A Growth Stock Advisor
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The Million Dollar…

Pot Stock ‘Hack’

Reveals the “Only Five Stocks You Must Own”

To Claim Their Piece of The… $166 Billion Prize

Read on for the key details on how to claim your piece…

The boom has begun.  

A decade ago, few would have imagined investing in marijuana…

But today a new Gold Rush is happening right in front of our eyes.

And thousands of investors are getting rich using the “Million Dollar Pot Stock Hack”. 

We’re witnessing revolutions in everything from healthcare and wellness… to food and alcohol… and even carbonated beverages.

All are being disrupted right now. 

The only question is… 

Will you cash in on this 21st Century ‘Green Rush?’

Deloitte recently called legal marijuana “…An industry ready to bloom.

Merrill Lynch estimates it to be a $166 billion+ opportunity. 

And DataTrek Research has gone on record saying that Cannabis is the “…fastest-growing labor market in the U.S.”

No matter your personal beliefs, it’s hard to deny that marijuana is the next mega-growth industry.

It’s also your chance to make enormous profits in the years ahead

The last time a new industry was born, we got the internet

Now safe, legal marijuana is your sure path to getting rich.

The race is on. 

And today I’m going to tell you exactly how YOU can get in on the ground floor of this once-in-a-generation opportunity. 

But first, you need to understand what happened during the last boom so you can profit from this one. 

Only the Bold Will Get Rich

It’s been almost two decades since the last market “Gold Rush”

Billions of dollars flowed into internet stocks…and the same 

And by the end of this presentation, you’ll understand why investing in marijuana stocks right now is the best opportunity on the market today. 

We’re in the first innings of the Marijuana Boom

And the way to profit is by buying the ‘profit hack’ stocks’ of this brand new industry. 

There’s just one problem: How do you find them?

That’s the secret of what I’ve discovered. 

I’ve found the perfect strategy to maximize your gains… and I’m going to share this strategy with you today. 

Because to generate lasting wealth – the kind that sets you and your family up for life – you need to get in on the right stocks early.

Just imagine using this hack to profit from the last mega-boom, the internet…

You’d been able to get in on stocks like…



And Amazon:

You’d of gotten rich because you owned the stocks that were profiting the most from massive economic trends. 

Looking for stocks just like this is how I’ve managed to beat the S&P 500 by a nearly 50% margin for the past 13 years:

Stocks like…

  • Discount Retailer Ross Stores in 2013 for a total gain of 260%.  
  • Microsoft right before its entry into cloud computing for a 265% Gain.
  • Leading financial data provider Fiserv for a whopping 699% gain. 

Now, I’ve turned my attention to the next great investment opportunity…

Medical Marijuana is Ground Zero for the Billion-Dollar Boom

Today we’re witnessing the rise of the next great industry. 

So right now, I want you to stop what you’re doing and write this down: I will profit off this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

And today, I’m going to show you how.

Because marijuana is the place to be if you want to make a killing in the coming years.  

For a century, elites, big business, and the government didn’t want us to know that marijuana has a range of uses beyond simply ‘getting high.’

But the truth is that the cannabis plant contains over 100 different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. 

With each having a different effect on the body. 

One of these, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol a.k.a. THC is what causes the euphoric “high” associated with marijuana.

While another cannabinoid – Cannabidiol a.k.a. CBD has proven to be nothing short of a miracle compound. 

It’s so powerful, that thirty-three U.S. States and the District of Columbia have legalized its use.

CBD has been used to treat everything from…

  • Chronic Pain
  • Chemotherapy nausea and vomiting 
  • Anxiety
  • Mental disorders like PTSD

The FDA has even approved Epidiolex – a new drug containing CBD — to treat severe seizures. 

Millions are slowly waking up to the medical benefits of cannabis. 

Even the staunchest opposition has started to climb aboard.  

Heck, even former Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has thrown his hat into the ring.

Photo Credit: Terra Eclipse
Former Republican Speaker of the House is now an advocate for the ending of marijuana prohibition.

Since leaving office, Boehner has been lobbying for full legalization because of medical marijuana’s benefits.  

So make no mistake, the marijuana bonanza is coming:

  • Already, U.S. medical marijuana sales have exceeded $4.5 billion with astronomical growth projected for the years ahead. 
  • Globally, the medical marijuana industry came in at $13.4 billion last year
  • By 2024, less than five years from now, the U.S. market alone is expected to be $50 billion

And in less than a decade, global spending on marijuana will be approaching $200 billion.

Now you might be wondering where all this growth will be happening.

And to answer that, I simply say: Look north. 

Because ground zero for this unprecedented boom is none other than our neighbor to the north, Canada. 

It’s why I’ve taken to calling Canada the…

‘Silicon Valley’ of Medical Marijuana

The revolution has arrived.

And Canada is at the center of it all. 

That’s because medical marijuana has been legal there since 2001. 

And on that day a new industry was born… akin to what happened in the California Desert in the 1970s. 

Back then, Palo Alto was a backwater town. 

But it wasn’t long before the newly minted ‘Silicon Valley’ would give birth to dozens of the tech names we know today.

Including…Microsoft, Amazon, and Google

Just imagine…

  • Had you invested in Microsoft on the day of its IPO in March 1986 you’d be up 129,800%. Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $13 million. 
  • Putting just $1,000 in Amazon the day it first started trading on May 17, 1997, would today be worth almost $1 million. 
  • Investing in Google at its August 19, 2004, IPO and holding on for an almost 2,200% gain. 

This same story is repeating itself with cannabis. 

Except for this time the place to be is Canada, not Silicon Valley.

Medicinal use has been legal since 2001, making Canada the first industrialized nation to do so…

And that gives it a big advantage. 

It should come as no surprise that the world’s biggest marijuana companies all happen to be based there. 

But just like in Silicon Valley in the 90s, there will be more than one success story.

To make these kinds of life-changing gains you need to use a strategy that gives you an edge. 

The very strategy that the pros use to benefit from huge trends like the internet and now marijuana. 

Once I realized how big the marijuana boom was going to be, I searched high and low for THE way to profit. 

After countless hours of researching, I found the answer. 

An internet-boom pattern that’s repeating itself in the marijuana industry. 

I estimate that investors wanting to get in have December 31, 2019 at the latest to take the positions that will maximize their gains.  

Here’s what I’ve uncovered…

The Hidden Profit Pattern That Leads Investors to Explosive Gains

I’ve developed a roadmap to massive gains in the fast-approaching marijuana boom. 

This hidden pattern was buried inside the last trillion-dollar boom: the internet.

Now, two decades later, this same hidden profit pattern is gearing up to repeat itself. 

One that, if followed precisely, will lead to enormous gains. 

And in order to fully understand it, we need to go back to the beginning.

Because while today the internet is everywhere…our phones, televisions, even our cars, that wasn’t always the case. 

In fact, most of us probably fail to appreciate just how far we’ve come since the Internet’s earliest days.

And all the incredible innovation that it took to get here. 

Fortunes had to be made…and lost for you to have the newest smartphone and watch your favorite show on Netflix.  

Last year, e-commerce alone was a $3 trillion market.

An incredible 4.4 billion people are now connected to the web:

For the internet to become what it is today, countless problems had to be solved.

  • How would you read the news online if Microsoft Word was never invented? 
  • Would we be able to watch Netflix on dial up? 
  • Would the iPhone exist if we still used mainframes the size of a bedroom? 

The truth is for something as huge as “the internet” to happen a lot of things had to go right…

And that’s when I had my big “Aha!” moment. 

I realized that the companies that solve the problems holding the marijuana industry back will be the ones that make investors rich.  

And to profit off the marijuana boom, we need only look for the stocks primed to profit off each ‘problem’ (hint: opportunity) that needs to be solved on the path to a full-on boom. 

For the internet (and marijuana) to fulfill its potential, five events needed to happen:

  1. A foundation needed to be laid. 
  2. It had to be superior to alternatives. 
  3. The masses needed to find it useful. 
  4. Old industries needed to be disrupted. 
  5. New and better products created. 

This was the ‘hack’ I discovered.

All five of these hurdles needed to be cleared for any industry to reach its full potential…

And for investors to get rich.

Best of all, investing in each ‘stage’ was the secret code to untold wealth.

Right now, we’re at the beginning stages of marijuana’s rise. 

So the first step of the multi-billion dollar marijuana boom requires laying the foundations.

It’s happening right now as we speak.

And to identify the stock that’s going to pull it off, I needed only look to the company that laid the foundations of the internet for what to look for…

Laying the Internet’s Foundations Made Bill Gates the Richest Man in the World

Just like Microsoft laid the foundations for the internet boom three decades ago. 

Where would the internet be today without Microsoft?

Every new industry has a company like it. 

The automotive industry had Ford

The internet had Microsoft. 

Microsoft laid the groundwork for the internet revolution by making personal computers easy to use for the first time. 

Infographic: Apple Leads the Race to $1 Trillion | Statista Microsoft ended up breaching the $1 trillion threshold in April, 2019.

Today, Microsoft is one of the world’s first trillion-dollar corporations.

Without making PCs accessible to billions of people around the world, there would be no foundation for the rest of the internet economy to build on.

Microsoft opened up the market to billions of customers.

And now, those billions of users are “open for business”.

Without Intel’s Innovations, You’d Still Be Using Dial Up

The next company that made the internet-boom possible was Intel.

Because it was the company that made computer use exponentially superior to any other alternative.  

You probably remember their “Intel Inside” advertisements from the 1990s.  

That was no mere marketing ploy—it was the truth. Infographic: $130-Billion Takeover to Shake Up the Chip Industry? | Statista

You would not be surfing the internet today were it not for Intel’s computer chips. 

Intel spent decades creating superior alternatives for their customers. 

As their chips increased in power, their customers were rewarded with better programs and more benefits. 

And for all that hard work and innovation, Intel’s investors have been richly rewarded just like Microsoft’s: 

Of course, Microsoft and Intel aren’t alone. 

Microsoft built the foundation for the internet economy. 

Intel created more benefits for using the internet with each new chip they released. 

But for the internet to become mainstream – and create massive profits for early investors – a company had to bring its benefits to the masses.

Jeff Bezos Made Billions Making the Internet Useful

That company was Amazon

Not only did Amazon make investors a ton of money…

But it began a massive shift in consumer behavior. 

It started with books… 

Then music…

Now Amazon.com offers over 600 million products. 

One hundred million Americans – a third of the U.S. population — are Amazon ‘Prime’ members… able to get millions of items shipped right to their door within 24-48 hours. 

Few today appreciate just how useful Amazon made the internet. 

Thanks to Amazon, you have everything you could imagine right at your fingertips. 

You can check reviews and product prices at the click of a button before making a purchase. 

Amazon gave us all a reason to keep coming back. 

And it offered a new path of least resistance for the consumer. 

That’s why Amazon is awarded the number three position in my ‘Profit Hack’ strategy. 

Amazon made the Internet useful to the masses. 

Which brings me to the next ‘profit hack’ company: The disruptor.

Thanks to the Internet, Travel Has Never Been Easier

For the internet to reach its potential, entire industries throughout the economy had to change.

Amazon changed how we shopped. 

Microsoft changed how we worked. 

And Priceline changed the way we travel. 

Before the internet, travel was difficult and expensive. 

To book a flight, you had to go to an airline terminal counter or call the airline directly. 

Many used travel agents to make sense of it all. 

Priceline changed all that. 

It disrupted travel as we know it.

And we have all benefited. 

As have Priceline’s shareholders:

Think about the last time you rented a hotel room or car.

You probably did it from the comfort of your home. 

By making booking a hotel room or car easy, Priceline made the internet all that much more valuable.

Priceline started off a massive trend.

And completely disrupted the way we travel. 

Last year, global online travel bookings amounted to a $564 billion. 

That figure is expected to reach $2 trillion by 2026.

But Priceline’s success is nothing compared to what this next company did.

Apple Earned Billions By Putting the Internet in Your Pocket

And no company has rewarded investors more than Apple. 

O::Apple was able to turn internet itself into a consumer product with the iPhone.

Think of what an iPhone can do:

  • Take high-resolution photos and videos that can be instantly posted online. 
  • Run applications that do everything from order an Uber-ride to manage your finances. 
  • Instantly Facetime-video call fellow iPhone users anywhere in the country. 

And so much more. 

All of these features adding-to and feeding into an ever-evolving ecosystem called the internet. 

By ushering in the mobile, smart-phone age Apple created new, ultra-desirable products for consumers to benefit from. 

So it’s no coincidence that the day Apple introduced the iPhone also marks the day that its share price went on one of the most epic runs in stock market history:

By now it should be clear that the market ‘hack’ I’ve been talking about is all-too-real.

It points to the companies that will make shareholders rich as new industries are born. 

  • One company must lay the foundation. 
  • Another makes the revolution possible.
  • The next serves as the backbone to this new economy.
  • The fourth disrupts age-old industries.
  • And the fifth turns the new industry itself into a mass-produced consumer product. 

The only thing left to do now that we know marijuana is the next great economic opportunity is to identify the companies that are the best at what they do… 

  1. Which company is laying foundations better than anyone else?
  2. Which stock is led by a leader that’s producing the highest-quality cannabis products on the market?
  3. Who is setting themselves up to be the backbone of the cannabis economy? 
  4. Is there are marijuana company that’s disrupting entrenched industries?
  5. Which marijuana stock is using what we know to create new premium consumer products

And after months of research, I’ve found them. 

Five marijuana stocks that check all the boxes.

Just like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Priceline, and Apple did in the internet revolution. 

Remember what I had you write down earlier? 

“I will profit off this once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

Investing in these five stocks is how you do it. 

Here’s why…

Marijuana Profit Hack Stock #1

Just like Microsoft laid the foundations for the information age, this first marijuana stock is laying the foundations for the multi-billion-dollar marijuana industry.

Already, it has taken the lead as the world’s largest medical marijuana producer. 

With operations in a dozen countries, it makes everything from CBD derivative products to edibles. 

Revenues at this company have been on a tear:

In its latest fiscal quarter its revenues surged 299% year-over-year. 

Next year, it’s looking to do over $1 billion in total revenue. 

So you can start to see why I consider this company the ‘Microsoft’ of the marijuana age. 

It’s already a well-established brand that is moving to standardize the use of medical marijuana all over the world – just like Microsoft did with its software. 

And just like Microsoft, management shows no signs of slowing down until it dominates its field.

They expect revenues for FY 2020 to come in at approximately $1 billion – an incredible feat that proves just how dynamic this company truly is. 

And it will only get more valuable as this next stock takes the marijuana industry to the next level. 

Marijuana Profit Hack Stock #2

This next stock is the “Intel” of the group.

And just like Intel, it is using technology and advanced proprietary processes to innovate the marijuana sector. 

Like our first marijuana ‘profit hack’ stock, this company is one of the largest producers of medicinal marijuana in the world. 

But it also happens to be one of the most profitable.

The marijuana market, and this company’s investors, will be benefiting from its innovations for years.

The first of these leaps is a unique way of growing marijuana in three-tiered growing facilities:

This process maximizes yield-per-square footage – which means bigger profits. 

This ‘Intel of Marijuana’ tracks every single step of the growing and packaging process using proprietary software.

Everything is measured, including:

  • Soil
  • Nutrient and water levels 
  • Environmental factors including light and humidity.

All in all, a total of 1,000 data points are collected through this company’s 21st-century growing processes.

When I learned that, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Intel’s own advanced manufacturing facilities:

The internet grew by leaps and bounds thanks to Intel’s increased processing speeds. 

The marijuana industry will do the same as new uses and genetic formulations are invented. 

That’s why this “Intel of Marijuana” is a stock truly worth owning. 

It is a leader in…

  • The use of biosynthesis to produce cannabinoids (like CBD) at a fraction of the cost of conventional growing. 
  • Genetic engineering to improve the genetic makeup of marijuana plants. 
  • The development of nano-emulsification technology that will soon be used in consumer products for near-immediate delivery of cannabinoid treatments

This company also happens to trade at a fraction of what most marijuana stocks sell for.

Leading some analysts to say its shares are “incredibly cheap.”

But it won’t be for long.

Because this next stock is set to bring the cannabis revolution to the masses – just like Amazon. 

Marijuana Profit Hack Stock #3

The third profit hack stock I discovered is the ‘Amazon’ of the bunch.

You’ll remember that Amazon became the world’s dominant e-commerce player by applying the power of the internet to something we all do: Shop. 

Today, Amazon is the backbone of e-commerce itself.

If you want to sell anything online, odds are you’ll be competing against Amazon. 

So, when I looked around for a company that was going to be the backbone of the marijuana-age, I knew what I needed: A company that would make it easier for the industry to grow.

That’s when I came across my third marijuana ‘profit hack’ stock. 

This company doesn’t grow marijuana or manufacture medical CBD products.

Just like Amazon didn’t make computers, chips, or products. 

This stock actually owns the facilities that marijuana plants are grown in and leases them out to actual marijuana companies. 

It’s a classic real estate play on the biggest economic boom in the world today. 

It already has an impressive portfolio of growing facilities:

I consider this company’s properties to be the “Amazon warehouses” of the cannabis revolution. 

Already, it has 21 of them fully rented out and throwing off cash.

Which means not only is this company growing by leaps and bounds, but it is already a solid dividend payer.

This is icing on the cake. 

Revenues for its latest fiscal quarter surged 155% over last year. 

And the stock currently yields a juicy 2.1%. 

Something that will tide you over as we wait for the fourth stock to work it’s magic…

Marijuana Profit Hack Stock #4

My fourth profit-hack stock is bringing the benefits of marijuana to everyone. 

This includes both medicinal and adult use products. 

But instead of selling products directly to the consumer, it wants to serve as the supplier for other consumer-focused marijuana brands. 

By producing quality cannabis-derived ingredients, it will be the go-to supplier for anyone that wants to break into the marijuana market. 

It just scored the single largest forward-supply contract in the industry’s history. 

Which is just a preview of what’s to come…

Because they have Fortune 500 companies lining up to include its products in their own marijuana-focused offerings.

Companies like…

  • Procter & Gamble
  • Pfizer
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Nestle
  • Keurig
  • And Molson Coors

Just like Priceline helped hotel-owners rent their rooms out, this company is helping the world’s biggest corporations break into the marijuana space.

By offering high-quality cannabis ingredients to already-existing consumer brands, it will benefit as more and more consumer products are introduced. 

Revenues are up a whopping 163% in just the past two years. 

Which, if I’m right, is just a taste of what’s to come. 

And it will also set the stage for our fifth stock.

Representing perhaps the biggest opportunity of all…

Marijuana Profit Hack Stock #5

With this stock, I saved the best for last.

Because this stock has the potential to be the “Apple” of the marijuana boom. 

And just like the world’s biggest tech firm, it’s already taken the lead in creating new and unique branded products for consumers. 

Based right here in the U.S., this company offers a wide range of extremely popular products.

Everything from CBD oils and capsules, to gummies, and even pet products.

Just like the iPhone, this company’s products possess dominant market shares. 

They can already be found at over 8,000 retail locations.

And all this success has carried over to this company’s financial results as well.

Not only is it profitable (unlike dozens of other pot stocks), but its revenues were up 45% year-over-year in its latest quarter.

Another reason to think of this as the next Apple is the company’s gross profit margins.

After all, premium products command premium prices. 

Last year, Apple’s gross profit margin registered at 38%…

But my fifth marijuana ‘profit hack’ stock blew that figure out of the water.

Last quarter, its profit margin came in at a whopping 75%!

That’s light years ahead of marijuana-industry darling Tilray, Inc.’s gross profit margin of 33% over that same time period. 

This company’s products are already a favorite among consumers…

And if the past is any indication that lead is only going to be extended as the industry goes through exponential growth in the years ahead.

These Five ‘Profit Hack’ Marijuana Stocks Are The Best Opportunity Today

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