ALERT: You no longer need a million dollars to retire…

Because This Breakthrough Strategy Turns $25,000 Into an Income Stream That Never Runs Dry

Follow this strategy to generate tens of thousands of dollars a year for life.

Who ever heard of generating tens of thousands of dollars in income starting with just $25,000?

And that’s not income that lasts for a few months or a few years…

I’m talking an endless stream of income that keeps going and going…it never runs dry.

It lasts for life…and…

Like I said, all you need to start is $25,000…

Some would call this income impossible.

That’s why what you’ll see today is controversial…

It’s a way to generate a lifetime of income you’ll never hear shared by ‘gurus’ or financial planners (trust me I know…I used to be a Certified Financial Planner).

What you’re about to discover is the little-known, and surprisingly easy strategy I built to create far more income for your retirement with far less money than you may think possible.

Here’s what I mean:

Take $25,000 of your portfolio and put it aside.

If you have that right now, you’re set.

Because that’s all you’ll need to generate tens of thousands of dollars each year without doing much else at all.

Let me say it again.

After this presentation you’ll know the exact strategy and method required to carve out $25,000 from your brokerage account, 401(k) or IRA and create a lifetime of income.

It uses the single most powerful income generating strategy I’ve come across in my entire 30-year investing career.

And in only 10 minutes today, you will discover how to…

Generate tens of thousands of dollars every single year for the rest of your life…
starting with just $25,000

I’m talking about an extra $10,000…$20,000 per year to use as you wish.

Take your family on vacation, maybe splurge on that expensive car you’ve had your eyes on.

All you have to do is start with $25,000 and follow the instructions in this presentation.

After you do that, you’ll have a repeatable income generating strategy you can use over and over.

It’s a strategy that generates income in every market and one you can rely on for the rest of your life.

This isn’t get rich quick.

Nor is it meant to be your only investing strategy.

In fact, I stress that you don’t invest all your savings in this income strategy…

In fact, stop reading unless you can dedicate at least $25,000 without breaking the bank…

Because once you master this strategy the sky’s the limit.

The more money you put in, the more income you produce.

Just follow the simple steps shared in this presentation and you can retire with far less saved than you might think possible.

Because with this strategy you don’t need millions of dollars to retire. You don’t even need hundreds of thousands to make your money last for decades.

$25,000 to start.

The rest of your portfolio beyond the $25k, let it grow as you will.

Once you put this strategy to the test, you’ll find:

  • It’s the only road-map to delivering a consistent…and growing…income that lasts for the rest of your life
  • You can retire with far less money than any retirement “expert” claims you need
  • You will never have to sell your stocks to fund your lifestyle
  • Your income will continue no matter what the economy is doing, whether the market is going up or down, or who the President is

And for a limited time, I’ll share this $25k strategy with you for $0.

There are no options…

No tech IPO or penny stock play…

It’s a plan you will never, ever hear from the mouth of Wall Street brokers because they’d go broke if everyone knew about this.

You won’t hear this plan on the news because it’s actually quite boring.

And perhaps the best news of all…

This plan does not rely on drawing down you savings.

While most retirement plans involve you selling off your assets every month to cover your expenses…

If you follow my plan, you’ll keep your net worth growing each and every year while still collecting massive checks to cover your expenses and more.

I designed this strategy for this exact reason.

You’ll receive mountains of checks without selling the shares in your 401(k) or IRA.

Now Let Me Warn You…
These $25k Opportunities Can Be Difficult to Locate

I’ve identified 10 opportunities in the last five years that would be generating you tens of thousands of dollars in income each year.

These opportunities are all from high-income dividend stocks.

A few I invested in myself and shared with my early readers.

That doesn’t mean you’ve missed out, though.

Quite the contrary.

These income generating opportunities come like clockwork. You just need to know where to locate them.

Using the $25k plan I’ll give you for FREE today, you’ll be able to identify your first opportunity in the next 30 minutes.

I believe starting with $25,000, it’s possible to create an extra $16,517…$10,345…or $15,508 per year in annual income in the next couple of years.

Have more than $25,000 socked away? Great, you can generate even more income.

But you need to read this presentation first to find out how to create your income stream today.

Because a strategy like this is already changing lives.

Tom and Gayle H. are already following my advice, now are retired and living off their newfound income.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I have now been retired for a full year…my wife and I are living off the [income] payments. We have been so successful, we now have some extra money to put to work. So a big thank you”

Mike Shaw, one of my readers said:

I used your [plan] to make choices on how to invest my money. I have received enough…my wife was able to quit her job and stay home with our son.”

John Arnold couldn’t believe the results he’s seeing:

“What a privilege to have access to your sage advice – I am shaking my head in disbelief at how my…portfolio is performing.”

Brad B. agreed with John:

“My account balance hasn’t looked this good ever…and I’ve only been on board a few months”

Dr. Seagle, a reader of mine, dropped a short note:

“In the past two months, I have made over $5,000 [from]…your strategies.”

I’m sharing these stories so you can see that the opportunities to turn $25k into a lifetime of income are real…

But only if you know where to find them.…

Because the stocks that will get you there are not Wall Street’s golden boys. They’re high-income dividend stocks you likely have never heard of.

The $25k Infinite Income Strategy = A $28,762 Annual Income

While I might’ve said this is boring, I only said that because you will not be taking your $25k and investing in high-flyers like Netflix or Amazon.

Instead, you’ll be taking that $25k and creating multiple income streams that never run out…

And never require you to tap into your nest egg to fund your expenses…

Using this strategy will give you ultimate financial freedom in retirement.

Let me show you an example.

Starting with $25,000, in just 48 months following the $25k plan, and investing in AGNC Investment Corp you could’ve been enjoying a $16,517 annual income today.

Once again, starting with just $25,000 you’d now be collecting $16,517 in annual income!

Have more than $25,000 saved? You could be earning even more.

Here’s another example, Dorchester Minerals…nothing sexy here…they mine minerals.

Starting with $25k, you could’ve been generating $10,345 per year.

This process is repeatable.

Once you make your first $25k investment, see how it works, and start collecting checks, you can do this over and over again…

For the rest of your life.

Here’s another example with New York Mortgage Trust. Not an exciting, high-flying stock.


If you had started the $25k strategy in 2016, you could be on the path to $15,508 in annual income.

And that’s starting with a $25,000 initial investment. 

These aren’t outliers either.

Check out all of the other opportunities that would have delivered $10,000 plus in income every year:

One from my own portfolio would’ve turned a beginning balance of $25,000 into an $11,845 annual income stream. I can’t share the name out of respect for my current readers.

Consul Coal…a thermal coal producer…turned $25,000 into a $16,449 annual income.

Another stock from my portfolio is on pace to turn $25,000 into an annual income of $11,733. I see it generating even more than that in the next 12 months.

A third stock from my portfolio is on pace to turn $25,000 into an annual income of $11,414.

Chimera Investment Corp would’ve turned your $25,000 into a $9,781 annual income.

Green Plains…a renewable energy company…could’ve turned a starting amount of $25,000 into a $10,365 annual income

But, perhaps the most impressive of all…

Mesabi Trust…a company that collects royalty checks from miners and distributes them to shareholders…

They would’ve turned a strating $25,000 deposit into an incredible $28,762 annual income in just 48 months.

All you had to do was start the $25k strategy in 2016.

The $25k strategy is not a one and done investment.

You can keep investing $25,000 into each new opportunity until you’re set for life.

You’ll now own multiple income streams that support your entire retirement.

Because these massive income opportunities are always available if you know where to look.

Here’s the main point, the $25k strategy will show you the fastest way to collect tens of thousands of dollars every single year for the rest of your life.

It’s a proven strategy that will work over and over again.

And, the longer you use the strategy, the more income you’ll receive every single month.

That’s money for a new car. College tuition for a loved one. Added donations in the Sunday basket. A major kitchen or bathroom renovation…maybe both.

All these expenses covered  without tapping into your nest egg you’ve spent your entire life accumulating.

Whatever you do with the extra tens of thousands of dollars you’ll collect, just know that it keeps coming.

Because when you set up the $25k plan, the money will keep flowing.

And in the next five minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how to use this rock-solid, repeatable strategy to create an income that lasts for your entire life…

Without ever having to sell a single share of stock…

Invest in anything high risk…

Or use some complicated strategy…  

I’ve decided to share this simple, proven strategy with you today because…

This strategy is needed more than ever before
in American history

For years…decades even…financial ‘gurus’ have spread two lies to the American public about retirement.

#1 You can save for 40 years, then live off those savings in retirement.

#2 Make sure you save enough so that you don’t run out of money before you die

We’re told there is some ‘magic number’ you need to hit in your savings before you can retire.

I remember it used to be around $250,000 or something.

But now, CNBC claims you need at least “$1,000,000” to retire well in America.

And famous money guru, Suze Orman came out in 2019 saying she believes Americans need “$5,000,000” to retire comfortably.

Yes, five MILLION dollars saved. And that’s without factoring in the value of your home.

Most Americans aren’t within a hundred miles of this.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, their expert researchers estimate the average retirement account has around $95,766 in it.

For those over 60, Transamerica calculates median savings to sit around $172,000.

That’s 83% less than the “$1,000,000” magic number…

And 97% less than one of the most popular money experts on the planet suggests.

No wonder most Americans are sweating, trapped by the idea that they “don’t have enough to retire.”

I’m here to tell you it’s a bunch of LIES!

If you have $25,000 saved today, you can get started with my infinite income plan.

If you follow the typical retirement planning strategy and don’t have millions saved, your likelihood of running out of money skyrockets.

Which leads you down the path of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety.

No one likes living with a dark cloud of uncertainty over their head.

But it’s where most will head if they do not heed the advice contained in this presentation today.

Following the dangerous financial path set by others ultimately leads you to “Peak Wealth”

For most people, the day they retire whether at 60, 65, 70, will be the richest they’ll be for the rest of their life.


Because if you follow traditional retirement planning strategies, you must start selling your assets to fund your expenses…

And hope you have enough saved.

Say you have $250,000 saved. On the day you retire, your paychecks stop and Social Security begins.

So how do you replace your lost income?

The traditional way. Start selling off the nest egg you’ve spent your entire life building.

Each and every month your net worth decreases as you pawn more of your investments to pay your bills

Down and down your savings go until…

Well let’s hope you never get there.

Traditional retirement planning today is the exact opposite of the $25k infinite income plan.

You’re selling assets while your savings head towards $0.

You don’t know if or when you’ll ever hit $0, but you know the direction you’re heading.

You hope — as gloomy as it sounds — you die before you go broke.

I’ve seen this countless times. People are stressed, anxious, and uncertain.

They’re left alone to puzzle…how much do I take out each year to live on?

How much stock can I afford to sell to fund my expenses every month?

If you have a 401(k) that’s worth $100,000 and you withdraw $2,500 each month to live on, check out what happens.

If you managed to amass a $250,000 war chest and pulled out the same $2,500 per month, here’s where’d you stand:

Even worse news…

In this scenario your portfolio makes 5% in annual returns each year.

In 2018, the S&P 500 returned -6%…so your savings would’ve declined even more that year.

It’s no wonder why the experts say you need $1-5 million dollars to retire on.

If you are going to follow the traditional advice and tap into your nest egg  in order to pay off your bills month after month, you need a huge nest egg to begin with.

Let Me Show You a Different Path You Can Take Today… One That Lets You Keep Growing Your Wealth While Still Collecting Income Every Single Month

Forget traditional retirement. I’ve come up with a better way.

A way where your net worth can keep growing every year…

And you will never have to sell a single share to fund your retirement.

It won’t make you millions…

But it may do something even better. You’ll have peace of mind in retirement.

Because if you knew for certain you’ll take home an extra $16,517…$10,345…or $15,508 in consistent annual income this year without lifting a finger, would you be worrying about running out of money?

I don’t think so.

Plus, you created that income stream with only a slice of your portfolio ($25,000).

You still have the rest of your portfolio to grow as you like.

Go ahead and keep investing in Amazon, Netflix…enjoy the profits.

You can even double down on this income strategy once you get the hang of it.

Whatever you do, the point is your portfolio can continue growing.

Your net worth keeps growing with the market because you’re not required to sell your hard earned savings to live.

After putting the $25k Infinite Income Strategy into action, you’ll discover:

  • It’s the only roadmap to delivering a consistent…and growing…income that lasts for the rest of your life
  • You can retire on far less than both you ever thought possible
  • You have the option not to sell your shares in order to fund your lifestyle, plus
  • Income will continue to flood your account no matter what’s happening in the world

Before I reveal the $25k strategy…

First, it’s important you hear my story and

My personal reason for sharing the ‘$25k Infinite Income’ strategy

My name is Tim Plaehn.

I’m a dividend investor who now leads over 200,000 people on how to create multiple income streams to retire on from the stock market.

That’s not what I always did, though.

I used to be a Captain in the Air Force. I was stationed as far as Korea and was seconds from death more times than I could count during missions.

As a trained F-16 pilot, we’re taught even in near-death instances…like one mission when I careened towards the earth in the middle of a thunderstorm…that we must keep calm and focus on where you need to go.

As I meet more of my thousands of readers, I find they are not calm about their retirements.

They were panicking. They saved and saved but didn’t think it was enough…

Plus, they had no idea how to use their savings in retirement.

Some even had the $1 million dollars experts suggest and were still clueless.

That’s why I live by this simple fact..

You need income to live and the more income you receive the more peace of mind you’ll have.

That’s why I’m sharing the ‘$25k Infinite Income Strategy’ with you today.

Because I know you need it.

For decades, you worked hard to generate income to live.

And when you retire, that income stream gets replaced by Social Security. For most of us, that’s not even half of what we used to earn.

That’s why I’ll show you how to replicate your old income stream in retirement

And once you see how simple the $25k Infinite Income strategy is to execute…

You will never have to worry about how to fund your retirement again.

You’re going to train your savings how to work for you.

You become the boss.

And you’ll never have to step foot into an office to collect a check again.

That’s why I created the $25k strategy.

Because when you use this strategy, you will collect more income, retire more comfortably, and receive more peace of mind.

And all of that without the millions of dollars “retirement experts” claim you need.

I’ve already shown you 10 ‘Infinite Income’ investments I’ve given to my readers:

And I’m sitting on a new ‘Indefinite Income’ opportunity that I’d like to share with you today.

One where I’m confident you can take your initial $25,000 investment…

And turn it into a five-figure income stream you can rely on for the rest of your life.

I’m more driven than ever to share this strategy after watching what happened to my own parents.

They did exactly as they were told.

Lived, worked, and saved until they retired with a good chunk of money.

But there’s one catch. They planned on dying at the age of 75.

So their financial plan stopped there.

Today, they’re over 90 and with my help they’re making it work.

But for some the uncertainty is daunting.

Let me show you.

Let’s say you retire at 65 with a $500,000 portfolio.

And let’s say you’re earning 8% returns per year (the long-term average of the S&P 500 is only 7% too so we’re being optimistic here).

Then you withdraw $4,000 a month to live off of… that’s just $48,000 per year.

Hardly living the dream retirement with that budget.

But let’s see what happens.

21 years later, at age 86, you have nothing. You’re out of savings.

And that’s with the very optimistic 8% annual returns we factored in.

After watching the Great Recession devastate friends and family….

And watching my own parents navigate retirement using their own savings…

I felt compelled to use my knowledge as a CFP and stock broker to begin searching for answers…

And after countless hours of research, I discovered to perfect investment…

One that could produce sky-high income month after month, year after year…

These assets throw off truckloads of income…

And, when utilized correctly, can turn a relatively small amount of retirement savings… $25,000…into a cash flow machine that lasts forever.

After realizing the potential, I began showing a small group of people my findings.

Those who followed my advice have seen their accounts and income skyrocket.

Leo M. wrote:

Since joining…I have been able to withdraw an average of $5,500 per month!

-Leo M.

Combined with Social Security, that’s over $82,000 in income per year.

Lori emailed:

“I finally stumbled on Tim Plaehn…to generate income. His recommendations took my portfolio from $20,000 in payouts to about $50,000 in payouts. Tim has been excellent and I trust him.”

-Lori B.

That totals $66,800 after totaling in the average Social Security benefits.

Mike told me:

“This month, I raked in over $4,000 in [income]!”

-Mike B.

Mike has the chance to enjoy over $64,000 per year in income with his Social Security benefits.

They’re enjoying this income stream

…without drawing down their nest egg…

…without investing in risky stocks…and,

…without having to day trade or time the market.

With the ‘$25k Strategy’, you’ll be setting the new standard on how to retire

Think of it with this analogy.

Traditional retirement experts see your nest egg as a giant forest of trees.

One that you’ve been growing and tending for your entire life.

Then, when you retire, everything changes.

You’re no longer planting and growing trees (saving and investing your income).

You’re now asked to cut down the same beautiful, strong trees you’ve spent your entire life growing (selling your investments to pay for your expenses).

It’s a dangerous trap.

Because at some point, you’ll pull the last tree up by its roots.

And what you’ve spent an entire lifetime saving for could be gone in as little as 10 years…20 years…30 years…hopefully never.

And you’re left wondering “How much do you withdraw?”

Followed by wondering “Am I withdrawing too much?”

If these are the thoughts lingering in your head…

You’re not alone.

That’s why I ask you to look at your nest egg in a different way.

Your nest egg is  not something to cut down and spend.

Rather, turn your ‘forest’ into an apple orchard.

When you pick the apples, you don’t have to cut down the tree to enjoy its benefits. The apples grow back every season!

On top of that, it’s even possible to replant the apple seeds to produce more apple trees.

No trees are chopped down…

You actually grow your ‘portfolio’ of trees rather than cut them all down.

Everything ‘experts’ tell you is based on depleting your savings.

Instead, the ‘$25k Infinite Income Strategy’ turns your savings into an ever-growing stream of income.

Maybe $16,517 each year…

Or even $28,762 per year:

That doesn’t mean the $25k strategy won’t increase your wealth.

Like I said, the strategy is specifically designed to grow your ‘portfolio of trees’ every year.

Here’s what I mean.

And this is something I didn’t share with you earlier.

See, I already showed you 10 opportunities that would’ve turned $25k into tens of thousands of annual income…

But what I didn’t share is that these opportunities grew your wealth at the same time.

Let me show you.

$25k Strategy = $348,344 portfolio

AGNC Investment Corp turned $25,000 into a $16,517 annual income…and also ballooned in value from $25,000 to $127,515.

Dorchester Minerals turned $25,000 into a $10,345 annual income… and grew in value from $25,000 to $98,721.

New York Mortgage Trust is sending you $15,508 in annual income while also turning $25,000 into $131,817.

Meaning, your wealth, nest egg, savings, whatever you’d like to call it…

Isn’t peaking. It’s growing. And it’s growing quickly.

And you started with only a $25,000 slice of your portfolio.

My previous recommendation that turned $25,000 into an $11,845 annual income would’ve also turned your $25,000 investment into a $119,339 war chest.

Consul Coal would’ve turned your $25,000 initial investment into a $16,449 annual income…while also turning your $25,000 into a $164,896 balance.

Another previous recommendation to my readers is on the path to generating $11,733 in annual income… and could be worth $105,888.

The last of my private recommendations to my readers is about to crank out $11,414 in annual income.. While at the same time growing all the way up to $140,632 in value.

Chimera Investment Corp would’ve turned your $25,000 into a $9,781 annual income, and also your investment would be worth $94,386.

Green Plains could’ve turned a starting amount of $25,000 into a $10,365 annual income. Plus, your investment would be valued at $93,280.

Masabi Trust takes the cake.

After implementing the $25k Infinite Income Strategy, you could’ve enjoyed a $28,762 annual income stream…

Meanwhile, your portfolio would have ballooned from $25,000 to an incredible $348,344.

That’s pretty remarkable.

Even while you’re withdrawing the income…your ‘apple orchard’ continues to flourish.

The $25k strategy makes sure our money lasts forever without ever needing to draw down your nest egg.

Plus, I’ve watched it skyrocket people’s net worth over and over again.

You’re receiving the strategy in its entirety for free today.

To follow it, there’s just a few easy success tips you must know before you start.

3 Steps to Follow the $25k Infinite Income Strategy

$25k Infinite Income Strategy Success Tip #1:

The plan relies on you investing in high-income dividend stocks that produce healthy cash flow. There are around 797 high-income dividend companies trading in the US today.

However, all are  NOT created equal.

Some dividend companies raise their payouts to drive demand for their stock.

The right stock for your $25k Infinite Income Strategy has a high positive cash flow and no danger of cutting their payout.

We want high-yields. We don’t want well-known stocks like AT&T or even a low-yield index fund like the SPY.

Check out if you followed the $25k Infinite Income Strategy with the SPY starting in 2016.

Following the $25k Income Plan step-by-step, your $25,000 would yield around $1,254 in annual income after 48 months.

Your investment would grow from $25,000 to $66,387.

Compare that to also starting with Masabi Trust in 2016.  In a few years, you would’ve generated $28,762 in annual income…plus, turned $25,000 into an amazing $348,344.

Both stocks went through the bull market of 2017 and the panics in 2018.

Yet, Masabi generates 2,194% more income than the popular Wall Street favorite, SPY.

And your Masabi investment would be worth 424% more money.

That’s the power of finding the right high-income dividend play.

Still, this step requires a time and research.

Don’t worry, in a minute, I’ll show you how to automate your research so you never have to read a company’s annual report.

$25k Infinite Income Strategy Success Tip #2:

A surefire way retirees kill their nest egg is buying high and selling low.

For high-income stocks, we would rather buy when stocks go on sale and hold until they show us their income payouts could drop.

You’re not trying to time the market.

However, the better price you get for your shares, the more shares you can purchase with your $25,000, and the more income you make.

In one moment, I’ll show you an opportunity that’s trading for less than $10 and you’ll be able to pick up thousands of shares today.

$25k Infinite Income Strategy Success Tip #3:

Invest in dividend stocks that have a history of increasing their payouts. If their cash flow is going up and their monthly to quarterly payouts are increasing, that’s a positive sign.

Increasing payouts means your shares will produce more income next year than they did this year.

It’s like getting a huge raise each year while doing nothing.

Follow these three steps and you’re set to start the $25k Infinite Income Strategy.

Now all you have to do is locate your first investment start your plan with.

You could do that yourself, or I’ve gone ahead and done the work for you.

I’ve searched through the entire database of 797 high-income stocks to locate your…

#1 play to begin your $25k Infinite Income Strategy in the next 10 minutes

This company has the firepower to generate tens of thousands of dollars a year for the rest of your life.

And at the moment you can pick up shares dirt cheap.

It’s under $10 a share…which means $25,000 goes a long way.

See this company. But they’re a special oil company that pays out monthly checks to their shareholders. 

The energy crash of 2015 and 2016 really shook the oil industry and its taken a few years to find their footing again.

Many companies were forced to restructure their finances to lower their debt load and stay in business.

Moody’s recent forecast for oil is “Market expectations for continued strong oil demand growth remain in place.”

Pimco claims that oil prices are likely to be more “stable” going forward. Once OPEC settles down, North American production should take off again.

At the moment, OPEC is limiting oil production, which should light a fuse under oil prices.

Higher oil prices mean higher royalties for you.

This is a stock I tell everyone to buy ASAP while it’s cheap.

I know the executives well and have grilled them on camera multiple times. They’re a top notch team with decades of experience in the space.

With all that said…

I fully expect my #1 opportunity to produce enough income for you to generate a never-ending stream of cash.

In fact, this is how I predict in playing out for you.

Remember, this is starting with just $25,000…

After 60 months, this is what I believe could happen:

You’ll enjoy a $20,284 annual income…

Plus, your investment could be worth $127,515

That’s without investing a life changing sum.

Without buying and selling stocks all day…

Without stressing about the markets…

Without worrying you’ll run out of money.

This play can turn your forest into an apple orchard in the next 10 minutes.

You can find the ticker symbol inside my newest free report:

The #1 Strategy to Turn $25k into an Income for Life (FREE)

Inside, not only will you discover:

  • The #1 opportunity that could create up to $20,284 in annual income

But, I’ll also provide a full, detailed write-up on the $25k strategy, including:

  • How to trade commission-free throughout the entire $25k strategy.
  • The 10-minute road-map to automate the plan so you never have to touch it again, just spend the income
  • The ‘pouring fuel on the the fire’ strategy that ratchets up your income faster and cuts your timeline down by 48 months. Ever number I showed today includes this ‘fueling’ piece.
  • How to keep the $25k strategy working even if the market crashes or there’s a shakeup in Washington

You’ll receive a full, step-by-step writeup of the $25k strategy inside for FREE.

As a bonus, I’ll even include three more opportunities to include for multiple “$25k” income streams.

I already showed you the power of having multiple $25k investments going at the same time if you have the capital.

I’ll include inside your special copy of The #1 Strategy to Turn $25k into an Income for Life these three plays as a 100% FREE bonus.

  • BONUS $25K PLAY #1: This first company is special..I call it a “venture royalty” company…because they invest in small businesses that aren’t on Wall Street. Since I first recommended this company, they’ve increased their payouts five times. I expect many more coming in the future especially as small businesses continue to “boom”, according to the Huffington Post.
  • BONUS $25K PLAY #2: This company has consistently yielded 10-12% for years, and that’s because this company is involved in one of America’s pride and joys…the homeownership space. This company gets monthly payouts from anyone with a mortgage on their home — which is around 70% of homes in America and worth $10 trillion dollars. When interest rates climb back up again, expect payouts to you to absolutely skyrocket.

You’re getting not one…but three of my top plays free right now to start your $25k strategy.

And this couldn’t come at a better time.

Right now, the media’s bombarded you with bad information about what you need to retire.

Suze Orman says “$5 million” is the magic number to retire comfortably. CNBC recommends “1 million.”

I’m here to tell you they are dead wrong. That’s a lie. A lie built on bad strategies.

Because if you invest in the right assets that produce great income…

It’s absolutely possible to create a never-ending stream of income starting with only $25,000.

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That’s with reinvesting all your income like we do with the $25k plan. In this instance, with how much you could make, I’d recommend withdrawing some or diversifying.

But if you stuck with it…

Your portfolio with reinvestment could go from a potential $124,975…

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Doing this has helped me enjoy my life so much more.

Today, I travel with my wife anywhere we want on short notice.

We frequent our favorite dining spots where they know us well.

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Not to mention, we only…and I mean only…do what we choose to do.

Instead of you first learning how to find the right information (there’s more bad info out there than ever), filtering through the junk, and then actually making the decision on what to do, you can now outsource all of that work to me, an income investing expert.

When I was in the Air Force, we always had more experienced pilots training us on how to improve after each mission.

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I promise The Dividend Hunter will be your go-to resource for income.

If you’re more interested in the latest investing craze, like pot stocks or risky cryptocurrency…then you definitely aren’t a fit for The Dividend Hunter.

We’re not investing in high-flying stocks.

These are boring, ‘salt of the earth’ companies that form the backbone of American industry.

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You’ll know ahead of time exactly when your income payments will hit your account in the next 30 days.

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  • Dominick B. in Houston owns just one stock and takes home an extra $850 without effort.

These are everyday Americans supplementing their Social Security with dividend income.

You can do the same.

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If you carve out $25k of your portfolio as I mentioned and drop it into my #1 opportunity…

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I cannot remember just how I became acquainted with your Dividend Hunter newsletter, but I am truly thankful. The dividend payouts are like clockwork. Set and forget… have already made back my subscription fees plus. Consider me hooked!
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I count you having two options right now

First…continue on like you’re doing.

Continue living off your nest egg and hope it will last your entire retirement. I’ve known plenty of millionaires, and I can promise that peace of mind never comes when you are watching your balance go down, down, and down each month.

That’s why I’m offering you a door #2…

You’ve seen the power and the proof of how to create a lifetime of income starting with a mere $25,000.

Even more than that, you’ve discovered there is a lot of opportunity in the markets to create even more income without even laying a figure on your nest egg.

Join The Dividend Hunter. Start with just $25,000. Leave the rest of your portfolio while you get comfortable with the service.

Actually, on that thought, let me give you an entire year to feel comfortable.

Because I’ll offer you a:

Zero Stress
12-month money back guarantee

If at any point, you don’t feel The Dividend Hunter is right for you and your family, you can ask for a refund.

That means if after 364 days, you haven’t received the value I promise, shoot us a message and your entire purchase will be refunded.

And as a token of good will to your future, you can keep all my special reports, including my special $25k report and strategy.

However, I don’t think it will ever come to that.

I have subscribers to The Dividend Hunter who have been around for awhile. They look forward to my emails and updates.

Listen to this:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful newsletter and dividend tips. I have subscribed to a lot of stock newsletters in the past and found them to be very hard to understand.

I have tried several newsletters and yours is the only one I have stayed with.

— Vic B. , Colorado

Now, you’ve seen what’s possible…

You don’t need as much as you think to create tens of thousands of dollars in income every year.

Are you going to continue on as you have, or will you make a change.

Here’s Your Challenge Right Now

If you do join The Dividend Hunter, I challenge you to do it with the full intention of putting the $25k plan into action.

But your journey can’t end with one step today.

You’ve seen what could happen to your income and how fast it can pile up.

From $16,517 in annual income…

To as much as $28,762 in income per year.

All you need to do is carve out a slice of your portfolio and put it to work today.

The right strategy could change your life.

In this case, starting with just $25k could remove one of the biggest stresses of your retirement…how to never run out of money.

Don’t sell off your assets to live…

You’re not at your ‘Peak Net Worth.’

You’re only at the beginning as you can make much more in the years ahead.

Join The Dividend Hunter today and see how your retirement could change.

Focus on income first.

You only need $25,000 to start.

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Thanks for reading,

Land, Fly, or Die,
Tim Plaehn
Editor of The Dividend Hunter