3 REITs Raising Dividends in May

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For income stock investors, the best defense against interest rate increases from the Fed is to own shares in companies that periodically increase their dividend rates. It is a widely held yet inaccurate belief that REIT values must fall if interest rates continue to increase. REITs are active businesses in which the good ones are managed to grow income and the dividends paid to investors through the full cycle of interest rate changes. Buying stocks just before they announce a dividend increase provides an attractive opportunity for quick share price gains along with larger forward dividend payments.

In the market sector of real estate investment trusts (REITs) we can monitor how well an individual REIT is performing from its history of dividend growth. In the long-term, REIT results are primarily driven by economic growth. In the U.S. the growth rate continues to expand. Another positive for REITs is that they are not exposed to the challenges of international trade.

Most REITs announce a dividend increases once a year, in the same month each year. Across the sector there are increase announcements in almost every month in the calendar. You can often get a nice share price gain by buying shares before a dividend increase announcement hits the news wires. I maintain a database that covers about 140 REITs. I use the database to track dividend rates, yields and increases. Of the 140, about 90 have histories of regular dividend increases. There are three REITs that are likely to announce a dividend increase in May.

Agree Realty Corporation (NYSE: ADC) is a net-lease REIT which focuses on the development and acquisition of single tenant retail properties. The company only leases to industry leading retailers. Currently Agree has a portfolio of 458 properties. in 43 states, containing approximately 8.8 million square feet of gross leasable space. This is a growth REIT. In 2017 the company invested in 90 new properties.

For the 2017 fourth quarter the company reported year over year net income growth of 29% and the FFO per share was up 11.4%.

For the last two years, ADC has announced a dividend increase twice a year, in December and May. Historically the company announced an annual payout increase in early May. In December the dividend was boosted by 5.1%. With the rate of Funds from Operations (FFO) per share growth, it is possible for another 5% increase next month.

The dividend announcement will come around May 20 with and end of June record date and payment in July. ADC yields 4.4%.

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Extra Space Storage Inc. (NYSE: EXR) is a large-cap, S&P 500 component company that owns 846 self-storage properties. This REIT also provides management services for independent self-storage property owners of 422 properties and has joint ventures in 215 properties. Extra Space has been a growth focused REIT since it was founded in 1995.

Over the last five years, the company has made $4.5 billion of acquisitions. Over the same period, it has rewarded investors with 212% of dividend growth. However, profit growth in the self-storage sector has slowed over the last 18 months, as developers have overbuilt self-storage in many of the major metropolitan areas.

For the first time since 2010, EXR did not increase its dividend in 2017. For that year FFO per share increased by 13.8%. It is very possible that the Board of Directors will announce a high-single digit to low double-digit increase next month.

The dividend announcement will come on about May 25, with record date in mid-June and payment at the end of June. EXR yields 3.7%.

Kilroy Realty Corporation (NYSE: KRC) owns office and mixed use commercial real estate in the major cities of California and Seattle, Washington. The company acquires Class A type properties through both development and acquisition. I view this REIT primarily as a development company. The goal is to own properties that have high barriers to entry from competition.

For 2018 the company has issued FFO guidance of $3.55 per share at the midpoint. The current dividend rate is $1.70 per share, or less than half of FFO. Last year Kilroy increased its dividend by 17%.

The next increase will come on about May 20, with an end of June record date and payment in July. KRC yields 2.4%.

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