Buy & Hold These Stocks to
Pay Your Bills for Life


The old 4% Rule from financial planners is dead. It’s the one that said you should take 4% of your retirement out the first year. Then every year just multiply that amount by the inflation rate and you’d be set for retirement.

Well, we live in a near-zero percent interest rate environment and that won’t change any time soon. And that means the 4% rule can be thrown out the window.

So where do retirement investors find yield that can cover their bills and give them the life they deserve?

In this detailed report I’ll show you the stocks to hold forever, collect the dividends, and even pass them on to you children and grandchildren.

I’ll also show you how even in this market chasing capital gains is downright dangerous to your retirement portfolio.

And I’ll show you how you could start with as little as $25,000 and generate a $4,804 monthly income stream using my 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan. Not to mention, triple your account balance in the process.

And maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with a six figure portfolio to invest, well, you’ll be amazed at how fast the dividend income will stack up.

It shows you how to put into practice everything Dennis and I talked about during the webinar.

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