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3 Dividend Stocks to Sell Before the Stock Market Drops 10%

After a June and July of regular record highs for the major U.S. stock indexes, the markets are starting to look shaky, and an overdue market correction may be closer than a lot of analysts realize. As I write this the market has experienced two significant down days out of the last three. The higher, […]

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3 Stocks to Buy When the Market Corrects 10%

Thursday last week, July 17, the stock markets gave investors a taste of what may be the early signs of a true market correction, which would be a drop in the major market indexes of at least 10%. Since the bottom of the last bear market, there have been three 10% or greater corrections, in […]

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3 high-yield funds with at least 10% upside

Over the last several weeks, my interactions with income-focused investors have revealed a tremendous interest in alternative – not common stock shares – higher yield investment types. The alphabet soup of investment types includes closed-end funds (CEFs), where I like to dig for high-yield opportunities. CEFs are a target-rich environment for yield, with over 300 […]

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