5 Best Biotechs to Buy Today Report

The Cancer-Fighting Company “Sticking” Tumor Cells

This is the one stock I’m confident is my most promising takeover target.But of course, virtually every stock that makes a good takeover target, is a good investment too.

This company is fighting cancer by “sticking” its targets, just like a missile fired from an F-35 fighter jet would lock in on an enemy jet. In this case the tumor cells are the target.

Next, the company then introduces the “target seeker.” It has one job… search and destroy.

This allows the drug to effectively target individual cancer cells.

Think about what’s on the market today for most cancer treatments… the most well-known is chemotherapy, sometimes just called chemo.

As we both know, chemo floods the body with chemicals… poison if you will.

The hope is that the bad cells will be killed off, and the patient will beat cancer.

But of course, this has terrible side effects.

Hair loss, pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting just to name a few. For many patients the treatment really does feel worse than the disease. And there’s no guarantee of a positive outcome.

With this new treatment, cancer cells can be targeted and destroyed while healthy cells can continue to survive and thrive.

It’s truly a game changer. And it could book investors like us a lot of money.

The company’s name is Progenics Pharmaceuticals.

And aside from the drug I’ve described above — they’ve got a lot going for them.

As with every biotech I invest in, this company has plenty of drugs in the pipeline… multiple shots on goal as I mentioned earlier. Many for cancer, but also for HIV and constipation.

This diverse set of conditions it’s going after is a good sign.

On top of its pipeline, Progenics already has a profitable partnership with Salix Pharmaceuticals, a much larger firm with an $11 billion market cap.

And has recently triggered a $40 million milestone payment from them. to collect another $50 million if the oral form of a drug they’re jointly developing is approved — and I’m confident it will be.

Back in July they collected another $50 million because the oral form of a drug they’re jointly developing with another big-name biotech company was approved.

All in all, this company looks like a perfect takeover target.

A strong pipeline, a lucrative partnership and still cheap.

Though don’t be surprised when the share price continues to climb on its own — this company has the potential to deliver investors huge value even without a takeover.

You can invest in it today to potentially book the “ground-floor” profits like I’ve shown you earlier.

The ticker is PGNX.

The San Diego Drug Company Courted By The Big Boys

This company develops human enzymes to help with subcutaneous drug delivery.

Now, when I say they’re being “courted” I mean they’ve entered into partnerships with many larger players — and as you know, that’s a great sign for a buyout candidate.

The partnerships are largely down to their brilliant drug delivery platform.

Why do I say brilliant? Because it has the potential to unlock $130 million in payments for each successful collaboration it undertakes with AbbVie, a company with a $113 billion market cap.

And that’s not to mention the cash windfall this company will receive from their partnership with Roche. By my estimates, this company could be looking at $100 million annually, and that’s just from two drugs.

And then there’s the agreement with Pfizer to develop up to 6 new drug candidates for potential commercialization over the next few years.report-cover-btg-1-play-3-partnerships (1)

This company is in a great position… I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the companies I’ve just mentioned pulls out the cash and just buys them.

But there’s more…

This company is also developing its own proprietary treatment for pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer. The company starts a Phase 3 clinical study in 2016. Should the results turn out positive, this small biotech could deliver gargantuan profits to investors like you and me and be nearly irresistible to larger cash rich player looking for a takeover.

There’s more I want to tell you about this play, and I’ve compiled my research for your easy-reading inside my “1 Play, 3 Partnerships: The Stock with the Technology Big Pharma Wants” report. I’ll show you how to get your hands on your own free copy shortly.

Now, I want to give you one more exclusive biotech play — one that could begin to take off within weeks from now.

You see this company has a Phase 3 trial virtually guaranteed to be a success.

It’s hard to really be confident about any drug trial.

But with this one you can be.

Why? Because they’ve already completed a Phase 3 trial for a Hepatitis B treatment with flying colors.

But they hit a brick wall in 2013… both the FDA and the European equivalent didn’t believe the sample size used for the trial was big enough to grant approval for it. The drug was fine, they just wanted a larger size pool of test subjects.

So the company is now conducting a trial with 8,000 subjects and the results are due to be released — by my estimates — no later than December of 2016.

And when it is, expect this stock’s share price to rocket and individual investors like us to see quick, massive gains.report-cover-btg-1-play-poised-to-rocket

You see, Hepatitis B is the world’s most common liver virus, having chronically affected 240 million people worldwide.

It’s no wonder JP Morgan estimates this vaccine’s annual revenues could be $600 million in the U.S. alone.

But there’s more…

Remember, as with any biotech I invest in, they have to have multiple shots on goal.

So you won’t be surprised that this company is also developing drugs for cancer treatment and asthma.

The latter of which this company is partnered with AstraZeneca to conduct Phase 2 trials. Partnerships: another key consideration for determining successful biotechs.

I’ve got even more I want to tell you about this stock too. So I’ve compiled my research into my “1 Stock Ready to Rocket on the Back of a “Sure Thing” Phase 3 Trial” report. You’ll be able to access it along with your two other free reports today.


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Then I go deeper.

I read through the company’s latest conference call transcripts, press releases and investor presentations. I want to be familiar with the company, its strategy and what makes it tick.

I’m looking to determine whether the company is undervalued significantly by the market either through ignorance or because sentiment has become too negative.

And at all times, I’m looking to find assets I call “hidden gems.”

These are assets that many investors miss or overlook. While they’re looking at forward earnings, P/E and other measurements, I’m uncovering the real value drivers.

The hidden gems could be things like patents or net cash on the balance sheet or an under the radar partnership.

A good example of the latter — from outside the biotech industry — is one we all know and can relate to — Apple.

At its bottom in June 2014, the company had over $160 billion in net cash and marketable securities on its book. At the time, this was over a third of its market cap.

By my calculations it was selling at just six times forward earnings… a deep bargain.

How did this work out? Well, shares are up more than 60% since that time.

But this isn’t all I look for when analyzing stocks.

The final — and most important part — of assessing whether a stock is undervalued is by looking at the catalysts that will unlock the stock’s potential and send its share price rocketing like Eagle or Avanir or countless others.

Back to biotech… It could be a drug coming through. A great partnership with a larger player. Unique technology. Or any other criteria I’ve shown you today.

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I’ll Leave You with One Final Thought

A lot of investors have missed out on some brilliant gains over the past year…

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