perspective, President Obama, who took over in the middle of the worst crisis since the Great Depression, only signed 3 Executive Orders focusing on small businesses.

One of Trump’s EOs, #13788, was plainly titled “Buy American, Hire American” with obvious initiatives enclosed.

Another set up an “Interagency Task Force” that’s sole goal was to seek and destroy any petty regulations that burden Americans, including small businesses especially.

Washington Examiner claims Obama imposed more than $245 billion in regulatory costs.

These hurt small businesses so much, the Committee for Small Business in Washington claimed:

USA Today reported “Small businesses hope to see Obama-backed rules scrapped.”

$245 billion dollars is massive.

That’s crippling to the small businesses that employ almost all Americans. It puts a limit on wages and profits.

You spread that out and, according to the National Small Business Association, startup businesses spend about $83,000 on regulatory costs alone.

That could be the first few months of revenue flushed down the toilet thanks to Uncle Sam.

Thankfully, the Washington Post says Trump has clawed back some of the $245 billion by cutting $23 billion of those costs to start.

All of these businesses have enjoyed reprieve from regulations to have “more spending power” and “more investment” capabilities as reported to The Guardian.

That’s initial relief and expect more to come.

Because regulation rollback was only step one.

Trump has also tackled retirement accounts and health insurance for small business owners.

In August 2018, Trump signed an Executive Order that allows businesses to ‘band together’ to offer joint retirement plans, according to Inc.

That was the first punch.

He also provided relief from the overwhelming burden of health insurance costs.

Under this order, small businesses are regulated like the more diverse large companies.

This frees business owners from older Obamacare rules. CNN projects those taking part in these new plans could save up to $9,700 in premiums each year.

That’s a lot of money.

The results?

You’ve probably heard.

Dun & Bradstreet reports “record high” small business performance.

90% of business owners believe their business will grow in the coming years.

Investors Business Daily counted 3 million new jobs created with 6.6 million job openings on top of that. Unemployment has sunk to 3.9%… one of the lowest in history.

Most importantly, Newsweek reports “Small businesses are winning under Trump.”

Kevin O’Leary told CNBC that his businesses are “having their best year ever” in 2018. Deregulation has given them “confidence.”

He went as far as to say “My small businesses are outperforming the stock market.”

Trump’s added a jolt to small businesses with his 16 Executive Orders.

But that’s only one event that will spur growing businesses and larger royalty payments for you…


In 2018, to no fanfare, Trump signed a bill that allowed royalties from small businesses — remember, these are Congress-approved — to potentially generate TWO TIMES as much profit than before.

The idea actually didn’t come from Trump or Congress.

It was thanks to this letter from the IPA.


This 30-year old firm pitched the House Committee to expand these royalty payouts.

Meaning, Congress allows royalty assets — much like the #1 opportunity you’ll see today —  to invest twice as much into small businesses than they were allowed to before.

This request by the IPA was approved by the way, clearing the way for you to collect more cash.

This is huge news for you.

But of course it only makes sense if you understand how you actually receive these royalties.

You get them thanks to Congressional Law Title 1 from HR 7554.

And this is why the document from the IPA is so important:

Small businesses are booming right now.

The Small Business Administration estimates 627,000 new small businesses open every year.

And they’ll be looking for investors.

The IPA document allows venture royalty companies to DOUBLE their investment size in companies.

As you can imagine, this quickly increase royalties.

At the same time, you don’t want a royalty company getting too trigger-happy.

The beauty of venture royalty assets is you have a team doing all that legwork for you. But, you need to find the right one lending and investing in the right opportunities.  

That’s where my #1 venture royalty opportunity comes into play.

If you act by May 18th, you’ll be just in time to get your first check from my #1 venture royalty opportunity and secure as much as $2,123 this month.

The #1 venture royalty I’ll show you today is run by a team with over 100 years of experience and have worked together for over 16 years.

They know what they’re doing.

Not to mention, they’re diversified into well over 111 different companies in different niches.

Look at the chart below. It shows a breakdown of every industry my #1 venture royalty stock is involved in.

One company cultivates fresh fruit, another is a well-known coffee chain in Texas.

There’s a company that owns 15 Goodyear Tire locations, another is an 11-store franchise that serves NY Style Pizza in Arizona.

They’ve also invested in one of the leading fireworks retailers in the country which has 53 storefronts in 13 states. And those are just five of the 111.

These companies make up the backbone of the American economy.

So believe me when I say you’re well diversified. If one doesn’t work out, your royalty is well protected by over 100 other companies.

In total, they have a whopping $4 billion dollars in assets across these 111 companies.

You can expect up to $2,123 to hit your account if you invest before May 18th.

But I don’t recommend sitting on your hands.

For one, its royalty payment has gone up consistently for the past 12 years.  

I expect them to raise it again this year.


At any moment, to be honest.

Second, they could pay out up to 14 checks this year. The 2 bonus checks are always a welcome surprise.

And they’re motivated. This year, their #1 and #2 goals are “to grow” royalties and to grow “the value” of the underlying investment.

So far, they’ve been on point.

Since they first became available in 2007, you would’ve also seen your principal jump as much as 169%.

Plus, if you had reinvested your royalties, you would’ve quadrupled your income.

Your monthly income would’ve skyrocketed from a mere $449 per month…

To now, $2,123 per month.

With 14 checks paid, that’s over $29,716 on top of your Social Security and your other investments.

And that incredible income growth happened during President Obama’s $245 billion dollar burden on businesses.

Now that the red tape is gone thanks to Trump’s Executive Orders…

Venture royalties can now grow faster during what Marketwatch is calling a small business “boom”…

I already told you why:

  • Trump’s 16 Executive Orders have given the $109 trillion dollar small business “record high” performance
  • A little-known proposal submitted by the IPA allowing venture royalty assets the chance to potentially double your payouts

Not to mention, The Wall Street Journal reports more companies are looking for alternative sources of funding.

As businesses seek to grow, they will need venture royalty companies more, including my #1 pick.

You only need to take one action today…

And you can sit back and collect royalties for life from the $109 trillion dollar small business niche.

You’re getting as many as 14 royalty checks backed by the Investment Company Act of HR 7554.

Not to mention, 20% is tax free thanks to IRS Code 851.

Your first royalty check must be claimed by May 18th or it’s gone for good.

My #1 venture royalty expects to pay out $141.8 million this year. Just a fraction of that in your account could have you traveling more and sleeping better.

Your opportunity to get in is right now.

Everything you need to know is inside my brand-new special report, The Small Business Boom Paying 14 Venture Royalty Checks a Year.

In a minute, I’m going to show you how to get instant access to this report.

It gives you the name of the #1 venture royalty company to partner up with today. Once you get your report, just follow the simple step-by-step directions I provide so you can immediately put your money to work.

Second, I’ll dive into more details about this royalty asset and why it’s the #1 play for income right now.

This free report, The Small Business Boom Paying You 14 Venture Royalty Checks is the most important report you’ll read this month because:

  1. You’ll get the exact steps to collect your first of 14 royalty checks from 111 companies you’ve invested in through venture royalties
  2. This #1 royalty play is steadily growing…already up 169% in a decade…plus it’s top two goals are to increase payouts for you.

Look, I’ve been investing for over 30 years.

I was a stockbroker, even a CFP helping folks like you with your money.

Today, I help regular folks like you and 250,000 others how to create income in any market and economy.

Every year, I’m invited to speak at the popular Money Show in Las Vegas on my income strategies. Many whisper to me “Tim, do you really invest mostly for income yourself?”

I look at them and smile. “Of course I do. I eat my own cooking.”

This venture royalty play I’m telling you about now, I invest in it myself. I’ve done so for a few years.

That’s a full disclosure.

And it’s just one of many income streams I enjoy.

Today, I travel with my wife anywhere we want on short notice.

We frequent our favorite dining spots in town where they know us well.

We enjoy our life. It’s relaxed and adventurous.

Not to mention, we only…and I mean only…do what we want to do.

That’s exactly what I want for you.

But I’m far from retired. Laying on a beach somewhere would bore me to death. Instead, I’m in the markets all day.

Due to the time zones, I’m awake at 5:30am just like my Air Force days, reading up and studying companies before the bell sounds at 9:30 am eastern.

During the day, I’m not looking for the next Apple or Amazon. That’s too much of a lottery bet for me.

I’m a reliable income seeker. That’s what I’m known for today.

Today, I prepared this presentation because we’ve seen the $109 trillion small business boom, Trump’s 16 Executive Orders supporting the cause, and the recent expansion of venture royalties thanks to the IPA.

I believe this opportunity needs to be seen by more people because venture royalties will be one of the greatest income streams of all-time.

If there’s anything I believe in, it’s a growing American economy. And small businesses make up 99.9% of it all.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in creating a new income stream from the untapped $109 trillion

 dollar small business sector.

I have this free report — The Small Business Boom Paying You 14 Venture Royalty Checks — to share with you. You’ll see how to get your copy in a moment.

However, I wanted to help you create not just a monthly income stream.

But show you exactly how to make sure you never run out of money… EVER.

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These are just four dependable companies churning out yields that can pay your bills for life, and I have six more to share on top of that if you request these two reports today.

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This calendar is your future. I expect you’ll hang it up on your refrigerator.

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Jonathan D., age 62 will collect $1,020 this month and every month. He’ll use that money to add to his position and collect more.
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Dominick B. in Houston owns just one stock and takes home an extra $850 without effort.

These are everyday Americans supplementing their Social Security with dividend income.

You can do the same.


I will not stop there.

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While most retirees saw their accounts drop 6%, 10%, 15% in 2018 when the markets lost nearly 20% in three months…

Those quietly putting their money into my #1 venture royalty were able to
generate as much as $34,080 in income alone. That’s in addition to Social Security.  

As part of my training in the Air Force, we were taught not to panic. That’s because when you’re flying a multi-million dollar jet over 1,000 MPH things can go wrong… and fast.

One time I was a mere 60 seconds from crashing. My jet had lost 17,000 feet in mere seconds.

But I kept my head. We’re taught to not look at the ground, but keep your eyes forward. No panicking, stick to the rules.

In the end, I saved both myself and the F-16.

When the markets drop quickly like they did in late 2018, that’s when you have to keep your eyes forward.

It’s one of the few times the market gives you the ability to INCREASE your income,, not sell your assets and drain your income.

I was a Captain in the Air Force and I can be your new income Captain during retirement.

I understand you don’t have the time to watch and study the markets all day. I bet that’s not how you would choose to spend your time anyways.

You’d rather be traveling…

Visiting your grandchildren…

Eating out, spending time with friends…maybe you like to camp like my wife and I do. Whatever it is, you deserve to be doing that.

At the same time, you need to be able to understand what’s going on in the markets, with your income investments, and the economy without the wild spin put on it.

That’s why I started my flagship program,

The Dividend Hunter

The #1 Service to Hunt for the Top Dividend-Paying Opportunities On the Planet

The Dividend Hunter is my private members-only community where I reveal how to both profit from top dividend companies and see consistent “paychecks” monthly.

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  • Dividend Hunter Start-up Portfolio: These are the ‘must own’ portfolio picks. I recommend 5 to get your feet wet in collecting regular checks. My venture royalty play is my #1 opportunity to own right now out of all 27.
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After that, you sit back, watch your royalties checks come in for the rest of your life.

I’m packing in the value today so you can feel confident The Dividend Hunter is right for you.

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