Sign-ups open at 8am Eastern on: Monday, July 12, 2021

People tell me “Oh, $500 doesn’t make much of a difference in my life.”

But $500 a week, that’s $24,000 per year.

$120,000 over 5 years.

That’s how fast a mere $500 next week can add up.

Which is why I want to put $500 in your pocket later this month. And show you how to keep doing it yourself, week after week…

I’m Tim Plaehn, by the way, the lead dividend investment research analyst here at Investors Alley.

And along with my friend, expert options trader Jay Soloff, we’re going to show you exactly how to squeeze an extra $500 a week out of stocks.

Don’t worry – it’s very simple, and so safe your broker won’t bat an eye when you tell them what you’re doing.

But just in case, Jay and I are going to show you LIVE exactly how to do it. We’ll walk you through how to get set up…

What stocks the strategy works best on…

How to place the trades…

When to take profits…

And how to keep doing it yourself, month after month, for as long as you want.

All in just 5 days. By Day 2, you’ll have seen the strategy in full!

We’re calling it the 5 Days to $500 Challenge – and it can put cash in your wallet in record time.

The thing is, only 1,000 spots are available. We’re doing this live and will be answering questions, so more people than that would be unwieldy.

Sign-ups open at 8am Eastern on Monday, July 12th.

But don’t worry – because you clicked through to this page, you’ll get an email reminder as soon as reservations open.

There’s nothing more you have to do. Just sit back and relax…

And keep an eye on your inbox on July 12th!


Tim Plaehn

Founder of the 5 Days to $500 Challenge