Cloaked Society

A Powerful “Society” In Washington Plans To Derail Your Retirement
Right Under Trump’s Nose 

(They aren’t in Congress. Yet they’ve already laid waste to your wages, blew up your healthcare costs, and stolen billions in broad daylight.)
And In Just 6 Months They Will Target Your Retirement Prosperity15by1-clearIn this special presentation you will:

  • Discover how your retirement & family are in dire straits if you don’t create a steady, independent, passive income earning up to $ before
  • Expect health care costs to skyrocket 847% next year! The “Cloaked Society” could bankrupt you.
  • See if Trump stop this ‘Society’? — He’s already been forced to dismantle Medicaid after promising he wouldn’t.



Dear Fellow Investor,

Before you read this, I must warn you…

This presentation will make you angry. The government will despise you for reading another word.

But, if you do nothing before

Your retirement could be put on hold…

You could walk down to your mailbox and see your healthcare bills double even triple overnight. Many already have.

You might not have enough cash in your account to pay off debts because your benefits get sucked dry.

Your life could be thrown into catastrophe by one tragic event…

And the blame will go to President Trump.

But, actually, the blame should fall on who I’m calling the “Cloaked Society.”

A powerful group in Washington laying waste to your wealth.

Everything you will discover in this presentation has been documented by news organizations and backed up by conservative and liberal sources alike.

That’s why I can confidently tell you this straight —

Your retirement income and future livelihood are at tremendous risk.

The “Cloaked Society” plans on slashing your Social Security and Medicare as early as 2018 under the banner of “fiscal responsibility.”

As someone who believes in capitalism, personal responsibility and America — I didn’t believe this was true.

After all, Trump promised he wouldn’t lay a finger on these two government programs.

But my research proves the contrary.

Inside his administration, the whispers have started…

The “Cloaked Society” mounts an assault on your retirement income. Millions will get caught in the ambush.

Don’t be at their mercy.

And after reading this presentation I promise you won’t be.

I can show you how to permanently guarantee your retirement prosperity with regular, consistent, and dependable income.

You’ll never have to rely on ANY government programs. Ever.

That’s because I’ll show you a unique class of stocks most investors never come across in their daily lives.

These special stocks automatically deliver you consistent, low-risk income every month with little effort. Right now, expect an extra $ by .

Simply follow the steps I’ll lay out for you today before .

There’s no time to wait…

You must do something now… because the cuts are coming. If you wait until then, you’ll be too far behind…

This information’s been hush-hushed by the “Cloaked Society” and never fully pieced together… until now.


For the last 30 years, I’ve uncovered a rise in this “Cloaked Society.

A collection of the financial elite: Billionaires and multimillionaires who dictate the direction of this great country.

Many are names you recognize. Billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and others:

I’ll shine a light on these “elite” cockroaches who take money out of your pocket.

(Which they do with little to no pushback or punishment)

The “Society” doesn’t have a secret handshake…a group flag…or a private handbook. Heck, they don’t even have a member roster.

That’s what makes them so dangerous.

They’re a fragmented group of the world’s wealthiest that share and works toward the same goal:

Protecting and increasing their wealth and power at any cost.

And when I say “any” cost, I really mean at YOUR cost.

Even the likes of billionaires Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who put on the “public” image of generous philanthropists, hide dirty tax evasion schemes and job stealing efforts from honest Americans.

They’re just two of the “Cloaked Society” who’ve infiltrated every aspect of your life:

– Your health
– Your money
– Your family and community

The effects of their infiltration are chilling when you see them all lined up together for the first time in this presentation.

Two words: Devastation and Destruction.


The cost for the “Cloaked Society” to protect and grow their wealth has left you and I gasping for air.

Look at the economic and political devastation we’ve seen over the past 20-30 years…

More people on food stamps than ever

15by1-clearStagnant wages for the average worker

The gap between rich and poor widening

Healthcare costs skyrocketing

Famous billionaires, like Elon Musk, founder of Tesla pushing for a “universal basic income”… much like communism

More people needing housing assistance

Less money to put away for a rainy day

Credit card debt reaching all-time highs AGAIN

More Americans wonder “why isn’t the government taking care of me?”

You hear about people protesting the government almost every day.

People now want free education.

They also now want free healthcare.

What happened to the America I used to know…

Americans pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. Created their own wealth.

But today:

Most Americans die with “virtually no financial assets,” according to an MIT study

Knowing the facts above, I expect your costs to continue to rise. Add in the threats to Social Security and Medicare coming to pass and you could be facing the perfect financial storm hitting right when you plan to retire.

But if you keep reading, I will share the research I have done to help you and your family have financial security for the rest of your lives.

You’ll be able to do this if you follow my steps before .

This is for your own good.

Before you read further, you might feel more comfortable knowing who’s revealing this to you. Let me introduce myself:


Hi, my name is Tim Plaehn.

To many that know me, I’m a “red-blooded patriot.”

I love these United States.

I spent 6 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot.

I’ve received advanced training in mathematics especially in reading financial data.

I’ve been a licensed financial advisor helping folks like you retire comfortably.

It was during my finance career I began seeing signs of a “Cloaked Society.”

A “Society” that controlled decisions being made in Washington D.C.

This has been going on awhile. But now, it’s much, much worse.

Like many, when Trump put his hand on the Bible on January 28th, I thought,“He’s going to drain the swamp …” He’d stick a fork in the “Cloaked Society.”

I held onto all my research on the “Society” just in case. And, I’m glad I did.

Because a recent Congressional vote in March opened the floodgates again proving the “Cloaked Society’s” as strong as ever.

On March 28, Congress reversed a controversial ruling — now allowing internet providers to sell your internet history to the highest bidders.

As unpopular as the decision was, it passed with a majority. The fingerprints of the “Cloaked Society’s” wealth were all over the bill.

Amounts as large as, $251,110, $215,000, and $185.550 slipped mysteriously into the hands of your Congressmen.

Now everything you view online, even this controversial report, is now being publicly sold.

This isn’t the democracy I signed up to fight for.

I was an F-16 fighter pilot in the Air Force for 6 years. I needed top-notch academics, leadership and fitness levels.

I went on to become an instructor…a position reserved for the most elite in the Air Force.

I’m not pounding my chest. To be honest, I’ve lost a step or two since my piloting days.

Today, I live a quiet life with my wife in the Nevada mountains.

I still wake up at 5:00 am — simply out of habit from my military days.

It’s a peaceful time to study the markets.

And today, I fight a much different battle — instructing people every day how to take control of their finances.

It’s a difficult task, but I’ve perfected a method to help people retire without the stress and anxiety of wondering what will happen if the money runs out.

And I can help investors just like you earn a reliable monthly income that will last well into retirement.

I’m proud to say that my methods work for almost everyone no matter their current financial position.

I constantly wake up to emails like this from my subscribers. Here’s one from James E.

“NGL performed like a dream and even exceeded the high end of my expectations. I think this is the 3rd or 4th idea I have received from you where I quickly made more than $10,000.”

And here’s another one from Wade J….

“I am a satisfied customer of yours, having finally found an advisor who reflects my view on investing for income. I’m 66 so income is my primary goal but I want stable vehicles as well. I am using many of your recommendations and some tax-free positions to fund my retirement. Thank you!”

My readers like James and Wade know I mostly keep to myself.

But, not today.

This could be the most important presentation of my life.

It’s my duty, like it was as an Air Force pilot, to protect Americans like you:

Because the “Cloaked Society” looks like it’s making its next big move.

A move Trump promised not to make… yet, the whispers already leaked…

A move to cut your Social Security and Medicare.

Even reliable conservative news outlets see it coming

Meaning…if you were planning to lean on these two programs for retirement income in the next 1-5 years…

You’re in major trouble.

I’ll show you today how they’ve already attacked your money and health.

And how it is going to get much worse.

Still think this doesn’t apply to you?

I’ve read enough horror stories about single events changing the course of someone’s financial future.

I recently learned about a tragic incident with a cancer sufferer, Lee Robertson. As his healthcare costs increased, Lee fell behind on the bills for his chemotherapy treatments.

His debt mounted. He struggled to work.

Eventually, some show-no-mercy judge threw him in jail for unpaid bills. It’s terrible, but things like this happen.

Don’t believe me? Just Google “Lee Robertson Cancer Jail” when you’re done reading this presentation and click the first link.

You’ll see what we’re up against today.

The odds are stacked against you.

Now, chances are you’re probably not going to end up in the clink. But you should question whether relying heavily on government programs is a smart strategy.

Can you afford to live without them?

My readers and I don’t rely on them for income. Nor, do we allow the “Cloaked Society” to change our livelihoods.

Rather, we use an investment strategy that pays us up to per month in extra income.

And that’s with conservative investments. No hot stock plays here.

The smart investors shore up their defenses against outside threats and pick investments that deliver consistent income no matter what happen’s in Washington.

That’s what I’ll show you how to do in this presentation.

First, you’re about to understand how the “Society’s” laid siege to your freedom and disrupted your money, family, and health.

The “Cloaked Society” Threatening
Your Way Of Life

On October 16, 2005, Citigroup — the largest bank in the world with $1.9 trillion in assets — sent a secret memo to their wealthiest investors.

One of the first leaks revealing the “Cloaked Society” exists.

This 35-page memo makes clear how America has shifted from a democracy into a plutocracy.

With a plutocracy, the wealthiest elite control trillions of dollars while the majority of Americans have to make do with the scraps.

Citigroup’s leaked memo concludes the inequality gap between the super-rich and everyone else will widen more and more.

This has come to pass.

According to a recent Berkeley study, wealth inequality is the highest it’s been in 80 years.

This incredible wealth divide creates what Citigroup calls the “invisible hand.”

The “invisible hand” directs government policy behind the scenes… it is the “Cloaked Society.” They’ve silenced your voice.

In fact:

An extensive Princeton University study concluded that:

Before we dive deeper into this disturbing reality and how it happened…you should know…

What you’re about to read might come across as a shocking… frightening… conspiracy…

Yet, Citigroup accidentally leaked our new reality and the public barely took notice.

You’re a smart investor…in the back of your mind you probably had a hunch the wealthy have more political and economic influence than you.

But, in this presentation, I’m going to show you concrete proof that the elite’s hold on America is getting MUCH WORSE by the day.

A hostage situation turned ugly.

You’ll only get out of it with the right plan in place. One I will give you if you stay with me through this presentation through the end.

Now, to be clear — I’m not a protester in the street, nor part of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I’m a red-blooded American investor who sees the “little guys” getting screwed by these “Society” members.

I already hinted they’re going after your Social Security and Medicare as soon as 2018.

But there’s more to this story.

I’ve watched this unfold for years and I’ve figured out what every single American, like you, can do about it.

How the rich wield control over
your politicians

To understand what makes the “Cloaked Society” so powerful…

Follow the Money.

The top 4 richest counties in the United States are suburbs of Washington D.C.

Why is that area so wealthy? Because of money flowing from a select group of individuals.


Lobbyists have one job — promote and get laws passed benefiting their clients.

Their clients are typically large corporations owned and operated by the elite.

Just look at how much money they spend on influencing our government. All for their own benefit.

These “Society” henchmen wield tremendous influence and strike fast…In 2016, over $3.1 billion was spent on lobbying alone.

That’s $4,881,889 per each member of Congress!

Jack Abramoff was, perhaps, the most notorious lobbyist ever.

Jack’s role: “BUY” politicians to influence legislation. He “bought” politicians through fundraising events, expensive gifts, even offering 6-7 figure jobs when a Congressman retired.

He was arrested for fraud and jailed. A movie starring Kevin Spacey, Casino Jack, was even made about him.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Jack revealed:

“Assuming the staffer had any interest in leaving Capitol Hill for K Street — and almost 90% of them do, I would own him, and, consequently, that entire office.”

It’s attractive to get “bought” for your Congressman because of rising campaign costs:

When a politician bites, the “Society” grabs the wheel…

And their lobbying pays off… Look at the ROI from lobbying:

$5.8 billion spent. $4 trillion received in benefits. Every $1 turned into $689.65 of benefits!

It’s only gotten worse since the renowned “Citizens United” decision came to pass under Obama. A ruling allowing limitless campaign funding from corporations.

Sounds scary. Like a political soap opera you might watch on Netflix.

But, the real drama happens when you see your hard-earned money evaporate because of this corruption.

The next three sections uncover how this affects you whether you know it or not…

These sections will upset you.

But, afterward, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions for you to protect yourself and your retirement income.


This first section highlights how the “Cloaked Society” openly steals your money… without blowback…

Lobbyists, a.k.a. the errand-boys to the “Cloaked Society,” get the ear of the politicians and push for laws that protect and increase the elite’s wealth. Lobbyists even go as far as to write laws.

Here’s Citigroup getting caught red-headed writing legislation to avoid regulations meant to protect the average American.

According to the NY Times, Citigroup wrote the darn bill!

I’m sure you remember the $700 billion taxpayer bailout of the big banks in 2008? Millions of Americans called urging Congress to vote down the bailout. Yet, the bill went through in days.

Guess where some your money went to…

… paying out bonuses…

And you guessed it… no repercussions were ever handed down…

If that wasn’t crooked enough, a few days before the bailout approval, billionaire Warren Buffett quietly invested $5 billion into Goldman Sachs… as if Buffett already knew Goldman would get bailed out despite public backlash…

How did he know…?

Buffett raked in $10 billion from the Great Recession alone while average Americans lost some $14 trillion.

STAY RICH (while you foot the bill)

Up until this point, if your thought is I’m against the wealthy in this country… that’s not it.

I’m a firm believer America is the land of opportunity.

This special presentation is meant to share a truth you may already know deep down — the deck’s stacked against you and your wealth.

You don’t have access to the same “mechanisms” the elites have to greatly increase their wealth.

For example, it’s no secret the Federal Reserve and the big banks are in cahoots.

2008 tipped that hand with the bank bailout. But, ever since the Federal Reserve started lowering rates in the 80’s…

…inequality in the US has surged to all-time highs

The rich have gotten richer, plain and simple.

The Wall Street Journal calculated “95% of 2009-2012 income gains went to the wealthiest 1%.”

The secret sauce? Borrow money with little risk and turn it into fortunes.

Exhibit A: The most polarizing figure in American politics ever…

President Donald Trump.

Trump built a career borrowing massive amounts of money to build casinos, luxury resorts, and hotels. He’d pay $0 in taxes and declare bankruptcy to remove his debts.

The man took advantage of the “elite’s” system with unbelievable success. Trump doesn’t hide this fact. Saying “it’s rigged” became a regular quote from him.

When the wealthy, like Trump, can borrow money for dirt cheap, they borrow more and more in order to invest in businesses and stocks.

Here’s how that affects you…

First, the purchasing power of the dollar in your wallet drops.

Low interest rates pump more money into the economy thus deflating the dollar and inflating the prices of groceries and other goods:

Paying more for necessities means you have less to save.

The only way to battle the rise in costs is with your income… and, it’s not looking good.


In case you weren’t aware, most wages have been stagnant for 30 years (inflation-adjusted).

Just look at this chart and see…

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute gave three distinct reasons for the lack of growth in your income:

1. Growing inequality in compensation
2. Skyrocketing pay for those at the “top”
3. Plus, a greater share of income going to corporate profits rather than wages

The conclusion: Your slow income growth is a result of: “policy decisions made on behalf of those with the most income, wealth, and power.” i.e. the elite… the Cloaked Society.

To add fuel to the fire, the rich realized foreign workers are willing to do your job for far less money.

How they do it centers around immigration and H-1B visas.

An H-1B visa allows an immigrant to work in America as long as they’re employed. Typically, these workers take a large pay cut compared to an American-born worker.

Congress released a report concluding H-1B visa workers: “received lower wages, less senior job titles, smaller signing bonuses, and smaller pay and compensation increases…

All done In the name of the “Society’s” profits. You’ll find many H-1B abusers in the technology sector.

Look no further than Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook’s been on a tear pushing for more H-1B visas.

Zuckerberg isn’t the only one playing this game either. Keep reading to see how almost every tech giant in America has been stealing from your future.


It wasn’t always like this. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, companies and employees got along.

As Reagan took office, the “American Dream” was still alive.

A family could afford a nice house in a good neighborhood.

One income was more than enough.

I was a financial advisor in the 80’s. Middle class families didn’t even need to invest in stocks. They had pensions.

401(k)s took off in the 80’s so families earned income from:

– Social Security
– Pensions
– 401(k) savings

Life was good.

Then, companies realized since employees had 401(k)s, they couldn’t possibly need a pension anymore!

The pension gravy train derailed.

No more were companies loyal to the employees for their service.

Behind the veil of their multi-national corporations, the “Cloaked Society” packed in record profits at your expense.

The effects of their siege on your wages and their companies putting ‘profit over people’ are beginning to show now with your children.

According to CNBC, 72% of millennials have less than $1,000 in the bank.

Your kids and grandkids have no savings to buy the American Dream — a home.

On the flip side, billionaires are buying up property in bunches.

Billionaire media mogul, John Malone, owns majority stakes in DirecTV, the Atlanta Braves, and other companies. He owns 5% of Maine and is still buying more

If you can’t afford a home, you’re forced to rent. Demand for rentals go up. Rent prices skyrocket.

Will more of your family and friends be forced to look to the government for housing?

Could you imagine if financial struggles caused you to lose your home?

With rent so high… where would you live?

This might paint the picture:

Diane and Gregory Horoski landed in deep debt due to medical bills. The bank foreclosed on their house and handed them a $264,500 bill for the amount the bank lost in value.

After exhausting court battles, the Horoski’s ended up living in a cheap rental.

This same thing could happen to anyone, even you.

Could you imagine being forced to sell your home and move to a new neighborhood, no longer living next to friends or family?

What killed the American Dream for you and your children?

Profits over people.

Right now, the odds favor the rich as I’ve proven.

All you can do for yourself and your family is take back the reins of your financial future.

I wouldn’t warn you about these dangers without giving you a solution — to build your own wealth-creating system like the elite.

One that sends you around $ in extra income each month that can support you well into your retirement.

I’m going to give you all that for free if you act before .

First, however, let’s take a look at how the “Cloaked Society” has also eroded your community’s wealth.

II. Your Family Business
Going Belly-Up

When I came out of the U.S. Air Force in the 1980’s, it was easier to start a business and get ahead. American capitalism was built to promote competition, not monopolies.

But companies like Wal-Mart (a la the Walton family) have the ability to skirt taxes and undercut small businesses.

Small businesses can’t compete. They don’t have the lobbyists in Washington to help.

You’ve felt the pinch if you’re a business owner yourself.

Small businesses have to raise the price of their goods as their taxes climb, either that or risk bankruptcy..

Unlike multinational companies and their elite owners make out like bandits with their taxes.

Here in America, we boast a 35% corporate tax rate. Yet, large companies manage to escape.

Let me explain.

In a flash of lobbying brilliance, large companies now legally have offshore “offices” where they can claim profits. Even if no employees or revenue abide there.

Small businesses can’t afford to offshore their profits. Therefore, they get nailed with the 35% tax bill.

Corporations have seen lower and lower tax bills:

Right now, an estimated $2.4 trillion dollars of untaxed profits are hidden offshore.

At 35%, that’s $840 billion in uncollected taxes — an amount that could fund Medicare for over a year.

Here are the worst offenders…

Billionaires, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates both led Microsoft from its genesis. Ballmer now owns the NBA’s LA Clippers.

Microsoft currently hides over $100 billion in profits overseas.

Apple CEO, millionaire Tim Cook hides $246 billion in profits overseas despite having billions sitting in Apple’s bank account.

When companies don’t pay their taxes — their profits inflate. Their share prices go up.

Stocks get more expensive for you.

Meanwhile, “Society” members, with cheap stock options, see their net worth balloon.

How can they get away with this?

Follow The Money.

Google, the company whose mantra reads “Do No Evil”, recently constructed a “tax loophole” chain for itself saving $3.6 billion.

They run profits through low-tax countries including Ireland and Bermuda.

I’m not able to do something like this for my own earnings.

I bet you can’t either.

Thus, for your own personal taxes, the scales don’t balance.

In recent data, the average billionaire’s effective tax rate was 24.7%. Compare that to 19.3% paid by the average worker.

How could it possibly make sense for someone worth billions of dollars to only pay 5% more in taxes than the average American?

20% of millionaires will pay less taxes than someone making $50,000.

There’s a reason the federal tax code has jumped from 400 pages to over 74,608 pages!

The rich have repeatedly stacked the odds in their favor so they only have to pay a fraction more in taxes than the average American.

Add insult to injury, you actually subsidize their fat bonuses to executives.

That’s right. Under IRS Section 162(m), the more executives receive compensation for “performance”, the less corporations have to pay in taxes!

Billions in taxes annually paid by you while the “Cloaked Society” rigs the game to fill their coffers.

Warren Buffett famously jokes: “I pay less in taxes than my secretary.”

Sure, he wants taxes to be raised on himself. But, according to his recent tax return, he only reported $11.5 million in income.

Buffett’s worth over $50 billion.

So, really, an extra million out of his pocket is chump change.

After seeing what’s going on in our country, I can’t stress this next statement enough.

You can’t depend on companies or the government to take care of you financially.

Remember, many of your children don’t even have $1,000 in their savings.

Forget saving for a house… they don’t even have enough for a major car repair or just one night in the Emergency Room should something ever happen.

And sadly, most in our generation aren’t much better off: the average savings balance for those in the 55 to 64 age group is just $8,500. And for those between 65 and 74… the ones starting retirement… that “jumps” to $10,000.

$10,000 to some people might sound like a lot but it’s nothing when a truly big and unavoidable life expense comes along.

AC go out? To replace it you’ll need to come up with around $5,000, depending on your state.

Fall down at home? That’ll run you $30,000 for a few nights in the hospital.

Have a little fender bender and the airbags deployed? That will be $2,500 please.

You get the point. These are the little things that happen to us and they rack up the bills. God forbid something truly catastrophic happens and completely wipes you out.

So, unless you have yourself a guaranteed million-dollar inheritance, you’ll need a new-income stream.

One that protects yourself as this chaos gets worse… especially in healthcare.

III. How Your Health Became a Corrupt
$3 Trillion Dollar Industry

In 2003, on a cold November night, the United States House of Representatives gathered at 3:00 a.m.

A time hidden from the gaze of primetime news networks.

On the table — the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill.

This plan would provide benefits to Medicare recipients. It was a simple plan so you could afford more prescription drugs.

However, there was a major caveat…Medicare offices could not negotiate the prices of the drugs… thus, leaving your health and wallet at the mercy of drug company executives.

The votes were 215-213 with the bill set to be struck down. Typically, voting’s only open 15-30 minutes.

But not this night.

For three hours the voting window was open as drug-company lobbyists arranged back door deals with politicians.

At 5:00 a.m., multiple Congressmen switched their votes.


Well, one Congressmen, Nick Smith, claimed he was offered $100,000.

The head of Medicare Services, Thomas Scully, hid information about the bill until after voting.

Nobody knew why until Scully, 10 days after Bush signed the bill, took a job making millions at Alston & Bird, a drug company lobbying firm…

What’s the story?

Obvious “Cloaked Society” corruption, drug companies seeing more profits, you seeing more cost.

It’s no surprise when you see which industries have spent the most lobbying so far in 2017. Check out this chart from the Center for Responsive Politics. A group dedicated to transparency in government.

Drug companies and Insurance top the list.

And Obamacare’s made it worse. A healthy family of 4 pays over $1,200/month just in health insurance premiums. You’ve probably seen your own premiums skyrocket.

Suddenly, $100,000/year doesn’t make you middle class anymore. Almost 15% of your income goes to health care premiums… You still have co-pays and deductibles…both of which are going up, despite Obamacare promises to “bend the cost curve.”
The top line shows how much more you pay towards deductibles.

Why won’t the increase in premiums and healthcare stop?

Because the “Cloaked Society” rigged the system to squeeze you dry through monopolization.

They already have control over the prescription drugs and health insurance premiums!

Even surgeons get squashed.

Meet Frank Abrile. He worked in the operating room keeping patients alive with advanced heart and lung machines.

When his hospital needed to pad profits, he lost his job due to his $90,000 salary. He couldn’t afford private insurance after losing his job.

Then, tragedy struck when he severed two fingers in an accident.

$20,000 in medical bills all from one piece of bad luck!

As you can imagine, this accident put his finances in dire straits…

remember the average savings for those in the 55 to 64 age group is only $8,500…

Bank of America wasted no time and took his home after he couldn’t pay.

Frank was just a regular American making an honest living. Suddenly, with rising healthcare costs, he fell underwater fast.

It can happen to you.

FACT: The life preserver isn’t coming. The Obamacare repeal was shot down in Congress, as you’ve heard. Trump’s now “waiting for Obamacare to implode.” This will take time, but it will happen.

In the meantime, expect rising health costs and premiums to continue.

Unfortunately, for you, that’s only half the story.

When Will Social Security & Medicare Get The Ax?

I opened this special presentation warning how the “Cloaked Society” will ax Social Security and Medicare despite Trump’s promises.

Less Medicare and Social Security will leave you with no choice but to find other income sources.

The whispers to ax these two programs go on…Behind the scenes, Trump’s close advisors plot…
Source: Politicsusa

Right-leaning Forbes also pitched in their ideas for cut preparations:

Tom Price, the secretary of health (who heads up Medicare), has a reputation for making “his career on cutting Medicare and Medicaid.”

Trump’s Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, plans to be “brutally honest” with Trump during budget talks in order to get cuts he believes necessary.

Mulvaney sees cuts in 2018 as a “genuine possibility.”

This all makes sense.

The “Cloaked Society” already went after your wages, your healthcare, your job…why not attack your retirement as well?

Things could change, I believe. After all, Trump ran on the promise to “drain the swamp.”

Thus, the million-dollar question —


Trump’s campaign focused on helping small businesses.

He promises to cut taxes, lessen the sting of immigration and offshoring, and even the playing field.

For immigration, Trump’s already placed two travel bans. In April, new crackdowns went into effect restricting H-1B visas for foreign workers.

He hopes to make the job market a “buyer’s market” and not let the “Cloaked Society” get all the wealth.

All these signs point to “Americans and its companies are #1.”

If you voted for Trump, you possibly slowed down the sweeping power of the “Cloaked Society.”

Whether you agree with him or not, his focus on small businesses and less government regulations counter what the “Cloaked Society” want.

If the President can “drain the swamp,” you’ll see the lessening of monetary influence and power from the “Society.”

He’s already taken steps to try and stop them.

Just 8 days after his inauguration, he signed an executive order to limit lobbying for public officials.

But, even Trump isn’t immune to the power of the “Cloaked Society.” It’s no secret the mass media’s been on a witch hunt. Every day the media has another ‘anti-Trump’ story blaring.

Plus, his own Cabinet members have their own agenda…

In March, the administration showed signs the “Society” is fighting hard to keep its influence:
Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, was CEO of Exxon

This shows that “draining the swamp’s” going to take a lot of time.

Years even.

Trump may temper the “Cloaked Society” with tax cuts and deregulation, but we may never see the complete end of the “Cloaked Society” and its corrupting influence.

There’s far too much money and power to compete with.

In the meantime, you’ll need a personal plan to stop the bleeding.

Every chart you’ve seen and read every story you’ve read so far will only get worse before it gets better.

Mulvaney hinted at 2018 being the beginning of retirement cuts.

Trump’s stumbled so far getting some of his major campaign promises implemented. You can’t afford to wait around for everything to change.

That’s why you’re about to uncover the crucial three steps to take in order to profit and thrive while others around you struggle under the “Cloaked Society’s” power.

You won’t struggle if you follow these three steps before :


STEP 1: Invest in high-quality, American companies essential to the US economy

Trump’s putting small businesses first. But, not just any…

He’s lending a much needed hand to the businesses that are the backbone of America. Companies the American economy and population relies on every single day…

I’ve been investing in these types of companies for years to make a steady cash income.

I call these investments “America’s Critical Businesses”.

These are companies that our economy cannot function without.

Now, under Trump, I expect them to boom!

Take one of my favorite “Critical Businesses” which stores oil and gas.

Since 2009, the stock is up over 800% and, since adding it to my portfolio, it has returned over 20.27% in cash income back to its shareholders.

That means if you had bought the stock when I first recommended it, you would have earned $12.46 in dividends for each share purchased.

With just 1,000 shares you could have earned $12,460 of extra income paid right into your account!

Another America-first company that can pay you extra income invests in new American home assets.

You’d have seen a 39.47% cash return if you invested in this business when I first recommended it.

With just 1,000 shares of this stock (which trades for less than $20 a share), you could have earned $4,800 in cash income.

Finally, let’s take a look at a specialty finance company which invests in small-to-middle market companies…the kind the President advocated for while campaigning.

This company helps fund the American Dream, and since 2010, you would’ve doubled your money just from share price gains.

Plus, you’d have seen a 22.24% cash return sent straight to your mailbox just for holding the stock.

1,000 shares of this stock would have netted you $7,415 since my first recommendation.

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The simple fact is that the US needs infrastructure, real estate and financing for our economy to function. These are the type of companies even the “Cloaked Society” can’t afford to lose.

And that’s why they can continue to pay us high yields in cash year after year.

Warren Buffett leaked in a recent letter to shareholders: “Don’t bet against America.”

He recommends investing in American companies too.

That’s why I pick companies no one (not even the wealthy) can afford to lose to pay us huge dividends year after year no matter what happens.

STEP 2: Move your funds from passive investments (such as mutual funds, bonds, large-company stocks) into high-paying dividend companies

Imagine a stranger walking up to you on the sidewalk. He reaches into his wallet, pulls out a crisp $100 bill and hands it to you.

No strings attached. Nothing.

That’s a stock dividend. A company dishing out no-strings-attached cash just because you own their stock. What’s even better, the company handing you the ‘free money’ announces they’ll do this beforehand.

Compare the promise of receiving ‘free money’ through dividends to the speculation and worry if your stock will go up or down…

Your stocks could drop 20% overnight and you’re left holding the bag.

That’s why a 10% dividend will always beat a 10% return on a stock. A dividend is a promise from a company to put you first. A 10% stock return is here today, gone tomorrow… no promises.

Here’s how a subscriber named Pedro used this new method of investing in high-paying dividend stocks to completely save his retirement.

“Just a note to thank you once more for helping us get our investment house in order. The differences between April 2016 when we first became a part of The Dividend Hunter clan and April of 2017 is nothing short of amazing.

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Our money is now making money for us instead of just sitting around.

What a difference it has made! I am not sure exactly what was going on with all these scattered accounts last year at this time because the situation was too chaotic to track.

My best guess is that our income from all of those investments came in at less than $5,000 a year. In April of 2017, our two IRA accounts paid us over $3,800!

In other words, we made – in one month – almost as much as we made in a year in our former situation.


My wife and I are still in a state of disbelief about this dramatic change in our financial position.

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The power of these high-paying dividend stocks is real, and they can help you get your retirement on the right tracks.

That’s where I can help. I’ve studied and found the cream of the crop in high-quality dividend stocks. That’s where I invest my time every morning at 5:00 a.m.

I look for companies with healthy and increasing dividends.

The trick is you can’t just look for the “highest yield” dividend stocks. You need to understand the history of the company, their future prospects, and whether they will increase their dividends… and even be able to increase those dividends.

That takes work. But I can do it for you.

To prove it. here’s your first dividend play. A company paying out a mouth-watering 18% dividend yield. I’ll share the company with you in my free e-book: The One Stock Paying Out A Hefty 18% Yield Year After Year.

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Keep reading as there are more plays…

STEP 3: Create a secondary income stream that pays you cash each and every month. It’s like having an extra paycheck!

If you lost Social Security and Medicare tomorrow, could you survive retirement without the help of your children, neighbors or complete strangers?

If you still have a 9 to 5 job or own a small business, what would an extra $1,000…$2,500…$4,000 per month in extra income do for you?

You could ‘call it quits’ sooner. Or, have money to: upgrade the house, take a first-class vacation, or pass it down to your children.

Here’s what Tom and Gayle H. have been able to do since following my recommendations.

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A passive income stream can help you achieve this with little effort on your part. One hour a week tops!

Couldn’t you spare an hour for an extra “paycheck”?

Let me explain.

Companies pay out dividends typically once every three months. To collect the dividend, all you need to do is own the stock on the day the company states.

I’ve developed a proprietary solution to guarantee consistent income to those who invest in the right companies at the right times

I call it my “Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar.” I map out like a 5-star general which companies are the best dividend plays.

Then, I schedule when you need to be invested in the stock to receive your dividend check.

If you own shares wherever there’s a green “X”, a check’s on the way to your mailbox

Over the course of the next few months, you and your family will have recurring “paychecks” growing annually.

Jonathan D., age 62 will collect $1,020 this month and every month. He’ll use that money to add to his position and collect more.

Karen T., age 54, brings home an amazing $4,423 like clockwork! She gives more of her time to charitable organizations in New York now.

Dominick B. in Houston owns just one stock in my portfolio and takes home an extra $850 without effort.

These are everyday Americans just like you. They use the ‘Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar’ to supplement their jobs and retirement.

You deserve extra income as well.

That’s why I’m offering you a risk-free, discounted offer to join my newsletter, The Dividend Hunter.


The Dividend Hunter is my private group where I reveal how to both profit from top dividend companies and see consistent “paychecks” monthly.

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In these corrupt times, you can’t rely on anyone but yourself. I’ll show you how to beat Wall Street at its own game.

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Here’s an actual snapshot from my portfolio so you can see how much just in cumulative dividend payouts you would’ve banked:

These don’t take into account the stocks going up…just cash returns here…and just a small sample

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The going rate for The Dividend Hunter is $99 a year.

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Many readers ask my thoughts on gold. Normally, gold isn’t a great dividend play. But, as gold fluctuates, my readers are able to get in on some golden plays…

➢ The case for investing in gold — even if the stock market continues to trend upwards

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12 Issues of The Dividend Hunter [$99 Value]

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Let me make something clear…

I’m not against capitalism. I’m not against becoming rich beyond your wildest dreams.

However…I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility.

You cannot sit on the sidelines and expect everything to run fine and dandy.

That didn’t work in 2008, and it won’t work now no matter how high the market goes.

The “Cloaked Society” continues to tighten their grip on American politics. President Trump could loosen the hold a bit, but not all the way. It will take time and perseverance.

That’s why you must take action now before .

Because no one knows what the next 4 years might look like for you and your family.

I’ve tried to make this as easy a decision as possible for you to protect and increase your wealth in these uncertain times.

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Land, Fly, or Die
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