Give me 29 Days

And I’ll take any person who might not even opened a darn brokerage account in their life…

And show them how to create a portfolio generating dividend income forever…

…Along with how to use my secret to triple your income in 10 minutes…

…plus, which 5 stocks I recommend to buy and hold for life…

…and, no, you don’t need a million dollars to start…

By Tim Plaehn
Chief Retirement Strategist, Investors Alley

I’ll make you a bold guarantee right now…

Starting tomorrow…and ending just 29 days later…you’ll have a portfolio completely set up to generate you monthly income for life. 

Forever Dividends, I’m calling them. 

You’ll discover unique tips and tricks to turn any size account into a cash flowing machine. 

That’s because I’m doing something completely different from
anything you’ve seen in the financial publication and education space.

I’ll be showing you everything step-by-step.

I’m talking about showing you how to set up your account on day 1…

…locking in 4-5X more income when you buy and hold my top 5 dividend stocks by day 8…

…all the way to using advanced strategies to add 12X more income on top of your dividend payments by day 29.

I’ll share the specific details in a minute…

…and all of this will only take as little as 4 hours over the next month…

I’ve never seen another dividend stock investor dare to do this.

It’s 29 days to build your dream income portfolio
Which can deposit as much as $4,500 in dividends per
month into your account as some of my readers have

And during that four weeks…you’ll even get paid dividends by the end…which alone makes it all worth it.

I am so certain anyone can start with not even a brokerage account and turn into a dividend pro… I have a bold guarantee below that makes it 100% risk-free for you…

More on that in a moment.

Think about where you are now.

Perhaps money burning a hole in your bank account…

Money waiting to be multiplied again and again…

Your dollars are eager to be put to use…like anxious kids peeking into the window of a candy store…

But you’ve failed to pull the trigger.

Rather than letting your money work for you…

Your money sits bored collecting 0.05%…

And I don’t blame you for your hesitation…

What if you pick the wrong investment…

Can you afford to be gambling with volatile tech stocks?

Your assets crater and all that hard work and sweat you poured into saving those dollars just gets wiped away in an instance.

Then, you have to look your spouse in the eye and tell them ‘no’ on the next big purchase they’ve dreamed about.

Throw out those worries for good.

In 29 days…

I guarantee your portfolio will be set up to throw off multiple monthly dividend checks like clockwork.

Imagine this…

Every month, money automatically appearing in your checking account like it’s your birthday.

However, instead of you trying to navigate this uncertain stock market yourself…

…Spending hours and hours per day burning the midnight oil…eyes bloodshot from staring at a computer screen…figuring out which dividend stocks to buy and which ones to avoid …

What if instead, you have a 30-year investor who’s helped over 19,356 regular Americans walk you LIVE on-camera through absolutely everything you need to do. 

Meaning, you are there to ask any questions and I’m there to take on any of your concerns.

By the end of 29 days, you’ll discover: 

  • How to turn as little as $25,000 into a lifetime of passive income
  • Step-by-step how to go from ‘dead money’ sitting in your checking account to a portfolio of assets paying YOU every month

Not to mention:

  • What I’d do starting today to TRIPLE my income in 10 minutes
  • Plus, 5 dividend stocks I’d buy first before any others

…and that’s only the beginning. 

You have the one-time opportunity to build an entirely passive income dividend portfolio from scratch. 

That’s why…

If you’re looking for a consistent, repeatable, and passive income stream as you work…or while you’re retired…

You’ll want to hear more details about this 4-week event starting tomorrow.

Whether you have experience investing or not…

No matter how much money you have saved….

This is something never done before in the financial education space. 

Here’s what to do right now…

Block out at least four hours over the four weeks over the next 29 days …

Yep, four hours is all it takes.

You won’t have to travel anywhere…no kissing your kids goodbye…or getting an earful from your spouse for taking off…

Instead, every 3-4 times per week (every week), I’ll be releasing valuable content to you starting with funding your account and purchasing my top five stocks…

I’ll release a video each week to walk you step-by-step how to
build your portfolio to generate the most income

Then over the next 29 days we will assemble your ‘Forever Dividends’ portfolio. By the end, your portfolio will be running like a well-oiled machine paying you multiple checks a month.

That’s right…

By the time we call it a wrap day 29, you’ll have pocketed dividends…and you’ll be set to continue collecting these dividends for life. 

I’ll send you the full 4-week schedule in a minute…(I’d add where exactly they will be receiving it; not to confuse these old people

But you won’t have to put life on hold. 

The schedule is entirely built around your life right now. 

It’s just a minimum of one hour per week…

No matter what your schedule looks like, you’ll receive immediate access to all recordings and the recommended steps to take. 

That’s so each week you’re progressing. 

Like if you’re building a house…you first pour the foundation…and build up from there. 

Week 1…we build the foundation. 

By Week 4…you’re set to kick back and relax. In this case because you know dividends are set to hit your account…*ping* *ping* *ping*…every single month. And you can rely on that income stream for life. 

I’m calling this 4-week series “FOREVER DIVIDENDS.”

The goal is simple —> create a portfolio to pay you dividends forever. 

It’s a complete masterclass for beginners and advanced investors who want to put their money to good use. 

And dividends may be the best place ever to put your hard-earned cash. 

You could live off of them if you want. 

Like these people…

Kristi and Bryce seemed to have it all. They had prestigious tech jobs…every holiday, family members would gush over them…

Yet, deep down…they both knew their careers sucked the souls out of them. 

I know the feeling…you’ll hear more about me in a second. 

So a few years ago, this now-married couple from Toronto told the New York Times they quit their job abruptly…

…started traveling the world…

Even when the pandemic hurt their portfolio…their dividends kept them going

And it was all on a hope.

A hope their savings would tide them over and keep them afloat. And it did. 

Then, in 2020, the virus hit…the market cratered…and many in Kristi and Bryce’s shoes would’ve slunk back to the US with empty pockets and outstretched hands. 

Not these two. 

Their dividends and other savings kept them in the black. Sure, the crash stung. It stung us all. 

But their dividends “covered their expenses” as they told the Times. 

Not many people can say that. 

What if you could take off tomorrow with your significant other. 

Knowing full well your dividends are picking up the hotel bill, the drinks at the bar, the hearty meals at the local steakhouse. 

If Kristi and Bryce — 30-somethings mind you — can do it…then you sure as heck can. 

But you have to let your money start working for you. 

One of my successful subscribers – Mel – was probably in the same position as you.

They had money sitting in bonds, sitting in index funds…heck, maybe your cash is stashed in a friggin’ mattress…

All because you’re unsure of where to best put your hard-earned nest egg. 

Mel and his wife put their trust in me…and like Kristi and Bryce…they let their dividends absolutely change how they live their life. 

They’re doing more together. 

Enjoying life more as you’re supposed to. 


“Life is good” living on dividends. Join the masterclass for your chance.

It’d feel great to wake up and say that. 

But you must first start letting your money work for you. 

And in this crazy world…and this crazy market, it’s hard. Very hard.

I know the feeling. 

I’ve been in a place where I’ve lost everything. Every dollar I made went to make sure I had shelter and bread for the next day. It’s not pleasant…but it also made me appreciate the money I do get a hold of. 

You never want to waste it. Not when you worked so hard for it. 

Unfortunately, in this stock market…

…where companies like Tesla who make negative $860 million per year are quadrupling in value…

I don’t blame you if you feel uneasy.

You’ve tried “financial programs” before.

Every stock you say ‘yes’ to…what if you’re wrong? That other stock you passed on then shoots up 30%…while yours flounders.

Pile on the ongoing worry we’re heading for a bigger, badder stock drop than March 2020…or the dives in December 2018…

On top of that, maybe you’ve bought a stock newsletter before…

It was wrapped in promises of 1,000% gains in 1 day…

And you find out (pretty quickly) it was all hype…and actually would take you years and years to make any real money.

It’s enough for any American to park their funds in a 1% bond and sit on their hands.

I get it.

You’re not a stock analyst.

Reading SEC filings and income statements is a bore…

Managing money shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. And you shouldn’t have to pay a pile of cash to some financial advisor.

Not anymore.

Rather than waiting years for that ‘magic stock’ to shoot up as the gurus promise…

And the guilt you feel for ever being ‘duped’ by one of those stock hucksters…

In just 29 days…

You’ll be at a party with your family and when they ask what ‘hot stock’ you’re invested in…

Their mouths will drop when you explain how you’re not following the ‘next Amazon…’

But rather money is gushing into your account like Niagara Falls…except you aren’t working for it, you’re not day trading, all you did was spend a few hours to set up your account.

Once you set it up…the hard work is done.

From there, you’re simply trimming and pruning your portfolio to make sure the very best income-producing stocks are working for you.

Your family and friends will beg to hear more…

They’ll think you’ve been taking evening classes at a university for years to learn the craft…

You’ll grin knowing it took you a mere hour per week over the 29 days.

And this isn’t hype…

Maybe you’ve heard claims about losing weight in 30 days…only to realize it takes 30 months…

Or to master a skill like playing a guitar in 30 days…and you’re shocked it takes years to master the strings…

Of course, like I mentioned, the stock newsletters promising big gains overnight…

When really it can take 5, 10 , 20 years to realize the huge gains.

Not this…

In 29 days, you could technically go from having no brokerage account, no knowledge of stocks, no experience even knowing what a dividend stock is…

And I’ll turn ‘dead money’ sitting in your checking account into a full-fledged money-making machine every single month of your life.

And you won’t have to sweat to do it…nor break your back hunched over your computer.

I’m over 60 years old myself…I can only sit at a computer for a short while before my neck begins to ache.

My 29 day “Forever Dividends” masterclass takes only about 30-60 minutes per WEEK…

And I walk you through step-by-step what to do.

Like I said, I’ve helped over 19,356 people begin making monthly income with dividends.

My name is Tim Plaehn if we’ve never met.

I’m no slick suit…fast-talking Wall Street man. 

Far from it. 

I like Toyota Tacomas… whiskey…and roughing it out in the woods. 

In fact, as I write this, I’m currently packed in an RV traveling across the country. Wifi can get spotty…but I always find a nice little spot to plop down and dig into my favorite things…dividend stocks. 

Dividends are why I’m here today talking to you. 

I believe dividends are the best way for people to create income that lasts forever.

If you want to build a ton of wealth quickly…sure, go risk it all on a business venture…a real estate deal…or day trade Tesla and Netflix…

That’s not me.

I don’t want to sit glued to my computer every day, praying today isn’t the day the latest hot stock drops 5%…or 30% like in March 2020.

I simply want a nice steady income stream that covers my bills and gives me some extra cash to splash on my hobbies and interests.

Because that’s my core belief.

If you have enough income coming in passively that you’re taken care of…that’s financial freedom.


I could work a lot harder and go after snagging a 10-bedroom mansion near Lake Tahoe— where I hail from…

But that’s not me… and i’m not trying to sell you that pipe dream.

I’ve helped over 19,356 build a dividend income stream that could pay their bills for life.

No 1,000% gain promises here. That’s all a bunch of bull to be honest.

All I want is a nice truck, an open road, food in my belly, and extra money to do a bit more traveling by plane when I can’t get there in my Tacoma.

I can show you how to do all of this.

It’s not complicated.

And I’m no dummy…I was a captain in the Air Force with a degree in mathematics. Spent time as a financial advisor, stockbroker, now as a dividend income investor.

I also went through the rough patches…when I had to sell cars to make ends meet…I moved to Uruguay and reality smacked me over the head. I went broke, scurried home, and had to rebuild everything.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

I’ve earned my bumps and bruises…I’ve been down and out… 

I’ve faced near-death like when I almost crashed my Air Force jet during a tumultuous storm…

You can still see some of my scars…

Point is…while most people are retiring at my age…I’m only just getting started. Because dividend investing has opened incredible doors for me.

Think about it…

The money you have now…no matter how much…could be strategically invested over time to pay your bills for life.

No more nagging from your spouse about ‘we don’t do anything fun anymore…”

No more eating in again while your friends all go out for a nice dinner and drinks…

No more feeling that sunken weight pushing on your chest whenever the topic of ‘money’ comes up…

That’s not the way to live.

If you knew your bills would be covered going forward every month like clockwork…

I’m not just talking about your electric bill…

…I’m talking about…

…your mortgage —> CHECK

…your groceries —> CHECK

…your medical bills and your prescriptions —> CHECK

…any unexpected problems that arise…even just a surprise doubling of your electric bill —> CHECK

Your view on life completely changes.

10 years ago, I would never have imagined I’d be chugging through town after town across the US, sharing my knowledge with you. 

Now, the freedom to live off dividends is within your reach…

Other people who have followed my advice before you are the proof. 

That’s an average of $132,000 in straight income all within 24 months. 

That’s $100,000 cash in 24 months. 

Imagine that hitting your account with little effort.

You could join Jack, Mike and the rest of them.

And it can start in the next 29 days…

I’ll be on video every week helping you.

You’ll see me, in front of my tropical Zoom screen backdrop spilling all my best knowledge, tips, tricks and stocks. 

All of this is a good $1,000 value…

I’ll share the details on how to claim your spot in just a second.

This Masterclass couldn’t come at a BETTER time for you.

#1. The stock market is full-to-the-brim with uncertainty

Since the market crashed at the fastest pace in history (from February to March 2020)…

Stocks have rebounded at the fastest pace in history…

Add on top of that…

There are so many unknowns bubbling in the markets. The euphoria we’re seeing reminds me of the 2000 tech bubble.

Stocks like Tesla shoot from $400 to $2,000…to then get split and rise again.

We’re living in unprecedented times…and you can feel it.

No one knows what’s coming beyond the bend.

#2. The economic effects of Covid-19 hasn’t shaken out yet (could take years)

With the Federal Reserve firing up the money printer… direct checks sent to families…

This funny money is keeping the economy from flying off a cliff.

Maybe we’ll bounce back right away…

Maybe unemployment will plunge back down again…

I hope it does for your sake and every proud American’s sake…I mean good gracious, I’ve never lived through a time like where we are now.

If we start seeing larger and larger dips in economic activity…having an income stream you can lean on day-in and day-out will only become more important.

See, I had friends and family who were blindsided by the Great Recession a decade ago.

They had no plans when it struck…it just struck and destroyed their finances.

If they had an income stream to help them through the pain…not to make them rich…just a passive stream to cover the bills…

I have no doubt they’d be much, much better off today. I still meet people who haven’t recovered from 2008. It’s terrible to see.

My warning to you…make sure you have a plan for your income during the rough times.

#3. Dividend stocks are on fire sale right now

Dividend stocks took a Tyson right hook to the jaw in March 2020…

I admit that…

The reason is that many investors frantically sold as they worried dividend payers would stop paying dividends.

For some…they cut their dividends down to zero…

Others, they drastically cut them.

But, since then…the dividends have started coming back.

One of my picks has upped their dividend 100% since the drop…and there should be more hikes coming.

Another is still as strong as ever…but still has 30% more it could climb in price…and it continues to raise their dividend without wavering…

Compare that to the darlings of the media…

Ford’s stock has been on a massive decline since 2013…

Oil stocks like Exxon are down 60% from their peak…

Airlines, cruise stocks…regular “safe” plays continue to stay beaten down 60-75%…

Meanwhile…during this turmoil…you could have a huge upside with future dividend growth PLUS stock price appreciation.

It’s a double whammy we rarely see in the dividend space…

And you’re on the ground floor to be able to reap the benefits.

But rather than waiting years to fruition like you may for cruise line stocks to come back…

In just 29 days, you could have your entire portfolio set up to throw off dividend checks, again and again, every month forever.

No one else dares offer this kind of inside look…because I have to spill all my secrets in that time to make it worthwhile for you.

It’s an event never before seen in financial publishing…and this is your shot to join in.

Normally, you’d need to read all my monthly issues — current and past issues — to fully grasp my philosophies and strategy.

Not today.

I’m opening up my vault of secrets to you to join my unique masterclass…and because you’ve read this far, you’ve proven to be serious about claiming a spot.

Let me take you through how to earn ‘Forever Dividends’ in 29 days…


We’re talking about laying the foundation here…from scratch. 

Meaning, if you have cash just in your checking account earning 0.05%…

…plus, literally, zero knowledge of the stock market…

That is perfectly okay. 

In Week One, we’ll dive into: 

  • What brokerages make the most sense for your money today (yes, some are better than others)
  • The exact steps we will take to turn any newbie investor into a full-fledged dividend investor cashing 3 checks per month, plus….
  •  A secret “trick” that will make sure you make your money work for you until the very end…this one ‘trick’ is simple and is proven by scientists to make you successful at any endeavor you take on

Of course, we aren’t just setting the foundation…

We’ll get our hands dirty right away…

Which is why, by the END of Week ONE, 

Meaning, in just 7 days, you go from cash in your personal account…to holding 5 dividend-paying cash machines…

That’s a lot for Week One…yet, we’re just getting started.


In Week Two…we go much, much deeper. 

You’re already armed with a portfolio of 5 stocks…now, let’s start building our ‘forever’ income stream…

The stream to pay your bills for life. If that’s what you’re interested in doing…Week Two is a must to show up for. 

During Week two…you’ll uncover: 

  • Why I’ve dedicated my entire career to high-yield dividend stocks (and why you should dedicate your portfolio to them too)
  • My 3 ironclad rules for when to buy and sell your shares…especially during up and down markets, plus
  • My “magic bullets” to spotting dividend stocks you just gotta own in 15 minutes…you’ll have the power to look at any dividend-paying company and determine whether you should buy or not. 

Again, picture it like building a house. You’re layering on one piece after another. 

Here, we’re now digging into the nitty-gritty details on what makes a great dividend stock for your portfolio….but we’re still laying the foundation.

After Week 2, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to sift through the thousands and thousands of stocks out there to shine a light on the ones that work for you. 

But we won’t stop there…

We only have 29 days dang it!

During Week Two, I’ll reveal an easy way to quickly increase your dividends virtually overnight. 

It’s cheap to do…and it can be done automatically again and again. 

You click a couple of buttons in your brokerage account…sign a quick contract…and you’re done. 

By the end of Week Two, you’ll have successfully: 

At this point, you have a portfolio that’s ready to churn out your first dividends…

And you’ve activated a secret weapon to start growing your dividends faster. 

That’s a lot…but we’re only halfway done!


I’m in my 60’s…I don’t have time to wait around. 

Let’s boost our dividends even more…and Week Three may be your favorite if that’s what you’re wanting. 

I’m even providing you a free tool to use…and will demo it for you…so you can get more than 3 checks per month. Maybe you want 5, 6, or 7…that’s all packed into these next 7 days. 

In Week Three, you’ll discover: 

  • My popular “Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar” where you can see down to the day when to buy a stock so you can start collecting more checks this month. I update this calendar every single month, and you get access for free. 
  • How to forecast what your dividends will be 5 years from now. I’m excited about this, because nowhere else can you get these forecasts. You want certainty about your income? These forecasts will put you at ease about your money.
  • A free software you receive exclusive access to where you put in any stock and you can see what dividends are being paid…how much the dividends have grown in the past…and more. I love this software, and I’m giving you access FOR FREE. 

Our goal this week is to rapidly increase the amount of checks you’re receiving…

…and, of course…the size of said checks. 

That’s why, at the end, I have another secret ‘trick’ to show you. 

This ‘trick’ increases both the amount of shares you own…which in turn automatically increases your dividends you receive. 

The best part? 

There’s no extra money out of your pocket. 

Again, it’s just another small contract you sign and ship off to your brokerage…after that, as early as next month, you’ll see even more dividends than the prior month. 

And you won’t get bored…because every month the checks will get bigger and bigger. 

By the end of Week Three, you’ll successfully: 

By the end of 21 days…

Your portfolio will now be growing…

You’ll have more stocks in it…and likely even cashed your first dividend checks. On top of that, you’ll have the map to forecast where your income will be in the future. 

That way, you can sit down with your spouse and your kids and tell them, “Hey look, we’ll be bringing home $5,500 per month…after expenses, we have an extra $2,000…what do we want to do with this?” 

If you have a job on top of that, you’ll be doing well…

If not, it doesn’t matter. You have freedom. 

All of that potentially within the first three weeks…

But we’re not done. One more week to go.


The final week has one main goal…

Accelerate your income so you can triple it within the following 30 days. 

It’s a consistent theme you’ll hear every week…

Build the foundation to start collecting checks…

Grow more using some simple tricks I’ll show you…

Now, in the final week…we pour the fuel on the fire. 

Week Four is if you don’t want to wait months and months for your dividends to accelerate…

That’s why, in Week Four, you’ll uncover: 

  • My #1 strategy to triple your income in the next 10 minutes…this is my go-to for quick cash…and honestly, you can use it as much as you want. It’s amazing. 
  • Where to find the top dividend growth stocks in this wild market. Dividend growth stocks can go from paying $1 per share to $3 per share fast…when that happens, the share price grows as well. This is an advanced strategy I normally reserve for those paying up to $2,000 per year. 
  • Dead simple ways to dip your toes into options for income with less than 10 clicks of your mouse…and I’ll bring in a rockstar options trader to give you professional tips you can easily use. 

By the end of Week Four, you’ll be armed with two more explosive ways to grow your income. 

Like I said, others have paid up to $2,000 per year for this kind of information…

Thanks to this special 29-day masterclass…I’ll show it all to you. All-inclusive. 

By the end of the week, you’ll successfully: 

And there it is. 

Four weeks…a total of 29 days. 

Time cost? Minimum of an hour per week.

Every single one of the four weeks includes: 

  • Bonus PDFs I’ve written that you can download and read whenever you want. These are our ‘classroom notes’ for you to keep handy when you’re investing. 
  • A video walkthrough session —> I’ll walk you through the strategies and stocks for the week…plus, answer many common questions I receive all the time (watch until the end for these). 
  • Actions to take ––> This is not a passive class to doodle in like your old high school days. Every week there will be action steps for you to take to progress your portfolio and your income. Don’t worry, these steps only take 30 minutes or so to complete. The other actions are to be consuming the content…that’s how you’ll learn and follow with what I’m talking about. Again, we’re building upon the prior week each time. 

This is a packed schedule…

But if you miss a session or two, it’s okay. 

The key is for you to get all this information as soon as possible.

Once you leave this page…you’re locked out.

No late entries.

Your choice right now is whether you want to set up a ‘forever’ stream of income…or not.

Stick to crummy interest rate savings accounts and bonds…

Or a flourishing orchard of income that grows every single month.

You have to sign up for the masterclass by the time you leave this page…the class starts tomorrow!

Once I start tomorrow…you’ll have to wait until the next time it starts.

It only makes sense to take action now.

In just one month’s time think how much progress you could make as an investor.

Your spouse may not understand at first what you’re doing following this 60-year old traveling nomad…

But after 29 days…all will be clear. 

Because you can tell them and everyone you know confidently that your portfolio is maximized to produce income. 

Rich people invest in assets to produce cash. 

Cashflow pays for what you want…and what you need. Assets in itself do not. Your Amazon stock does not pay your bills. 

In 29 days,  you’ll realize dividend stocks can set you up for a lifetime of security, happiness, and low stress. 

Up to now, I’ve walked you through all 29 days of what we’ll cover…

I shared all the bonuses and gifts you’ll get each week…

What do you need to bring to the masterclass?

Nothing much. 

Just your computer to consume the videos and all the content…

An open mind to everything I’ll show you…

Most importantly…

Your willingness to open a brokerage account and actually take action. 

This is not a movie you just grab popcorn and watch. This isn’t a book you passively read while you blare the TV in the background…

If you’re not serious about taking your future income by the horns…especially during uncertain times like this…

Then don’t friggin’ take a spot away from someone else. 

When you sit your butt down Day 1 of the “Forever Dividends” masterclass, I expect attention and more so action. 

Say it to yourself if you need to. 

“I will take action.” 

It’s just 29 days.

I shoulder all the risk…
You bear none of it

Say you go through the masterclass and don’t enjoy it. 

So, you buy some stocks you end up not wanting…and you sell them. That’s it.

I’m not even letting you be unhappy. It’s not an option.

I guarantee it will work for you…

I’ll share it in a minute…

But essentially all you’ll be out is a few hours of your time…

I’m out of my time spent helping you. But that’s okay if you don’t think I do a good job. 

However, I can tell you…

I’ve helped tens of thousands of people over the past 7 years…as you’ve seen with some of the testimonials. I give it my all. 

I take teaching you my strategies extremely seriously. This isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme for me. For years, I made very little teaching others how to properly invest in dividend stocks. 

Thankfully, that’s changed now…but it took awhile to find my footing. 

Still, I was determined that you and anyone that hears this wouldn’t end up like my friends and family who were wiped out by the Great Recession. 

Income stream…gone.


Sanity…”what’s sanity?” they’d ask. 

Stay away unless you’re ready to put in the work. 

On the other hand…

Since you’ve stuck with me so far, you might just be a perfect fit for the “Forever Dividends” masterclass. 

What you’ll learn over the next 29 days isn’t something small. 

Mastering investing in dividend stocks will change your life. 

I’ve shared a few stories about folks being able to leave their jobs…or at least have the option to.

For Mike S., it meant even more than just quitting a job, it meant more time with his son.

See, both Mike and his wife worked demanding jobs. 

…it’s a story ringing true from America’s west to east coast…

One income just isn’t enough anymore. 

When a kid comes into the picture, suddenly it all becomes overwhelming trying to balance work with family. 

Here’s what happened…

Mike took all the strategies I share inside the “Forever Dividends” masterclass…

…and mind you…he didn’t get the sessions you’re about to get….

And by implementing my plan, he was able to remove a huge stress in his life. 

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  • Bonus PDFs and weekly video sessions —> These video sessions will include me walking through all content we’ll cover. From what brokerage to use, to what stocks to buy, why we’re buying those particular stocks…walkthrough of my strategies and how to use them in your brokerage…my deepest secrets about when I buy and sell my shares. Every session will be different and include killer content. 
  • Free 60-day access to the most powerful dividend forecasting tool on the internet —> This software is so rare…because we built it. No one else has a license to it. Others pay $99 for access…you’re getting a basic membership to try it out for $0. 
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All these video sessions…trading strategies…bonus reports, and more could easily go for $1,000. 

Many events you went to before Covid were a good $2,500. 

One of my colleagues just dropped $25,000 to join a business networking group.

The price for “Forever Dividends” masterclass?

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There’s no catch. More a requirement or the masterclass won’t make sense. 

See…we’ll be talking about a lot of my favorite dividend stocks inside the masterclass. I’ll discuss why I like the companies, their growth potential, and more.

All the stocks are shared exclusively inside my flagship dividend newsletter.

It’s called The Dividend Hunter. 

See, I don’t want you to just go through the masterclass in 29 days and be done…

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  • I include a section with investing tips on how to boost your income even more and get the best use of my calendar. One recent issue had a special interview with my longest subscriber who’s been with me since the beginning!

I regularly receive rave reviews for The Dividend Hunter.

The goal of The Dividend Hunter is easy —to help you pay your bills for life with dividend stocks. 

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  • My Buy of the Week — The stock market changes on a dime…especially in this climate. Our stocks are no different. Every Tuesday I’ll recommend which one of our Dividend Hunter stocks are a good ‘on sale buy’ this week. This means you’re on top of your stocks and who doesn’t love a good deal?


Monthly NEW MEMBER Webinar: Joining a monthly newsletter can seem overwhelming. And we don’t want you to feel lost as a new member. I promise you’ll get the hang of everything we’re doing soon enough…to make it easier, every month, I hold a monthly “orientation” for new Dividend Hunter folks like yourself. You can even watch the replay later if you miss it. I’ll go through all the features, where to find the stocks, the reports, everything. You’ll know your way around in no time.

  • My Weekly Mailbag Video: As tens of thousands of readers have enjoyed The Dividend Hunter, you can imagine I receive quite a handful of emails every single day. I try to answer as many as I can…at the same time, many questions are similar. So, every week, I’ll open up my mailbag and answer questions like: 
  • Should I sell X stock right now? 
  • The markets are choppy…are my dividends safe? 
  • I don’t understand what preferred shares are?

  • BONUS: Emergency Webinar Replays from Bear Markets: When the markets cratered in 2020, I recorded some important emergency webinars for Dividend Hunter readers like yourself. You can gain access to these recordings not shown anywhere else. 

All of this included with just your Dividend Hunter subscription is easily another $500 per year. 

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However, I don’t think it will ever come to that.

I have subscribers to The Dividend Hunter who have been around for awhile. They look forward to my emails and updates.

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful newsletter and dividend tips. I have subscribed to a lot of stock newsletters in the past and found them to be very hard to understand.

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Tim Plaehn
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  1. Refund policy

You are completely covered by a 100% risk-free, money back guarantee. 

You have 12 months to try out the masterclass and The Dividend Hunter…if you aren’t satisfied on day 364…call us up and ask for a prompt refund. And you’ll get it!

Don’t deprive yourself of the potential to transform your income…and frankly, your life…over a mere $79. You’ll make that $79 back within the first month in dividends with the right account.

  1. What will you show me during the “Forever Dividends” masterclass?

In Week One, we’ll dive into: 

  • What brokerages make the most sense for your money today (yes, some are better than others)
  • The exact steps we will take to turn any newbie investor into a full-fledged dividend investor cashing 3 checks per month, plus,
  •  A secret “trick” that will make sure you make your money work for you until the very end…this one ‘trick’ is simple and is proven by scientists to make you successful at any endeavour you take on

During the 7 days of Week Two…you’ll uncover: 

  • Why I’ve dedicated my entire career to high-yield dividend stocks (and why you should dedicate your portfolio them too)
  • My 3 ironclad rules for when to buy and sell your shares…especially during up and down markets, plus
  • My “magic bullets” to spotting dividend stocks you just gotta own in 15 minutes…you’ll have the power to look at any dividend-paying company and determine whether you should buy or not. 

In Week Three, you’ll discover: 

  • My popular “Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar” where you can see down to the day when to buy a stock so you can start collecting more checks this month. I update this calendar every single month, and you get access for free. 
  • How to forecast what your dividends will be 5 years from now. I’m excited about this, because nowhere else can you get these forecasts. You want certainty about your income? These forecasts will put you at ease about your money.
  • A free software you receive exclusive access to where you put in any stock and you can see what dividends are being paid…how much the dividends have grown in the past…and more. I love this software, and I’m giving you access FOR FREE. 

 In Week Four, you’ll uncover: 

  • My #1 strategy to triple your income in the next 10 minutes…this is my go-to for quick cash…and honestly, you can use it as much as you want. It’s amazing. 
  • Where to find the top dividend growth stocks in this wild market. Dividend growth stocks can go from paying $1 per share to $3 per share fast…when that happens, the share price grows as well. This is an advanced strategy I normally reserve for those paying up to $2,000 per year. 
  • Dead simple ways to dip your toes into options for income with less than 10 clicks of your mouse…and I’ll bring in a rockstar options trader to give you professional tips you can easily use. 

You are receiving my very best content…some I only reserve for premium subscribers paying over $1,000 per year!

  1. How much money do I need to see success?

Start with however much you want. At minimum, I recommend $5,000. We’re not making big, risky bets…so you can feel comfortable investing more when ready. Most of our strategy is buying and holding. We then cut stocks as they underperform.

  1. What if I miss a video session? 

It is all recorded for you to view later in the day, later in the week, later in the month if you want! 

You get access to this material FOREVER when you join now.

  1. What if I miss a week of the masterclass? 

Again, everything is recorded. All reports are sent to your inbox and held in your Dividend Hunter portal. You can easily catch up as the ‘recommended steps’ each week only take 30-60 minutes to complete. (sometimes less).

  1. Will there be a lot of technology I’ll have to learn? 

Absolutely not. You receive a 60-day free trial to our proprietary software Divcaster. I have an entire video to show you how to use it. You’ll see how easy it is within the first 15 minutes. Besides that, just know how to log into your brokerage!

  1. What if I don’t trade stocks at all?

You can start with just money and no brokerage account. I’ll start from there and work up…much like building a house. We’ll pour the foundation, start the initial framing of your portfolio (your first 5 stocks), after that it’s filling in the details. 

Just to be clear…we don’t “trade stocks.” We’re not getting in and out of positions fast like a day trader or swing trader. For many stocks, we’re holding forever!

  • Why is it called “FOREVER DIVIDENDS?”

Because by the end of 29 days…and going forward with my Dividend Hunter stocks…we’ll be investing in stocks paying out income every, single month. That’s money you can rely on. When a stock is going to fail to pay up, we ditch that stock and find another that pays better. Follow along, and always receive income every month with our stocks.