How You Could Book 2,000%+ Gains From Elon Musk’s Favorite
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“Elon Musk has put his weight behind this secret “Israeli Desert Tech” firm… and I’m pounding the table on this investment!”
-Eddy Elfenbein, Editor of Growth Stock Advisor

Dear Investor,

I doubt you’ve seen anything like this before…

Elon Musk’s “Israeli Desert Tech” partner could spark 2,000% profits for savvy investors…

This “Israeli Desert Tech” could spark 2,000% profits or higher in my “#1 Tech Stock for 2020”

But it could soon be installed everywhere in the world.

And that’s why I’m urging you to get in on the ground floor… before this technology goes mainstream.

Now, this technology doesn’t have anything to do with 5G…. and it’s not some new advanced microchip.

Most importantly… it’s not a speculative project existing in one of Elon Musk’s research labs.

Instead, this is a revolutionary device that’s already generated over $1.2 billion in cold, hard sales during the past 12 months…

And it’s set to bring in tens of billions more for early investors in the one company who owns its patent… and that company is NOT owned by Elon Musk himself.

But you have to act fast… 

April 2020 is the date you need to keep in mind.

That’s when you need to have a full position in this revolutionary tech stock.

Those that invest in this game-changing technology could easily be looking at a 2,000% or more. 

You’ve never seen this ‘secret device’ because it was created in a lab on the other side of the world.  

And it’s no exaggeration to say that it very well could spark the greatest energy boom since the internal combustion engine. 

This ‘secret device’ that fits in your hand solves the biggest puzzle for solar panels…

And allows everyone in America to benefit from these “mini-power plants” capable of powering everything we use…

Solar panels can now be installed across America using this revolutionary device.

Best of all, anyone that owns the stock behind it could soon be sitting on a small fortune. 

You see, for the last 50 years, solar has failed to live up to the hype.

Free energy from the sun? 

You’d think the entire world would run on Solar by now! 

But there’s been one key problem…

Until recently, Solar has only worked in places where there’s plenty of Sunlight…

The largest solar farm in the world is in the Sahara Desert.

Which explains why even today solar is a tiny fraction of total global power generation…

It’s less than 6% according to the most recent data available.

But that’s about to change rapidly…all thanks to this ‘secret’ device.

This small device evens the playing field for solar power. 

And it is the catalyst to make solar the dominant energy source of the 21st century. 

Solar power has tons of room for rapid growth at only 6% of global supply.

Already, electricity utilities are pouring billions into solar projects across the United States using this new tech…

According to Allied Market Research, solar power will be a $223 billion market by 2026. 

None other than “The Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett, is spending $1 billion to build the biggest solar farm in the United States. 

“Warren Buffet’s [$1 Billion Solar Project] Expected to Transform Nevada Energy Landscape”-Clean Energy Authority

Not to be outdone, Elon Musk has thrown his hat into the ring…

When Musk’s not busy making electric cars or launching rockets, he’s pounding the table on solar to anyone who will listen…

“Elon Musk Is Talking About Powering All Of America With Solar.” -Futurism Magazine

Mr. Musk is even putting his money where his mouth is, with Tesla having invested over $6 billion in solar power.

Elon sees the writing on the wall, and is racing to put Tesla on the map as a leading solar-panel manufacturer…

“Tesla’s new Solar Roof costs less than a new [regular] roof…” -TechCrunch

But what many didn’t notice was that Musk inked a partnership agreement with the maker of this device over 5 years ago. 

Make no mistake…

The solar market is growing so fast that the biggest technology and manufacturing firms in the world are rushing in, including…

GE… Mitsubishi Electric… Toshiba… and Huawei.

But what these firms don’t know is that for their dreams of making solar-billions to become a reality, they’re going to need the ‘Secret Device’ I showed to you earlier. 

Which explains why the stock behind this device has risen more than 134% in just the past 12 months:

The writing is on the wall.

And investors that buy today will see the bulk of the gains because…

This Device Will Make Solar the #1 Energy Source of the 21st Century

And one of the biggest growth sectors in the world.

Let’s face it…

Until now, solar has been all talk and no walk. 

Take what happened a decade ago…

Back then everyone thought the future would be solar-powered.

And investors sent solar stocks through the roof only to watch them crash back down to Earth…

Here’s what happened to a leading stock, First Solar (FSLR)…

First Solar fell over 90% from its highs!

And SunPower (SPWR)…

SunPower investors did even worse!

Now let me reassure you.

I would have never put all this time and money into developing this research unless something has changed.

Before I share Why Solar Growth is About to Explode…
Let Me Share Why it Has Not Been Able to Lift Off

Until today solar power was less efficient than other energy sources.

And forget about installing solar unless you lived in a place with abundant sunshine.

The biggest States in America for solar happen to get plenty of Sun:

  1. California 
  2. North Carolina
  3. Arizona 
  4. Nevada 

Even worse, the costs to switch to solar power can be huge. 

“[Solar Panels] cost $14,119 after claiming the [Federal] tax credit.”-Solar Reviews

But the problem isn’t the solar panels…

It’s the energy that gets wasted AFTER the Sun’s rays hit the cells. 

Just like a car engine getting hot during a long drive… solar power “wastes” energy as heat, too. 

Of course, no fuel source is 100%… 

But for solar power to become the $200 billion+ market it’s projected to become…

We needed a way to capture all that wasted energy. 

That’s the only way solar will work across the globe. 

Which is exactly what my “Top Secret Device” I share above can do.

And once the word gets out…

The whole world will start buying a lot more of the device I’ve been telling you about… 

This Advanced Device Instantly Solves Solar’s Biggest Flaw and Unlocks Billions in Value


Remember the device I showed you at the beginning?

Here it is again…

This very well could be the most important invention of the decade because it can bring solar to almost every home on the planet.

It allows solar-power systems to work practically anywhere. 

Industry insiders have slowly realized what this device is capable of, sending shipments soaring…

Even Elon Musk rushed to partner with this device manufacturer after seeing an early model of this device…

“[Solar Device Stock] Announces Collaboration With Tesla Motors to Offer… Solutions to the Global Market”

And the best part is nobody is talking about this revolutionary device…

Because it was invented on the other side of the world in Israel. 

And while most people think of conflict when they picture Israel…

What they don’t realize is that the small small nation of 9 million is quickly becoming a new ‘Silicon Valley’…

“Israel [has become] The New Silicon Valley” – Apex

Israel has the highest number of startups per capita in the world. 

Which makes sense….

The tiny nation, not much bigger than New Jersey, is surrounded by hostile neighbors and has few natural resources. 

So Israel has placed its chips on technology. 

It’s home to…

  • Teva Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: TEVA), the maker of medications used by more than 200 million people worldwide.
  • Security software leader Check Point (NASDAQ: CHKP) with a market cap of approximately $20 billion. 
  • Billionaire Warren Buffett’s first foreign acquisition was Israeli tool manufacturer Iscar,  closed in 2013 for a cool $2 billion. 

…just to name a few. 

Intel, Apple, and Microsoft all chose Israel as the best place to open their first overseas R&D facilities. 

That’s because Israel’s technology workforce is fueled by an elite (and secretive) branch of the Israeli military known only as “The 8100.”

And it’s because of “The 8100” that an entire generation of Israeli “Elon Musk” tech leaders are emerging and determined to change the world. 

Just imagine if the CIA’s most elite spies regularly left Langley and headed for Silicon Valley to revolutionize everything from energy to software and even medicine. 

That’s exactly what happened, because…

This Secret Devices’ Inventors Left Israel’s Elite ‘CIA’ Agency to Make Billions

I have to share the story of the founders of this stock.

It’s straight out of a James Bond movie.

The year was 2006 and two young members of an elite Israeli spy agency left to become entrepreneurs after their mandatory service was up. 

But they didn’t know where to start…

Then a chance meeting with a Silicon Valley entrepreneur convinced them to focus on revolutionizing solar power. 

They knew this was their chance…

Not only achieve their goals but to make Israel energy independent.

After all, if there’s one thing Israel has plenty of it’s Sun… 

They immediately learned everything about solar power… And that’s when they found it.

A huge gap in the solar market worth billions in annual revenue…Maybe even hundreds of billions.

Because solar technology hasn’t changed much over the past 70 years.

IBM had an experimental solar cell just as good as today’s panels back in the 1970s!

Think about that for a sec…

In 50 years our ability to generate electricity from sunlight has barely budged. 

It’s sad…

Over that same time frame computers went from this…

By Orange County Archives – Computer in County of Orange offices, 1967

To this…

Your iPhone is more powerful than the computers that sent NASA to the Moon!

But solar panel tech has barely budged. This leaves a massive gap in the market that our ‘Secret Solar Tech’ founders are filling today. 

The average solar panel is only around 23% efficient.

This means today we can only convert about 23% of the sun’s energy into electricity.

The remaining 77% is wasted. 

So what the solar industry has been lacking for the past 50 years hasn’t been better solar panels but a way to prevent these losses. 

Which brings me to what the two inventors this ‘Secret Solar Tech’ realized…

The problem hasn’t been solar panels, it’s the entire solar power system. 

Like I said earlier…no energy source is 100% efficient….

No matter what you do, some of that energy always gets lost ( just like the heat from your car engine).

It’s all lost energy that’s going to waste…And it’s the same with solar power.

Solar panels leak a lot of energy as heat., You need to save every watt of power you can get to make solar a world-wide dominant energy source.

So the two inventors took a step back and looked at the entire solar-power process… 

And by the time they were through they had invented a device that would guarantee as much power was preserved as possible.

While everyone has been trying to squeeze out an extra percent of energy with better solar panels…

Our ‘Secret Solar Tech’ founders built a device that prevents up to 50% energy loss from the panel to your home.

They nailed a massive opportunity to make solar power a dominant energy source! 

My Top Investment for 2020: The Revolutionary Solar Device With a Virtual Monopoly

Hi, my name is Eddy Elfenbein. 

I have 25 years’ experience in the investing industry. 

I’ve done it all… and started out in what one might compare to a “Wolf of Wall Street” situation only to wind up running my own growth-stock newsletter.

I even helped legendary growth investor Louis Navellier grow his publishing audience…

I’m a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, and other financial media outlets.

Through it all, I’ve always focused my attention on future trends.

The kind of economic shifts that spread like wildfire…

Like Microsoft in 1986 as personal computers were entering the mainstream…

Apple back in 2006 before the rise of the smartphone…

Or Facebook in 2012 – before mobile ad spending produced $40+ billion a year in revenue…

No matter how you slice it, getting behind massive trends is how you get rich in the stock market.

So regardless of what Wall Street says about the direction of markets, I’m always focused on something else…

My goal is simple: Find stocks that dominate industries.

The dominant companies are the ones that produce massive gains for years on end….

Which brings me to whyI’m sharing all of this with you today. 

As you know, I’ve discovered what might be the most important invention of the solar revolution…

And it’s taking hold right now before our very eyes. 

As of 2018 global solar power production topped 500 GW and we’re adding another 100 GW every year. 

For context, 1 GW is enough power for 300,000 homes…

Which means mankind is already generating enough solar electricity to power more than 180 million homes. 

For context, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the US currently has 128 million homes. 

The growth of the solar industry itself has been spectacular…

But results for my ‘Secret Solar Device’ stock have been even better…

With the top line alone expanding at twice the rate of the industry itself. 

And practically since it began making commercial shipments of this device in 2010 it has dominated its market…

In a moment, we’ll get to why this stock’s rise is just beginning.

But before we get there I want to make one thing clear…

I’ve NEVER seen wealth creation as rampant as this for early investors.

And today I’m going to show you how to play this incredible stock and maximize your gains. 

You’ll have it all…everything you need to know about the solar industry and why this company is so special. 

Best of all, you’ll walk away so confident you’ll get to enjoy “set-it-and-forget it wealth.”

Because all the facts point to one thing…

Owning this “Secret Solar Device” stock is practically like investing in oil right before the invention of the car. 

This Solar Device Stock is a Once-in-a-Generation Investment

Solar power is about to experience a demand explosion. 

“The Future Of US Solar Is Bright” -Forbes

Even electricity utilities are starting to get in on the action. 

“Utility-scale solar pipeline hits 37.9 GW, driven by falling costs and corporate buying” -Utility Dive

The only thing that comes close to what’s happening today is the growth of the petroleum industry after the invention of the automobile. 

And nobody knows better what’s about to happen than the richest American in history: John D. Rockefeller.

Before the car, John D. Rockefeller was one of the richest men in America with a net worth comparable to Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos today… 

But for most of his life, Rockefeller wasn’t the undisputed richest man in the world…

It took the invention of the Model T Ford to make John D. the richest man in history. 

With the explosion in car ownership came an explosion in demand for oil.

Bottom Line: Rockfeller became the richest man in history by selling the one thing all cars needed to work.

The same thing is happening with solar power…

And right at the center of it all is this ‘Secret Solar Device’ stock.

This ‘Secret Device’ is so effective that as of last year…

  • Its parent company had been awarded 334 Global Patents. 
  • Pulled in over $1.4 billion in sales for the year. 
  • Yielded an operating profit of $200+ million (its largest ever).  
  • The California Energy Commission has awarded it a 99% efficiency rating. 

Heck, this device is so in-demand that its maker had to open offices in over 130 countries worldwide just to keep up! 

That’s not all…

Because I haven’t even told you the best part…

You already know that this stock dominates its market

And that it’s technology so cutting-edge that Elon Musk put this device in his Tesla Powerwall system.  

But what you don’t know is that the inventors of this device have something even better up their sleeves…

The perfect strategy for pivoting from expensive hardware manufacturing to generating billions in profits. 

Allow me to reveal…

Why You Have Less Than 2 Months to Invest in This Stock Before It’s Too Late


  1. This company owns over 300 patents on advanced solar hardware technologies.
  2. Has a head start on advanced smart-grid development. 

This stock’s solutions are so advanced that entire utilities are starting to take notice…

“[Secret Device Stock] Launching Grid Services and Virtual Power Plant Solution” –May 2018

Once word leaks that this company can help cities, heck, even entire states manage their solar electricity usage the cat will be out of the bag.

Even worse, it will be too late to buy the stock…

But don’t worry… You still have a few months to climb aboard. 

As we speak, a pilot program is quietly being conducted in New England…

“[Solar Device Stock] Participating in…New England Virtual Power Plant” -July 2019

The program is set to take place over a four year period, annual updates will be released in April 2020.

And results have not been made public…

But if history is any guide, it’s going to be big. 

Which is crucial…

Because when word gets out of this program’s results, the effect on this ‘Secret Device’ stock will be nothing short of explosive. 

Remember, this company dominates the solar-panel efficiency market…

Now they’ve cast their eyes to the software-fueled Virtual Power Plant market (a $400 billion+ opportunity!).

This is where the real money is…and the simple fact of the matter is that the sky’s the limit. 

This revolutionary pilot program…

  • Automatically manages the charging and discharging of solar batteries. 
  • Seamlessly distributes electricity across low-and-peak usage periods. 
  • Rewards the owners of solar systems by paying them for adding electricity to the grid when it’s needed most. 

The pilot program has been launched state-wide across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

But what solar industry insiders haven’t realized is that software-fueled energy management is already big business for my top stock pick for 2020.

This year, it expects to sell over 50,000 of these futuristic systems.

In the company’s latest quarter conference call, we learned that revenues had surged 49.6% year over year…

More importantly, revenues from Smart Grid solutions will be 20% of the top line in 2020. 

In just a few years, the majority of this solar stock’s revenue will be derived from Smart Grid systems. 

Soon this ‘Secret Solar Stock’ company will go from being known for this…

To being the company that made the 21st Century Energy Grid a reality.

And once investors realize this company has pulled off the impossible, there’s no telling how high the stock could go. 

Right now, it has a market capitalization of less than $5 billion. 

Which might sound like a lot…

Until you compare it to other energy companies with tens of billions of market cap

Factor in this company’s 300+ patents and you’ve got the makings of a $100 billion company without breaking a sweat. 

Which means investors today could reasonably expect a 2,000% return. 

Here’s How You Can Get In
Before It’s Too Late

Stocks like this don’t come along every day. 

Everyone always talks about how big the internet was…But the opportunity to remake the energy grid is far bigger. 

And to get rich off what is about to happen you’re going to need to own the one stock that is sure to profit. 

The Secret Solar Device Stock I’ve told you about today. 

It not only sells a crucial component of any quality solar system but is quickly moving to monopolize the entire energy grid. 

This stock’s plans to make billions off the Smart Grid in the years ahead will start to leak in a matter of weeks…

Which means you don’t have much time.  

And to make sure you get in on this ground floor opportunity…

I’ve put all the details on this company inside a report titled…

The Secret Solar Device With a $400 Billion Opportunity

Inside, you’ll discover the name and ticker symbol PLUS my in-depth research on this company…

And a roadmap of where I see it going in the future.

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More on that in a moment…

What I want you to do is imagine investing in the future of energy in America…in line to make 2,000%+ as this company meets its potential. 

Could This Solar Stock Grow Another 150% By Year-End?

It’s more than possible…

Especially with the results of its utility-scale solar program ready to be released any day now. 

I wouldn’t even be surprised if this company doubles your money in a matter of months…

But it can ONLY HAPPEN if you act now.

Remember, it’s already shot up over 100% since I first recommended it…

The sky’s the limit.

That means the sooner you get in, the more money you stand to make.

But your window to act is quickly closing…

The results of its Smart Grid Pilot Program will be released in April. 

After more folks catch on, this stock could get sent soaring in an instant.

And if you’re too late, you’re too late.

So please, don’t let this opportunity today slip past you.

Typically, Silicon Valley insiders and Wall Street fat cats are the ones who get rich off companies like this…

But not this time: I guarantee it.  

I Bat for the Little Guy

As I mentioned at the start, my name is Eddy Elfenbein.

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Imagine investing in Apple before the invention of the iPhone…

These days, Apple is the biggest technology company in the world with a market capitalization of 1.2 trillion.

And it’s all thanks to the board bringing back founder Steve Jobs. 

When he took over in the late 90s, Jobs threw out the rule book. 

He immediately stopped focusing on computers and started creating easy-to-use products that people would love.

You know what I’m talking about…

Last year, Apple made just 10 percent of revenue (and five percent of profits) from PC’s. 

And that’s exactly what my ‘Secret Solar Device’ stock has managed to pull off…

That’s how it dominates the market and is found in more than 60% of all residential solar systems in the U.S. 

But that’s not the end goal… not by a long shot. 

Because just like Apple with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad…this solar stock  has made a quality hardware product that its market loves. 

That’s ‘Step 1’. 

Step 2 is using market dominance to turn the business into a massive cash cow. 

That’s what Apple did… 

Apple monetized its products by…

  • Ensuring there are over 2 million apps available on the iPhone.
  • Creating cloud-based security solutions are beloved by consumers and privacy advocates.
  • Even it’s own “Netflix-killer’ streaming service Apple TV. 

And today Apple has an entire ecosystem not just of hardware-and-software but profits:

“Apple reports record Q4 2019 revenue of $64 billion, aided by services” -Venture Beat

By turning Apple into a technology conglomerate instead of a computer maker, Jobs set it up for the second stage of his master plan…

And that’s exactly what my ‘Secret Solar Device’ Stock is about to do. 

They’ve taken a page from Apple’s playbook…

Because Apple has proven that the rules of getting rich off a massive technology shift are simple…

Step 1: Build Superior Hardware Technology & Dominate a Market

Step 2: Make Your Products Sticky by Offering Highly-Profitable Software

It’s a strategy tailor-made for the solar market…

Because the future of energy isn’t hardware, it’s software. 

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See you inside,

Eddy Elfenbein