Author: Dennis Miller

Buying Illinois Debt – BOLD or Bad?

Buying Illinois Debt – BOLD or Bad?

The Illinois debt saga continues. The state operated without a budget since 2015. In June, just before their fiscal year end, both S&P and Moody’s downgraded Illinois’ credit rating to one level above “junk bond” status. Moody’s said: “Legislative gridlock has sidetracked efforts not only to address pension needs but also to achieve fiscal balance, allowing […]

senior couple receiving car key after buying a new car

If You Are Going To Buy A Car, Do It Right!

The fundamental law of supply and demand reigns supreme. When supply is much higher than demand, it’s a buyer’s market. For savvy auto buyers, with a little patience, good values should appear as the 2017 model year winds down. While on vacation in Indiana, my regular lunch time walk to the local hamburger haven included […]

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day Celebration. I came close to taking a week off when something caused me to want to read the “Declaration of Independence”. I urge every subscriber to take some time and read it through. Those who stood up for our independence paid a heavy price. The Constitution Society article, […]

Retirement is NOT Like Being On A Permanent Vacation

During an interview with David Holland on his “Plan $tronger” television show he said, “Retirement is NOT like being on a permanent vacation”. Having been retired for over a decade I believe he is spot on! During spring break we put over 1,000 miles on the car driving grandchildren all over Arizona. Our youngest remarked, “Grandpa, being […]

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Don’t get caught in the debt trap!.

Hardly a day goes by without an article blaring about record levels of debt and warning of a collapse. Irresponsible borrowing can adversely affect everyone, including those who lived within their means. Reuters reports, “Americans’ debt back at record high after nearly a decade”: “Americans’ debt level reached a record high this year, surpassing the […]

Cartoon of a happy hammer with thumb up and a nail presenting with his hands

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

Seniors, savers, baby boomers and retirees are constantly bombarded with financial information written by those wishing to sell their products or services. The readers are prospective nails; and the authors tout their particular hammer as the best solution to your financial challenges. Many have been credited for the above quote, including Mark Twain and Abraham […]

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Almost Two Million Young People Are Not “Emerging”

I love the line in the country song,“Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”. …”Cause they’ll never stay home”. Thousands recently graduated from high school and college. Despite the motivational commencement address about moving on to the next stage of life, many graduates will continue living at home for a decade or […]