A Small Group of Unknown Stocks Have Been Quietly Delivering Wall Street’s Biggest Winners

They Throw off Monster Gains of 3,343%, 4,322%…Even 33,000% in Profits.

…Yet, no one talks about them…until today…

For the first time ever, one legendary investor is revealing how to find these stocks and
invest before they take off

He’s also revealing how to stake your claim on this lucrative investment today with his top three buys for 100%+ gains in the next 12 months.

Keep Reading to Discover:

  • Why Wall Street prevents you from investing in these safe, profitable stocks that far outperform the market.
  • How to land 100%+ profits in the next 12 months by investing in his #1 ‘stealth stock’ today (and two more bonus investments)
  • Plus, his three proven rules to follow that uncover the very best of these unknown stocks to buy

JARED: I’m about to share the most incredible investment opportunity on Wall Street I’ve ever heard. 

It involves a small group of unknown stocks quietly producing some of the biggest gains you’ll ever see in the stock market…

Wall Street doesn’t want you to hear about the stocks we’re sharing in this transcript…

I’m talking 3,343% returns…4,322%…even 33,000% profits.

Those returns are more than if you invested in Google, Tesla and Facebook’s IPOs COMBINED.

But, you hear about those tech titans all the time…

While no one is talking about the companies you are going to hear about today.

Meanwhile, they are creating massive wealth for those in the know.

Like the little known payments processing company no one’s ever heard of just handed shareholders 33,000% profits. 

Could you imagine if you turned $10,000 into as much as a 3.3 million dollar fortune?

That’s a life changing sum of money…. Enough to pay off your house, your car, all your debt and still have millions left to play with. 

Will you join the select few investing in these highly profitable stocks?

A smart group of investors…non-Wall Street folk…are dancing in their living rooms as they pocket these windfalls no one else sees.

  • They chuckle to themselves as their coworkers brag about a 25% gain in Netflix…meanwhile, they just banked 1,845% from an unknown agricultural company.
  • They have friends…even their kids…begging them for stock tips including what little-known company to invest in next.
  • They have neighbors peeking over the fence wondering how unassuming people next door can afford a new in-ground pool and a month-long cruise through Europe and stay retired. 

Most importantly, they wake up knowing their money and stocks are safe…for good. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to remind themselves to check in on their portfolio once in awhile.

That’s because they’re investing in safe, profitable companies throwing off huge returns. 

These companies aren’t penny stocks. They aren’t tech unicorns. And these investors aren’t day trading or using any risky options gimmicks. 

They simply buy these unknown stocks and go about their day with confidence they made the right choice. 

Because if you find a solid, profitable company that could turn $10,000 into $3.3 million…

You’d rest pretty easy at night too. 

So, if you’re like me when I first heard this story,  you’re wondering where the heck do you find these incredible stocks producing 3,343%…4,322%…even 33,000% gains that no one has heard of. 

And you’re wondering why Wall Street, your broker, CNBC, Fox Business and every outlet in between isn’t shouting about these stocks from the rooftops?

That’s why I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Welcome to the very first Stealth Stock Riches Summit

Hi, my name is Jared Nations, I’m the President of Investors Alley, an independent financial research firm ready by almost 200,000 people everyday located around the world. 

Welcome to the first ever Stealth Stock Riches Summit.

You’re viewing this because I’ve discovered a way for you to get in early on these monster gains.

Because if you could generate 3,343% from one stock…turning $25,000 into $860,750…not only would you be light years ahead of every average investor in America. 

You’d be in the financial position to have options. Options on how you want to spend your days…in leisure, traveling, playing golf or cards with friends…all without guilt or a nagging financial worry in the back of  your mind. 

That’s why I can’t wait for you to hear this.

Just this year, I met a legendary investor. His face is all over financial news. And yet, most viewers don’t know he’s made a living finding these solid, unknown stocks that explode. 

He calls this small group of unknown stocks… ‘stealth stocks.’ 

This legendary investor reveals today how he finds these stealth stocks about to shoot up 100%…then 1,000% and higher

For the last 30 years, he has built a proven method to identify stealth stocks and help the average investor like me and you invest in them at the right time.

Up to now, he’s only shown a small group of investors these stealth stocks…but today he’s agreed to reveal everything in this special presentation and he’ll tell you why.

In just a minute, he’s going to join us and:

  • He’ll explain everything you need to know about what makes a ‘stealth stock’ so profitable…
  • Plus, you’ll discover why you’ve never heard of these investments even though they are throwing off 1,000% plus gains…
  • Finally, you yourself will have the opportunity to invest in his top ‘stealth stocks’ and potentially land 100%+ gains over the next 12 months. 

He told me before this he’s so confident this will change how you invest forever…

  • He’s willing to give you a $2,000 gift absolutely free if you read this entire interview. 

You’ll learn how to claim that gift during this interview, so make sure you read every word.

Before I introduce him, I want you to be sure you understand just how large and unique of an opportunity “stealth stock” investing can be…

He’s done it before…

This legendary investor has uncovered dozens of Stealth Stocks that 99% of investors miss out on. 

And he’s pocketed huge gains like: 

a 532% winner on Nicholas Financial…

a 655% profit on Amphenol…

even a 786% gain on Cognizant…

Meet the “greatest buy and hold” investor on the internet
(CNN Money)

Ever heard of these companies? Neither had I. But a small — and very happy — group of investors have thanks to investing legend, Eddy Elfenbein.

Eddy’s amassed a track record most analysts and hedge fund managers only dream of…

Including beating the S&P 500 for seven…yes, seven years in a row. 

And that’s only where his success begins.

CNN Money calls Eddy the “greatest buy and hold” writer on the internet. 

If you’ve turned on the TV recently, you might have seen Eddy providing his insights regularly on Bloomberg or CNBC.

Eddy has shared his recommendations with tens of thousands of followers including former Prime Ministers of Canada, New York Times best-selling authors, people close to the President, hedge fund managers and many more. 

And now, for the first time ever, Eddy will show you which stealth stocks he is investing in next…remember, these are plays that have produced gains up to 3,343%…4,322%…even 33,000%. 

He’ll show you all that for free in the next few minutes. 

On top of that,

  • You’ll receive a blueprint on how Eddy finds these plays using his 30 years of expertise. 
  • You’ll also find out how Wall Street secretly makes sure you never hear about stealth stocks. Only the stocks they want you to invest in.

Like I said, stealth stocks are perhaps the most incredible opportunity on Wall Street I’ve ever heard. 

That’s why I’m not going to waste another minute.

Let’s actually hear everything from the man himself. 

Eddy Elfenbein, thanks for joining me on the Summit today.


Thanks, Jared. I’m excited to be here.


Well, you’re a regular on CNBC and Bloomberg so this should be a walk in the park. 


Looking forward to it. 


So, Eddy, you’re about to reveal one of your biggest secrets. How to locate stealth stocks. You’ve been working at this for over 30 years and have kept it close to the vest, sharing your research with just a small group of investors. So why are you opening up now? Why not keep it all to yourself and your close circle?

Why Eddy is spilling his secrets TODAY


That’s a good question, Jared.

I felt this is the most urgent time I’ve ever seen for folks to be in the right stocks. Stocks are at all-time highs. Bonds at record lows. You hear about crypto, cannabis, and new technologies. Every day there is some new ‘recession indicator’ for you to worry about.

There’s all this noise right now that is really confusing investors where the best place to put their money is.


I know a lot of investors I talk to feel frozen…afraid to make the wrong move. It’s like they tip-toe into every investment.


No one deserves that. You shouldn’t be scared when you invest your 401(k). It should be exciting.


I just showed readers how stealth stocks can produce windfall gains of 3,343%…4,322% even as high as 33,000%, which is pretty exciting.

You believe stealth stocks are the #1 place to invest today? 


Hands down. Without a doubt. 

They’re safe. They’re lucrative. They can hand you rapid gains. 

Maybe best of all…they’re easy. Buy the stock, that’s it.

What is a ‘stealth stock’ exactly?

Just to start, tell me how you define a stealth stock.


It’s quite simple actually.  Stealth stocks are a small group of solid, profitable, conservative companies with strong cash flows. They’re stocks that fly under the radar. Ones Wall Street doesn’t tell you about with the potential to absolutely explode. 

They aren’t penny stocks or tech unicorns. You don’t have to day trade. 

Like I said. Buy. Hold. Hold on.

The key is you have to invest at the exact right time. Some of these stocks bounce around for years doing nothing. Then, one year, there’s a spark…a catalyst…that gets that stock off the runway and trending upward. 

Once that catalyst happens, these could be the most profitable stocks you’ll ever own.


They’re ‘stealth’ stocks because they fly under the radar, right? 


That’s part of it. If you’ve ever seen a B-2 stealth bomber…sometimes they fly them over football games…the warplane is used to carry bombs into enemy territory without being detected. 

What makes them special is enemies don’t see the bomber until it’s too late. The bombs are already dropped before anyone knows what happened.


So, if we compare that to stealth stocks, these stocks fly under the radar then explode?

Stealth stocks return huge profits lightning fast


They explode quickly. That’s why if you know the precise moment when to invest, you could pile into a stealth stock before anyone even knows their name.

By the time anyone even catches a whiff, you’ve already started profiting. 

What’s funny, even after the stock takes off, people are still in the dark.

For example, I bet not 10 people viewing this right now have heard of Hingham Institution for Savings. Unknown company. Would’ve handed you 10,901% gains. 

Even after that massive gain, it still got no press. No love from Wall Street.

United States Lime & Mineral. Great name, right? Up 2,010%. 

$10,000 into each of these would’ve landed you $1,636,673 with the right timing. Just buy at the right time, and you’re done.

They’re just waiting for you to invest. And they’ll reward you if you know the precise moment to invest.

The problem is…no one knows stealth stocks exist despite almost all trading on major exchanges like the Nasdaq and NYSE.

Most of these stocks have ZERO analyst coverage. 

Who should invest in stealth stocks


Are these stocks safe enough to hold in my 401(k) or IRA?


Absolutely. These are rock-solid companies.

Any one retired or near retirement looking for a way to grow their wealth quickly now and for the long-term should definitely take a look at these stocks.

They’re perfect for any portfolio: 

  • If you’re retired and want to boost your wealth quickly…invest in stealth stocks. 
  • If you’re 3-5 years from retirement and tired of plowing money into low-return funds and bonds…invest in stealth stocks. 
  • If you need to play catch up on your retirement…skip the bloated fee mutual funds…invest in stealth stocks

The gains are potentially enormous. Yet nobody has heard of these stocks before and you’ll never hear about them on the news.

One of the stocks you mentioned before that went up 3,343%…

That was Nathan’s Hot Dogs. 


The company that runs the 4th of July hot dog eating contest?


Exactly. You never hear a peep about them in the financial news do you? A rock-solid company that’s been around since 1916, Jared. They also pay out a nice 2% dividend to boot. 

Perfect for any retirement account. The perfect stealth stock because it meets all three of my rules that I’ll share in a minute.

If you took $10,000 and put it into the S&P 500 in 2003. 

And you took another $10,000 and invested it into Nathan’s Hot Dogs at the exact same time. 

Check out the difference in performance you’d see. The top line is Nathan’s.

Your S&P 500 position would be up to about $42,500. 

Your Nathan’s Hot Dogs position…well, you’d be sitting on a hefty $344,300. 

That’s beating the market by a whopping 710%.

From 2012 to 2014 alone,  you would’ve almost quadrupled your money…in just two  years. 


I notice the S&P position also dipped more during the 2008 and 2009 Great Recession. More than Nathan’s. 


I believe good stocks will hold their own no matter the market conditions. Stealth stocks especially.

The paradox is you’d think Wall Street would want you ‘all-in’ on these stealth stocks so you keep investing with them. But they won’t tell you about them. 

They won’t tell you about stocks like Raven Industries…the stock is up 4,322%…

They make agriculture products, high-altitude balloons, plastic film…stuff needed in multiple industries. They generate $380 million in sales, trade on the NASDAQ. 


Never heard of them. 


I’d be shocked if even a handful of people have. 

The 33,000% winner you keep mentioning. It’s Atrion Corporation. A payments company. Not a startup. The company has been around since World War II.

33,000% gains from a stock you’ll never hear about on CNBC!. 

I’m telling you Jared, if more Americans knew about these stealth stocks, we’d have a lot more wealthy investors now.

Tons more.

More retirees enjoying retirement instead of bagging groceries or driving Uber. 


It sounds like if what you say is true, this could change how American retirees invest for years…decades to come. 

But, I’ll be honest, this sounds almost too good to be true… don’t you think? 


I don’t blame you for feeling that way, Jared. But I’m willing to answer every question and share every secret about stealth stocks I’ve learned the past 30 years on this summit. 

To prove I’m serious, I have a $2,000 bonus to share for anyone who reads this presentation to the very end. It’s a bonus I’ll only give away today, so stick around. 

I’ll also give everyone my #1 stealth stock I’ve found for you to invest in absolutely free. 

This is combing through thousands of stocks, mind you. 


You’ve shared your ideas and recommendations with former Prime Ministers of Canada, New York Times best-selling authors, people close to the President, and hedge fund managers 

CNN called you the best “buy and hold blogger” on the internet. 

Your blog Crossing Wall Street has been around since July 2005. You have 10,000+ daily readers, plus you have 50,000+ followers on Twitter getting your thoughts there. You have quite the fanbase. 

And it’s no wonder. You publicly share some of your stock picks, and you publicly beat the S&P 500 seven years in a row. 

You’ve done quite well for yourself. 


Investing in the stock market has given me complete freedom. I’ve traveled to every corner of the globe. South America. Europe. Asia. I was recently in the Siargao Islands.

It is the complete opposite of the United States. These people live in small tents, they don’t have bathrooms or clean water or paved roads. Investing has allowed me to travel and learn about places like Siargao Island. I believe everyone should do it. 

But I didn’t get there overnight. 

I started writing because I wanted to share what to do and what not to do. Because I’d seen the underbelly of Wall Street. 

You know Wall Street looks out for itself…we all know that. 

But when I saw Wall Street was deliberately and purposefully keeping some stocks hidden from sight…the stealth stocks we’re talking about…I had to share what I found.

How Eddy stumbled on stealth stocks
While cold calling you during dinner


How did you find out about stealth stocks…from the ‘underbelly’ as you called it. 


It’s a funny story. I’ve been trading and writing about stocks for over 30 years, Jared. 

After getting my MBA in finance, I landed a job cold-pitching stock over the phone to investors. It wasn’t Wolf of Wall Street, but it was pretty close. 

I’d spend my days cold calling people and pitching stocks.

Many people viewing this summit might remember getting calls out of the blue from a salesman pitching stocks with urgency. 

Were you any good at it? 


Oh, I was awful. Not because I didn’t find good stocks, but I wasn’t great selling the stock. I didn’t do it like you’re supposed to in that high-pressure environment. That’s why they call it a ‘boiler room.’ 

One time I was pitching a stock. It was a great company, I wish I could remember the name…

But I was explaining over the phone how well the company was doing financially, the price-to-earnings ratio was only 13…all stuff a solid company needs.

Well, my boss comes up, literally rips the phone from my hand without warning, and slams it on the receiver. 

He yelled at me “What the heck are you doing?” 

He says “No one cares about that stuff. Sell emotion. Sell the stock story.” 


Sell the story?


The story. We all want that juicy story. That’s why there are so many financial publishers out there selling newsletters about “this technology started in a garage that could make you 10,000%.” 

That’s why all you see are articles about Snapchat taking over social media. Uber taking over transportation. 

We want those stories. Billions of pageviews on all the news sites prove that.

But, when you step back and think about it. 

Why would Wall Street spend all their time studying a company like Uber…a company that lost $5 billion dollars last quarter…rather than a company like J&J snack foods?

A company that has skyrocketed 2,148%…

And has nearly doubled their profit in the past three quarters. 


It doesn’t make sense. 


Not a lick of sense. Especially, when you consider Uber’s stock is down over 30% from its IPO…


And losing billions like you said…that’s really crazy to think about…why cover them and not a profitable company like J&J Snack Foods, who I’ve never heard of either?

Everyone makes a big deal about earnings when they come out every four months.

For earnings, Wall Street makes such a big deal about profits and growth. 

If a stock reports good financials, the stock goes up. If a stock reports financials worse than estimated, the stock tanks. 

So, you’d think they’d want to follow only stocks showing massive profits.

Yet, Wall Street puts all their focus on companies like Uber…a company losing billions all the time…

Or, Amazon. A company operating at razor thin margins. A great company, no doubt, but low margins.

And meanwhile, they neglect many companies making great profits. 

It really doesn’t make sense.

The “Wall Street Machine” manipulating your stocks


Here’s the key point about why you don’t hear about stealth stocks anywhere. 

It has to do with the information we receive, what stocks we buy, and which we sell. 

It blinds you from ever finding out about stealth stocks and having the opportunity to make the life-changing profits as I’ve showed you. 

Everything has to do with this circle. I’ll write it down for you quickly.

The “Wall Street Machine”: 

  1. Wall Street wants you to buy a stock. 
  2. They have an analyst cover it. 
  3. The media follows the analyst. 
  4. You follow the media. 
  5. We buy the stock. 

It’s a vicious circle that goes around and around again.

When I discovered this circle…this “Wall Street machine”… I finally saw the game that was being played in the stock market. 

And when I realized this “machine” at play, I decided I could either try and outsmart Wall Street by playing their game, or venture off and create my own path.

And that path led me to stealth stocks and the amazing gains that can be earned by getting outside the “Wall Street Machine”.


Wouldn’t Wall Street benefit from showing people stealth stocks? Companies like Atrion throwing off big gains of 33,000%?  I mean if you and I make money, we’d continue to invest. 


They don’t care about your money, Jared. Sure, they’ll take it. But your money is small potatoes. They care more about the money they can make from their big clients. And those clients are not Main Street Americans. 


What do you mean? 


Let’s look at a stealth stock first so you can see the full picture. 

Seaboard Corporation…most people have never heard of them. 

They transport goods across the ocean among other things. In under 24 months, their stock soared 645% . Since then, it jumped as high as 1,845%. 

But you probably haven’t heard of Seaboard Corporation…am I right?


You’re right. But that seems odd, because if it went up that much…645% in 24 months…you would think the financial news would be all over it. Wall Street would be buying shares in bulk… 


Yeah, you’d think that. But that’s just not the case. Wall Street doesn’t care. If Wall Street doesn’t care, that means the financial media doesn’t care. If financial media doesn’t care, you and I don’t hear about Seaboard. 

None of them care about 645% gains in 24 months…they don’t care about how profitable the company is.

The proof? …going back to our “machine” loop…Zero Wall Street analysts cover this stock. 

Even after those big 1,845% profits…zero analysts watch Seaboard Corporation.

Why don’t analysts cover a stock that goes up 1,845%?


Why don’t they cover it? 


It’s a great question, Jared. Why isn’t Wall Street looking at a company like Seaboard or Nathan’s, the hot dog company?  

This is the most important point to make about stealth stocks so I really want you to pay attention.

We all know Wall Street is looking out for their pockets first, right? 

Well, when you hear about “stock analysts” covering certain companies like Apple and Google, it’s because those companies pay huge fees to Wall Street banks. 


Why are companies giving Wall Street banks money?


When a company like Google acquires another company, they have to go through an investment bank on Wall Street. Those investment banks make money…I’m talking a lot of money putting together the deals for these big name companies to acquire smaller businesses. 

Google has made over 228 acquisitions since their IPO. That’s a lot of legwork for Wall Street. A lot of money in fees…can you see where I’m going with this?


In the past year, Google’s stock is up 3%..Seaboard’s up 21%. 7X more profit. Yet, all you hear is about Google. 


Snapchat is down over 40% from its IPO in 2017…yet 28 Wall Street analysts cover the stock. Meanwhile, we keep talking about hot dogs and I’m getting hungry. But Nathan’s Hot Dogs which is up 40-fold has zero analysts.


What you’re saying is Wall Street covers companies like Snapchat and Google for their own self interest not as much for actual stock analysis? 


Right on, Jared. So when a company like Nathan’s Hot Dogs soars 3,343% and Wall Street doesn’t notice, there’s a reason they don’t notice. And it’s not because Nathan’s is a bad company. 

It’s because there’s no monetary benefit for big banks to pay attention to them.

Zack’s reported recently: “Analysts neglect stocks for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that there are no banking fees at stake. A little, unknown stock is much less likely to price a secondary offering or announce a merger than some large blue chip like General Electric.”

These analysts only have one job… promote and cover the stocks that do business with their employer… the big Wall Street banks. 

They’re never paid on if their “Buy Rating” turns out to be true. And they almost never put out sell ratings on stocks.  

A recent study came out looking at all the stocks 10,000 analysts cover. The study wanted to know how many stocks analysts recommended you buy, sell, or hold. 

Check out the results. 

Out of 10,000 analysts ratings: 

  • 52% of the stocks they cover had a “BUY” recommendation
  • 42% of the stocks they cover had a “HOLD” recommendation. 
  • And… just 6% of the stocks they cover had a “SELL” recommendation.

Of course they don’t want you to sell. They need you to buy more of the shares they want you to buy.

How the media tricks you into buying
what Wall Street wants


So how does the media play into all this? 


The media…CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg…they’re all talking to the analysts to get their ideas on particular stocks…well, what stocks do you think analysts are talking about? 

Let me guess… Only the stocks that do business with the big banks? 


Bingo!. Analysts only talk to the media about stocks that will make them — the bank — money. 

A Wall Street analyst would get fired immediately if they mentioned one of my stealth stock recommendations. 

It’s funny… I imagine the conversation would be similar to what my old boss told me in the boiler room… 

“Nobody cares about these boring stocks! . Seaboard corporation? Transporting goods overseas? It’s boring.”

Sure, boring for their ratings. 

But if you made 865% from a stealth stock like Unifirst, an unknown company that makes corporate uniforms, how would that make you feel? 


9X my money? That would turn $10,000 into $96,500. I’d be jumping up and down I was so excited.


Me too. But the media will never talk about a stock like Unifirst. Media is about attention… not about helping you make money. 

But stealth stocks… the ones that no one knows about, maybe in industries we don’t get excited about…those are the ones that can make you the most money.

What’s more important… the business or your profits?

Let me ask you this… “Are you interested in investing in new technology like Uber or making boatloads of money?

I’d be surprised if you said invest in Uber…

Because watching my investments double and triple is one of the most exciting rewards I get. 

I don’t care if the company I invest in makes uniforms or collects garbage… 

If they’re making me more money than investing in the most revolutionary technologies I’m happy.

And that’s why I’m sharing everything I know about stealth stocks, plus my #1 pick today. 

These stocks are some of the most powerful wealth creators on the planet… 

But you’ll never get to invest in them unless I show you how. 


Alright, well now I’m excited! 


Me too Jared. 

I’m going to show you and our readers here how to look outside the “Wall Street Machine” as I call it. It’s all noise. Noise that could potentially cost you a  lot money if you’re following some of their ‘hot’ picks like Uber. 

Let me update my little note here.

Everyone else is caught in the “machine”…the endless feedback loop. 

From now on, you will be free from that financial echo chamber. 

You’ll be investing in the smartest stocks…while everyone else prays for Facebook’s stock not to crash 40% again like it did in 2018.

Today, you’ll see how to transform your wealth and how you think about stocks…all thanks to stealth stocks.

You’re a few minutes from receiving my #1 stealth stock to buy today for 100%+ gains.

It’s a company about to take off as they’re involved in the hot real estate market. A market I see continuing to grow quickly in the next few years. 

I bet my #1 stealth stock will easily outperform any tech stock over the next few years. 

Stealth stocks aren’t penny stocks or the next Amazon startup. They’re solid, profitable companies you can safely purchase in your 401(k), IRA, wherever. 

Plus, I also have a $2,000 bonus to give you if you read until the end.


This is all great Eddy. I’m really excited to see your top stealth stock to buy today and I know our readers will be as well. 


If you stick with me, I’ll show you exactly how to flip the script on Wall Street by not trying to compete with the sharks…

But instead earn massive profits from lesser known opportunities that Wall Street ignores… I call them stealth stocks. 

You don’t need any options or futures or penny stocks. 

Just buy and hold these solid, profitable companies, and you could do very well.

In fact, what I’ll show you in a second will completely turn everything you thought about investing on its head.

Even Warren Buffett might be shocked.


Really!? Why would Warren Buffett be shocked? 

The stealth stock runway which can
hand 100%+ gains in the next 12 months


Warren Buffett believes in investing in solid companies and hold them for long periods of time. His most popular time frame is “forever”. 

And it’s a good way to invest. Where you can get stuck is: 

  1. What if you need to pull money out to live and enjoy retirement? 
  2. What if you have to wait a long time to see the lionshare of profits? 

Now here’s what I believe would shock even Warren Buffett.

I’ve uncovered how to cut the waiting timeway down on when you will see major profits. 

Because here’s one of the reasons stealth stocks are such an incredible opportunity…

If you invest at the exact right time into these stealth stocks, it’s possible you could land a quick 100%+ profit in the first 12 months…

Then the stock can take off further to 1,000%+ gains and up to 3,343%…4,322…even 33,000% if you hold for the longer term. 

I have a lot more examples to prove this happens again and again.


And you’ve pinpointed the exact moment to invest in these stealth stocks to capture these quick early gains? 


There’s something I call the “stealth stock runway” that could hand investors 100%+ gains in the first 12 months before the stock continues moving upward. And it’s not investing in the stock’s IPO. 

Think of it like an airplane runway. A plane begins takeoff by driving down the runway, much like a car. 

The plane speeds up and the jet engines push the plane into the sky.

It’s the same idea with our stealth stocks. Our stealth stock is cruising along slowly at first. Maybe the price is staying steady. 

FYI, I’m not buying during this cruising phase. 

I’m investing as the stock first lifts off the ground because that tells me the stock is about to gain traction and move higher. 

If you can catch them before this run up, you’re catching them as they gain momentum. Back to our stealth bomber example, you’re jumping aboard the plane as it takes off rather than when it has already dropped its payload.

Meaning, after the bombs have been deployed and the explosion happens? 


Right. In our case, after the lion-share of gains are gone. 

I’ve found this ‘runway’ with stealth stocks happening again and again. 

There’s a certain event that sparks this stealth stock takeoff. 

Much like the jet engines get a plane off the runway…

A single event…a catalyst… for the company must occur for these stealth stocks to finally start their ascent upwards towards 100% gains and beyond. 

And that’s within 12 months?


Many times — not always — but many times stealth stocks can jump 100%+ in the first 12 months sometimes 24 months…and then it doesn’t stop. It keeps going and going. 


The #1 stock you’ll share today, where are they in this runway cycle? 

Eddy has identified this 100%+ runway again and again with his recommendations


I believe they are lifting off the ground now. I’d be investing into this #1 stealth stocks with both hands starting today. 

They own up to 35% of their geographical market. They have a foothold in their industry…and this is important for when I look for these stocks. I’ll talk about that in a minute.

The important point…the longer you wait to invest in a stealth stock as it takes off the runway, the less gains you could see. 

And you’ve identified these entry points many times before?


You mentioned a few stocks earlier that I recommended to readers…Nicholas Financial, Amphenol and Cognizant. 

Nicholas has risen as high as 532%…Amphenol as high as 655%…and Cognizant skyrocketed up to 786%. 

But let’s look at what happened in just the first twelve months after I recommended those plays. 

In the first 12 months I recommended Amphenol, it gained 93%. 

Cognizant jumped 151% in the first 12 months…

Nicholas Financial…that popped 221% the first year I recommended it before continuing to new records as high as 532%. 

That’s what I’m talking about when I mention the “run up” phase.

If a stealth stock shoots up over 100% the first 12-24 months…you have a good shot of huge returns in the future.

Take a look at some other stealth stocks and what they did initially and what happened afterwards: 

Notice all of them didn’t rise 100% the first year…and that’s okay… they still continued on to 1,000% and beyond. 

61% in one year with Hawkins is still incredible. What’s even better is then 2,568% gains that follow.


Those are some huge gains…2,568%…3,902%…even 8,785%. 


Can you imagine chatting with your neighbor, he’s telling you that Netflix is going to double and now is the time to invest. 

Then you tell him you just landed a 8,785% gain on Mesa Labs. A company that sterilizes and monitors goods and packages for harmful substances. 


It would probably blow his mind. 


You’re right, it would! Because nobody does this. No one invests in Mesa Labs over Netflix. If you want to make money you do. If you’re trapped in the “machine”, you invest in Netflix. Why? Because analysts talk to the media who then talk to you. 

Wall Street wants you to buy Netflix for their reasons. So they can get more investment business from Netflix.

When, instead, you could be buying stealth stock Mesa Labs and make up to 8,785% on your money. 

You didn’t need to invest in Mesa Labs at their IPO to make those gains. You didn’t have to take a flyer on a risky penny stock. You didn’t have to invest in a company that was losing money hand over first. 


What caused Mesa Labs to shoot up 188% the first year? 


A ground-breaking catalyst. In Mesa’s case, they started in 1982 and were trading 13 years before they had their major catalyst event. 

The big catalyst? Simple. A profitable company that then transferred to the NASDAQ. That gives added exposure to stealth stock investors like myself. 

Sometimes the macro events are little things like that. 

Others require much, much more research. I’ll show you the three core events from the stocks I recommended. 

I’ll do that when I reveal my three rules for uncovering and investing in your own stealth stocks. 


And you believe with your #1 stealth stock you’ll share, it’s possible for readers today to bank 100%+ in the next 12 months or so? 


If not more. I showed you one stock I recommended that shot up 221% the first year. 

National Western Life Group jumped 330%. 

White Mountain Insurance ran up 130% in 12 months…before continuing for 714% gains.

Proof you could 10X your money using
Eddy’s stealth stock strategy

Here’s a recent stealth stock that has run up more in the first 12 months than any other. 

This is the best proof I have that you can make a lot of money from stealth stocks in a short amount of time.

Intelligent Systems Corporation. They trade INS. Look ‘em up. Been around for over 30 years. Zero analysts cover them even today. 

Wall Street doesn’t care. No one does. 

In April 2018, they were trading for $5. This is a solid stock that has helped grow tech and software companies from their offices in Norcross, GA. 

The catalyst that changed their company?

They won a contract with Goldman Sachs for the new Apple credit card. This is a huge deal for a small company like INS.

In just over 12 months, their stock is up over 997%. 

That’s almost 10X your money in one year. 


You were talking about 100% or so gains the first 12 months. This company produced 10X that?


Yep, it ran up 997% in 12 months. That would turn every $10,000 invested into $109,000…

Had you invested $25,000 it would be worth $274,250 in your account right now. 


How many analysts were covering INS before it made its explosive move?




And how many analysts are covering it now that it’s made this 10X move? 


That’s the real kicker Jared…still ZERO.  It sounds like it doesn’t make sense. In 2018, Intelligence just had its most profitable year in awhile. 

Yet, crickets from Wall Street. 


And now we know why. There’s no money in it for the banks to recommend these unheard of stocks. They don’t care if they’re great businesses with massive growth potential. 


Nope they don’t care one bit. A rising stock price on an unknown stealth stock means nothing to Wall Street banks. They aren’t earning investment bank business, so analysts ignore the stock. Since the analysts ignore the stock, they don’t talk to the media about it.

And you never hear about INS until you hear me talk about it right now and the stock is already up 997%. 

Since you already missed the runway, I don’t recommend investing because you’ll miss out on other stealth stocks about to move 100%+ in 12 months.

So, don’t invest in INS. 

Instead, I have three new stealth stocks to share with you that are about to make their move.

They’re moments from takeoff. 

I’ll share those for free in just a moment. 


You also have a $2,000 gift coming up?. 


Yes, but I’m saving it until the very end!


So, you shared why Wall Street doesn’t cover these stealth stocks. Plus, you revealed how there’s a single event that ignites stealth stocks and could net you 100% or more in the next 12 months. 

But, that begs the question, how do you actually find these stealth stocks? 

What do you do?

Follow these three rules to uncover stealth stocks about to rocket higher


I have three steps  I follow to locate a stealth stock. 

If you follow these three steps…and it takes some legwork…you could very well be on your way to 10X-ing your money if not more in the coming years. 

Let’s look at the three rules, if you’re ready. 


Let’s hear ‘em.



Let’s start with the most basic RULE that will filter out a lot of junk companies…or Wall Street “hype” companies.

RULE #1: They must be a company with a track record of growing revenues each year. I’m not a risky investor. I’m not looking at new IPOs or anything like that. 

They must be increasing their revenues but more importantly their ROE. Their Return on Equity. Meaning, they are making more money each year from their assets. Those are the companies to look out for. 

Let me show you one of my favorites again so you can see the real power of this first rule. 

It also ties perfectly into finding that catalyst event that tells you when to jump aboard.

This company is a Great Recession gem I dug up while other stocks floundered.

At the time, investors were dumping shares of any financial company thought to be wrapped up in subprime lending. Bank of America, for example, plummeted nearly 87% from 2006 to 2009.

One company…a little know used car loan lender with a 20-year history named Nicholas Financial got hammered.

Shares had fallen 83% from their 2006 highs. 

But I saw this company was not a subprime lender and they weren’t losing money. In fact, they were making money hand over fist lending money on used cars during tight monetary times. People had less money, so they started leasing more used cars.

It was the perfect stealth stock.

In short, Nicholas Financial rocketed 221% in the 12 months following my recommendation. 

$10,000 into $32,100…

Or, $100,000 into $321,000.

Just in one year. 

If you held on, the stock continued to run for gains as high as 532%. 

Rule #1: if you listened to the “machine” on Wall Street during the 2008 crisis, you wouldn’t have known a strong financial company like Nicholas existed. You would’ve kept hearing the narrative Wall Street wanted you to hear. 

A second point, Nicholas Financial rose 221% that first year. Swarms of Americans were needing cheaper cars…and financing to boot. A perfect storm for a stealth stock. 


Does Wall Street cover them now? 


Nope they still don’t. Nicholas won’t make them any money. So, zero analysts.


Ok, so they must be a strong company with a good track record. No startups or companies posting huge losses. 


Yeah, you won’t see a stock like Uber qualifying as a stealth stock. You can’t lose billions per quarter and make my recommendations list.


What’s rule #2? 


Right, let’s go a little deeper. 

So RULE #2: they must have the ability to raise prices. 

When a company can raise prices and still post strong margins, that is a company you want to look more into. 


Why does a company being able to raise prices matter? 


A company that can raise their prices without losing customers or traction means they have a tight hold on their market. It’s called pricing power. 

A company increases their prices but doesn’t lose any demand for their products/services. 

Costs stay the same, profits go up. 

Do you like sushi, Jared? 


I love sushi. Why do you ask? 


Hear me out, I’m going to show you why I invest in companies who can raise their prices. 

How do you pick which restaurant to visit?


It depends. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll go to the one closest to me or one I’ve been to before because I know what to expect. If I’m more adventurous, I may try a new one. 


What if they were all similar? They tasted the same, had the same menu items…how would you decide? 


Probably based on who is the cheapest.


Exactly. If price is your only difference from competitors, it’s a lot harder to raise prices and still have a growing business. 

If one sushi business raised their prices 30% and lost a lot of customers, that’s not a good business to invest in. 

On the other hand, if there was only one really good sushi place, super helpful wait staff, the best happy hour specials…and they doubled their prices overnight, but only lost a handful of customers, that’s a business I want to talk to.


It’s a sign of having really strong demand. 


Right. Remember dial-up internet? 

Well, in 2007, Verizon announced they were set to spend $23 billion on a brand-new type of internet…fiber optics.

I didn’t recommend Verizon at that time… it has only gone up 48% the past 12 years. 

I instead recommended a little known fiber optics company called Amphenol. In the first year after my recommendation, the stock shot up 93%. I recommended them at this time due to this macro event…thus getting the stock off the ‘runway.’


It’s that macro event that causes a stealth stock to move quickly. 


Right. Since my recommendation, while Verizon moved only 48%…Amphenol has soared as high as 655% since my stealth stock recommendation. 

Not only was it a great time to invest in fiber optic connectors due to the expansion of smartphones, but also check out the financial muscle of Amphenol.

During a time when top line sales slumped, Amphenol was able to increase their cash flow. 

Their free cash flow almost doubled from two years before. Meanwhile, their sales continued to climb. 

If cashflow is going up and sales are going up, it means they weren’t cutting prices while millions other businesses did to stay afloat.

Investors Business Daily reported at the time: “If a firm’s costs go up, its profits go down.

Amphenol (APH) has impressed investors by bucking this logic.”


At the time, raw materials for fiber optics like copper were skyrocketing in price. So they easily could’ve started losing money.


Plus, Amphenol had multiple competitors at the time like Molex and General Cable. Yet, they kept growing because they could raise their prices without losing customers.

The ability to raise prices plays into this last RULE. 

The most important RULE of all for Stealth Stocks

And that’s what RULE #3 is: Company must be a dominant player in their specific niche. 

Are we talking the leader as in the “Google” of the industry?


Not even. Think of it more like ecommerce. Amazon is at the top, but many other companies are up there with them. eBay and WalMart for example. 

Here was my recommendation. 

Cognizant provides IT outsourcing for companies. What makes them interesting, is that their biggest competitors, like Wipro and Infosys, are based in India. 

Cognizant is based in New Jersey. 


Giving them faster access and probably better communication with clients. 


Exactly. This likely played into why Fortune placed them on the “Fastest Growing Company List” for six years straight . 

I recommended Cognizant Technology during a time when firms were slashing their overhead budgets…but, they still needed work to be done…especially on the IT side. 

Where else would they turn except to outsourced IT contractors?

They’d also want someone close and a longstanding rock of the industry. 


Cognizant was doing $2.1 billion at the time I recommended them. Not a startup, penny stock or tech unicorn.

And Cognizant paid off in spades for investors. In the first year of my recommendation, the stock popped 151%. 

That turns $10,000 into $25,100 in 12 months.

But, the profits didn’t stop. 

Cognizant soared as high as 786% since I called its bottom. 

Again, you would’ve gotten in at the absolute best time thanks to my recommendation.

The timing was absolutely perfect. 

Companies that were slashing budgets nationwide and switching to outsourced contractors…that helped tip me off about making a play at Cognizant.


What was the talk around Wall Street about these companies?


There was very little talk of anything, by analysts or CNBC. No one was talking about Nicholas Financial, Amphenol, or Cognizant. 

And there’s still not much coverage even after their huge runs.


So, we touched on this before. These types of companies aren’t tech unicorns. They aren’t on the front page of Forbes. Frankly, they aren’t very exciting. 

As you mentioned, that’s probably another reason we haven’t heard of these companies. 


That’s right, Jared. One of the plays I spent days researching to find is a company called Heico. Heico creates replacement parts for aircraft.  Investor Business Daily calls them the “go-to” for replacement parts.

I would call them a “monopoly”. 

Many put them in the category of competing with Boeing and Lockheed Martin. 

But, as IBD summarizes, Heico is the “generic drug-maker” of these companies. 


They make the same parts but cheaper. 


Right on. Not exactly an exciting industry everyone is chatting about around the water cooler at work. 

Except the FAA has very strict guidelines on the dimensions, size, etc. for every single part on a plane. After all, lives are at stake whenever a plane leaves the ground. 

Here’s the problem for aircraft and jet owners, if a part breaks, they have to go back to the manufacturer…the Boeing or Lockheed…and pay for a brand new part, or risk being stuck out of the air for awhile. 

That can get really expensive. 

Well, here’s where it gets exciting…and your friends would be shocked you know this… because Heico creates the same FAA-compliant knockoff parts for much less than the manufacturer. For someone who owns a fleet of planes, they want a company like Heico on speed dial as they’re faster and cheaper. 

I recommended the stock at around $27 in 2016. Now, it’s up to $130…went as high as $145.

The stock popped 41% that first year, up 126% in 24 months, and has now gone as high as 437%. 

Netflix is up around 132% over the exact same timeframe. Everyone talks about Netflix every day. 

Heico on the other hand…437% gains and no one says a peep.

A lot of analysts follow it now, but when I recommended it, few were giving it the time of day. 


437% in 48 months would turn $10,000 into $53,700. Or, $50,000 into $268,500.


Pretty great. 

The company had been around since 1957 too. They were growing profits each year (Rule #1), they have pricing power (Rule #2) and they dominate their niche (Rule #3). 

The event that got  the stock off the runway and me to buy was they started using their extra cash to make rapid acquisitions. They wanted to grow even faster. 


That’s a great pick.


I have to confess I did make one big mistake on Heico… I sold too early! 

Unfortunately, I was wrong and the stock continues to go up. Some of my readers still own and are sitting on even bigger gains of 437%.  SO they are thrilled!  

Some of these stealth stocks can grow and grow fast especially in the first 12 months. Take a look again.


And now I’m very excited  to reveal my #1 stealth stock of the next year. 


Is this the one that could grow 100% in the first 12 months and up to potentially 1,000% afterwards? 

The #1 Stealth Stock on the planet


That’s what I believe I’ve found.

This #1 stealth stock could be the most profitable one of my career because everything is lining up perfectly. 

#1: The company has a strong track record. Their profits are up 17%. They’ve cut their debt in half, and are actually buying back $200 million dollars worth of shares with their cash.

#2: They’ve had the ability to raise prices if necessary. This company is in the drywall industry. A product inside almost every home in America. Most drywallers are struggling right now, but this company is growing profits. 

#3: Most important, they have up to a 35% hold on their geographic regions in the US. Meaning,  builders, contractors, and homeowners in their regions are lining up for their product. 

That’s because they have not just one but TWO catalyst to push their stock up 100% this first 12 months. 

  1. The Federal Reserve has cut rates. Cut rates make building residential and commercial properties much cheaper for the builders and renovators. That means higher demand for materials. 
  2. New construction buildings are hitting all-time highs. Check out this chart. 

Both residential and non residential buildings are rising at a rapid rate. 

This gives my #1 stock major leverage in the marketplace. If they want to raise prices, they can.

And if that’s not enough…there’s one more reason to buy in right now…

The price has pulled back recently which makes now the best entry point to own this company. 

You’re picking up shares for pennies on the dollar. It’s an absolute no-brainer. Just look at the new building going on around you right now. It’s everywhere.

Where can we see this #1 stock?

“My Top Stealth Stocks for 100% Gains in the Next 12 Months”

I’ve written up my full analysis on my #1 stealth stock to buy today in my brand-new report, 100%+ Stealth Stocks. 

You’ll get background on the company, ticker symbols and all. 

If that’s not enough…

I have two more stealth stocks to share with you today. 

  1. One is a pest control company…they operate at a 50% margin. They’ve increased their earnings every year for 21 homes. They’ve also increased their dividend at a 12% rate the last 17 years. This company is a low-risk play as the stock is one of the least volatile in the market. They have millions of customers and aren’t slowing down.
  2. The last one is a defense and intelligence firm. The company JUST IPO’d…but they’ve been around since 1975. They have a tight hold on their marketplace, with 16,000 employees and offices all around the world. Their main catalyst to shoot up 100% in the next 12 months…they could be a takeover target by a larger firm. If these rumors are true, the stock could move quickly upwards. 

But you have to get in right now.


To summarize, readers will get not one, not two, but three potential 100% winners in the next 12 months thanks to stealth stocks? 


That’s right, Jared. These are my absolute best plays at the moment, and I couldn’t be more excited to share them. 

This report alone is worth $497. But you can get it for free with this special Summit today.

Stealth Stock Sniper Report

Still, I promised when I came on this Summit, I would reveal everything.

But, unfortunately, this Summit won’t be up forever. In the future, I’ll likely charge thousands for consulting on my 3 RULES and how to find these stealth stocks. 

However, because you’ve stuck with me this long, I’d like to make sure you can follow my rules for life.

Meaning, whenever you cross a company, you can run it through my 3 RULES and see if it fits the profile of a stealth stock with 1,000% profit potential. 

If it does, you may have just found a company that could completely transform your financial future. 

There are dozens and dozens of these stocks out there. I showed you a bunch today. 

Imagine locating one right now. One that goes up 3,343%…4,322%…maybe even 33,000%. 

How would that affect you and your portfolio? 

Let me help you get there.

For that reason, I’m also giving away my manual on the subject. It’s called the Stealth Stock Sniper Report. 

What’s inside is all-inclusive. 

You’ll receive: 

  • Detailed explanations of my 3 RULES
  • Crystal clear examples of stocks that fit those 3 RULES
  • Where to start looking for your own stealth stocks

That’s all included in the report. And I’ll give you this report for free. 


That’s quite generous, Eddy. Thanks for doing that. If you’re ready to get your free reports and much, much more from Eddy, click the button below right now. 

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Now, I know many reading are retirees or close to retirement. Unless they enjoy reading over financial research for 40, 60, 80 hours per week like I do, I’m betting you’d much rather spend that time with your family traveling or golfing.

I love traveling across the world. Investing and writing about stocks, especially stealth stocks, has given me this privilege. But it’s not work for me. 

I don’t want you to have to work for your financial freedom.

For years, I was very busy with my blog, managing my ETF, and traveling, it just wasn’t possible. However, with how the market is right now…namely, being up and down…I feel now is the best time imaginable for you to have a high-reward, low-risk stock picking portfolio. 

Your place to find multiple 100%+ profit Stealth Stocks

That’s why today I’m launching Stealth Stock Riches. Stealth Stock Riches iPad image 228 px wide

It is the only service in the world dedicated to getting rich with stealth stocks. 

You’ve already seen some of the profits you could’ve made from my stealth stock picks: 

Like a 221% return in 12 months with Nicholas Financial…that then went on to 532% profits. 

Or, a 151% return in 12 months with Cognizant…that then went on to 786% profits. 

Plus, the 93% return in 12 months on Amphenol…that then went on to generate 655% profits. 

And that’s just a few of my stealth stock picks. 

You also saw: 

  • 3,343% profit from Nathan’s Hot Dogs
  • 33,000% winner from Atrion
  • Even a 645% gain in12 months from Seaboard
  • And an incredible 997% winner in 12 months from Intelligent Systems

We’re looking for plays moving 100% in the first 12 months and 7X…10X or more after that like these plays: 

Now, I’m ready to share all my stealth stock picks for you in Stealth Stock Riches. 


This sounds like a great opportunity for those who want to make large profits fast without risking their portfolio or day trading stocks and options. 

Why Stealth Stock Riches is for you today


It really is the best of both worlds.

Anyone who invests in stocks will want to join. 

The only requirement is this: You might be investing in stocks you and your friends have never heard of.

We’re not looking for the next Microsoft or Google. We’re not trying to discover a new technology or gold mine in some desert. 

We’re targeting strong companies with a track record who dominate a particular niche…no matter how small that niche is. 

US Lime & Minerals is a dominant player in the lime manufacturing niche. A little-known niche…a very unexciting niche. 

But what is exciting is that you could’ve 25X’d your money since 2003 with the stock. In one instance, the stock popped 359% in 24 months. 

If you want those profits, you don’t want to be chasing the next Amazon. Chase a safer bet with stealth stocks. 


I have to say…359% in 24 months…that’s more than quadrupling your money in two years. Turning $25,000 into $125,000. 


And that’s a solid company that’s been around since 1948. The difference is investing right after that macro event happens. 

It gets the stock off the “runway” as I talked about.

Our company, US Lime, took advantage as lime prices skyrocketed virtually overnight as seen on this chart, and they haven’t looked back. 


What can readers expect as a member of Stealth Stock Riches?

Expect a fully immersive product with updates and my new ideas almost daily


I’m making this newsletter special. 

Many newsletters you’ll hear from the editor once or twice a month. I want you to hear from me sometimes every day!

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You’ll get my very best stealth stocks…the best chance plays to skyrocket this year.

I’ll also be available for questions to help you get started.


You mentioned you’ll answer questions. How can they send those to you? 


I’ll shoot you my email after you join and you can send me over your questions anytime. I can’t give personally investing advice. But, I can answer general investing questions or discuss my thoughts on certain stocks you ask about. 

You can email your questions or you can join me every month on a live strategy session. On the session, we’ll run through the stealth stock strategy, some companies I’m watching, different ways to find these stealth stocks and much more. 

It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it. 


So, readers will get your two reports and your monthly calls. For the daily briefings, how will we receive that? 

That will come through what we call a Daily Stealth Ticker. It’s a special section of the Stealth Stock Riches website where I’ll drop an idea, a thought, a factoid, you name it. You can get these updates sent right to your mobile phone automatically if you’d like at no extra cost. 

It’s really going to be a lot of fun.


The retail price for Stealth Stock Riches is $1,995. 

That’s right.

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That sounds awesome, Eddy. 

Our goal here at Investors Alley…where Stealth Stock Riches will be featured… is to create the highest quality research with the least amount of fluff to help you make more money safely with your investments. 

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Remember what we said?


Ha! You said to “prove it.”


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Investing in stealth stocks shouldn’t just be for the wealth, but for everyone who is open to it. 


So let me run through this to be sure. Here’s everything you get when you join Eddy inside Stealth Stock Riches

  1. 100% Stealth Stocks: Grab Eddy’s first three stealth stock picks. He’s assured me these are his top stock plays at the moment. 
  2. Stealth Stock Sniper Report: This is Eddy’s playbook for uncovering stealth stocks about to take off. You’ll want to keep this handy.
  3. Weekly issues with 1-2 New Stealth Stock Picks expected each month: These are the plays that Eddy believes could generate up to 100% in the next 12 months. 
  4. Access to his Daily Stealth Ticker: You can receive immediate and timely text alerts to your phone whenever Eddy posts about the market, stocks, strategies, anything. And he plans to do that every single day the market is open. 
  5. Access to his Monthly Strategy Session: Here Eddy will present on a topic, answer questions, introduce strategies, and much more
  6. Access to the Stealth Stock Riches portal and model portfolio

Together, this is all worth $1,995 for a 1-year subscription. Again, with some of the gains Eddy’s shown today, this would more than pay for your retail price subscription 

But, today, in honor of his Charter Member launch, he is giving you two major discounts. 

First, I’m taking a full $1,000 off your first year. 

Then, even better, claim your second year of the service absolutely free.

You get two years for the price of one.

It’s like getting it for $497 per year…a savings of $3,000 over two years.

I agree, it’s an unbelievable deal. We’ve never offered a year free for any of our services. Eddy is blazing the trail. 

To join Eddy inside Stealth Stock Riches now, click the button below and you’ll be directed to a private, secure page to finish signing up. 

We look forward to seeing you inside and hearing about your success from stealth stocks. 

Anything final to say Eddy? 

Invest in solid stocks and profit slowly…
Or invest in solid stocks and profit quickly…What’s your choice?


Just one thing. 

There’s really three paths to go here. First, if you’ve invested in stocks in the past, you may notice how slow going your portfolio balance moves. Maybe you invest like Warren Buffett and hold companies forever.

That way to go is fine. 

Next, you spend hours and hours each week like I do looking for the right stealth stocks. Maybe you invest in a few and see if they pan out after 12-24 months. 

What happens if you make the wrong pick? You’ve lost a lot of time where you could’ve been compounding profits. 

Not to mention, you’re spending a lot of time shuffling financial reports and company updates. 

If that’s how you want to pursue stealth stocks, that is okay. If you have that kind of time, that’s great. 

But, if you need faster profits  without putting more risk on the table or spending a lot of time researching, I urge you to take a look at stealth stocks. 

These are companies doubling, tripling even 10X’ing investors money in under 12 months. Like most people, you may have been left on the sidelines when this happened. 

I’m offering you a chance to enjoy these large profits without all the risk that comes with big gains. 

It’s truly a unique way to invest. Join me inside Stealth Stock Riches and I’ll show you more. 

There is only one thing I ask. 

What’s that?


Because you’re getting over $4,000 of value for just $997…including two full years of my service…

My secret method to find stealth stocks…

Plus, my top three stealth stocks I’ve been following for awhile…

I will not be able to provide refunds to anyone. 

I do that to both protect my content and the subscribers who join me today. Number two, to also make sure those who join me in Stealth Stock Riches right now are all serious investors. 

Not someone tip-toeing into this investment. No more tip-toeing, not into your stock, ETF investments, and not into Stealth Stock Riches. 

I believe having no refunds will help many investors to stick to the three rules above and not chase the stocks Wall Street wants them to chase. 


So, to be clear and so everyone understands. No refunds will be offered. Eddy has 30 years of experience investing and working with billion dollar fund managers. He is the real deal. 

Join him and you’ll see. 

Thank you for your time today, Eddy and for joining us for this summit.


Thank you Jared for putting on the Stealth Stock Riches Summit. It’s been a real treat. 


Absolutely, thanks Eddy. This has been great. 

For the first time ever, you got a look at one of the top unknown strategies on the planet. You got access to stealth stocks. 

These little-known companies have huge upside, and you’re in the perfect place to capitalize. 

Now is the time to take action as his top three stealth stocks have just ticked all 3 of this RULES. He believes it has the potential to shoot up 100% in the next 12 months. 

Not to mention, he is giving away two other stocks that could be bought out in the same timeframe. 

The choice is yours. 

You can wait, but I can’t promise you’ll receive this $1,000 off discount, plus second year free bonus tomorrow. It’s a generous offer and there are already people filling up Stealth Stocks Riches as you read this. 

Click the button below to join Stealth Stock Riches now. 

I can’t wait to hear about your success with Eddy. 

Thank you, 

Jared Nations
President of Investors Alley